tagNonConsent/ReluctanceEve's Love Nest Pt. 01

Eve's Love Nest Pt. 01

byDr. Dusti Lee©

"Honey, look at this ad in Going To Be a Bride magazine. It says there is an exotic resort hotel on an island out in the Caribbean somewhere that selects ten first time newly-wed couples a week and gives them a free seven day, six night stay. All we have to do is send them photocopies of our newspaper engagement clipping and a large color photo of us together. They want a short bio on each of us and want to know what our plans will be after we are married. They will select the couples from the photos and the bios.

"There are no fees for anything. They pick the couples up in Miami and fly them to the island, which is at a secret romantic location. The only thing is that you have to do is fill out customs forms before you leave Miami and submit to a blood test to prevent the spread of disease to the island, which has none," Cindy said.

"If it sounds too good to be true, it is. I bet they hit you with something," Rich said. Cindy knew Rich was anything but romantic. That was one of the things she hoped to change after they got married. This was the first marriage for both of them.

"Oh, don't be such a stick in the mud. It has a web address for you to download the application form. I think I'll pull up their web page and see what it says," Cindy said putting down the magazine.

Rich reached over and picked up the magazine off the chair and read the article himself. It looked neat. Rich just wondered why anyone would do this. This was a very expensive trip to just be giving away for free. There has to be a catch, somewhere, Rich thought to himself.

Cindy pulled up the web page for Eve's Love Nest. The web page was a very expensive, well done professional page. It had photos of the resort and even places where you could send off emails to couples that had visited the resort and ask them questions about it. At the bottom was a statement that the US Department of State had investigated the resort and found it safe for US citizens.

"Rich, come take a look at this place!" Cindy said.

Grudgingly, Rich came over and checked the web page over. He had to admit it was impressive. He clicked his way around the place. It had everything. The five major blue water sandy beaches were interesting. So was the explanation under them.

"Eve's plays host to people from all over the globe. We try to accommodate all tastes, within reason. That is why the five beaches are divided and out of sight of each other. Two are normal full swim wear required beaches. Two are the lower genitals of both sexes must be covered. The last beach is a fully nude beach. On that beach the only suggestion is for couples to wear sunscreen. If you are offended in any way by nudity, please stay on one of the other beaches.

"Hey! That sounds great! We can go to the fully nude beach," Rich said, teasing Cindy. Rich knew Cindy was really very prudish and for all her show, extremely modest about showing her body in public. Rich knew if they won this trip they would stay on the two fully clothed beaches.

"Does that mean we can enter the contest to see if we win a honeymoon of a lifetime there?" Cindy asked. Rich thought she was kidding at first. Then he saw the look in her eyes.

"Sure. Why not," Rich said after some hesitation. Besides, we don't have a chance in the world to be selected anyway. Let her dream, he thought.

Ten weeks later, three full months before their wedding, Rich was in is office going over a new loan application when his secretary interrupted him. Cindy was on the line.

"Hi Honey. What has you calling like this," Rich asked. Cindy never called him at bank. Cindy was a teacher and was normally in school now.

"RICHARD, WE WON! We won the trip to Eve's Love Nest! I came home because I left my grade book on the table and had to have it. I pulled in the mail and found the letter. Can you believe it! We are going to honeymoon at Eve's Love Nest and it's really all free!" Cindy was so excited she was bouncing off the walls. That made Rich smile. He loved it when she was like this.

"That's great, Honey. We can celebrate tonight. Want to go to the Frenchman's for a change?" Rich asked. He hated the place, but knew Cindy dearly loved it. This was a celebration for her.

"Love to, love to love too," Cindy said beaming. She knew he disliked the Frenchman's. But it was a sign her great master plan to make him a romantic was working.

"Gotta Run! Kisses all the way down," Cindy said and hung up the phone. She was super late, but was still flying high.

Rich just looked at the phone and smiled. Oh well. I guess we just saved a bundle on the honeymoon. Can't beat that! First I get Cindy the rest of my life, then a free honeymoon to boot! Rich thought.

"Welcome to Eve's Love Nest," the butler said, as the ten newly wed couples entered the grand entrance way to the resort.

"You will all be dining with Madam Eve tonight. The Madam wishes to make sure you are comfortable in her home and that your every need is taken care of. Please come in and join her in some champagne to toast your stay," he said, bowing deeply. The ten couples walked into the large dining room and saw a large table had been set up with gold plates and table wear. This was the first time most of them had ever seen real gold tableware before. None of them had any doubt that it was real.

They had been picked up in limos in Miami and taken to a private charter airplane where there were only first class seats, all in pairs. They had a blood sample taken from them by a nurse, and given forms to fill out. Most of the form was in some language they did not know, but a lot of it was in English. After they signed the forms, they were each given a photo copy of the form and led to the airplane. The champagne was already uncorked when they boarded the plane. They did not get a chance to socialize with any of the other couples. The flight attendants kept everyone in little private cubicles.

They all went in and sat down at their places. Each couple received a formal invitation to the feast when they were taken to their rooms. It had the number of the seats they were to occupy at the banquet table. After they were all seated, Madam Eve made her grand entrance into the room. She looked like a queen. When most of her guests started to rise, she waived her hand in such a way as to convey that they were to remain seated. She sat at the head of the table. Her escort, an elderly man that looked like a king sat at the other end of the table.

"Thank you for accepting my invitation to come here for your honeymoon. I deeply appreciate you coming. I know you all have one major question in mind right now. Two actually. I case you haven't guessed, I am Madam Eve. I am your hostess for the week. If you need anything, anything at all, just ask a member of the staff. If we don't have it here, I will have it flown in from the main land.

"Why am I doing this? Yes, this is horridly expensive. I'll tell you why. I am rich beyond any other I know of and when I was a newly wed, my honeymoon took place in the cramped cargo hold of an old steamer. I vowed if I could ever prevent that from happening to another bride, I would. When my dear husband passed on to his great reward, I took the money and built this place. I can't save every bride, but I can save ten every week.

"Enough about me. This week is about you. Let's get on with the feast. I'm sure you would all rather be with each other than with me or the others," Madam Eve said. Then she clapped her hands, and servants started to bring out all kinds of food.

"Well, Mrs. Richard H. Lee, are you enjoying this grand adventure," Mr. Richard H. Lee asked as he bent over his wife in their heart shaped bed. She was wearing a very sheer almost transparent pink night dress of some type. They found closets full of intimate apparel when they first came into the room. A card asked them to make use of everything they wished. It was there for their enjoyment. It was all brand new, and anything they slept in would go home with them when they left. Cindy had Rich put on a similar pair of PJ's in very light blue.

"Yes, my husband. I am very happy. Please let me show you how happy I am," Cindy said. With that, Cindy pushed Rich over on his back, and she leaned over him. Cindy started kissing Richard. She started kissing him on his forehead. Then down his nose, to his lips. Cindy forced her tongue into his mouth and stayed there for just a few seconds. Cindy kissed his chin, then let her tongue slide down his neck to the top of his chest.

Cindy slowly undid the buttons on his shear PJ shirt and ran her tongue down his chest. Cindy knelt next to him and undid the buttons on his PJ bottoms and pulled them down off his waist and down past his knees. Then she pulled them all the way off. Rich was not wearing anything under the PJ bottoms.

All this had turned Rich on. His cock was stiff and hard and sticking straight up in the air. Cindy went back to his belly button and kissed it, then let her tongue slide lower still. Cindy looked up at Rich's face and saw he was almost in shock.

They had made out a few times before they were married, but not very many. They lived apart in separate apartments buildings. Cindy had never gone down on him like she was tonight. She would only do the more traditional missionary position with him.

Cindy smiled up at him, and while still looking up in his face, she slid her tongue all the way down to the base of his cock, and right through his public hair, down to the base of his cock. . . then down the shaft of his cock. . . to the outer rim of his cock head. Cindy moved between his legs and with both hands wrapped around Rich's cock, she licked the underside of the head of his cock. Cindy was still looking up into his eyes. Cindy slowly ran her tongue around the rim of his cock and flicked her tongue in his pee hole. All the while she was looking at his face. She had a big smile on her face.

Then after a brief moment of hesitation, Cindy opened her mouth wide and took the head of Rich's cock deep into her mouth. She swallowed his cock down as far as she could, then bit down her teeth just a bit, and slowly pulled her mouth back up to the head of Rich's cock.

With one hand, Cindy played with his balls. With the other hand, she kept moving it up and down his cock as she sucked him. Most of the time Cindy had her head pointed up and was looking at his face.

"My God Cindy! I'm going to cum!" Rich said, fully expecting her to pull her head away from his cock. Instead, Cindy took him in as deep into her mouth as she could, and when he came she swallowed as much of his cum as she could swallow. He came so hard and with so much cum, it leaked out from around the corners of her mouth, ran down her cheeks and spilled over onto his balls.

When he finished cumming and Cindy and sucked out the last drops of cum from his cock, she went down and licked the rest of his cum off his balls. When she had cleaned his cock and balls off with her tongue, Cindy crawled up beside him and just snuggled into his arms. She still had some of his cum smeared on her face.

"My God Cindy! I can't believe what you just did to me!" Was all Rich could say to her. He did not believe she would ever do anything like that in his wildest dreams.

"My husband. You have honored by making me your wife. Despite what I know you really think about this place, you have given me a great gift by letting me come here with you for our special time together. That was my special wedding gift to you. It is a gift I will keep giving to you as long as you stay true to me and reward me by eating my box out and letting me cum in your face. I also expect you to try new things out and will be very disappointed if sometime this week you don't cum deep in my ass. I don't think I am asking a lot from you," Cindy said, looking up into his eyes.

Rich had no clue how to answer her. He just pulled her closer to him and hugged her for all he was worth. They stayed that way several more minutes until both of them fell into a very deep sleep.

In a different part of the resort, five men were sitting around a room watching a bank of ten TV monitors. They were watching seven couples just then as there were only seven couples in bed. They were watching one hot tub and one woman taking a hot bath. One couple had fought and were sleeping on opposite sides of the bed. The men had transferred the view of monitor number 6 to a wide screen TV. They watched and enjoyed Mrs. Cynthia Lee give one of the best blow jobs they had ever recorded to her new husband. The recording were made with several ultra high tech video cameras and special lighting that made the underclothes worn by the couple totally disappear. There were two professional camera operators for each room. A director was overseeing the camera operators.

The recordings made in this resort would be sold in markets where it was highly profitable do to so because it was very illegal. They also sold them to the European markets. Since all the couples came from America, they did not sell them there. It would be bad for business for the "actors" to learn they had been taped. It would only take one erotic film in the wrong hands to ruin this whole profit center.

All five of these men were very rich men. In the west they would be called Arab sheiks. They owned this resort. It was part of a small kingdom they set up to do just this. Unknown to the couples featured in the films, they had given their consent to be video taped and the films sold to pay for their expenses here. It was all there, all in writing. The fact that none of them read Arabic was not the fault of the Resort. Arabic was the official language of this kingdom.

Next the men played a game of chance to see who would win the rest of the evening with the bride. Achmend won the bride for the night. The groom was always the guest of Madam Eve and her girls.

"Are you going to place her on your bench, Achmend?" One of the others asked him.

"Yes, my dear cousin. Would you care to take her after me?" Achmend asked with a smile. Achmend had a special bench he liked to tie his captive women too. Then he had many photos made of him fucking them.

"Normally, I would think not. However, after the show we just witnessed, yes. I think we would all like to take turns filling your new plaything with our royal seed. Don't you think so?" He asked the others. They smiled and nodded.

"And James," one of the men said to the butler.

"Your men may pick out any of the others you wish and play with them. You know the rules. Keep them to it."

"Thank you, sir. It shall be as you wish," James said bowing his head and backing out of the room.

Cindy's Night 1

An hour later, Cindy Lee did not know it, but she had been taken from her love nest bed and hastily washed off by four women. None of these women felt the least bit sorry for this infidel. She was nothing but a blonde prostitute to them. When Cindy had been prepared, she was taken to the special room Achmend played in. She was striped naked, and had a black corset wrapped around her waist and placed on the bench flat on her back while they first took what seemed to be yards of soft white nylon cord and wrapped it around each of her arms and pulled them tight down to a bar at the base of the bench.

It was not really comfortable, but it did not hurt her. Then they took her left leg and wrapped the cord around first her thigh, just above her knee, then bent her knee and tied it off, and wrapped more cord around her ankle and tied that off. After they secured her left leg to the bench, they repeated the procedure with her right leg.

The head servant placed a patch on each of her ass cheeks and on each side of her breasts. Each patch had a wire attached to it. The wires led back to a controller on a desk.

Cindy was now laying on her back on a narrow padded bench. Cindy's arms were tied to the base of the bench, her legs were spread wide open and secured to the bench. Her breasts were open and pushed up with her nipples held high and with free access to them. Her pussy is spread wide open, and sticking straight up in the air. The way her legs were spread apart, the lips of her pussy were pulled open as well. You could see right inside her love canal. Lastly, they lifted her head up and spread her beautiful long silky blonde hair in a fan shape around her head over the top of the bench.

As a final touch, special bright red lipstick was run over her lips, placed on her nipples and around her pussy lips. The lipstick glowed under the special lighting. To the men using her, the lipstick gleamed. They loved to watch it transfer from the women to their cocks. Their cocks almost glowed red as if they were on fire in the videos. It looked like fire.

A ball gag put into her mouth. Then a blindfold was placed over her eyes. The servants gave her a shot to counteract the drug she had been given to make her sleep, then withdrew, and summoned the wealthy owners. Cindy woke up blindfolded and strapped down unable to move. Then she heard the door open.

"Achmend, I must say that you certainly entertain your guests well," Nabil his cousin said in English. Unless they did not want their toy to understand them, they would speak in English. This showed the power they had over the play toy.

"Don't you agree Kamal, Farid, and Jamil?" They all responded yes.

"Ah. I see our feast has awaken. Welcome to my home, Mrs. Lee. I am going to call you Cindy. I know you can't greet me properly with that gag in your mouth; however I think I know how I can get your attention, and help place you in the correct frame of mind for the evening's events." With that, Achmend strolled over to the desk where the machine with the wire leads running to Cindy sat. He turned a control to ON and then set two dials. These were on low settings. Then he pushed a button.

Alternating bursts of electrical current flowed to the leads on Cindy's butt and her breasts. These bursts of electricity caused her a considerable amount of pain. After five seconds, he turned them off.

"Cindy, that was on the lowest of ten settings. I only left it on for five seconds. Let me tell you your options. You can do everything we ask of you and avoid any more such pain, or I can start to turn the current flow up higher and leave it on longer. Just so you know I am not bluffing," Achmend said as he turned the current up one notch and hit the on switch again. He left it on for ten seconds this time.

Cindy was writhing and struggling as best as she could, all to no avail. When he turned the current off, she collapsed on the bench. Achmend walked over to the bench and spoke quietly to her.

"Now girl. You are our captive. There is nothing you can do about it. You can do our bidding, which is quite simply to give us as much sexual enjoyment as you gave your husband. Or you can endure more pain and in the end, have us send home a copy of the tape of that and this to both your school and your husband. He is sleeping and if you give us what we want, he will never know about this.

"I will tell you this. If you me tell off, I will turn the power back on higher and not come back for over an hour. You will suffer permanent damage at that power setting and may never walk again. If you tell me off again after that, I will turn the power on high and leave it on all night. Your husband will get back a total cripple that will not be able to walk, talk, or even sit up straight in a chair.

"I think you can breathe a little better with this out. After I take out the gag, if you agree to our terms, you will say, 'Yes Master, you may take me any way you desire.' When we are finished enjoying you, you will be returned to your husband and he will never know this happened. Would you like me to turn on the current again?"

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