Evil Ch. 03


Ravin and Luke lay on the hotel bed, both pretty spent themselves, Luke having filled both Felicia's mouth and pussy, Ravin having only sampled her mouth. Ravin whispered, "Are we really going to leave if she shaves her sweet cunt?"

"Of course not, remember that drug I told you about?" Raving nodded, a smile spreading over his face. Luke continued, "Well I gave her another dose."

Meanwhile, in the shower, Felicia was washing off the vast quantities of cum that covered her toned body. It was gushing off of her smooth, white skin, her dark brown hair plastered to the side of her face.

She was trying to wash the shame from herself in the process. She should be reacting differently. She should not be in here, following orders, from two men that had essentially raped her. She should be trying to find a way out, not showering with the two hung black men waiting on her bed.

Instead her body just kept telling her that she was craving more. More of their massive black cocks. She felt bad, terrible, she loved her husband, Stewart, and would never dream of cheating on him. Thankfully, if you could say that, thus far, all the sexual acts she had gone through were forced. Or had at least started that way.

But now, now her body was betraying her more and more. Part of her wanted to shave herself for these strangers, to have their praise at her work, to prove she could pleasure both men. She tried to push those feelings aside, telling herself that the only reason she was doing this was so they would fulfil their promise and leave her alone.

She massaged some moisturising shower gel into her skin, which was starting to tingle all over, and was scented of strawberries. Her nipples had remained hard throughout the entire ordeal and were now so sensitive that the mere feeling of the falling water hitting them was bringing her closer and closer to orgasm.

She picked up her razor and slowly started to shave her pussy. She had never totally shaved herself before, preferring to just trim the hair short. Even now she thought it looked weird. But that small part of her brain was urging her on to do a good job for Luke and Ravin. It did not take her long to remove every last hair and when she was done she washed her bald mound.

She could not help but stroke herself a few extra times as her hands ran over her new smooth skin. Her erect nipples had already brought her most of the way to another orgasm and as her wet hand slid easily over her smooth sex she could feel her knees begin to tremble.

She wanted to cry. Why was her body doing this to her, all she wanted was out, but her body just wanted her to stroke itself a few more times. It was an irresistible urge and before she knew it, one hand was steadying herself against the shower cubicle wall while the other swiftly buried two fingers deep inside her.

She spread her legs as she brought herself to a quick orgasm, her chest and neck flushing red. She was breathing heavily, her knees wanting to give out, when she heard clapping. Ravin and Luke had leaned around the door and watched the whole thing!

Ashamed beyond belief, Felicia stumbled out of the shower to find that none of the towels were there. She rung her hair to get as much water out as she could, but had to walk back into the room totally naked and dripping wet.

Luke and Ravin stared at her tight naked body. Even though small, her breasts still bobbed slightly with each step, her hips swayed and her perfect ass jiggled seductively. But their main focus was now on her clean shaven cunt.

"Stop there." Luke ordered. Standing next to the bed, Ravin was laying on it on his back. "Turn around and show us everything."

Another order. The commanding tone seemed to trigger something in Felicia's mind and she could not stop herself from turning slowly on the spot, cursing herself for wanting to show these men everything.

"STOP!" Luke growled, obviously turned on, when Felicia was now facing the wall, her back to them. "Bend over, we want to see how good a job you did." Without question, Felicia bent over at the waist and leant against the wall.

She never heard Luke move, but he was behind her in an instant, his large hands on her ass, spreading her cheeks wide. "W-wait!" was all Felicia could get out before he had them spread as wide as possible.

"Look, man, totally gone! Nothing but pink now." He grinned to Ravin. Ravin just 'whooped' his approval.

Felicia had never felt more like she was on show in her life. Like a piece of meat these two men were toying with. "Y-you said you'd g-go..." she whimpered, a tiny part of her brain wanting them not to just yet.

"Once the inspection is complete." Luke replied. Felicia's heart sank, but before she could question what he meant by that she felt something warm, wet and rough run the length of her pussy. She looked down and gasped. Luke was on his knees licking her cunt!

She wanted to scream at him to get off, let her go, but he just kept on licking and kissing and sucking her pussy, circling her clit with his tongue. She was wet and horny beyond belief in an instant.

Luke buried his head between Felicia's legs, still spreading her ass cheeks as wide as they could go. Just when she thought she was about to cum all over Luke's talented tongue he did something totally unexpected.

She felt the warm wet feeling of his tongue slip from inside her soaked pussy and run up her body, past the base of her now dripping cunt and to her puckered ass hole. "N-NO!" she managed to scream, but it was too late, Luke rimmed her tight ass, then dove his tongue deep inside.

Felicia didn't want to, she begged her body not to, but the foreign intruder into her virgin hole was jus too much and with a scream she came for her tormenter. Her juices ran down her inner thighs as Luke continued to tongue her most private hole. He only stopped when Felicia's knees could no longer support her and she collapsed on the floor whimpering.

Luke wiped his mouth and smiled down at the older, married, white woman. Her body still twitched with her ending orgasm. He picked her up easily, Felicia could feel his long, thick cock pressing into her lower back as he carried her to the bed and dumped her next to Ravin.

Looking up, Felicia saw that her head was in line with the tree trunk that was Ravin's enormous, throbbing penis. It was so dark, yet she could see the veins pulsating. Every ounce of her will told her to get off the bed, but every urge inside her body made her reach out and grab the base of the monster.

Her hand did not even make its way around the circumference, but she could feel his heart beat. Her pussy was leaking her juices, her mouth was leaking saliva, her body was preparing itself for more, and now it was the married voice of reason which was the quiet one. The inner voice telling her that she had to fuck these men, had to be filled by big, black cock was screaming away.

Another tear leaked down her face when she realised she had no resistance left inside her.

"That's right, girl, suck it, show me what you can do." Ravin's voice was deep and barely above a whisper, yet each word sounded like it was from inside her own head. Almost in a trance, Felicia leant forward and licked her lips. Her saliva drooled out of her open mouth as it hovered over the mushroom head of Ravin's meat.

Ravin smiled as the saliva slowly ran down his full length, over Felicia's fingers, followed by her hot wet mouth. "Shit yeah, that's it!" he groaned as Felicia took as much as her small mouth would allow.

Sucking the whole way, her hand wanking the remaining shaft. Felicia continued with a loud, slobbering blowjob, angling her body up more to allow herself to take more and more of Ravin's cock deep into her throat. Felicia felt her body urging her on to take the whole thing for once without being pressed from the back of her head.

She tried, over and over, bobbing her head taking more and more until her lips brushed his fat, heavy balls, gagging herself momentarily. When she pulled out she was immediately aware of Luke standing over them both, cock in hand, stroking slowly.

Felicia's body moved on its own, swinging a leg over Ravin's muscular frame. She now knelt over his erect dick facing him. She almost shuddered at how slutty she had become as she gripped the base of Ravin's cock beneath her and lowered her body down.

She screamed when Ravin entered her, she had never been stretched so much in her life! Luke was big, but Ravin was simply massive! The pain was soon gone, filled with total, utter pleasure and she had barely taken half of Ravin's dick!

Felicia bit her bottom lip to keep from screaming in ecstasy as she continued to lower herself down. Ravin gripped her shapely hips, his thumbs pointing into her pussy and pulled her down harshly. Felicia could not stop herself from grunting as Ravin bottomed out inside her. She could feel every throb of his meat as he filled her like never before.

Felicia was content to sit there, stuffed full of black cock, but Ravin stroked her bald pussy with his thumbs, quickly finding her clit. It was like an electric jolt through her small frame, which caused her body to convulse on Ravin's erect pole.

That was it, the fucking motion her body went through at the shock of having her clit worked was too much. In no time at all Felicia was riding Ravin for all she was worth. Wondering how she had become such a slut, ashamed that she was allowing this to happen and more than anything, fearful that she was becoming addicted to black cock.

Little knowing that it was all part of her mother-in-law's plan, but not her entire plan...

Felicia leant back on Ravin's knees, rolling her hips, looking down at his slick black cock as it disappeared inside her again and again. Her nipples were so hard they could cut glass! And she was totally unprepared for Luke to come over and start sucking on them.

"OH SHIT NO!" she screamed as she came hard at the first lick from Luke. Luke did not let up and Felicia felt her juices explode out and cover Ravin's cock and balls. As her body went through its powerful orgasm all she could hear was Ravin laughing and praising her, his slut, for a good job.

Felicia just could not stop riding him though. With Luke sucking her nipples his slick rod was pressing into her side and she grabbed it, pulled it in closer and devoured it in one slurp. Like a woman possessed she squeezed and massaged Luke's swollen balls as she licked and sucked his long black cock, all the while fucking Ravin below her as hard as she could!

She could feel Luke nearing orgasm as his balls churned and was surprised when he pulled his cock away from her wanting mouth. Normally she would resist him fucking her face, but now, when she actually wanted to feel his cum blast down her throat he was resisting.

Felicia did not worry for long though as Ravin's hands gripped her ass and spread her cheeks, bending her forward so her nipples brushed his hard chest. Her rubbing nipples and the new angle of Ravin's cock inside her steaming cunt, now pressing against her g-spot, made her forget anything else that she might have been thinking.

She did not even notice Luke now kneeling on the bed behind her. It wasn't until she felt one of his fingers easing its way into her tight ass that her body jerked up.

"Oh god what are you -- " But Luke just pushed her back down, held there by Ravin's strong arms wrapping around her, silenced by Ravin pressing his mouth against hers and forcing his tongue inside.

Being kissed by one of her attackers was a first, it felt strange, wrong having a tongue in her mouth other than that of her husband, Ravin was a much more aggressive kisser. She moaned out loudly, not through pleasure of the kiss, but in protest to Luke's finger invading her virgin hole.

She could feel it squeezing inside her, aided by the vast amounts of her own juices that were soaking her holes. She had never felt so utterly full in her life! Ravin's massive cock throbbing away deep inside her and now Luke's finger entering her from behind. Before she knew it she was kissing Raving back, bobbing her full ass up and down so she could feel his dick sliding in and out of her again, massaging her g-spot.

When Ravin felt her stop fighting Luke's penetrating finger he released his grip and his kiss. "I knew you'd love both your holes filled, such a fucking whore!" he grinned at her.

Felicia couldn't speak, her body was being ravaged by such pleasure and shame it was all she could do to not scream out in ecstasy at Luke's finger fucking. She had felt disgusted at the thought of anal, turning Stewart down every time he suggested it, and now here she was not only having her ass fucked by a stranger's finger, but while she rode an enormous black cock!

When Luke started to wriggle his finger inside her, stretching her open she sunk herself as far down on Ravin's cock as she could go and just gave in to the wave after wave of mind blowing pleasure her body was experiencing. She was panting desperately for breath, her body now seeming to be going through a never ending orgasm.

Even if she did want to resist now, she would not have the energy. She was totally a the mercy of these two men and their sex hungry cocks, and she could not help but enjoy it. She even let out moan of disappointment when Luke pulled his finger out of her ass. It felt strange, open, a stark contrast to her soaked pussy which was full to the brim of cock.

Felicia was no pretty much just laying on Ravin's chest, too exhausted to do much of the movement, but Ravin still had the energy needed to hold her up slightly by her hips and fuck her relentlessly. Grunting and groaning. Her nipples were so hard they ached and she dreamily pulled and tugged them herself lost in a world of pleasure.

When Luke pressed his cock against her open ass hole her body accepted that it was going to happen and she had to admit that she WANTED to feel what it would be like to be filled in both holes at the same time!

She braced herself, now just rocking on Ravin's tree trunk of a dick as Luke spread her ass cheeks wide and pressed more and more of his long, thick meat into her waiting anus.

"Ho shit is she tight!" he grinned as he really had to force his way inside. "It aint gonna take me long to cum in here!"

"Cool man, cos I'm about to bust my nut in her sweet pussy too."

Felicia's mind raced. She was biting her lip as her ass was stretched to its limits by Luke's long, throbbing cock. He had to grab her hips and literally pull her body back, fucking her in small thrusts to push himself deeper and deeper, all the while, Ravin thundered in and out of her pussy from beneath her.

Felicia's body reacted by cumming over and over as Luke worked his way in. Ravin was now squeezing her breasts, rubbing her nipples in his palms as she was taken by these two men.

"Fuck man, hurry up, I can't hold on much longer!" Ravin growled. Luke responded by ramming the last of his cock hard into Felicia's ass, his balls noisily slapping against her soaked sex.

Felicia let out a primal scream as both men violated her, shaming her to her very core, pleasured her like never before. It was only a few minutes after Luke had bottomed out inside her, a few minutes of being pounded in both holes by these hung, black strangers, before their short breaths and swelling cocks spelled the coming climax.

Almost as one, both cocks erupted deep inside Felicia. Luke and Ravin grunted noisily, pinning their throbbing, ejaculating dicks inside the small white woman as deep as they could go. Felicia only felt the first few spurts of strong, thick cum enter her body. Filling her womb and ass with what felt like gallons of cum. When she was so full it started leaking out of her stuffed holes the pleasure just got too much and she passed out.

The next morning Felicia was awoke to her alarm. She was alone, but instead of feeling relieved she was shocked to realise there was a part of her that felt a sense of loneliness. Maybe disappointment even at the fact the two men had just left her?

What she did know for certain was that she physically felt a strong sense of satisfaction. She had been left naked and the sheet that was only half covering her body was stuck to her. Cum, still sticky, oozed out of her pussy and when she sat up she felt still more almost dripping out of her ass.

It was the sheen of cum that covered her breasts she did not remember getting there. In fact her entire body just felt covered in thick, warm cum. She swirled her fingers in it, trying to remember anything that might have happened after she passed out, but there was nothing.

Shame washed over her. Not shame at the acts her body had endured, not anymore, shame that she realised now, no matter how much she didn't mentally want it, her body was addicted to black cock. A tear leaked down her cheek. She wished she could believe it was the thought of how she had cheated on her husband, Stewart, but she could not deny her sorrow came from the fact Luke and Ravin were not here, and she was going home tonight.

As she got up to shower she spotted something on the bedside table, something that she had not even thought of throughout these last two nights. She had thought that she could go home and forget all about it, act like it had never happened, there was no proof, but there on the table, was a set of Polaroids...

And she knew deep down that these would not be the only ones.

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