tagRomanceEve's White Knight Ch. 03

Eve's White Knight Ch. 03


Dear Reader: Sorry so long to get this out. I pulled it and re-edited it a bit, and summer is a tough season to find writing time to write! I have integrated some elements that I like, and they may not be realistic. But I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.


As I walked in to the apartment I had resolved to have a heart-to-heart talk with Eve about our situation, our roles and the future. Things between us were developing very quickly and we just had to slow down long enough to catch our breath and figure out where our relationship, or whatever this was, was going. I really couldn't believe that I was thinking of this whole thing as a relationship. I had only met Eve last night, but somehow things had taken such a dramatic turn that I really felt like we needed a dose of reality thrown in to the craziness. First, we needed to deal with getting her unlocked; yes, unlocked. How bazaar did that sound?! That would involve removing a handful of padlocks that were holding a chastity plate covering pussy. Yup. Not kidding. In addition, Eve's shoes were locked in place on her feet by two more small padlocks. Then she could probably use a long, hot shower.

Eve was sitting in one of the large comfy chairs looking through the large windows at the beautiful view of Portland. She had worn a beautiful, form fitting sundress for our errands. I felt very strange about it, but everything she wore was because I told her to. I mean, the ladies I dated would tell me to go to hell if I even asked them to wear something I liked. Hell, on my last date I had asked my date to wear a pair of high-heeled shoes I thought were very sexy and pretty. She had looked at me and said, "only in your dreams." How ironic that Eve really was a lot like my dreams. And more, she actually asked me to tell her what to wear. Seriously! Just thinking about it made my cock start to rise to attention again. However, Mr. Happy wilted as Eve turned and I realized she was crying. Well, that did it. I felt like an asshole. I really hadn't been very nice to her when we had left the car. She had thanked me and had been sweet about the way I had treated her, but I had barked at her and told her I needed time to think. I took a deep breath.

"I'm sorry about the way I behaved, Eve." I kneeled in front of her gave her a hug. She sniffed and wiped her nose gently with a tissue. Then Eve smiled a little as I noticed her painful grimace.

"Your nose is pretty painful, huh?"

She dabbed at her nose again and sniffed, "Yeah. My nipples hurt a bit, and my pussy still aches some, but my nose really hurts. The irony, huh?" We chuckled a little as she dabbed the tears from her eyes. I thought about how convenient it was that with permanent makeup tattooed in place it was part of her. At least it would never run or smear. I guess there were some hidden benefits.

"They must have used some sort of punch to do your septum. I guess they must have used something like that for your pussy too... and probably for the larger piercings in your ears as well, now that I think of it. I can't even imagine how they did your nipples. That must have been a big needle." I tried to imagine what that process would have looked like. "Now that would be a tough line of work; being a body piercer and modifier. I guess I'll cross that off of my potential career options! I don't think I'm tough enough." I shook my head. "So, you have ten holes through your labia, one in each nipple, one in your tongue, your septum and then six in your left ear and seven in the right ear? Is that all?"

She smiled a little as she said, "Well, I did have a belly button piercing, but I took it out because it rejected. I think Rob was going to have it replaced soon. And I did have two lower lip piercings when I was in school. Those are called snakebite piercings. I also had one in the middle of my lower lip, and one in the middle on my upper lip. That's called a medusa. Rob made me get rid of them. I kind of liked them, but he said they detracted from the look he wanted for me. My nipples were already pierced but Rob made the piercings much, much larger."

"Hmmm... well, it sounds like there are options to consider for the future, huh?" I smiled and felt her start to relax. "Ok, let's start on the padlocks."

I had her lay back on the sofa and I pulled up her dress. When I looked at all of the locks I decided I would start on the two locking her shoes in place. I lined up the first lock, the one in her right shoe, and cut it. It was easier than I thought it would be. I closed the cutters and held them in place, then cut the hard metal of the lock. As it gave way I set the cutter aside and inspected the results. I held the lock in my hands and became concerned when I saw that each side of the cut produced two really vicious, razor sharp points. If I tried to pull those through her skin it would be bad. I mentioned this to her as I pondered the problem. Pulling the rough edges from the shoe, I was thinking about it all when I looked up and saw Eve taking it all in.

She said, "Do you mind trying the keys from the new locks that you bought to see if they might work in these locks? Maybe we'll get lucky."

No way. It couldn't be that simple. I opened one of the packages holding a new lock and took the key. I tried it on each lock on her pussy and the lock on her shoe. No luck. I had purchased 20 small locks at the hardware store, so I wondered if one of them would work. I opened another lock and tried the key. No luck. I continued the process, and on the seventh set of keys, the lock on her left shoe opened.

She held out her hand and locked the two matching locks together with the keys in one of the locks. "You may want two matching locks for my shoes." She smiled a very cute, naughty smile.

On lucky number 13, the same key unlocked all of the locks on her pussy. I felt so relieved that the key had unlocked her pussy, but I also felt like such an idiot. Why didn't I think of that!? Of course they would all open with the same key. Ugh. I asked Eve where the ointment was for the care of her piercings and tattoos. I ran and got it before I removed any of the locks, then I smeared some of the ointment around each of her piercing so that some of the ointment would be pulled into the holes as I removed each lock. Then I carefully removed each of the locks. There were a couple of the locks that were far overdue to be removed and cleaned, but they were all a little bit crusty. I put all of the locks in a bowl on the coffee table that I had filled with alcohol, and removed the plate from her pussy setting it aside. I inspected her pussy, taking in the intricate, and beautifully colored tattooing. It was amazing. I carefully moved her inner labia to see better, and was amazed that the water, vines and leaves all started deep inside her vagina. I couldn't see deep enough to see how far inside her pussy it started. Wow. As the vines erupted from her pussy, they exploded into beautiful, tropical looking flowers that flowed up over her clitoris and over her pubis. The design then spilled onto her lower abdomen and flowed up over her hips, over her beautiful ass and poured down her ass crack. Wow. Just wow. I could feel my cock standing at attention, demanding attention. I moved to readjust Mr. Happy, and bless her heart, Eve saw my discomfort and reached over to stroke the poor little guy through my pants. As I began to enjoy her attention I felt my focus fade and I sat in the nearest chair, moaning...

As I took it all in, I glanced at the chastity plate lying on the table. It looked weird, like something... OH SHIT! I felt the blood drain from my face as I saw a small button shaped device on the inside of the plate just at the upper end, right about where her clitoris would be. It had to be a locator device. I jumped up, grabbed the plate and ran for the garage, laying it on a small workbench I had there. I pried the pill-shaped, plastic thing off with a screwdriver and then grabbed a hammer. I guess I wasn't a complete idiot though, because I took photos of both sides, making sure that all of the numbers and visible markings were recorded before I smashed it. That son of a bitch! That bastard had put a tracking device inside that plate where Eve would never even know it existed. No wonder he knew where she was all the time.

Eve came in to the garage looking worried as I put the finishing touches to the nasty thing. "What is it? Why are you so freaked out? Please tell me what's wrong?" I looked at her and blew out a long, deep breath.

"He put a tracking device inside the chastity plate you have been wearing. Dammit!" I said flatly. "I have no idea what the range is for that thing, but either way, it's scary to think about. I need to make a phone call." I walked out of the garage and went to my office, taking the pieces of the thing with me.

I could only think of one person to call. My father's best friend from way back in high school was Bill Moser, or Uncle Bill to me. He was a detective with the Portland Police. He'd have to know what this thing was. I dialed his number.

"Hello." He answered.

"Hey Uncle Bill. It's..." I started, but he always interrupted me as I tried to tell him who it was calling him.

"Hey Bo. What's going on?" Uncle Bill had a really deep, slow, calm voice.

"Uncle Bill, I have a problem, but I need absolute confidentiality here. Can you give me that?"

"Well shit, son. Have you gotten in to drugs? Hookers? Gangsters? I mean if you killed someone I guess I'd have a hard time keeping it to myself. I guess you'd better spill." His painfully slow voice just killed me, but I knew if I interrupted him he'd just keep talking until I shut up, so I waited him out.

"I didn't kill anyone, yet. Shit. Uncle Bill, I hate to ask this, but do you have time to come over? I'm so sorry, but it's a big a problem. And it involved a really sweet lady who's been royally screwed over. The worst is, I found a tracking devise on her and I need your expertise to know if the rat-fucker who did all of this to her has already found us."

"Headed to my car. See you in 10." He had already hung up.

I turned to see Eve in the doorway. She looked so scared. I held out my hand and she walked to me. I took her hand and pulled her to my lap, taking her in my arms and held her. She put her arms around me and I could feel her lips against my neck, still, but comforting. What a mess.

"Eve, it'll be alright. It's a mess, but we will get this straightened out and figure out what to do. My Uncle Bill is on his way. He's not really my uncle, but he's my Dad's oldest friend. He is a senior detective on the police force and he's your true blue, no bullshit kind of guy. You'll like him, and he will know what that damned thing is and what to do about it. Maybe it's nothing, but maybe it's something we need to be careful about. Either way, we need to plan a response. Uncle Bill will help us figure it all out. Please go dress conservatively, in your least sexy outfit. Maybe you can leave the shoes in your room and come back out and sit on the couch? Please. Hurry.

Eve hurried back to her room to comply. Within a few minutes she came out of her room dressed in a black skirt and a rose colored blouse. The woman looked so fucking sexy I felt my cock wiggling in my trousers. She just looked so incredibly hot all the time that my mind was pretty out of control. She looked uncomfortable as she hurried back to the couch on her tiptoes. She literally couldn't walk with her heels to the floor. Wow. She looked very pretty, aside from her very dramatic makeup. Maybe some day I might get used to the look. I hoped so. She sat at one end of the sofa, holding a pillow to her chest. We waited in silence.

When we heard a loud knock at the door we both startled, then smiled at each other. I stood and went to answer it and I could see Uncle Bill through the side light window. He looked concerned, and I imagined his brief smile under the huge, grey mustache. As I opened the door, he gave me a stern handshake and came in. I followed him to the great room where Eve sat.

"Eve, this is Uncle Bill. Uncle Bill, this is Eve." She stood and went to shake his hand, but Uncle Bill pulled her in to a big hug.

"Listen hun, if you're a friend of Bo's, you get a hug. You can live with it." He smiled. It was amazing. I felt so much better now that he was here. He really had a way about him.

Uncle Bill looked down at Eve's feet on tiptoes and said, "Eve, go ahead and put your shoes on. You can't even walk without them, can you?" Damn, he was so sharp. Nothing got by this man. Why do I even try?

"One sec, Eve." I got up and retrieved the shoes and she put them on as we talked.

"Well, looks like you've been with a man who's tough to live with, huh Eve?" He observed. "I imagine there's quite a story behind all of this. We can get to it later if it matters, but for now show me this tracking device and tell me about the guy who put it on her." Uncle Bill sat in one of the chairs, leaned back, laced his fingers on his chest and crossed his ostrich skin cowboy boots in front of him. Then he waited for the story.

"Well, Eve has been living with a monster for the last four years or so. He treated her as a slave. Initially this was consensual, but it soon got out of hand. He modified her extensively. Her makeup is permanent, he tattooed her, and she has had extensive body, facial and ear piercings done. Not all of it was consensual. However, Eve ran when he drugged her and she woke up with some really crazy piercings, tattoos and a chastity plate installed. It was locked in place with numerous piercings in her... well..."

"Stop right there! I don't think I want to know," he said dryly. "And I assume the tracking thing was inside this chastity thing?"

"You got it. I guess you're not so senile yet." I smiled at him.

"I'm a gentleman, so I won't dignify that last remark in the company of a beautiful lady, but when you least expect it..." he chuckled. "So let me see what's left of the thing. Did you take a picture of it before you destroyed it?"

I handed him the bowl with the remains of the thing, and I pulled up the photo of each side of it. I hit print and sent both images to the printer, then handed my phone to him. Uncle Bill pulled the wires out of the bowl. It was what was left of a small capsule like thing in the middle of a circle of wires. He looked at it, and then concentrated on the photos. He looked closely and then I could see him blow up the images to look closer. Then he sent the images to his phone, then forwarded them to somebody before dialing and raising his phone to his ear.

"Hey, before you crawl back in to your casket, could you take a look at the images I just sent to you?" a brief pause and then, "I know, I know. But that's how you know it's really me if I didn't give you shit?" Uncle Bill winced and looked at Eve, "Sorry Eve. Pardon the French." She laughed. There was a long pause and then Uncle Bill pulled a small note pad out of his breast pocket. "Go ahead." Uncle Bill took notes. "How far?" scribble, scribble, "Say that again." Scribble, scribble, "Yup." He looked at me and asked, "Where did you meet Eve?"

I quickly told him. Then he asked Eve, "How many blocks is that from where this guy lives?" Eve told him she walked about 10 to 15 blocks." I could tell that wasn't good enough. He asked, "Eve, what's his address?" Eve told him, and Uncle Bill talked in to the phone again, "Did you hear that? So, as the crow flies, that's about how far?" Then he let out a big sigh.

"Thanks, Zach. And for God's sake, get some sun." He chuckled at the response, then hung up.

"Well, that's a pretty valuable piece of equipment. Apparently, that fella didn't want to lose you. It's a pretty sure bet that he knows where you are." Eve looked at me, her face showing fear and concern. "I give Zach a good ration of guff, but he's the best I've met at this stuff. He says you can see that thing from a half mile if you ping it. I'm pretty sure he's got the tech to do that if he can afford the thing in the first place. Who is this guy, Eve? Do you have a name?"

"His name is Rob Clark. He's Allen Clark's son. Do you know him?" Everyone knew who Allen Clark is. He was a completely slimy, but powerful nightclub owner and band promoter. I knew of Rob Clark. I mean, I didn't know him, but I knew he was a complete spoiled asshole. The stories weren't good. The Clarks had been investigated for sex trafficking, and prostitution. And the Clark's had money. Another thing that was not good. I was in over my head.

"What do we do, Uncle Bill? I really need your advice."

Uncle Bill steepled his fingers against his lips and thought. We waited. After a bit, he sighed and sat up.

"I guess you have a few options. You could give her back to Clark and walk away, but somehow I doubt you have the sense to do that." I shook my head. "I didn't think sense was your strong suit anyway. You could try to settle with Clark. If he sees her as a possession, maybe he'd give her up for some price. But that's messy and if he doesn't go for it we could be in for a heap of trouble. Not much use in seeing how it plays out if that can be avoided."

Uncle Bill stood up and walked to the windows. "Or I suppose you could hide for a while and we could try to figure this thing out, or at least buy some time." He turned and looked at each of us for too long. "She sticks out like a sore thumb, so hiding her is gonna take some doing." He looked at Eve, then looked down to the ground, "Ma'am, I hate to ask this, but I need to talk to this man alone." He nodded in my direction. "Do you mind giving us a few minutes?"

"No. That's fine." Eve stood and walked back to the bedroom, closing the door behind her.

"Walk with me, boy." Uncle Bill headed to the front door, waiting for me to exit, then closed the door behind us. We made our way outside and slowly made our way around the upper side of the apartments with Uncle Bill looking around, taking it all in. "Kid, you're going to a lot of trouble for this woman who you don't even know. I know you're one to do what's right, but this is beyond what anyone would call reasonable. There's no guarantee that she is what she says she is anyway. You sure you want to do this, or are you thinking with your dick?"

Of course he was right. I didn't even know Eve, not really. But I liked her. Even thinking that made me feel stupid. But she was alone in the world, and she was broken. If the truth were told, I felt like a moth drawn to a flame. The other thing that bothered me was the idea that Eve may be a project Rob was developing for the clubs and, most likely, for prostitution. They could make a ton of money with this exotically modified, beautiful creature. Maybe it had started with Rob taking care of her, but recently that had all changed. Maybe his dad saw her and got involved. Regardless, she was at risk.

"Uncle Bill, I feel like it's the right thing to do. I won't deny that she doesn't captivate my... well... my imagination, but I actually like her. She's a good person who got screwed over. I am afraid that if Rob is doing this to her, it's probably to use her as a freak show attraction for the clubs, and maybe, eventually for prostitution. That can't happen. I really don't think she's tough enough to take it."

"Well, no shit, Sherlock." He chuckled. "But listen here, Captain Obvious, you need to get out of here right now. Can you take time away from your job?" I nodded a bit, thinking of how to make that work, "Listen kid, you know how to get to the cabin. You'll need to go there and hide for a bit. Before you go make sure you check all of her clothes and bags for any other tracking bugs, then get into my rig and get moving. Pack light. There's plenty of food and beer there, and you know where the key is. Not much in the way of high heels there, but there are some other shoes. Maybe she can find something. Aunt Meg is smaller, so clothes won't fit perfect, but there should be some that might work. Don't call me unless something goes really wrong. I'll call you in a few days. In the meantime, stay at the cabin and lay low. Consider this witness protection. And Bo, the key to the gun safe is on top of the door frame on the inside of the closet. Get the 357 pistol and keep it loaded and handy." His bushy eyebrows raised when he was dead serious. I nodded and agreed.

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