tagRomanceEverything Comes to He Who Waits

Everything Comes to He Who Waits


Jenny was a lively, petite brunette who looked much younger than her fortyish years. Cheerful, easygoing and optimistic, she had always thrown herself into all her partnerships with men, and had often hurt herself in the process. But that had not stopped her picking herself up and trying again. For the past year she had been single again after a marriage break-up, and she had spent long months grieving for love lost. She had been glad that she had spent quite some time alone; able to heal her wounds, let time pass and be ready for the next phase of her life. She had friends and family, and a new job. It was through this job that she met a lady who encouraged her to start playing her recorder again, and come with her to music club. One music club led to another, and she met Mark.

Mark was a fellow musician in one of the music clubs. He could play several instruments expertly; in particular the recorder. He was a history teacher, knowledgeable in many fields, and he had reawakened her interest in all things mediaeval, and had encouraged her to explore early music. Over a period of months, guided by Mark, Jenny had acquired several mediaeval instruments and had made herself a mediaeval outfit, and they had spent many happy hours practising music. Mark had dark wavy hair and brown eyes, balanced by quite a fair complexion which made his features striking. He was not over-tall, but athletically built, quite muscular as his main hobby was gardening. His attractiveness was not lost on Jenny. Weaving all the components together was an intense daily correspondence on the e-mail, in which they had shared all their thoughts and their daily experiences, and they planned a musical future together, where they would perform their music in public.

So Jenny found herself in love with Mark, although she realised that due to things in his past which he had told her about, she received a sincere but limited friendship in return. There were a few times when she thought that he would cross over into something more physical, but each time she tried to encourage him, he backed off. A few hours before, he had sent her a very angry e-mail in response to one of hers, telling her in no uncertain terms that she must take on board his stance of being just friends. The e-mail contained some angry, emotive statements which Jenny felt were unjust, and she was shocked and deeply hurt. Hostilities worsened, and Mark told Jenny to do whatever she liked, but he was involved no more.

Jenny had phoned her old friend John and told him what had happened, and he had come to her house, talked over several glasses of wine, and had eventually insisted that she should go to bed and try to get some rest. He would stay with her until she fell asleep, and would then go back downstairs and let himself out.

John was finding this whole matter very difficult to handle. Outwardly he was a flamboyant character, full of banter and naughty jokes. Inwardly though, he was a shy man, who just wanted to find a woman who would love him, and whom he could love in return. He had spent several years in the Forces, travelling the world, lonely, as although he had been married and had children when younger, the marriage did not withstand the constant travelling.

Now John had a civilian job and a small flat of his own, and filled his life with his hobbies, never thinking that he would know romance again, as he was now into his fifties. He was still good-looking though, in a maverick kind of way, with a full beard which he sometimes allowed to grow long. His brown wavy hair was shoulder-length, and he often wore it in a ponytail. He regularly received admiration from women at various musical events, but was never seen to take up the many offers made. He had loved Jenny ever since he had met her at the music club. He was captivated by this shy, pretty lady, who played well but was far too modest, and who smiled bashfully when the audience applauded her work. He was devastated when Mark made a play for her and they had appeared to be an established item all this time.

Tonight John was struggling. He felt great compassion for Jenny's plight. He was relieved that Mark was no longer with her. He wanted to be the correct, proper friend who would be of comfort to Jenny. But his male urges were telling him that he had his needs where she was concerned, and he could feel a pleasant awakening beginning in his loins. Now he perched on the edge of Jenny's bed, a respectable few inches away from where she lay on her back in her pink button-through nightdress, staring at the ceiling and saying nothing. Not designed to allure, nevertheless the nightdress hid undiscovered delights which John began to wonder about.

Jenny thought of the unexpected emotional storm which had passed over her. She and Mark had been going on for months; she adored him and thought that they were such good friends that she could have said anything to him. It was true that she had felt the need to confess one or two things to Mark about her feelings, but she had done this once or twice before and he had taken it in his stride. She had come in that day from shopping and checked the e-mail, and was appalled at how hurt and angry he was. As those things were unjust, she could not resist a swift reply, and now here she was, trying to envisage her future without Mark.

Jenny re-ran the highlights of their relationship through her mind, which made the tears come again, and John, concerned, moved nearer, put one arm around her, and drew her over against him so that she was crying on his chest. Jenny then remembered a time last New Year's Eve, when everybody was wishing everybody else a happy New Year, when John, having wished her a happy New Year, put one arm round her and held her to him for quite a few moments. At that point, bereft and lonely, Jenny had enjoyed the strong feel of a man against her, had enjoyed feeling John's firm chest against her soft breasts, and that night she had driven home in a state of ecstasy over what had happened.

Now, as she felt John's firm body against her again, in her state of vulnerability all she wanted to do was respond. She leaned closer into him, and tentatively slid her free arm around his waist. He responded by scooping her closer to himself, and could not help planting a gentle kiss on her head, and telling his lassie not to cry. Jenny stopped crying for a moment, leaned back a little and looked at John, as if to decipher what he meant. John saw her slightly bewildered expression, and she looked so appealing that love welled up in him, and with one hand he gently caressed her face as he moved in to kiss her gently and fully on the mouth.

Jenny felt a moment of confusion as she thought of Mark, whom she had loved for several months and now lost, and of this other man to whom she had once been briefly attracted, whom she now realised had great feelings for her. His kiss was so tender, his lips caressing hers, while the soft hair of his beard brushed against her face so wonderfully. In her moment of pain and vulnerability, the woman in her responded, and she returned his kiss, running the tip of her tongue gently around the inside of his lips, which caused him to kiss her all the more hungrily. Now the floodgates were open on both John's feelings and Jenny's desire and, eyes closed, they returned kiss after kiss, ever more ardent and passionate.

As John felt Jenny respond to his passion, with his free hand he moved to begin to explore her body. First he ran his fingertips all the way down her side, through the material of her nightdress, feeling the hourglass curve of her body, and noting with delight that she wore nothing underneath. Still kissing her, he gently ran his fingertips all over her body where the nightdress covered, cupping each breast as he passed it, and beginning to unbutton the front. As he uncovered her bare breasts, in the dim light he could see her small pink nipples, which had become erect after the attention they had received. Leaning over, he gently took one breast in his hand and lapped at the nipple with his tongue, then moved over to the other breast and did the same.

Meantime Jenny's hand was no longer politely around John's waist; she had been exploring his body in similar manner through his clothes, and was now clasping his buttock and kneading it gently, sighing with pleasure. John felt his manhood become hard and erect under his tracksuit trousers; Jenny could not fail to notice it, and he just wished she would knead and rub it, first through his clothes, and then liberate it so that he could feel her gentle fingers and her soft mouth around his hard flesh, pleasuring, satisfying.

Jenny felt that she must be mad to be contemplating doing this with John when it was Mark she loved, but Mark had never tried to satisfy her bodily urges, and right now John's lovemaking was meeting a deep-felt need in her. She felt much more emotionally close to John at this point, as he had shared with her an intimate time of sorrow, and was offering physical love which on his part at least matched the emotional love which he felt for her. In her mind Jenny surrendered her anguish over Mark, and gave herself completely to this passionate act with John.

As he continued to pleasure Jenny's breasts, John began to undo more buttons on her nightdress, revealing the slight rise of her stomach. He moved down her body and ran the tip of his tongue around her navel, kissing her reverentially. He parted the two halves of her nightdress, and as he feasted his eyes on her nakedness, his loins ached with desire, and he could feel juices beginning to flow from him inside his clothes.

Jenny shrugged herself out of her nightdress and held out one arm for John to lie beside her. He took off his shirt, and Jenny gasped at his handsomeness. He also undid his ponytail so that his long hair came over his shoulders and down his chest, sending her gaze down his torso where his black body hair completed the picture of his sexiness. In a moment of desire Jenny wished that he would pull down his trousers, expose his nakedness, enter her and satisfy her.

But it seemed that John was not yet ready to do that. He leaned down on one elbow next to her, and with his free hand began to trace a line from her lips, over her chin, down her neck, between her breasts, over her stomach until he came to her groin. There he ran his fingertips from one hip bone to the other, teasingly avoiding her mound of hair as he passed by. As he did this a second time, she raised her hips so that his fingers slipped over her hair, and caught the sensitive parts below.

Jenny gasped with pleasure as John's fingers began ever so gently to feel and stroke the soft pink folds of skin of her femininity. He ran two fingers firstly down one side of her cleft, then the other, returning upwards to find the pink bud of her clitoris. With one finger he gently rotated the bud of flesh, easing it from its hood, and sending pulses of pleasure through Jenny's groin, which made her cry out slightly. John's fingers then travelled upwards into her fur, following the firm shaft of her clitoris, then back downwards to pleasure the tip once more. His fingers then ran downwards below her clitoris, probing gently between her pink folds of skin, to find the creamy reservoir of her opening. With his fingertips he spread her moisture gently around her labia and, dipping in again, anointed her clitoris with her juices.

John was now becoming very pent-up. It felt as if his penis would burst under the pressure. He wanted to make her climax right now, then plunge himself into her and make her orgasm again. However, he knew he needed to wait for the right time to satisfy himself in her.

John was now inserting two fingers into Jenny's opening, leaving his thumb outside to press and rub gently on her clitoris. His fingers probed inside, and found the sensitive spot which was the seat of her pleasure. Jenny was beginning to cry out a little in her ecstasy, as John was pleasuring both her sensitive places simultaneously. This sight was so erotic to John that with his other hand he began to rub his swollen member through his clothes, feeling the pleasant dampness against his belly.

Jenny's cries began to intensify, and she moved her hips against his hand ever more fiercely and rapidly. John could feel her muscles begin to tighten against his fingers, and her cries became louder, until she reached her climax, and John felt several small pulses of hot watery fluid escape her past his fingers as she thrusted upwards with each spasm. He pressed gently on her sensitive places until the hot liquid subsided.

As Jenny stilled herself for a few moments, John leaned over and kissed her on the mouth, calling her his lassie, his darling. He resumed his attentions on her groin, and as she began to be aroused again, he started to massage the folds and clefts, which were now very wet from her orgasm. As she began to moan with pleasure again, with one hand he eased himself out of his trousers, gently parted her thighs a little more, and knelt between them. At this point Jenny hungrily devoured the sight of his sexual organs, surrounded by masses of dark curly hair, and she looked down at his strong thighs with their covering of hair. Then as he moved, she looked again at his erect penis. Poised above her groin, he then leaned down so that he could gently place the head of his penis between her labia, just below her clitoris. Holding his penis steady with one hand, he moved the head slightly so that his glans could stroke and caress the bud of her clitoris. The moist friction of their most sensitive surfaces gave them both intense pleasure, ready for the mutual act to be consummated.

John carefully eased a little more of his penis between the moist pink lips of Jenny's opening, which yielded wetly and allowed his shaft to glide silkily into her. He entered her slowly, a few millimetres at a time, so that they could both enjoy the gradual, exquisite pleasure of a first penetration. John pulled out a little, enjoying the sight of his aroused manhood swathed in Jenny's juices of desire. He pulled out further, so that the ridge around the head of his penis was kissed by Jenny's swollen, moistened labia and it flicked her clitoris upwards as it passed. As he re-entered her, John made the head of his penis flick her clitoris downwards too as he plunged his penis deep into her. They pressed their groins together in order to achieve full penetration, filling and being filled.

Now they both wished to experience the deep feelings of sexual union, and John began to thrust into Jenny, slowly but deeply, ensuring that his penis was able to stimulate Jenny's pleasure centres inside her opening. In return, Jenny gripped his member with her internal muscles, increasing the mutual friction still further. As the urgency overtook them, Jenny seized John's buttocks and, digging her nails in slightly, pulled him into her. With cries of pleasure, Jenny thrust one more time against John's body, she groaned, and climaxed. John could feel her contractions, as well as several pulses of the hot, watery fluid which began to surround his penis inside her.

John withdrew his penis for a moment, watching her fluids escape as she completed her orgasm, and quickly rubbed the head of his penis against her clitoris to make sure that she was fully satisfied. John was now so aroused that he needed completion, and he drove his penis back into her, and with a few thrusts he felt his penis explode, releasing quantities of his juices to mingle with hers. He stayed fully penetrated as he enjoyed the spasms and the fire within his loins, releasing copious quantities of his seed within her, at last reaching the ecstatic consummation with her which he had always wanted.

For some time John and Jenny laid together, wishing to prolong this intimacy, this shared pleasure which they had not planned, but yet which felt perfect and complete. John then slowly withdrew his satisfied member and lay down next to Jenny, taking her in his arms, naked and exposed as she was, to kiss her again and again, and tell her how he had always loved her, that she was his lassie, and that they would be together. Consideration of their next steps would have to be reserved for the morning, as all they wished to do now was to sleep together after the intimacy. Thoughts of other people involved in the drama were banished for the time being, as John fell asleep treasuring his beloved Jenny, now nestled against him as if they had done this for one thousand nights.

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