tagRomanceEve's Choice

Eve's Choice


"Your place or mine?"

Adam's confident smile danced on his lips, one arched eyebrow enquiringly higher than the other.

Eve thought the tall, blond, blue-eyed Adam was heaven-blessed with looks, the most attractive man here, except the distinguished-looking gentleman she had abandoned near the entrance. She loved Alan unreservedly, always would, but if free to choose any lover within this crowded ballroom, Adam would be her choice.

She had waited for Adam's move since rejoining their table next to the heaving dance floor. They faced each other, her knees together, his enveloping her slim thighs. They were comfortable together and exhilarated, oblivious of their busy surroundings. They spoke briefly, breathlessly of the day, the celebration each had taken full joyous part in.

For two magical hours earlier, Eve and Adam had sat together by prior arrangement for the celebration meal, thighs touching, absorbing each other's warmth, stoking their mutual desires. They had touched under that trestle table, conscious of possible discovery, stroking, caressing, sending strings of tantalising tingles up spines as fingers felt bare or thinly-clad flesh. They even snatched hasty kisses. Mealtime convention dictated they converse with fellow diners; however, each filled to overflowing with thoughts and fancies, flight and fantasy, exclusively each with the other.

Their first kiss, some hours earlier, began tentatively, nervously. Everyone who mattered to Eve, with one highly notable exception, watched that moment of guiltless passion. The new couple held hands. Lips gently caressed lips, until Adam released his light restraint on her fingers and enveloped her slim tensioned body in his strong arms. Eve melted into him, while that magic kiss endured.

They had shared just one dance after the meal, before she danced with everyone who had queued to trip the light fantastic with the acknowledged belle of the ball. She giggled guiltily, recalling indiscriminately kissing everyone in this swanky hotel ballroom, including a waiter and the DJ!

Eve even snogged her best friend, retiring to Carol's room after dancing, to shower and change her sweat-stained clothing. Eve smiled, remembering flinging her sopping knickers at Carol, who caught them with a cry of "Eughhh!" Eve was returning them, having borrowed that spare pale blue pair that morning.

Adam's warm hand was on her thigh now, thumb caressing, stroking, stoking her inner fires. His eager fingertips mere millimetres from the hem of her skirt. Those fresh panties, she noticed, dampening in her gathering excitement.

She noticed Adam's thin gold band glinting on the ring finger of his hot left hand, while equally conscious of the pair of rings branding her own marital status. Each closely examined the other, reading the mutual expectations of satisfying shared desires.

On impulse, Eve grabbed Adam's suit jacket lapels and pulled hard, finding herself moving towards the object of his lips and mouth rather than draw his heavier form towards her. Time slowed to a snail's pace, their mouths drawn like attracting magnets, adjusting the inclination of their smiling lips, anticipating the impending touch, expecting excitement, electricity, as their hot moist lips conjoined.

Their mouths touched, lips only, then Adam lightly ran his tongue along her lower lip. His right hand moved behind Eve's head, caressing her long graceful neck, gently drawing this beautiful young woman further into his irresistible embrace. His lips pressed themselves deeper into his target, tongue insinuating between her crimson lips. She conceded, their tongues tangled, tussled, explored orally and their sensitive perimetrics, breathing in each other's sweet exhalations.

"My place is out ... relatives," she shrugged, "Yours?"

"Mine, too, also ... relatives. I've a room, ten minutes' drive?"

"Yours then," she decided.

"Your car?" he asked, "I was driven by ... a relative."

"Mine, then. Not mine, actually, it belongs to a relative."

"A nice little one-litre Renault runabout?" he teased.

"No. It's black, Rolls Royce Phantom IV, twelve-cylinder 6.75 litre, 453 brake horse power. White leather interior, smokey black windows and internal curtesy glass."

"Impressive. Both car and your intimate knowledge."

"Uncle Brian brags, some of it sticks. Know much about cars, then?" Eve teased.

"Been repairing cars for ten years ... mostly Renault runabouts," Adam chuckled.

"I can have the car out front in five minutes ... still interested?"

"Of course. You ok to drive?"

"No, Uncle Brian's more reliable. I'm heady with champagne."

"Is 'Uncle Brian' really your uncle? As well as handsome and wealthy?"

"No, no and no. He's not really my uncle. He's short, fat and bald," giggled Eve, "But 'Aunt' Betty thinks the world of him. He's been Daddy's driver all my life. He's reliable and ... discrete." Eve's mobile phone sent the stored message to summon her ride.

As they rose, Carol arrived hand out glasses of champagne. Eve flashed a brilliant smile at her friend, as they clinked glasses.

"We're off, Carol," Eve said, setting her drained glass on the table next to Adam's emptied one.

Eve and Carol briefly hugged. Carol squeezed the gorgeous Adam too, before pushing them away with tears in her eyes, after pressing a fragrant posy into Eve's hands. The laughing couple headed towards the door.

Looming large in front of Eve appeared Alan, the gentleman she had regarded so highly earlier, blocking their exit.

He momentarily held the upper arm of the beautiful woman, easily half his age. Slowly he turned and shook Adam's hand, resigned to give her over to her new champion, the car mechanic. Turning his complete attention back to Eve, he pulled her close, to crush her one last time against his tall lean frame, kissing her forehead.

"Goodbye my darling, it tears me up to lose you," he whispered croakily in her lovely ruby-studded ear.

Eve saw him scanning the expectant eyes surrounding them.

"No, she's not here. I said goodbye to Mummy in Carol's room. She wanted you to have this moment, and stayed away from the church so you wouldn't see her while you gave me away. I love you, Daddy. Thank you for everything."

She kissed him firmly on the lips and quarter-turned, grabbing smiling Adam's hand and they ran to the car. "Uncle" Brian held open the door, a huge smile on his cherubic face. Eve turned and waved smilingly to the assembly, turned her back momentarily and tossed the bunch of flowers over her shoulder.

Alan considered the flight of the flowers. He regarded the parabolic passage of the perfumed posey with his analytical mind, accustomed as it was to a long and majestic career of designing and building a successful series of light aircraft and gliders. He calculated that he lay within the flightpath of the arrangement of blossoms and, being jostled by anxious female forms on all sides, was unable to make a tactical withdrawal. He put his hands together instinctively, cricket slips fashion, when, in a flurry of flying petals, the bouquet was snatched away in front of his face to an accompaniment of a single whoop of triumph and a chorus of disappointment.

He could see the shapely back of the champion catcher, her long slim bare arm held aloft her trophy in triumph, her thick dark brown hair cascading over her broad bare shoulders hiding the spaghetti straps holding up her shimmering china blue silk dress. She was tall, perhaps five-ten or eleven. She turned, just half a metre or so immediately ahead of him, so close he could reach out and touch her if he had a mind to do so, and he looked into her dark hazel eyes. She smiled at him, with a mischievous curl to her full, red-painted lips. She was almost a replica of Eve, the same wide open face, bewitching eyes, luscious mouth over a cute pointed chin; only a few characterful lines around the eyes belied her possible twinship. She could have been thirty, not a day over thirty-five but Alan knew for a fact she was forty-seven, five years younger than himself.

The car's hooter blared out its baritone summons to attention and the whole party frantically waved and called out best wishes wildly as the Rolls moved smoothly off with its occupants waving back animatedly out of the rear side windows. Alan and the brunette clutching the flowers waved as excitedly as everyone else. Eve blew kisses directly at them both. Behind the car was towed a selection of tin cans making a racket and a hastily-painted sign on the boot announced "Just Married".

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