Evil Ch. 01


This story was as a personal request from a fan/new friend, but they have allowed me to post it. It is my first attempt at a story in this category so I hope you enjoy it as much as my friend. Please let me know what you think either way.

This is the first chapter of what could become many.


Felicia got out of her car, returning from another of her business trips and looked up at her house. Her legs felt wobbly, unsure of whether it was due to what she had to confess or due to the act itself she had to confess to.

She walked to the door and unlocked it. Her husband was sitting there on the sofa, all smiles, happy to see her. 'How did I end up in this situation?' she asked herself.

Three days earlier

Felicia was having her second shower of the morning. She ran her father's successful business and it included several business trips that had her away from home for days at a time. After showering for the first time her husband, Stewart, had been watching her pack her hold-all.

She knew she should have done it wearing more than just her underwear as she caught her husband watching her every move, a twinkle forming in his blue eyes. After 12 years of happy marriage their sex life was still good. Stewart still found his 36 year old wife attractive.

At 5 foot 2 tall she seemed short next to his 6 foot 1 frame, but he loved the height difference. Her long brunette hair framed her pretty face and deep brown eyes, which brightened every time she smiled.

Felicia too liked her body, she was trim, kept herself in shape and her ass was by far her favourite part of her body. Round and pert and always being groped by Stewart. The only thing she would change if she could would have been her breasts. They were quite small, giving her a slightly flat chested appearance she thought, but Stewart loved how he could get all of one in his mouth at a time.

She wore a slightly padded black bra and tight knickers which hugged the curve of her butt to perfection. When she leant over to reach something at the back of her bag, Stewart got a full view down his wife's bra and of her pink nipples. It was more than he could take, especially knowing that he wouldn't be seeing his wife for three days.

Felicia squealed with surprise and delight when Stewart pulled the sheet off of him, he lay there on the bed, his thick cock standing proud at just over 7.5 inches. She saw it throb with each beat of his heart. Knowing that she was already running late she told herself that she should finish packing and get out, but Stewart grabbed her arms and pulled her on top of him.

Felicia melted into her husband, succumbing to his urges. She couldn't resist his smile. Which is how she found herself quickly getting through her second shower of the morning. Both her and her husband seemed to like it when he finished off all over her pussy and stomach.

Stewart would normally allow the first couple of blasts of his cum to penetrate deep inside his wife, something she did not really like unless he was wearing a condom, then pull out, loving the view of her body covered in his cum. Felicia still felt the tingle of excitement as her hands slipped between her legs, cleaning off the thick cum. She kept herself trimmed nice and short, although she knew that Stewart would love her to go fully shaven.

Having her husband cum inside her was not a big issue, she was on the pill, but Felicia didn't like to take chances and still insisted that Stewart wore a condom, or pulled out.

Her pink nipples were still stiff and very sensitive when she towelled herself dry and got re-dressed. Stewart came downstairs and saw her to the door wearing nothing. His fat cock was still semi-hard and begging for another round, but she managed to resist, convincing herself that being any later would look bad for the company.

A long drive later and Felicia found herself at the hotel she had booked for her stay. As she walked to her room, each was more like a separate bungalow than a towering block of rooms crammed together, she saw a roadside advertisement for a lingerie company. She growled sub-consciously before she could stop herself. This lingerie company was run by her stepmom.

Felicia did not know what her father saw in her stepmom. Ok physically she could, her stepmom was fit for her age, looked 10 years younger than she was and had large, full, pert breasts, which she was never afraid to show off in low cut tops and strapless dresses. Her breasts might have been real, but everything else about her was fake.

Felicia and her younger sister Amy saw their stepmom, Leosha, for what she was, an evil, deranged, money grabbing cow. Even though she owned and ran a chain of 15 successful lingerie outlets down the West coast, their profits were nothing compared to Felicia's father's company's.

Felicia and Amy tried to avoid contact with their stepmom as much as possible as, behind the back of their father, she had made it quite clear she wished them out of his life, wanting his fortune for her and HER daughter. Felicia, who was now running her father's business got the brunt of Leosha's venom, and if Felicia thought her stepmom was evil now, the next few days would serve to prove her wrong.

Little did she know that Leosha had a new plan to rid herself of her step daughters. And her first target was Felicia. Make her unhappy, no, totally devastated, destroying her happy life with her husband, turn her into a shivering wreck, and she would be out of the family business and out of the picture.

Two days ago, Leosha had found out about Felicia's business trip from her husband and had decided to set her plan in motion. Running a lingerie company had its bonuses. Models. Not just female, oh no, her company served the male sector also, and as such she had contact details of hundreds of gorgeous men all desperate to break into the modelling scene, all willing to do anything to prove their worth.

As she sat there flicking through her catalogue of male models a smile spread across her face. Not just at the memories of some of the things she had got up to with many of them, but at the thought of how ingenious her plan was. The vial of clear liquid, that she had purchased on the black market, twirling through her fingers like a baton as she turned the pages would be the key. Just a few drops would be more than enough the man who had sold it to her had said.

Then Leosha found the guys she was looking for and her mouth started watering.

Felicia had just finished her first meetings of the day. It was late afternoon and she was getting hot and stressed. The client was being a pain, he had not needed to sit in on the meeting and his presence not only put others on edge, but he slowed the whole process down.

She splashed her face with some cool water, making sure none of it went on her white shirt. It was tight enough to show off her body as it was, without the water making it turn transparent. Her skirt was to her knees, but too tight really, especially with the slit up the side. She had accidentally packed one of her older ones in the rush that morning.

She had been worried about her panty-line being visible, blushing when she thought about removing them altogether. The rest of the afternoon dragged on into the evening. She declined a dinner date with one of the client's fat, sweaty financial advisors and decided instead to head to the hotel bar for a quick drink before hitting the sack.

Felicia was on her second G 'n' T when she fended off businessman number three. She knew their type, also away from home on a business trip and hoping for a quickie when away from the wife. But Felicia was happily married, the thought of cheating never crossing her mind and so spent the night refusing balding men who didn't look higher than her thighs or breasts.

It was man number four that pushed her past her patience limit.

"Excuse me, ma'am?"

"What? What do you want? Huh? A quickie? A story to tell the lads when you get back to the office? Just bugger off, you'll have to work a lot harder than that to get someone like me into bed with YOU!"

The gentleman just stared, wide eyed. "S-sorry ma'am." He stammered after the verbal onslaught of Felicia, "I was just going to ask if you would mind moving your stool's leg, it seems to have caught on my bag..."

Felicia went bright red.

"I-I'm so sorry! Oh shit! Really I am it's just..."

"No need to apologise." The man said, "I saw what you had to defend yourself from." And he smiled.

Felicia, still blushing terribly, tried smiling back, then budged her stool from his bag. "Please, let me buy you a drink to make up for it."

The gentleman seemed to think it over then agreed. "My name is Luke." He said, holding out his hand.

"Felicia." Felicia smiled the heat of her blush slowly fading from her face. As she shook Luke's hand, a strong firm grip, she eyed him up. He must have been at least 6 foot 5, and had a clean shaven head. He wasn't slim, but Felicia could tell that beneath his shirt and suit was nothing but hard muscle.

She had never really been into black men, but even she could not deny, Luke was a hottie. She quickly admonished herself for even thinking like that as Luke ordered another couple of drinks.

The evening wore on and more drinks were consumed. The conversation flowed easily and neither, it seemed, noticed the slightly flirtatious nature of some of the topics. Luke had removed his suit jacket by this point and undone half the buttons of his shirt due to the heat. Felicia noted that she had been right. His pectorals and abs were amazingly defined. She felt another blush.

"You seem to be hot." Luke pointed out as her face reddened once more.

"I-I'm ok." Felicia smiled, unsure why she had stammered. Something about this black man of pure muscle was making her feel a bit giddy, or maybe it was the drink, but she was no where near her limit...

"Here, try this." And before she knew what was happening, Luke had leant forward and with a snap of his fingers undone two buttons on her shirt.

"Hey! What the!" Felicia started, thinking he had accidentally ripped the buttons off. Then, realising he hadn't, the initial shock faded. Part of her brain was telling her that she should be mad at Luke for doing that, but a voice in her head kept asking 'Why?'.

Looking down, Felicia saw that she was now showing a fair amount of cleavage, aided by her padded bra. Embarrassment hit her again and she excused herself to nip to the ladies room. Again she splashed cool water on her face. When she looked up she saw that if one more button had been undone her bra would have been on full show!

She went to do up the undone buttons, but her hands froze, she was unable to do it. Like her brain was not in total control of her actions. That small voice was telling her that a bit of cleavage never hurt anyone, and it's not like she was going to do anything.

Before she realised she had finished the argument with herself she was walking back to Luke at the bar, the buttons still undone.

While Felicia had been gone, Luke took the opportunity to slip a few more drops of clear liquid from the vial he had been given into her drink. He had been instructed to find the woman in the photo he was given, he'd done that, then strike up a conversation while slipping her a few drops of the liquid.

Deciding that a few drops did not seem to be working, Luke had actually given Felicia double the recommended dose. How was he meant to know that it took an hour or two for the drug to kick in? Either way, he knew that once he had popped two of the buttons from her shirt without her slapping him and storming off that the final task would be easy to complete.

Felicia sat back down and crossed her legs. The material of her skirt sent sparks of excitement up her thighs as it rubbed over her skin. She wasn't sure why she started feeling this, but she liked it, and hitched the skirt up a bit more, pretending she was getting comfortable.

Luke watched, as they continued to talk, Felicia slid her skirt further and further up her thighs. He liked white women, their bodies were generally small and tight, and this woman seemed no exception to the rule. True her breasts were a bit small, but her ass... he could go for hours taking that pert butt.

Felicia was leaning forward as she talked to Luke, noticing how he was now staring down her gaping shirt. Again, her brain was telling her to stop him, that she should be outraged, she felt certain that she had mentioned she was married. Or had she? Her mind felt a bit cloudy. Not drunk, she felt totally in control of her actions, but her brain seemed confused.

She knew she would normally be storming out or going to bed, but instead, she wanted to stay and talk to Luke, to let this stranger stare at her body. Her body, which she realised, she was exposing to him unashamedly. She reasoned that she had no intention of doing anything, and that there was no harm in talking...

...Also, she was certainly checking out Luke. His dark muscles, that big smile, she had even noticed his bum when he went to the WC. Another flush of shame when she caught herself wondering how big his dick was.

They had been talking for just over an hour, when suddenly Felicia's skin felt alive. Not painful, but every move of fabric from her clothes on her skin was like a shockwave of pleasure through her body. She found her body becoming aroused with her mind wondering why.

From where he sat, Luke could easily see down Felicia's shirt and when she leaned forward her bra would fall away from her small, pert breasts slightly. This time, as he ogled the married woman, he saw that her pink nipples were clearly getting hard.

Felicia's mind was racing, all the signals her body was sending to her brain were telling her that she was turned on beyond belief, her skin was on fire, her pussy was getting hot, her nipples were getting so hard they ached! But she did not know why. Mentally she was in control of her faculties, she couldn't understand it, especially as it had just happened all of a sudden.

When Luke leant over and touched her arm as he talked the feel of his hand on her skin was electric. A wave of sexual energy surged through her, yet she knew it wasn't right. Her body should not react this way. Unless it was her husband Stewart anyway. Felicia stood up,

"Sorry, Luke, it's getting late I should go back to my room."

Luke was not worried about losing this petite married woman, even as she made to leave she was staring at his muscles, her deep brown eyes wide open.

Tucking her hair behind her ear Felicia smiled, she was furious at her body for sending a pulse of sexual urges through her when she looked at Luke's hard, muscular build. She was about to leave when Luke put his hand on her arm,

"Let me walk you to your room, it's dark out." Normally, Felicia would have respectfully declined, and her mind was screaming at her to do so, but the sensations of Luke's hand on her arm were driving her body wild. And that smile... She just nodded.

Felicia felt surprisingly clear headed as far as alcohol was concerned and had no trouble in finding her keys and unlocking her door. Before she could thank Luke for walking her back and saying goodbye however, he was in her room with her and shutting the door behind him.

"What the hell?!" Felicia screamed, but any other words were muffled by Luke pressing his mouth to hers. He had to bend over to kiss her, but his strong arms wrapped around her, pinning her arms to her sides as he moved in.

Felicia's emotions went off the scale, fear, anger, panic, and outrage, partly at Luke for what he was doing and partly because her body seemed to like it. She felt his lips moving against hers, his tongue probing. She tried to fight him off but he was just too strong.

Luke continued to kiss Felicia as he picked her up easily and almost threw her back onto her bed. Felicia slipped down so she was sitting on the floor, her back against the bed. A feeling of being trapped washing over her, a feeling mixed with tingles of excitement as her skirt rubbed against her thighs, raising up to bunch around her waist.

She wanted to scream, but her voice caught in her throat, and who would hear her anyway? The rooms were near sound proof and the closest one too far away to hear regardless.

"You've been checking me out all night. C'mon, admit it you white girls all secretly love us big, black men."

Felecia's mind was racing, 'GIRL?' 'BIG?!', the fear in her eyes was evident. She tried to crawl away, but Luke was fast, he pinned her back to the bed by her shoulders, and forced his mouth over hers again. As Felicia tried to resist his kiss again she felt his strong hands move over her shirt.

This time Luke did rip the buttons as he literally tore her shirt open, exposing her black padded bra and breasts which were close to popping out with each heavy, panicked breath. She couldn't believe this was happening, she would never have thought that this sort of thing could happen to her, she was usually so careful.

Felicia's thoughts were of Stewart, she had never cheated on her husband, although this could not really be called cheating, but how would she ever tell him about this? And why, WHY, was her body reacting to the stranger's attentions?

"A padded bra? You white girls are always trying to make things bigger, your small breasts are just fine to me." Luke almost growled.

There it was again, 'white GIRL'. As if being raped wasn't humiliating enough, this tall, strong, muscular, black man was calling her a girl, as if she were some young thing needed to be taught a lesson.

As Luke pulled away from his kiss, Felicia tried to ignore the fact her body moved her face with his slightly, as if it wanted it to continue and gasped as his hands covered her bra. He squeezed, just a little less than would be painful, covering each cup easily in a hand, then he pulled hard.

Felicia's bra snapped easily and came away, releasing her rock hard, pink nipples to the air conditioned air of the room. Luke threw the bra away and started mauling her small, round breasts.

"No, no, stop... Please." begged Felicia, grabbing his wrists, trying to pull his hands from her topless body.

"I like it when you beg." Grinned Luke, looming over her small frame, "I know you want it, look how hard your nipples are! I bet they don't get this hard for your husband do they? This is because you're gagging for a bit of black cock aren't you?"

Felicia was mortified, too stunned to move. The things Luke was saying, she realised that he was intending to go all the way with her. She tried thinking of a way out, but her mind was filled panic and fear. A mix that only got stronger when Luke undid his trousers and dropped them around his ankles, his boxers fast following.

'He's HUGE!' Felicia thought, not realising the small sense of satisfaction her body gave at guessing he had been big in the bar. And true, just as Leosha had designed, Luke lived up to the black stereotype and then some!

Thoughts of screaming for help again were silenced as Felicia stared, her mouth dropping open, at the sight of Luke's monster. It looked easily 10 inches long and VERY thick and that was while it still hung limp between his muscular thighs, pushed forward slightly by a pair of equally large testicles.

Luke saw the look on Felicia's face, "You like that don't you? Makes your husband's look small fry doesn't it? Well imagine what it'll feel like INSIDE you!" and at that he gripped the base of his dick and started tugging. Instantly it grew, and Felicia could do nothing but watch as Luke's cock swelled and pulsed, growing as thick as her arm and the fat head stretching up past his belly button.

Felicia wanted to scream, "P-please, no, I have money I can pay you what ever you want!" but throughout her pleading her body reacted positively towards the throbbing, black cock in front of her face.

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