Evil Ch. 02


Thank you to those that left good feedback, it always helps a writer's confidence, and to those who left constructive negative feedback, as without it I cannot improve. I hope you find Chapter 2 as enjoyable.


During the night, Felicia half woke up. Feeling groggy, yet somehow warm and content, her mind did not let her recall the events of that evening as it craved only water. She did not notice that she was naked either, usually sleeping in at least a t-shirt and knickers. No, the only thing she could do in her half-asleep state was to open the hotel room refrigerator and drink an entire bottle of water...

It was only a couple of hours later that Felicia's alarm woke her up. She stretched, noticing this time her nakedness and the sensation of the duvet on her bare skin. A tingle ran through her body, ending between her legs. Without even thinking, one of her hands strayed down to her pussy and she found it already quite hot and wet.

Pulling the duvet off, her nipples hardening instantly to the conditioned air, Felicia saw that her pussy and thighs were caked in a dry residue. Then, like a runaway train, the events of last night hit her full force.

"Oh My GOD!" she squealed, suddenly realising that she didn't know if Luke had gone or not. She jumped out of bed and peered into the ensuite bathroom. No one was there. Her mind was suddenly filled with guilt, fear, shock and anger. How could he have done that to her? How could she have let it happen. She couldn't have stopped him if she wanted to though. She thought. Then the thought of, did she want to? Hit her even harder.

Felicia decided that a shower would help clear her mind. The feeling of the warm water striking her naked body and her erect nipples was giving her more pleasure than she ever remembered a shower giving her before. And mixed with the memories of what had happened the night before it did not do much other than arouse her further.

She thought of her husband, Stewart, and hated that she had cheated on him. She vowed not to let it happen again. It would have been easier to come to terms with had it been all one sided. All Luke's doing. True, it started as an attack, but she couldn't be sure whether she was actually enjoying it towards the end or not. It was all a bit of a blur.

What Felicia did know however was that her body felt like it was on fire! As the hot water dripped off her achingly hard nipples she could not stop her hands from roaming down her body and up between her legs. She froze when she realised what she was doing and more importantly, what she had been thinking about. She loved her husband with all her heart and would never wish to do anything to hurt him, but it had been flashes of Luke's thick, throbbing cock running through her mind.

She quickly towelled off and got dressed. It was a wide strapped dress today, grey, with the zip up at the back, starting just above her well rounded buttocks and ending at the high neckline. She was thankful for her padded bra as it hid her pink nipples, which refused to go down.

Knowing it would be a hot day, Felicia downed another bottle of water and took a full one with her. She tried to come to terms with what had happened as her meetings went on throughout the day. She had been attacked. She wanted to say raped, but can you call it rape if you ultimately enjoy it?

She hated her body for betraying her so many times and even more so for its reaction each time she thought about Luke's massive penis penetrating deep. She wanted to forget it ever happened, get through these last two days, go home, and be with her wonderful husband.

As the day wore on, and she drank more of her water, she noticed how hot she was feeling. And not temperature hot. Most of the meeting rooms were air conditioned. No, this was full on arousal and she could do nothing to stop it. Her nipples begged for attention, the feel of her dress on her skin was electric and she was thankful as hell that she was wearing underwear, else her near dripping pussy would have been running her juices down her thighs.

She noticed during her last meeting that she could not stop fidgeting on her seat. Switching her crossed legs over and over, her bare thighs seemingly caressing each other, her pussy craving to be touched. As she stretched, pushing her chest out, her bra moved against her nipples and she let out a moan of pleasure before she could stop herself.

The young work experience student sitting in on the client meeting had been gawking at her the whole time, and it wasn't until it clicked that he could see right up her dress due to the glass-top table that Felicia really began to blush.

The day dragged on far too long, not just because of the boring meetings, but Felicia had needed to have an orgasm ALL day. She almost ran to her hotel room as soon as the last meeting had finished and burst in throwing her bag to the floor. As she stripped down to just her near-soaked knickers she never noticed the sound of the shower running.

It was only when she was at the door she heard the noise of the water. Felicia wondered whether she had left it on all day by accident, but just felt too horny to care. She opened the door and screamed!

In the shower was Luke, his tall black muscular frame shiny from the warm water running down it. He turned to Felicia and smiled. A cocky almost evil smile, which turned into a grin when he saw that she was only in her knickers.

"W... What... What the hell are you do-, how did you get in?" Felicia stammered, her heart racing, fear of her attacker striking again. She panicked, ignored her topless state and ran for her door.

To be stopped in her tracks by another black man standing in her doorway, blocking her. Her eyes widened with fear she turned back to the shower room to see Luke standing there stark naked dripping in the doorway. Felicia couldn't stop her eyes from drifting over his body, he had no shame in showing himself off.

All his muscles glistened, there wasn't an ounce of fat on him and his cock... It looked even longer than she remembered, hanging there between two tree trunk like thighs, thick and foreboding.

"How did you..." she started again, aware of Luke staring at her naked breasts and ragingly hard nipples.

"Piece of cake, seems the cleaner loves a bit of black cock," he grabbed his thick dick for effect, "and so it was simple to get the keys. Why, do you not like your surprise?"

"I-I... what do you want? Please, leave me alone." Felicia begged, all the while noticing Luke's cock begin to grow. She was also very aware of the new guy still standing behind her. She sneaked a quick glance over her shoulder.

"Do not worry about Ravin, he's just here to watch and do as I say."

"Wa...watch?" Felicia's knees almost gave way. Not only was she going to be raped again, but this time she was going to be watched! It was too much her head was spinning and before she knew it she had collapsed to her knees.

"Wanting to get started straight away are we? That's fine with me you horny little slut!" Luke growled and he stepped up to Felicia, his still growing dick in hand and grabbed her hair. He pulled her hair back so her face was looking up directly at his throbbing meat, her mouth dropping open.

"N-no... please." she begged, but Luke just grinned. Tears rolled down Felicia's face as he forced his fat cock into her mouth. Felicia's throat was already full of saliva, it had started watering at the sight of Luke's throbbing rod, and it did not take long for him to be able to ram his full length down her throat once again.

Felicia grabbed the base of his shaft, trying to stop Luke from gagging her so much his balls slapped her chin, but the action only caused the cock invading her throat to throb madly and to get a cheer from Ravin who thought she was wanking his mate as he fucked her face.

"Take it all, slut, we both know you can!" Luke growled, fucking the kneeling Felicia's face like a whore's cunt. Felicia's hands dropped to her lap as she let the torment happen. She was gagging profusely, her saliva streaming down over her body and Luke's rigid shaft.

She could hear Ravin moving around behind her, but she could not turn to see him. She did not think she wanted to. It was horrifying what was happening, without her attack being witnessed. But worst of all, above all else, not matter what she thought of the whole situation, she was having to really concentrate on NOT letting her hands slide inside her knickers and stroke her throbbing pussy.

All too soon she felt the familiar expanding of Luke's never-stopping cock, and she actually leant forward, her body hoping to catch as much of the cum as she could. She wanted to pull away, to not let him fill her throat again, but Luke had her hair still in his hands and with a groaning growl he gripped his balls and emptied them inside her.

Felicia chocked instantly at the torrent of cum spewing into her throat. As she did so, gobs of Luke's thick, hot sperm glooped out over her small breasts. Before she could stop herself she was rubbing it into her chest as Luke continued to feed her the rest of his load.

When he was spent, he pulled out and stood back. Ravin came round to look at Felicia from the front. There she was kneeling in front of them covered in her own saliva, swallowing Luke's cum, massaging the rest into her breasts as her knees spread revealing her drenched knickers.

Ravin clapped and wooped his mate. Slapped him on the back, "You sure got a good slut there!"

"I told you she was good, her pussy is even better though!" he grinned. Felicia was still in a semi-state of shock. It was too late when she registered what was going on. Luke had picked her up, laid her back on the bed and tied her wrists to the head board above her with his belt.

"No! Stop! You can't do this! Please!" Felicia was as worried about her helpless state as much as she was about how much her body was craving attention right then. Both men, Luke and Ravin were staring at her hungrily. Luke was tugging his cock, urging it to grow again. Felicia stared wide-eyed.

She could feel her nipples were achingly hard. Her pussy was soaking her knickers so much that her juices were glistening on her inner thighs. She knew that her body was craving attention, but she did not want it to be Luke that gave it to her.

She cried out again, but it was a futile gesture. Her hands were tied fast and all she could do was thrash her legs around wildly, which only served to nudge her wet knickers down over the curve of her round ass.

"She's like a bitch in heat!" grinned Ravin, licking his lips. He took off his shirt to reveal a body not unlike Luke's. Dark, hard, muscular, but his build was more stocky where Luke's was taller and leaner.

"You s-said he was only going to watch!" a panicked Felicia squealed.

"He can still watch with no clothes on!" laughed Luke climbing on the bed. "But enough talk, lets see what happens when I do this." And without another word he took one of Felicia's nipples in his fingers and pinched it, twisting slightly.

Felicia's back arched so much she almost lifted completely off of the bed. She could not help but let out a moan of nothing but pure lustful pleasure. Tears streaked her cheeks again this time at her body's total betrayal. How could it enjoy being the plaything to these two men?

Luke was now tweaking both her nipples, her hips rolling on the bed in reaction to it was pushing her knickers lower and lower over her rump.

"Fuck, man! She wants it bad!" she heard Ravin shout, but her head was too fuzzy to make anything else out. When Luke left her nipples alone they felt like they were on fire, but only for the second it took for him to lean down and take one in his mouth.

The fact she had massaged his cum into her body did not seem to faze the young black man as he sucked and bit her nipples sending yet more pleasure through her tiny frame. A sheen of sweat covered her white skin and she tried harder than ever to break free of her bonds, but to no avail.

Then Luke left her breasts all together. A sigh of relief left her lips, she had been close to cumming. Luke knelt between her legs, his huge, throbbing shaft pointing at Felicia. He pulled her knickers off her slender legs slowly, kissing each foot as they left the sodden material.

Felicia blushed bright red when the smell of her arousal filled the room. Luke sniffed her knickers, inhaling deeply, before tossing them to a chuckling Ravin. Luke then smiled down at Felicia, her long dark hair was tousled, yet still framed her face in a wild sexy way. He was going to enjoy this.

He slid his hands under her, cupping her pert, round ass cheeks and squeezing gently. Felicia let out another sigh, and felt her soaked pussy lips open up. Luke saw the pink flesh of Felicia's cunt and moved toward her, lifting her body up from the bed.

Felicia was now 'sitting' on Luke's hard thighs, her legs spread wide around him, her thighs glistening with sweat and her juices. "Just how I like it, nice and wet." Luke almost growled. Gripping the base of his shaft in one hand he guided it into Felicia.

He did not ram it in, but he did not slow his pace either. One long constant thrust, feeling his dick engulfed in the older, white woman. Felicia tried to ignore the totally full sensation her pussy was feeling, the pleasure of being stretched to her limits, of being stuffed with a massive, throbbing cock, but when Luke bottomed out she couldn't help groaning.

She bit her bottom lip to try and stop her body's betraying noises of pleasure from escaping, but she could not deny how glorious it felt to be that full of cock. Luke squeezed her ass again as he started thrusting in and out, slowly at first then faster and faster. His heavy balls were slapping Felicia's ass with each penetrating thrust.

"That's it, man, fuck her good! She's lovin' it." Ravin grinned staring at the scene in front of him.

"She's fucking tight too, man." Luke responded, his breathing becoming heavy. "I'm still not sure what I prefer, her pussy or her mouth!"

"They both look good to me, I bet her ass is even better though. Shit, I need to break this thing free!" Ravin said, grabbing his crotch.

Felicia could not believe how these two guys were talking about her like she was a piece of meat, like she was not even there. What panicked her more was Ravin's suggestion of her ass, they wouldn't fuck her there would they? She would be torn in two!

But that wasn't the end of it, the constant fucking of Luke's massive dick in her soaked cunt was taking its toll on her. No matter how badly she wanted this ordeal over, not matter how much being treated and used like this sickened her, she was still feeling an orgasm approaching.

Just when she thought she had it under control, Luke spoke again. "Dude, you have to suck her nipples, it drives her crazy!"

"Gimmie a sec'." Ravin grinned back. He was undoing his jeans. Felicia's eyes almost popped from their sockets as she switched between Luke and Ravin.

"Y-you said he was j-just going to w-watch."

"OK, if you don't cum in the next two minutes, slut, I'LL be the only one fucking you tonight." Luke replied. Felicia was about to scream obscenities at him when she looked back to Ravin. He was now totally naked and the sight of him chocked the words in her throat.

His body was darker than Luke's, and his muscles were much more defined. He was stockier than Luke, but no less hard. It looked like the guy could not move without flexing some muscle. But it was not only that which made Felicia worry, it was the monster between his legs.

It was just as long as Luke's, but somehow, Ravin's seemed to be even thicker. Immediately she felt how stretched she was by Luke's ramming cock, and wondered whether she could even take Ravin's!

"She can't stop looking at it!" Ravin roared with laughter as he tugged his own dick next to the bed. Felicia could not deny her eyes were glued to the massive piece of meat, part of her was fearful of being raped by a second man having no way to stop these two, the other part wondering what it would feel like inside her.

It was the second feeling she just could not understand. She had never NEVER thought of cheating on her husband, but these last two days all her body seemed to be craving was orgasm after orgasm, and these black men, although technically attacking her, were giving her body what it wanted...

"30 seconds left, slut." Luke's voice snapped her back to reality as his pace picked up. He was really ramming into her now, harder and harder, his large hands were squeezing her ass cheeks fiercely. Her pussy could not take anymore, being stuffed so well was just too much to take!

Felicia cursed her body for doing it, but she screamed out loud as her orgasm ripped through her. At the point of climax, Luke buried himself inside her as deep as he could go, his balls getting covered by Felicia's juices as spluttered out around his throbbing shaft.

"That's right you little slut, cum for us, you know you love black cock, and you'll do anything for it wont you?"

Felicia was still cumming, her body arching up off of the bed. Just when she thought it was over, Luke started to fuck her again, this time circling her clit with his fingers.

"Oh shit! No! Please stop! I'm going to..." and she bit her bottom lip as a second orgasm tore her in two. Her body was thrashing around almost violently. With her hands tied the only motion was in her hips which caused her to ride Luke's meat like a bucking bronco.

When her body calmed down, Luke just sat there, his cock still embedded as far in Felicia's used pussy as it would go. Ravin was know getting up onto the bed at the head end, his thick, fat cock in hand, the massive dark head getting closer to Felicia's face.

"See what watching you has done to me?"

Felicia could not comprehend what was about to happen. "No. Please I beg you. Please no. No." she was babbling, tears formed in her eyes again. She knew she had to stop this, but her body was in such a state of pleasure she could not form any words. Kneeling next to her head, Ravin tilted her head back, opening her mouth.

He looked at Luke who was still inside the white woman's pussy. "Do it, she couldn't even hold off cumming for two minutes, she's a slut and we're gonna treat her like one!"

That said, Ravin leaned forward and pressed his pulsating dick into Felicia's open mouth. Once again her jaw was forced open so wide she did not have the strength to clamp it shut. She thought Luke was thick, Ravin's cock was a lot harder to swallow. But what she hated more than anything was that she wanted to try and get it all in. Like her body was trying to prove she could service these two men.

She was totally helpless, she pulled at the ties to her hands, but still nothing. Ravin was feeding her his cock in small short thrusts and her saliva was pouring out of her mouth, covering his manhood allowing him to slide it in deeper and deeper.

Just as the fat head hit the back of her throat Luke started to fuck her with renewed vigour. Felicia moaned around Ravin's massive piece of meat as she was totally stuffed from both ends with thick, hard, black cock. Ravin, tilted her head back further and gagged her as he pushed every last inch down her throat.

When he pulled out there was an obscene amount of saliva trailing between her mouth and his cock, but it was only visible for a second as he rammed his dick back inside. All the way down, Felicia felt it stretch her open. Her reflex was to try and swallow which only clamped down on Ravin's cock further.

"Shit this bitch can blow!" Ravin grunted. He tugged on his balls and Felicia knew what was about to happen. All the while Luke was getting closer and closer. His shaft was being squeezed by one of the hottest cunt's he'd ever fucked and his balls were churning.

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