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Everything Hurt


Argh. Everything hurt. My luck went from bad to worse over the weekend. Too bad, just when things were going so well.

First, I somehow twisted my ankle and knee while working out. I spent about half a day icing it and taking ibuprofen while cursing my luck.

Hobbled, I decided to float in the pool. Tried the new spray-on sunscreen. Felt a little chilly going on and I didn't want to use too much. Turned out I used way too little. About 2 hours in, I realized I was turning a bit red.

Well, it wasn't a BIT red. I was a lobster from my thigh to my ankles. And then on my biceps. Woke up Sunday morning in pain. I guess trouble truly comes in threes because by the end of the day I had caught a summer flu, which had been going around the office. Started wheezing, sneezing, coughing. At least it wasn't the swine flu.

But I started the week as a wreck. Just getting dressed in a suit was painful. I limped to my appointments, and when a late afternoon meeting ended early, I headed home. Moving slowly and delicately, I stripped down to my boxer briefs. I took some cold medicine, sprayed on some aloe lotion with lidocaine, and sat in the recliner with the TV on.

Eventually, I moved over to the couch, with my head resting on the arm, carefully rotating my body so the burned areas faced the ceiling.

I woke up with a smooth, soft and cool weight across my eyelids - it felt great. "Hey baby, here are those eye coverings you ordered..." Giggle. Waking up with her tits in my face like that, I was momentarily distraced from my condition. Her face was over my chest and she gave me a couple of light kisses while pretending to smother me with her breasts. Good girl.

As her mouth moved up to my face, I instictively moved to kiss her. She put her hand on my shoulder and pushed me back down. "Baby, you're sick, remember? Let me take care of you." "Thanks, sweetness. Sorry 'about that. What time is it?" "About 7:30. Let's have a bite to eat, watch a bit of that Celebrity show and then go to bed early. I see your cock is awake... Maybe I'll take care of that for you later."

My appetite just wasn't 100%, but I forced myself through a salad that my topless waitress had made, along with some tortillas with avocados and salt - one of my favorite comfort foods. "You're just a sweet little thing, baby, aren't you? Taking care of your man..." "I'm sorry you're sick. You need some rest, and you deserve it."

She stripped off her shorts and revealed a pair of leopard-print hipsters. She turned and stuck her ass out at me and did a little shake, running her hands up from her upper thighs, over her ass and then out to her sides, then did another shake. "You deserve THIS too, but you're not gonna get it tonight. Oh, I see he woke up... Mmmmm. I like the tent in your boxers. I wish I could strip these off and sit on it. Here, kiss my ass for a second."

She came over, pulled one side of the panty down, and said "Kiss this cheek." I kissed across the cheek and got to her crease, sucking a little at the top and feeling her peach fuzz butt. "You naughty boy." She switched sides and I kissed her right cheek. Mmmmm, smooth, soft and little muscular. Again I moved to the cleft in her backside, and she moved aside as I moved down towards her hole. "Noooo.... No, baby. Easy. I'm gonna rinse off while you rest up a bit." She squeezed my cock, which had leaked a little precum onto my boxers.

I watched some TV while I plotted over on the couch. Maybe I should just jerk off, damn I'm hard. I don't want to get her sick and frankly fucking would be a little complicated between my ankle, knee and sunburn - not too mention the flu. Probably won't let me taste her tonight, either. Nah, let me wait.

She came out and toweled dry in front of me. She sat on the recliner, naked, with her legs parted enough that I could see her pussy. It was open slightly, and her lips looked just a little moist. "I'm gonna air her out for a bit, babe, then let's go to bed." While we watched Spike TV, she idly stroked her hairs just north of her pussy. "OK, let's go lie down. Oh... He looks so big right now. Don't worry, we'll find a way to take care of that."

After I lay down, Fourth and Long came on. I took some Nyquil and after a while got a little sleepy. But I was also still horny! I could tell she was horny, too, which is funny because I could not imagine what turned her on about my condition. "I thought about jerking off before, but waited. I don't know why I waited, sweet thing. There's not too much we can do." "I wouldn't mind sucking you, but I want to see the show and I really just want to squeeze him for a while. How about if I stroke him while the show is on, then take breaks during the ads?" I nodded... frankly that sounded sexy, but also a little frustrating - but then again I wasn't in the position to demand more, was I?

She peeled off the boxers and lay her head on my belly - my chest and belly were the only areas not burned. Her fingetips played with my very hard head. "Nice cock - good thing you weren't floating in the buff." My cock throbbed a little. "Oh, you like that, do you? Here..." Her hand moved down and stroked the shaft, lightly at first, causing me to groan a little in frustration. "Yeah, baby, stroke that cock."

"Shhhhhhhhhhhh. I don't wanna miss the show - I wanna see who gets cut. You're going to have to be a little quiet, baby, sorry. Just let me take care of him." I shut up. She started getting a little firmer and then sat up, still holding my dick. Abruptly, she stopped. "It's an ad... hang on, baby, it'll be bigger and better if we take some breaks." She moved down and started stroking her pussy. "Now it's my turn. Watch this." She moved into a steady rhythm just as the show returned. "Fuck... well, fair is fair. Give me that cock back." She started pumping him again, he hadn't gone down very much. "Can you smell my pussy, baby?" I nodded, damn,she always had such a nice aroma after showering. "I wish I could taste her."

"You can't. I wish you could, too, but I don't want to torture you, either. Here..." She held her fingers out to me and I eagerly liked and sucked them. Just then, I shifted slightly onto my side. Whoops! I groaned, and not in pleasure. "OK, stop it, baby. Let me nurse you back to health."

She moved her hand back to my cock, stroked a little, then stopped and squeezed the base just as I started to feel my balls tingle a little. "it's another ad. My turn again." Somehow she managed to stroke her clit while holding my dick in her other hand - her hand and my shaft alternated with pulses. Her thumb moved up and massaged some of the leaking pre-cum onto the purple, engorged cockhead. "Fffffffffffffffuckkkkkkk. Yeah."

"Quiet, baby. The show is back. I want you to come for me in a bit. Then you can rest up and get healthy so you can fuck me again." She started stroking, cupping her other hand against my balls. I heard her murmuring something to herself, then she reached for some vitamin E oil after a while. "I wanna oil my tits, baby. You can watch." She did it slowly, spending a lot of time on each nipple. I could see her face turning a little flush and her breaths came quicker and quicker.

She reached over and spread a little of the oil over my shaft, then went back to a nice, twisting rhythm. That's it - I couldn't control myself anymore and started moaning and groaning, shifting a bit on the bed and thrusting my cock against her fist, fucking her hand hard and dreaming of fucking her tight pussy. "Your hand feels so good, baby, it's soooo tight. You treat me right, baby, do you want it?? "Give it to me baby, I want to see how much you'll cum. Give it to me."

Se moved her head down and closer to my cock. For a moment, I thought she was going to suck me. "I want to suck your dick baby. I want to lick her head and open my lips and hear that popping sound when you slide out. Pop, pop, pop, pop, pop.... pop. I can see your balls tighten baby." She rubbed my balls with some of the oil and rubbbed my cock against her cheek. I started boiling over. "I bet you'd like to see me suck your dick, baby, with my cheeks hallowing out and feeling me around your fat cock..." I started spurting as she opened up just over him. "Can you reach my mouth, baby? Oh, your juices are soooo sweet, show me all your juice, baby." Uhhhhhhhh, my balls completely emptied.

"I love you baby. Stay still, so I can clean you off." She came back in a couple of minutes. "Was that good, baby? You like it?" "Yeah... I kinda wish I was sick more often!" "It made me horny baby, now it's my turn. You watch and, when I'm done, we'll both go to sleep." She took care of herself in record time, shouting about how she "wanted that cock" after a while. She came hard and big that time.

She went to the bathroom after that, and brushed her teeth. Coming back, she turned on her side and I moved up behind her. This was going to be delicate. "Be careful with your thighs, baby. Just press your chest into my back and you cock against my cheeks." I moved my soft and slightly sore penis between her cheeks, lifting and parting them slightly so the head rested close to her hot little hole, and slowly drifted off to sleep.

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