tagRomanceEverything Will Change Ch. 03

Everything Will Change Ch. 03


-When I realized she was a virgin, I froze. I couldn't understand how this beautiful, delicate flower had gone untouched. She was too magnificent for me. The perfection of the creature is unparalleled. I can't believe I am going to get to keep this innocent for my own.

I know he must have felt my hymen. How he must hate me. How he must view me: as a pathetic and sad creature. I know a 22 year old, virgin girl seems unbelievable and ridiculous. Not completely innocent, and not entirely without needs. But I never wanted to go too far with a guy; true, part of me did want to wait for my husband to take me on my honeymoon but I had planned on that not being for years. He's stopped and is putting my clothes back in order. He might want to get rid of me. God, what will I do if that happens?

-I removed my finger and helped to put her to rights. She looks scared, why is that? Oh, how I want her right now. We should go back in, and let my father know we're ready to get married. But why is she afraid, she just pulled away from me?

-"What is wrong? Why do you recoil from me?"

"Do I have to say it out loud?" He must be trying to humiliate me.

-"I guess you do, Jasmine, what is wrong? Did I do something?"

"You...you realized I am a..virgin." I couldn't look at him. "You must think I'm pathetic, or that I'm not worthy of you any longer. You must be thinking how to get rid of me, right now. God, I'm just useless." I sank to my knees and started sobbing.

I didn't know what was happening, I was crying so hard that I didn't hear him walk past me. But I did feel him sink down behind me and wrap his arms around me. He held me to him while I tried to get my breathing under control. He pulled my hair away from my face, and continued to hold me. I heard him whisper,

-"I could never think you are pathetic. Just thirty seconds ago I was thinking how much I wanted to take you here and now. That I couldn't wait to go back in and tell my father we are ready to marry, so I can get you to a bed and take you slow and with little pain. When I found you were a virgin, I realized how much I wanted you."

"Oh, Andre, are you serious? You want me? Why? How? God, I want you too. I've wanted you since I first saw you. Your eyes, they looked right through me, like you were seeing right into my soul. I remember thinking it was heart wrenching, that I was to 'marry' this man, who I just met, but already loved. God help me, I love you even if you don't love me."

-"Good." I helped her up. "Let's go inside, and get married. I can't wait much longer for you. And by the way, I do love you."


They were still smiling at each other when they walked back through the double doors, back to where his father and step-mother were waiting. Curled into each other's arms, they saw the couple approach.

-"Father, we're ready to begin."

"Excellent. I knew you two would match well together."

-"Yes, well." Ahem. "How do we do this?"

"Duncan, bring the Father in here please. Kat, go help her change."

Duncan had been sitting in a low bench in front of the window, all but forgotten by Alphonse till the moment he was needed. Kat moved to take my hand, and I followed her to a door opposite the fireplace. It was a bathroom, but it was huge. There was a massive tub that had to be a Jacuzzi, a shower with two glass walls and two shower heads. The toilet I assumed was behind a closed door between the two. We stood by the sinks and I saw through another open door in front of us a bedroom.

I saw then the amazing dress that hung behind the door we just came through. I could not have imagined a better one for me. It had long sleeved, it had layers of material that would cup gracefully and not show too much cleavage. The dress must be some kind of special satin-it was so soft. Embroidered around the waist was what seemed to be a belt of sparkling jewels, which subtly pointed downward that would accentuate my smallish belly. It then flowed down in beautiful cascades of the material. It was perfect.

Kat helped me out of the now, in comparison, lame blue dress. And I remembered the enormous bruise on my side, which must have been forgotten outside, with Andre. I smiled at the memory. We eased me out of the blue dress as I held in a gasp. Then the white dress, my wedding dress, was taken off the hanger with careful hands, and unzipped down the back. I stepped into it, and Kat raised it for me. My hands found the sleeves and then I had to squeal from the pain. The bruise throbbed, and I would swear it were on fire. Eventually we got it in place, and Kat zipped me up. I swept away the tears with the back of my hand, while we examined my reflection.

"You look amazing. Like an angel." She said smiling.

"Thank you." I smiled broadly.

It takes a lot long to write all this than it took to do it. We were opening the door again not two minutes later.

I stepped out of the door first, Andre had his back to me, he turned and all but ran to wrap his arms around me as I raised mine to wrap around his broad shoulders. We both knew that two minutes apart was too much.

Duncan returned moments later, flanked by a Catholic priest, carrying the Bible and a few folded papers. When he got in position, in front of the large desk, he started to open his mouth but Alphonse interrupted

"The way we're working this is that you'll be married by the church first, all the right documents will be filled tomorrow morning and legally you will be married, but publically it will look as though you two are just dating. In a few months, you will have a public ceremony of which, Jasmine, your family and friends can attend. We in this room, alone, will know the truth."

-"If it's alright with Jasmine, it'll be alright with me."


And with that the ceremony started, the priest, called Father Jim, nearly recited the words, only looking down occasionally. He asked us to sign, the document that read, "Certificate of Marriage" in bold old English script. There was a step, though that apparently no one remembered. The Rings.

"Have you the ring" Father Jim asked Andre.

Andre turned pale, which sat awkwardly on his usually tanned composed face. He turned to his father, who looked as though he were holding his breath to keep from screaming. Kat just hung her head, and never met my eyes.

"Hey, it is okay, Andre," I raised my hand to cup his cheek. "I got it covered." He looked so confused that I nearly laughed.

I put my right hand in my left, and pulled the Claddagh ring from my right hand, where it had sat for the last five years in the same position, with the heart pointing away from my body, indicating I was single. I put it into Andre's waiting hand.

-"I don't understand." He said with half a smile and a raised eyebrow.

"The hands represent friendship; the crown represents loyalty; the heart represents love. I promise them all to you."

"Awww." I heard Kat say.

"The position of this ring is supposed to indicate to others one's marital status, but since most people don't know that it usually does no good. When worn on the left hand, with the heart pointing towards me, it means that I'm married. So that's all you have to do." A tear fell down my cheek as he placed my ring on my finger. We were married.

"You may now kiss the bride." Father Jim said, smiling.

And we did, boy did we. Long and soft he kissed me.


At dinner I was nervous. I know that I loved him, not entirely sure how that is possible but I did. In the span of an hour, I had met a man, kissed him, been intimate with him, fallen in love and married him. That is a lot to process. So I did my best to take a few moments whenever I could to steady my nerves.

-She keeps going silent, like she's thinking really hard about something. Oh, is she thinking of how to get away? I knew it, she was just placating me, so she can run the first chance she gets. She must hate me; it's my fault she's here. Jasmine, I love you and I can't lose you. How will I convince her to stay? I must convince her of my love, but how?

I never left his side, and we never released our hands. We talked a little, but nothing very personal, like the food is good and I agreed, even though I barely tasted it. When the cake was brought, out it took my breath away. It had five layers and a tiny dancing couple on top. The figurines were spinning gracefully, and I had a fleeting thought as too how that was possible but didn't voice it. I clutched Andre's hand and mine to my heart and said,

"It's beautiful, perfect."

-"Yes, it is." I turned and he was looking at me.

"Oh, how I love you." And I rose on my toes to kiss him.

Since there was no photographer there neither of us felt like doing that thing where we shove cake in the other's face. We cut the cake, served us a small piece, the cut tiny pieces with a fork and fed it to the other. It was a velvety type of chocolate, very light color but very rich, the icing was cream cheese, I think.

After that someone started some music on a cd, I recognized it as the Sleeping Beauty Waltz, but I don't know the real name. I smiled, and asked

"Can we dance?"

-"Of course, my dove. Would you like to?"


We moved to the only vacant area of the room and he took my hand and spun me around to make my arm fly out, then he pulled me back to spin into his awaiting arm. We moved around so gracefully and with such harmonization one would think we were made for each other.

"I have to ask.."


"Why me?"

"Heh, right, that."

I waited for him to continue, I looked into his eyes, the beautiful eyes held mine, it almost felt like a trance.

"I have been watching you for months; I first saw you at the university campus. We didn't share any classes, but one time I was sitting coming out of a building and you were there. You were sitting under a tree, books sliding off your lap and you were basking in the sunlight. A squirrel came to you from another tree in the same area and you reached out to see if he'd come to you. He came close and sniffed your finger then rubbed his head against your fingers. You pet him and smiled. That smile did it. You were beautiful before but with that you changed into something more: angel, fairy, something too lovely to put into words."

With that story I smiled again and he stopped our movement, "That. Right there. God, you are ethereally gorgeous." He sighed. "after that I became obsessed; I followed you, I watched you and realized you were not only beautiful but smart-I sat in on some of your classes and while you rarely offered information though I'm sure you could, you always understood what was happening and could explain it to a fellow student who asked you at the end of class. You are also one of the most kind people I have ever met; whenever you pass a homeless person on the street-between school and work or work and home, you always buy them some food or offer them money. No one does that anymore. Also you work harder than most, you commit yourself to you job and always have a smile for people, and are always ready to help a friend with anything they need-shoulder to cry on, ear to ramble to, helping hand if they need. You always surprise me with your kindness and generosity, in essence you are perfect."

I could not form words. Maybe I should be upset at being followed, watched, and stalked, but honestly I found it endearing: maybe I'm nuts. He said I am perfect; with all my flaws-I cannot see the beauty he sees, but I might call myself pretty-with enough make up; my last 'boyfriend' (air quoted because we never did more than a little peck on the lips, plus he came out too me when he broke up with me—he's now my gay best friend) criticized me for giving away my money and for being a know-it-all in class. But Andre saw perfection in that. I only hope that I can love him as he loves me. I held him close as we danced, when the music changed to a salsa like tango he led me around the floor like an expert, it was fantastic.


As we left Kat and Alphonse through flower petals at us and we climbed into a small sports car, and drove away. We drove to the hotel, it only took 10 minutes to get there, but I needed to know more about my husband so I took that time to get to know him a bit better. He already knew much more about me than I knew of him.

So we pretty much played 'you tell me, I'll tell you' the whole way.

"Did you go to college?"

-"Only for a year, for the experience, I guess. I always knew I'd be taking over."

"I know your father's organization has something to do with drugs, do you do any drugs?"

-"No. We have a strict policy of no tolerance."


-"Have you ever done drugs?"

"No. I smoke hookah, but that's just tobacco. And I only do it for recreation."

-"Tried that once, didn't like it. Too harsh."

"Well, that was probably either the flavor, or the coals were too hot. My friends call me the Hookah Queen, I know how to make it good."

-"Huh, well we should try it some night."


Now for the questions I didn't want to ask, but had to know.

*Sigh* "What in my life will have to change?"

-"I know you need to know, so I'll tell you the most important details now, the rest we can get to."


-"You must move into the mansion; you'll need to leave behind some large aspects of your life, especially after the 'wedding.' Such as, you'll probably only see your family and friends on special occasions. If you have any pets they can come with you, but most of your stuff you won't keep. We'll send someone for that, it'll be too emotional for you. As for school, I know you're at the university, you'll probably just finish this semester, if you want. Until the 'wedding' your life will pretty much be the same excepting you'll live with me."

"I understand that we are now married, and I understand that things will have to change in my life. And I can guess as to why I should try to distance myself from loved ones, because they would be in danger. But why am I the only one who has to change? It doesn't seem fair."

-"I know it's not fair to you. That none of this is fair. But I will do my best to make the transition easy on you."

"Are there enemies? I mean of your father's?

-"Yes, I'm sorry for that, but there are always other people trying to take control. And now that you're here, you may be in danger."

I wasn't thinking of me till he said that.

"Would they try to hurt you, since you're to inherit?"

-"They might try."

"Who are 'they'?"

He still had my hand, he gripped it tighter, and brought it to his lips and kissed it.

-"That is a conversation for another time, my dove."

At his lips' touch, and more because of the seriousness in his voice I let it go. Plus we were pulling up to the hotel.

We didn't check in, we went straight to the elevator. I was a tad confused till he said as the elevators doors closed,

"We own the hotel. We'll have the largest suite, for as long as we want."

I smiled at him, and pulled him close to me to snuggle into his embrace. He pressed the stop button. I kissed his neck, and used my teeth a little-remembering how he had reacted on the balcony. He moaned as I scraped my teeth across the vein in his throat.

-"Oh, Gods. Yes!" And I pushed her against the wall; pinned her there with my weight. I heard her whimper, a small kind of noise like she was trying to hide it, did I hurt her? She's raising her knee up around my waist, she likes it. I raise her arms above her head and hold the there with one of my hands, while the other learns the curves of her body. I kicked the stop button with a sideways glace.

I moan and whimper, the waiting is killing me. Ohmygod. I just felt something against my stomach; his hands are nowhere near there. It's so big I can feel it practically poking my breast. Heaven help me, he's going to rip me open.

-I have to have her now, but I need to be gentle to not frighten her away. I need to get her to the room and take her soft and slow, sensual like. I push away from the wall and bring her with me, to wrap both arms around her as she stands in front of me, facing the doors. Smiling broadly, barely able to contain my excitement. I reach forward, to push the button, our fingers still laced. My cock pressing into her back, she must feel it. This is the first time I wish I weren't so big.

When the doors opened, I didn't have a chance to see anything. He picked me up and carried me through the threshold. Then he was kissing me while walking through rooms, navigating through the room with hardly an upward glance. He put me down, I was sitting on the bed, he knelt in front of me, he was kissing my neck as he wrapped his hands around my waist to get at the zipper in the back. His fingers found it, and pulled it down. His other hand started to caress my back, stroke up and down. I had stifled one gasp, but the second time his hand went over the bruise, I cried out.

"Aahh! Stop." I said in a raspy, gasping breath.

-"What? What is it?"

"Bruise. On my back. Big, hurts a lot." I was clenching the dress to my breasts. He stood me up to look.

-"Who did this? How did it happen?"

I explained what Kat had told me, about the drugs, the seizure, Duncan's reaction to my action. Our subsequent apologies, and I told him I didn't hold a grudge or anything, because he started to look like look a little hurt and angry.

-"Jasmine, I'm so sorry for what you went through. I can't believe I didn't notice, I never knew you were hurting. I should have seen it."

"On the balcony and in the elevator I was too excited to remember it. But both times that I changed it hurt too much to ignore."

-"I want to show you how much I love you, I was already planning on being gentle. I just have to be overly gentle. My love, do you consent?"

"Yes, please."

End of Chapter 3

I seem to have written myself into a corner with this one. It didn't turn out the way I had wanted. I had planned on a whole thing with Andre being more than a little kinky in bed but now he just doesn't seem the type; also planned on father in law taking her one drunken night then Andre kills him; was also planning on a sub plot where Duncan was in love with her, but the story just feels like a dud to me now. Sorry for the disappointment folks. Just wanted to give you the story as far as I took it, but this won't be continuing.

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