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Eve's Apple


Cheap Thrills 02:

Eve's Apple

Adam stared out upon the wide plain before him, unconcerned with threat or danger. Lilith had been unrelenting in her abuse attacking him from everything down to his manhood. Every attempt to talk to her calmly as he was advised was of no use. In the noon sun he soon found himself thirsty and walked to the river where he fell asleep contemplating what to do next.

When he woke his ribs ached from having drunk so much. Something told him he should be heading home, so he returned to his cottage.

"Well, the lazy man has decided to return home. Did you at least bring food with you?"

"Yes Lilith," he replied producing a grass basket of fruit.

"You stay out in the sun so long sleeping that your skin has turned black."

Adam had known Lilith since youth and his skin had always been dark, whereas, her skin stayed a light rosy red, or in the winter time a pale white. Adam didn't respond and instead started poking the embers in the hut and piling it with brush he'd found along his journey. A fire started slow and easy rolling upwards and flickering at the edges.

"You have nothing to say for yourself? Well, I have something for you Adam my love and I didn't even have to go roaming all about the woods." Lilith's lip curled wickedly at the edge. This was a new look and it both scared and frustrated Adam. Lilith left out of the back of the medium sized hut and returned with a woman she guided by the wrist.

Adam stood up wondering what Lilith had planned next.

"This, Adam, is Eve. She is much more suited to you. She is docile, obedient, and has no mind or will of her own. She would make a good wife for a man such as you. A man with no will or mind of his own beyond lazing about in the sun."

Lilith had effortlessly pushed beyond the boundaries once again.

"Oh, I see that you don't believe me. Shall I prove it to you? Go get me some water Eve."

Eve left as silently as she had come in and returned with a huge jug laden with water. Adam watched in bewilderment but took note of her nude body. Her breasts were smaller than Lilith's, about the size of an orange, and her skin was lighter than his own but darker than Lilith's. She had brown eye's Like Adam's, but they were doe like and slanted more like Eve's. Her body had the same features as Lilith but instead of being as large, she was short and more thinly built. Adam was impressed that she could carry a full jug of water by herself.

With a wicked smile Lilith poured water over the both of them and began to bathe both of their nude bodies. The water made the shadow of their bodies dance in the fire light as Lilith touched all the places on Eve that she touched on herself; lingering a bit longer over her breasts and between her legs. She seemed to be as happy as when she frolicked in the fields. She turned to Adam and smiled as Eve looked away apparently shy about the whole incident. Frustrated with Lilith's taunting once again, Adam started walking over to his mat.

"Where are you going Adam? Are you going to bed? You can't. I need that mat for what's next."

Lilith led eve from the bathing area to Adam's mat and gently pushed him to the side.

"Lay down Eve, and spread your legs."

As Adam began to suspect what she was about to do, Lilith lay down between Eve's legs and began tasting her forbidden fruit. Standing there nude Adam was furious, but something tugged at him below his belly button. When he looked down, he saw that his cock was hard and full. He felt something too. It was something besides just anger. He knelt over Lilith's ample ass and grabbed her hair.

"What are you doing?" Lilith asked in shock. The expression on her face was enough to goad Adam further.

"Helping you," he replied and shoved her face back into Eve's patch, "Eat her fruit like you do when you've been waiting for me all day and you're angry. Don't spare her from your mouth's fury. If you're going to taste her, revel in the moment." Adam started sliding his dark meat between Lilith's squirming cheeks. Her protests were in vain and only seemed to be causing Eve a great deal of pleasure. Eventually she did as she was commanded and began to earnestly delve her tongue into Eve. For the first time in ages Lilith seemed to be enjoying herself.

Adam reached his free hand under Lilith's waist and pulled her up as he'd seen the animals do. Sliding his swollen rod back and forth, he found Lilith to be wetter and warmer then the fresh water on her body. When he touched her, she seemed to really enjoy it, and he also found that there was a hole there. A wicked thought flashed through his mind. He nudged the tip of his cock against the wet spot he'd just felt and found himself sliding in.

As he disappeared inside of her, Lilith seemed both subdued and more fervent in her caresses on Eve's body and in what she was doing with her mouth. Eve seemed to be distracted. She breathed deeply and heavily as did Lilith now. Adam saw that as he thrust into Lilith eve responded, which encouraged him to move more frequently and with greater urgency.

For the first time Lilith wasn't belligerent. She was completely occupied with what she was doing and listening to what Adam said. When he saw here scoop up Eve's smaller ass into her hands and shove her pussy into her face as she screamed Adam felt a new stirring. As Lilith moaned loudly she pushed back onto him from inside and cinched around his dark cock. Something happened to Adam. He found himself yelling too and felt something warm gush out of his stick and into Lilith. He pulled her harder and without Eve's bush to muffle the sound they both echoed out into the darkness.

Pulling out of Lilith, Adam saw his dick covered in a white fluid and something cresting the edges of Lilith's lips. Lilith lay on her back breathing hard.

"Eve, Please clean up Lilith." Eve smiled and consented. She seemed much more comfortable with Adam's kindness then Lilith's abrasive orders. Adam had intended that she go get some water from the jug but instead she bent between Lilith's legs and began to eat her out the same way Lilith did to her. For a moment Lilith was beside herself again, and so was Adam for that matter when he saw Eve position herself like Lilith had been.

Adam looked down. Whatever, had happened he was still hard. With Lilith's cum and his on his dick, and Eve's cum and Lilith's spit on Eve's pussy it was a lot easier to slide into Eve. Eve didn't feel much different from Lilith at all. Unfamiliar with choosing favorites, Adam decided he liked both of them even though they were both different. Lilith looked really pleased now that she was being cleaned. She'd seemed happy before just as well, and Eve was just as happy.

Eve didn't seem anything like the docile creature Lilith had brought in. As she turned her face from side to side she covered her mouth with Adam and Lilith's fluid. It glistened in the fire light like water, and as eve used her fingers to smear it into her mouth she seemed preoccupied with pleasure.

For the first time Adam felt like he could relax. As he did he felt the same thing that happened with Lilith happening with Eve. He paid close attention as he became harder, and grabbed Eve's ass so he could maximize the intensity. Eve was different from Lilith when he came this time. She seemed to enjoy the feeling of his seed being planted in her and moaned her thoughts into Lilith which made her cum also.

When Adam opened his eyes after finishing off in Eve he saw Lilith staring intently at him.

"Come lay down," she said and got some water. She bathed Adam with a little water but when she got down to his cock Eve stopped her.

"I think we should clean Adam together." Lilith smiled at the thought and helped Eve clean Adam. When they were finished they kissed, and then kissed Adam. They each took a side of Adam and laid together that night.

"What have you done Adam?"

Adam was blinded by a bright light. He looked to where the fire should have been and saw nothing.

"You have tasted of the forbidden fruit and shall be cast out of my garden!"

Adam woke with a start. He looked around. It was still dark outside. Lilith stirred in her sleep.

"What's wrong Adam?"

"I thought I saw a bright light."

"It's still night love, come back and lay with us."

Adam lay back down and both Eve and Lilith snuggled close to him smiling.

"What a weird dream." he murmured as he went back to sleep.

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