tagNonConsent/ReluctanceEve's Love Nest Pt. 02

Eve's Love Nest Pt. 02

byDr. Dusti Lee©

Day Two

Later on the second day of their vacation, in the early evening, just after they ate supper, both Cindy Lee and her new husband Richard Lee were in their room, just being together with each other. They had done something the first night they had never done with each other before. Cindy had given Rich the absolute best blow job he had ever had before in his life. Cindy had never given one nearly so hot before in her life. She was more than a little embarrassed about it. Cindy was after all, a good girl. While she really did not insist on staying a virgin until she was married, she had never really fooled around past heavy petting before she was engaged to Richard. She put her performance down to the surroundings they were staying in for their honeymoon.

The heart shaped bed, the in-room hot tub, and Cindy’s real favorite, a swing mounted in such a way as she could swing up close to him while he sat on the love seat. They had spent all the morning sleeping in, then in mid afternoon they woke up, ate a light meal, and went swimming on the fully clothed beach. Then they came back into their room and fell instantly into each other’s arms.

After supper they just wanted to go back to their rooms and be together with each other. Rich had been thinking during the day. Last night Cindy gave him the best blow job he ever had; now it was his turn to eat her box out like she had never had before. He had just the thing to do it, too.

Cindy was laying back on the heart shaped bed. She looked absolutely beautiful and radiant to Rich. She was laying on her back, in a sheer full length red night gown with nothing else on under it. After a brief knock on the door, which Rich answered in his own PJ’s, he came over to the bed and lay down next to her. He had several small items on the tray that Cindy could not see.

Cindy was excited. She knew she was already wet down below her waist. Her long blonde hair was spread out under her head, fanning out on the bed. Cindy thought to herself that it was nice that the room lights automatically dimmed when they both got onto the bed. Rich smiled down at her, and brushed a strand of her hair out of her face. Cindy looked deeply into Rich’s eyes and half closed her eyes while she slightly parted her lips. Rich bent over and very lightly, very tenderly kissed her.

Cindy lay back on the bed and opened up her neck to him. Rich kissed her neck, and then very slowly let his tongue trail down between her breasts. He very gently turned his head so his nose and chin just brushed the sides of her breasts. Cindy was panting heavily now.

“Oh God Rich. I love it when you do that to me!” Cindy said, getting very turned on and hot by his actions.

Rich just smiled up at her, and kept his tongue moving south. Cindy felt his tongue sliding slowly down her stomach until it took a little dip into her belly button. That tickled, but was more erotic than tickle. Cindy realized for the first time where Rich was headed. This surprised her. He had never gone down to eat her out before!

I guess I get to see how well he does that, she thought to herself.

Rich stopped just before his tongue reached the top part of her bikini line. When it did, Rich picked up her left leg, went under it and crawled in between her legs. Cindy automatically raised both of the knees up, and put her feet flat on the top of the bed.

“Sweetheart, trust me. You are going to absolutely love this,” Rich said.

With that, he started to rub her pubic mound with both of his hands. Cindy just lay back and moaned. This felt so good! She was lost. All she could do was feel herself grow super hot and spread her legs as far apart as she could for him.

After Rich rubbed her pubic mound for about five full minutes, he reached over and took the first item off the tray. It was a very warm, very damp towel out of a thermal container and he unfolded it and put it right over her pubic mound. This startled Cindy at first, but she quickly grew to like the feeling of the heavy damp heat on top of her mound of joy. Rich kept rubbing his hands over her pubic mound and every now and then, down the sides of her pussy between her legs.

“Oh YES!” Cindy said. “UUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. Nice. . .”

With that, Rich could see her eyes were closed and she was lost to this world in decadent pleasure. Then Rich brought out the second item. It was something he had never used before, but he knew how to use it. Rich whipped up some fresh, warm scented shaving cream on a soft brush. It had a heavy rose scent to it. It was clearly not the men’s stuff he used back home.

After removing the towel from her mound, Rich spread the rich rose scented lather all over her pubic mound. Cindy reacted by spreading her legs farther apart. She was running her hands through her hair above her head while he worked. She was squirming on the bed now as well.

When Rich finished, he took a triple edged plastic razor just like the one he used at home and very gently started to shave off all of her pubic hair. Cindy did not resist him. In fact, she spread her legs wider apart for him. He cleaned not only her pussy hair all off, but he took off all the air between her legs and she actually lifted up and flipped over her legs so he could shave her ass as well!

After Rich was done shaving her pussy and ass, he spread a creamy liquid of some type over all the now smooth skin on her pussy and ass and it really seemed to excite her even more than ever. Then Rich took one last bottle off the tray and went back up to Cindy’s breasts and squeezed just a little bit on each of her nipples and some on her belly and finally some on her nicely shaved pussy.

“Take me, Richard! Take me now! I can’t hold it in any longer,” Cindy told him in no uncertain terms. Cindy said almost pleading.

Richard went up to her face and kissed her tenderly on her lips, then went down and licked the chocolate syrup off both of her breasts, then down her belly and finally to her pubic mound. Rich climbed between her legs again and she tried to lock her legs around his head. Rich bend down, and looking up into Cindy’s face, slowly started to lick straight up from just under her pussy to the top of her pubic mound.

Rich got in exactly one lick on her pussy when it exploded her love juice all over his face. Cindy came harder than she could ever remember cumming before. Rich hung on for the ride and kept eating her box out, slowly. Cindy came three more times before he quit. Then he crawled up next to her and hugged her. Rich had her love juice all over his face and chest. He thought she had gotten so excited that she peed on him at first. Then he realized that Cindy was so super excited and that she actually expelled a solid stream of cum out of her pussy.

Cindy pulled him close to her in a giant hug and fell fast asleep in his arms. Rich was only a moment behind her in falling asleep.

“Well, Eve. I see you taught him well last night,” Achmend said, as he took a long drink of chilled fruit juice. This was all he would drink for refreshment, other than coffee. Eve was drinking wine. She was not a believer.

Nevertheless, she was useful to his group and he paid her very, very well for the services she provided him. He had also come to trust her judgment on the men she toyed with. She always took the husband of the wife selected by the main businessman for the week. She tailored her needs to his desires.

“Yes, I am pleased with the way he has turned. Tonight I will take him even further along. Seeing what he did with her has given me several ideas. It has also earned him some rewards as well,” Eve thought to herself.

“I agree. The girl has earned a very pleasant night tonight for herself as well. I get more requests for very tender love scenes than I do for the rough stuff. Our customers want to see women dominated and subjected to our will, only to have them throw themselves on us at the same time. That doesn’t happen. What really happens is they really want to see the woman very satisfied and begging for it.

“Besides. Kamal has gotten up set with the Morison’s. They come here to make love and end up bickering all the time. He is going to be very rough on them tonight. I can foresee the doctor coming to treat them both, I’m afraid,” Achmend said with a large sigh.

“So tell me, Eve. Are you going to hook him up to your machine, tonight?” Achmend wondered in curiosity. The men always stayed out of what she did to the infidels. They knew she made women out of them and would send them home as what the Americans would call ‘sissies.’ Weak minded compliant things.

Eve had a machine of her own they had built for her. Achmend found it very curious. He knew Eve used the machine to keep her own girls in order and to punish the male staff that misbehaves. As he and his associates were not subject to her whims, he never bothered to find out anything about it. It was not his concern. He had seen several of the punishments given on the machine. He knew what it did.

He enjoyed watching the films of the people strapped to it. What these American men who had sold him their wives when they came here suffered while their wives were used was just. Achmend thought it was only proper for the men to be treated this way. There was a large market in Europe for this type video tape and still photos as well. They were rapidly filling this market. They always let it be known that it was Americans in the videos. It was a selling point.

That is what I will have her do tonight. All the dressing and undressing is highly boring to me, but I will have at least a few passionate sessions with her in between some of them. And I will put her with a partner that will help this out as well, Achmend thought.

“James, this is what I want done tonight. You know Kamal is going to take the Morrison’s tonight. Please have Doctor Zil on call. Please stop him if he goes too far. I don’t want anymore payouts for damages like last time. If he argues and I am free, call me. If not, gas him. I will deal with him when he wakes up.”

“I understand, Sir,” the butler said.

“I want Cindy Lee from Room 6 brought up again. I have a feeling she is going to be my project for the week. This is going to be an easy night for her in my bed. She will just be with me, and I plan on using the gentle methods. Set up rooms 12 and 14 for full treatments. Have . . . that thing pick out her clothes,” Achmend said distastefully.

“That thing” was a fashion designer. He came here as a husband and Kamal accidentally strangled his wife. Madam Eve made a woman out of him and he seems to have a flair for woman’s erotic fashions. So be it. Madam Eve deals with him. Doctor Zil ensured she has been fully feminized and has no memories of her prior life.

“Have Richard Lee continue his education with Madam Eve. The rest of our guests you and the staff may play with, as you like. Once again remember the rules, James. Remind them. They are getting careless again.

“The next staff member that forgets them I will have Madam Eve castrate before the Doctor gets them. Not after. In addition, I will have him castrated in front of the rest of the staff. Then I will have her watch as the ants eat her cock & balls while the rest of the staff fucks her in the ass above the ant hill. And that thing will have a permanent lover and sister,” Achmend said.

Cindy’s Second Night

Cindy woke up laying on a silky sheet in a dim room, with her hands bound and clasped above her head. She was wearing something she found unusual. It was like a full length gown with the sides missing. She was naked under the gown. It was held on by a tie just above her waist. She felt odd because she was wearing a pair of white open toed sandals.

After she had been awake for a few minutes and her eyes adjusted to the dim light, a door opened to her left. A person walked in through the door, but she could not see them. They walked over to her and lifted something up off the table next to her and put a glass with a straw up to her lips. She could only see it was a man giving her the drink. This seemed very much like a dream she had the other night. One she could not remember—it was really all shadow.

“Drink as much of the cool water as you can, Cindy. The water will help you,” his voice said soothingly. It was a voice she remembered hearing before. She didn’t know why.

Cindy did as he told her to do. She didn’t know why, but she did as he said without question. The water really tasted cool and sweet to her. She drank all she could hold.

“Thank you,” Cindy said to him. She tried to see his face but she had a bright light shining in her eyes. He was in the shadow. He put the glass down and sat down on the side of the bed next to her. He ran the back of his hand over her cheek.

“You are most welcome. Cindy, do you remember anything from the other night?” Achmend asked her in a very gentle voice.

“I remember dreaming,” Cindy said. “Why. . .”

Achmend put his finger to her lips to stop her from talking.

“Cindy, you have been playing with a large amount of men on this vacation. It is a very good thing your husband is asleep in your room and does not know about you doing this,” Achmend said gently to her. As he did so, on a wall in front of her, the video of her sucking and fucking several different men at the same time was played. At first, she was sucking on a large cock. Then while a different man was fucking her asshole, (and no one was in Cindy’s mouth at the time) Cindy could clearly hear herself tell him to get in deeper. She wanted him to cum deep inside her. Then the images faded away.

Cindy was tied to the bed in shock. If she had not seen herself fucking those men, she would not have believed it. Then she could feel herself responding to what she had seen on the screen. She was getting very hot and excited by what she saw as well. She felt ashamed of her self. She had no clue that the chemical in the water was what was turning her on.

“Cindy, I would really rather not have to show those videos to your new husband. I’m afraid that he just would not understand the needs you have right now. And I would really hate to have to send them to the High End Elementary School either,” Achmend said even more gently.

Then the video of her going down and sucking Rich was played above her. Cindy watched it in fascination and became even more turned on. She could not keep her legs together and still. Achmend saw this and smiled. He reached down and put his hand on her knee. When he squeezed her knee, she opened her legs to him.

“Cindy, last night you made me a promise I must remind you of tonight. I’m afraid you have forgotten your promise to me. I will have it repeated for you.” With that, the video of her laying down on the bench was replayed for her. Then his voice came though loud and clear.

“Cindy, you can do our bidding, which is quite simply to give us as much sexual enjoyment as you gave your husband. Or you can endure more pain and in the end, have us send home a copy of the tape of that and this to both your school and your husband. He is sleeping and if you give us what we want, he will never know about this.

“Do you have something you wish to tell me, girl?” He asked her gently.

With that, Cindy heard herself say, “Yes Master… you do what ever you want with me,” Cindy croaked out.

“Good girl. Now I am going to remove your blindfold. I like to look in the eyes of the woman sucking my cock. I expect you to look at me while you suck my cock. Understand me?”

“Yes Master.”

Then the voices disappeared. Cindy was laying on the bed with her head hanging down and she was gently crying. Achmend sat down next to her and wiped her face off with some tissues.

“Cindy, if I wanted to play the nearly eight hours of video tape I have of you willingly sucking and fucking with both your pussy and ass at least thirty men last night, I will show you the video. Do I need to do that or are you willing to accept what you have become for me?” Achmend said gently. He held up some chilled fruit juice for her to sip on as well.

Cindy took some of the juice. At first she took it so she did not have to answer him. Then she took it because it taste good to her. Cindy took enough of the juice to get the chemical inside it working in her system. This was a combination of a mild stimulant and something that would make her want to go to pee right away. It would also have the side effect of making her extremely horny.

“Do you want me to play more of your videos?” Achmend said with a little more force this time. “I have enough to keep us busy a long time.”

Cindy only shook her head no. She still had her head hanging low.

“Cynthia, lift up your face and look at me,” Achmend said, bolder still. She did so.

“Do you still wish to abide by our agreement or would you like me to wake your husband and have him come watch the videos with you? I want your answer right now, girl.” He said more forcefully still.

“I. . . I will abide by our agreement,” Cindy said.

“Call me by my title and tell me correctly,” he said.

“Master, I will abide by my agreement and you may do to me what you wish,” Cindy said hanging her head again.

Achmend lifted up her chin and forced her to look up again. He bent over and kissed her on her lips. She did not respond to him.

“Very good. I want you to look at me. I will tell you what we are going to do tonight. Listen carefully to my instructions. I don’t want to have to repeat them.

“First, you are going to go into the bathroom and wash your face off and repair your makeup. You will find everything you need in the bathroom. I am your lover tonight. If you please me, I will be your only lover tonight. I will give you the most enjoyable evening of your life. I can make your life here heaven, or worse than hell. It is your choice.

“After you make love to me with all your heart and soul, with no reservations at all in your own mind, you are going to go into several photo studios. You will do what they tell you to do without question. Several times you will come back and make love to me.

“If you please me tonight, you will wake up in your own bed next to your husband in the morning and not remember any of this. Just so you know, keep your word to me, and do what I tell you to do and no one you know will ever see any of the videos I take of you or any of the photos that are going to be taken of you tonight. If you don’t please me tonight, there will be no place on Earth you ever go they will not follow you. Understand me, girl?” Achmend asked her.

“Yes Master. I fully understand. Master, may I go to the bathroom please? I really have to go,” Cindy pleaded with him. She had been worried she was going to displease him by peeing right on the bed. Nevertheless, she had to go right now no matter what. She didn’t know he set her up this way.

“Yes, of course you may. Cindy, one last thing. I could put you in such a daze that you would not really know what was going on. Co-operate with me and I will tell you what your future here will bring. I think you will like it.” Achmend could see she was barely able to keep her legs still. He knew she really had to pee badly.

“Do not keep me waiting long, girl,” he said as he released her hands.

Cindy ran off to the bathroom. The door would not close. She had to sit down and pee with the door to the living suite fully open. Cindy expected him to stand in the doorway and watch her. He did not. Instead, he moved out of the way while two servants brought in several trays of food. There was only fruit juice to drink. Once again, Cindy’s glass was doctored up.

When Cindy finished peeing, she wiped and washed her hands. She found a complete cosmetic set standing on the vanity. A sheet next to it told her to put on eye makeup, shadow, blusher, and lipstick. She was to place a very small amount of lipstick on both of her nipples and on the outer parts of her pussy lips. She was to very lightly use the cologne, then return to the bed.

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