You're probably wondering about Jenny. To be truthful, I didn't think about her one bit from the moment I woke up. That simple moment in the kitchen, when I realized that my best friend was attracted to me, made every other thought fly out of my head. Playing coy wasn't my style. I don't even think Byron came upstairs. Once I'd made up my mind, I was going to see it through. I slipped on a pair of simple briefs and walked back downstairs.

I found Byron leaning practically in half washing the coffee mugs. His ass was sticking out. That's all the invitation I needed as I walked up behind him, clamped my arms around his chest, and rubbed my mostly hard prick into his ass. Byron jumped up, sloshing water and suds onto his shirt and my arms. He turned around and I only stepped back enough to be able to tilt my head so I could look at his face.

"Wh-What are you doing?"

I grinned at him, letting my inner-Devil out. "We have two options: I can fuck you here on the floor, or we can take pity on my knees and go upstairs."

Byron stuttered and made fish faces for a few seconds. God he was cute. Why did I never notice it before? "But... But you're straight!"

I chuckled. "Both sides of the coin spend with me." He actually grinned, full wattage. He was mine. "So what'll it be, By?"

Byron let his own devil out to play. "What would you say if told you I don't give a shit about my knees and I want to fuck YOU right here?"

The thought made my pulse speed up and my cock twitch. I had never been a receiver... God, what a bad pun. But the idea had me intrigued. "How about we save that for round two?"

Byron swallowed hard and leaned down to kiss me. I didn't really kiss guys, I fucked them or even sucked their dicks, but kissing was kind of intimate. But this was good. This felt good, the pressure of his lips against mine and the soft moan he made when I opened my mouth and flicked his lip with my tongue. I groaned when Byron moved his hands down my back, into my underwear, and grabbed my ass, pulling me against him. My cock crushed against his thigh, I could feel his hard on against my belly. I pulled away to look at him. "Are you sure you don't want to go upstairs?"

Byron's eyes were glazed and he had to shake his head before he could speak. "I'm going upstairs, but I don't want you to change your mind on the way up."

My voice choked out. "I won't be changing my mind, By."

His breath came in pants against my face, his eyes searching, searing me with their intensity. I had never seen Byron look like this before. It was both thrilling and daunting. I wondered what he was thinking but had no chance to find out. His body arched against mine and he dragged me towards the stairs.

We made a mad dash towards his bedroom, me ripping off his clothes, laughing as he hopped to take off his shoes with his jeans around his ankles. When I pulled his T-shirt off him, I couldn't help but stare at his chest. The man was a walking carpet of dark, crinkly fur. He was still struggling with his shoes. My hand reached out and touched against his abdomen, just below his solar plexus. His whole body seemed to shake from my touch. I ran my fingers up, through the dense pelt until I reached his neck. I looked up into his eyes, feeling him pant down at me.

"You've never touched me before, Luke." The wonder in his eyes made me realize he was right. I sort of chuckled when I thought about it.

"You were always wearing a shirt, By. Unless we were in the showers, you always had clothes on."

Byron toed off his shoes and stepped out of his pants. We stood facing each other, both of us in our very tented briefs. "I'm not wearing anything now."

I chuckled and jumped up, wrapping my legs around Byron's waist and my arms around his neck. "Then what are we waiting for?"

He playfully bit at my nose. "Not a thing."

The next few seconds were a blur of motion as Byron landed on his king size bed with me pinned under him, my arms and legs still wrapped around him. He stared into my eyes, grinning. Then the grin started to fade and his breathing grew ragged. I could feel my smile start to go away too, this was serious. I wanted to roll us over, take control. But Byron had other thoughts on his mind. He grabbed my hands from around his neck and lifted them above my head, pinning them in one of his huge hands. He used that arm to lever himself up and then perused me with his eyes.

When his eyes once again met mine, he lowered his body against me and began a long, slow, torturous assault on my body with his hands, lips and tongue. Every square inch of my skin that he brushed with some part of his became electrified. I had never spent so long with the basics of foreplay before. Looking into Byron's eyes though, the raw need and longing in them, made me stay my body and let him explore me. After a few minutes, I realized that I had never been cherished before, and to my chagrin, realized I hadn't done much cherishing of my partners either. My body strummed with pleasure and I was surprised at how close I was to the edge, just from his innocent, simple exploration.

He spent countless minutes on my chest, laving my nipples. He found endless delight in my belly button. I had never considered my fingers as particularly erotic, but having Byron suck on each one made my whole body shake. As he moved lower on my body, I felt how thick and hard he was as he slid his rigid flesh against my leg. I was so close to the edge, whimpering and keening in moans of absolute pleasure, that when Byron flicked me with his tongue, it took all of my willpower not to cum. My body arched off the bed entirely when he engulfed my rigid cock in his mouth and sucked once, tentatively. I lost my battle with control, crying out as I pulsed into his mouth over and over again.

Byron crawled up my body, kissing and flicking his tongue against my skin, causing small aftershocks to burst out and make my body tremble. When he was facing me, he smacked his lips a few times, savoring what he had tasted. I felt my heat flush with embarrassment. He giggled, which he hardly ever did, then lowered and took my lips, sharing my flavor with me.

When he pulled back to look at me, with a silly grin on his face, I couldn't help it and laughed. "Um... sorry?"

His chuckle was deep and throaty. "For what?"

I rolled my eyes and felt my face heat even more. "Would you believe that that's never happened to me before?"

His smile was full of compassion and warmth. "Yeah, I would. But that's okay, Luke."

I was confused. "What do you mean?"

He shifted so that he straddled my thigh. I felt his thick cock, not so hard anymore and a seeping wetness that immediately made me hard again. "So I'm not the only one with a hair trigger today?"

His grin was embarrassed and sweet. "No. Definitely not."

Even though his admission made me feel better about blasting off so quickly, the whole experience left me shaken. In all my varied sexual encounters, I had always been in charge. Byron's taking of control, although more pleasurable than I could ever say, left me kind of feeling lost and disoriented. I quickly remedied that by rolling him to his back, yanking his soaking briefs from him, and lifting his legs up, so I could play with his ass, getting him ready for what was to come.

After mere moments, Byron was gaping open and I was moving my tongue inside him, tasting his musky flavor. I replaced my mouth with my fingers, prying him open, twisting and testing him. Within a couple more minutes, Byron was ready. I raised my body up, skimming against his belly with my hands, nipping at his skin with my lips and teeth. When I got to his face, he was trembling.

"What's wrong, By?"

He shrugged his shoulders and looked away. "Why do you think something's wrong?"

I grabbed his chin and turned him to face me. "You're shaking, By."

His face tinted bright red. "I've never done this before."

Shock flooded me and I could feel my eyebrows arch. "But... You've been with guys before? Dated, haven't you?"

He looked uncomfortable. "Sure, I dated. I even fooled around a bit. But nothing like this. Not even close."

I lowered my forehead to his. "Do you want to stop?"

He shook his head under mine. "No. I'm just nervous."

I lowered and took his lips with mine. After we parted, I looked deeply in his eyes, never having realized until then how badly I wanted this. "Don't be nervous By. I won't hurt you."

He ran his hands down my back, cupping my ass, causing me to arch my body against his. "I know, Luke."

Byron reached out with his long arm to his bedside table, opened the drawer, and handed me a box of condoms. I recognized them immediately, as a gag gift I had given him for his birthday in August. They were flavored and colored to be of a 'festive' nature. I started laughing but ripped the package open and grabbed one. It turned out to be bright purple and grape flavored. I handed it to him and told him to put it on me. As the rubber unrolled along my length, I shuddered as he clumsily squeezed me to get it on me. When it was done, I moved between his legs and pressed against him gently, so he could get used to my feel.

After some serious stroking along the length of his crack, his whimpers grew louder and I began to tease his hole a bit, pressing against him, and then withdrawing. Byron must have become impatient with me because he grabbed my hips and pulled me deep inside him. I shuddered and cried out from the feel of his body grasping me, milking against me as he made room for my invasion. When his body had finished adjusting to me, I began to move. Slow, long strokes at first, building quickly to short, hard ones that were causing Byron to gasp and me to moan loudly. The end was coming upon me, and this being his first time, I wanted Byron to trip with me. I reached out and fisted his long, thick cock, stroking it in time to my hips. It amazed me, the feel of his uncut length in my palm. It was something akin to rubbing silk against a column of steal. He felt so good in my hand that I almost lost the rhythm of my thrusting and simply concentrated on his own pleasure. I said almost. I continued to pound into him.

I kept a stranglehold on my own release, thinking of anything but sex to hold off the end, the wonderful, pulsing, spiraling sensations building inside me. When I felt Byron thicken and pulse in my hand, and watched his release catch in his body hair, I let my control go, only to explode in a release so intense, I nearly blacked out from it. My body quaked and shook as I came hard, filling the latex surrounding me, crying out my pleasure, staring into Byron's eyes, and seeing something there that I didn't understand, but could feel deep inside me.

After the world began to right itself again, I collapsed against Byron, only to have him wrap his arms around me and again treat me like a treasure, a prize, and a truly wonderful gift that had to be appreciated. He did it with soft murmurs and gentle kisses pressed against my damp skin. Within moments I was asleep, slipping into a slumber so deep and content, I had never felt its equal before. When we awoke, some unknown time later, I found myself wrapped around Byron's body, holding him just as fiercely as he had held me. A gentle, shy kiss was my hello. A deep, hungry kiss was my reply back.

The next two days were spent exploring this untapped attraction, this incredible connection. My best friend had become my lover. At the time, I realized that this was more than I had ever known before. It was more passionate, more satisfying, and more rewarding than anything else I had previously experienced. On January 5th, we had to go home and return to our lives. As we left his parent's house, I began to realize that this idyll had been just that, a moment out of time.

On the plane ride home, although we sat close together, I couldn't have been further away mentally. Thoughts of Jenny filled my mind and for the first time in my life, I began to feel guilt. My commitments had always meant a great deal to me, I didn't make them unless I planned to keep them, and I had made one to her. Like I had said before, everything always came easy to me, and things that didn't, I gave up as being unimportant. This situation, I could already tell, wasn't going to be easy to solve.

By the time we arrived in Seattle, Byron had started to withdraw from me. His eyes looked sad and guarded. After trying to engage me in conversation during the flight and my mostly ignoring him, I could tell that Byron had started going back into his shell. The truth was, I had no idea what he had gotten from the past few days. We grabbed our bags and shared a cab back to campus. Once there, Byron bounded up the stairs to his room. I followed more slowly, trying to decide what it was I really wanted.

I went to my bedroom and unpacked, all the while thinking hard on my dilemma. After nearly an hour, I decided I couldn't make a decision until I knew what Byron was feeling. I walked down the hall and knocked on his door. When he opened to let me in, I recognized what I was seeing. His expression was the same that first day of school, all those years ago: shy, quiet, and protected.

"Hey, By."

He could never not smile when I called him By. It was his nickname that I had given him. "Hi, Luke."

I opened my mouth to flat out ask him, but my vocal cords froze. I couldn't ask. I was more shocked than anything. So I scrambled to find something, anything to say. "We never got that chance to switch, did we?" I tried to put some bravado into it, but I doubt it was successful. For the first time in my life, I knew what diffidence felt like.

Byron simply shook his head and chuckled. "Forget about it, Luke. It doesn't matter."

It was what I wanted, wasn't it? Then why did I feel like he had just shredded my heart? "By, don't be that way."

He laughed, but there was little humor in it. "Luke. We took some time and got to know each other better. But that time is over. We had fun. Let's just remember that. Okay?"

I felt him slipping away; somehow I knew that if I fucked this up, our friendship would be forever altered. "I don't want the fun to end. I'm not sure what I want yet, but I know I don't want it to be over."

I heard Byron do something I had hardly ever heard before. He cursed, loudly. Then he grabbed me up and wrapped his arms around me, dropping his forehead to mine. "Damn it, Luke. I'm trying to be noble here."

I raised my head and kissed him. "Don't be."

After some more kissing, he pulled me towards his bed, but I balked. "My bed's bigger. Let's go."

We made our way down the hall, going into my room and peeling clothes as we went. I landed on the bed with Byron following me, pressing me into the mattress. His heavier weight and hairy body were welcome and comforting against me. Without thinking, my legs wrapped up against his hips as I tilted up to kiss him again. I reached over into my bedside table and grabbed a condom, laughing because it wasn't purple or green. Byron looked down at me, grinning.

I rolled us over, so I was straddling his hips, tearing open the condom packet and rolling it down him. Grabbing my jerk off lube stash, I drenched his latex covered cock and smeared some against my hole, fingering myself lightly before raising to take him inside me. My cock was throbbing, so hard it was almost bursting. As I slid down his shaft, I felt a tearing pain that went away almost before I could gasp and sank down to the hilt. Byron moaned heavily and flexed the thick, long tube of flesh inside me, brushing my button and I cried out from it, cumming instantly against his belly, watching as my thick essence drenched his belly, catching in the thick fur.

I was still trembling, staring into Byron's eyes, which were filled with wonder. I lowered my hands to brace against his thick, meaty chest, fisting the hair and grinding his nipples under my palms when I heard a gasp from behind me. I whirled around to see Jenny standing in the doorway, shock evident in her eyes. Frozen in place, I watched as her eyes filled with tears. She blinked hard three times, and then fled.

My desire fled and my cock deflated. Shock and remorse filled me. I didn't know what to do, until I heard a sob as she ran for the stairs. It made me move. I stood and grabbed my jeans, slipping into them and heading for the door. Something made me look back to Byron. He had sat up and his face was turned from me. I watched as he ripped the condom off. I didn't stay any longer and ran after Jenny.

When I got back the following morning, all I wanted to do was sleep, but that was impossible, since it was the first day of classes. I faked my way through them and then crashed the moment I got back. I had spent the entire night talking to Jenny, telling her how I felt and why she had walked in on what she had seen. I was as honest as I knew how to be, letting her know about my past, who I had been with and that the moment with Byron was something that neither of us had been aware of. Basically, after several hours of groveling, our relationship was strained, but still intact. The wedding would still be in June. Of course, I hadn't thought once about Byron or his feelings in all this.

To say that Byron and I hardly saw each other that week would be an understatement. We didn't see each other once. The NFL Draft was coming up soon, plus all my studies, basically turned me into a hermit. I barely had time for Jenny, let alone my best friend. When the draft announcements were being announced, I was shocked to find out that Byron wasn't there. After searching for him for almost three hours, I found him in the library. It was the first time I'd seen him since the night we came home from California. He hadn't shaved in a while and his clothes looked slept in.

I walked up to his chair and stood by for a few moments, watching him. "Hello, By."

He looked up at me with red-rimmed eyes, either from lack of sleep or too much reading. "Luke."

I knelt down so I could look him in the eye. "What about the draft? Why'd you withdraw your name?"

He chuckled a bit, but like that night when we were caught, there was no humor in it. "I don't want to play football for the rest of my life, Luke."

"But we're a team, By."

His smile was so sad. "There is no guarantee that we'd end up together on the same team. Besides, I want to be a vet, and I don't want to wait until after my football career is over."

I felt my best friend slipping away from me, faster than I could handle. "But, By..."

He reached out and cupped my face with his big hand; tenderness swamping his gaze. "You'll do well without me."

I lowered my face; I couldn't face his warm gaze. After a few moments, he tilted my head up to look at him. "I'm still best man at your wedding right?"

I tried to smile, but failed. "There's no one else I'd have stand up for me."

He moved forward and kissed the tip of my nose, his eyes dark and stormy with some emotion I couldn't recognize. "I'll be there, always. Whenever you really need me, I'll be there for you."

My smile was sad, but true. "Promise?"

Byron only nodded at me. After a few more silent moments, I stood and left him to his studies. I was drafted first round. The rest of the school year went by in a rush of excitement and wedding plans. It took time, but Jenny and I eventually put the whole incident behind us. Well, honestly, I think she pretended to. I know I was still having a hard time forgetting it.

On June 16th, Jenny and I were married, with Byron standing as my best man. I had two weeks to honeymoon before reporting to training. As we were getting ready to leave, just before the final toasts, I saw Jenny and Byron talking. The words seemed to get heated for a moment, but then they both split and walked away. A few minutes later, Byron called for attention and toasted us.

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