Evil Ch. 04


Felicia stood in the doorway to the shower room of her hotel suite with four Polaroids in hand, still covered in drying cum. The last thing she could remember before she passed out -- from too much pleasure -- was Luke and Ravin filling her pussy and ass with cum as they took her at the same time.

But that wouldn't explain how her small, pert breasts had a thick layer of cum over them, dripping down over her flat stomach. The Polaroids filled in the gaps. They were pictures of her sleeping body with Ravin and Luke continuing to use her.

One had Ravin using her pussy (she could tell as his was slightly thicker), two were of Luke rubbing his massive cock over and between her breasts and the last one was from an angle that showed both huge, black cocks spewing their thick, white cum all over her upper body.

Without realising it, as Felicia looked at that last image, her free hand was stroking the layer of cum on her breasts. She saw the time, she had to get ready for her morning meetings. In the shower she washed off the deluge of semen from on her petite body, some had even gotten into her long brown hair, which took a lot of washing.

All the while she tried to get her head around what had happened these last two days. She didn't know that it had been a drug, slipped to her by her mother-in-law, that had caused her body to go into sexual overdrive. A drug meant to be used for couples with difficulties, Felicia had been introduced to far higher than the recommended dosage.

That in turn had lead to her being attacked and taken by force by two, well hung, black men, also supplied by her mother-in-law. What frightened Felicia even more, was not the two nights of forced sex, but that towards the end could she really say she had been forced?

She had even shaved her pussy completely bare, at their order, and spent time after pleasuring both men. Tears leaked down her face. She loved her husband, Stewart, with all her heart, she enjoyed sex with him greatly and longed to be back home with him, but all she could think about right now was how she wished she could have another big, black cock stuffed deep inside any hole she had.

"Oh shit!" she cried as the hand that had been furiously rubbing her clit made her cum, her knees going weak. Felicia sat in the shower cubicle, residing herself to the fact that no matter what her mind said or thought, it seemed her body was addicted to black cock.

Her second alarm went off, indicating that she had to get dressed or be late for her meetings. As she slid her underwear up her toned legs and over the curve of her pert, round ass she tried to focus on what she was going to say to Stewart, if anything. She picked up her bra and looked at it. It was padded as like most of her bras, she didn't like her small breasts, but in light of what had happened recently she thought boosting her natural curves was not the best idea right now.

She decided to go without, buttoning up her blouse and putting her suit jacket on over the top. She only had two meetings that morning, the second lasting until lunch time. She was bored and agitated towards the end, being easily able to tell that the big players were stretching it out to make sure that the big lunch they wanted afterward could be put on expenses as company time.

Only one of the twelve men was even mildly attractive too, Felicia could not help but stare, he was the assistant of the man heading the meeting. He looked to be about in his mid twenty's. His dark grey suit was cut in a stylish fashion and hugged his lean, frame. And, Felicia noted, he was black. Was that the reason she had also singled him out? If he was white would she have just looked over him as she had all the other men in the room?

Why was she even looking at him at all? She asked herself. She just wanted to get home to her husband.

When the meeting was finally done and all the others went off for their lunch, Felicia decided she would go to the copy room, copy the papers she needed for home and just go. Normally she would stick around and network on the last day, but her head was feeling a bit fuzzy.

The copy room was nothing more than an oversized store cupboard with an overworked photocopier inside. Felicia closed the door behind her and started copying her documents. The noise of the machine meant that she did not hear the door open behind her. It wasn't until she felt something brush her rump that she spun around in shock!

"Oh, er sorry, I was just trying to reach some fax paper."

It was the assistant from the meeting. Felicia stared at him, he was checking her out, but seemed embarrassed about it. Her shoulders slumped. 'Why fight it?' she thought. She knew that no matter how much she didn't want to, her body was going to want this young, black, suited stud and trying to stop it was just going to delay the inevitable.

Little did she know that the drug was totally out of her system now, and the assistant not another plant from her mother-in-law, but just an assistant in the wrong place at the wrong time.

"Oh, ok no problem." Felicia replied. "No harm no foul." And she turned her back to him again, knowing that he would have to press against her to reach the paper. She felt his body close as he reached around and over her. Felt his crotch press against her ass and she subtly bent herself at the waist rubbing into him.

She hated how slutty she had become, but she knew that this is what her body would want. The assistant cleared his throat behind her and made one last grab for the paper. Felicia, at that same instant, spun around and felt his full body press into her, his crotch digging into her stomach.

"I... err... what?" The assistant stammered. Felicia was a bit surprised at how shocked the man seemed. Surely he was in on the actions of Luke and Ravin, she felt certain that another hunky, black man entering her life at this time could not be a coincidence. She decided that it had to be another set-up and just let things continue as she knew they would.

"Come on now, we both know what you're here for, lets get on with this, cos I can tell you're already halfway ready!" Felicia said matter of factly. The expression didn't change on the young man's face, but he could not deny he had been checking out the hot lady in the meeting.

He had also noticed her wedding ring, but seeing as she was the one throwing herself at him, who would know? And she was right, the close proximity had made his cock begin to grow. He liked white women, had never been with one, but their creamy white skin aroused him like nothing before.

Felicia became impatient, she had never had to be the instigator before. She pushed the door shut behind the young man, leaning into him again, and then dropped to her knees.

"Well let's see what you got then. Are you as big as your friends?" The young man had no idea who she was talking about, but when she undid his trousers and pulled out his hardening cock any questions left his mind. Felicia thought that after Ravin and Luke, any large black cock would not surprise her, but this young man's was amazing. Beautiful was how she would have described it!

It was maybe not as long as Ravin or Luke, but by god did it make up for it in thickness!! And it was so smooth! He obviously kept himself fully shaven and it just made it look all the bigger. His balls were hanging low, massive to the point of making Felicia wonder just how much cum he would produce.

It just got bigger and bigger as it hardened in her hands. It took both of them to stretch around the girth of the monster! Felicia felt ashamed at what she had become, and she thought about stopping, but then she remembered trying to stop before, and her body just urged her on further then, so why even bother thinking of leaving now?

Felicia pushed the young man so his back was against the door. She was going to need all the help she could get in getting this monster down her throat. 'God I'm such a slut! What the hell is happening to me?!' she cried to herself.

But just looking at the huge chunk of meat right in front of her face she couldn't deny her body was reacting in a sexual way. Her mouth watered and as she tried to stroke his shaft she knew she was going to need help with this. She did something she had never done before, she gathered a mouthful of her saliva, hovered her mouth over the assistant's rigid, throbbing cock and let it all drool out over the fat head.

"Oh fuck, you're a dirty slut!" the assistant grunted as he felt Felicia's spit dribbling down his cock. Obviously not afraid anymore and loving the attention of this older white woman.

Felicia repeated the drooling process again, slicking up the young man's cock by wanking his arm-thick shaft with both eager hands. When her saliva had it nice and wet she couldn't resist any longer. Sticking out her tongue she circled the soft mushroom-head slowly, savouring the size and the texture.

She felt the assistant's hips push forward slightly. Was she really going to do this? She could still back out. She knew she wanted to, but then again, did she? She decided, as she lowered her head over the stranger's cock that once he blew his load that would be it! She had to get control of her addiction.

Slurping loudly, Felicia tried again and again, to take as much of his thick, throbbing shaft into her mouth as she could. Opening her throat to take it all down. After a few minutes the assistant grabbed her hair in his hands and started pulling her head into his crotch, fucking her face.

Felicia wondered how she managed to get into this position, all the while realising that having her face stuffed full of fat, black cock, was turning her body on beyond belief. The young man started grunting, as Felicia managed to cram every last inch into her tight throat.

She grabbed his massively heavy balls and squeezed them softly, tugging them down. She gasped as she came up for air, a huge trail of saliva keeping her linked to the young man's cock, just as he forced her head back down.

He was really fucking her face hard now and Felicia could feel his balls swell to greater proportions, knowing what was about to come. For a split second Felicia's old disgust at the thought of having a man cum in her mouth returned, but it was pushed aside. She knew her mind was wrong, it had to be, her body enjoyed it so much with Luke and Ravin.

Seconds later the assistant went rigid, holding still as he groaned out loudly. Felicia clamped her mouth around the enormously fat cock before her and gasped when the most powerful blast of cum she had ever felt hit the back of her throat!

'HOLY SHIT' she thought as wave after wave of hot, thick cum spewed into her ballooning mouth.

"HOLY SHIT!" the young man growled as he felt his orgasm erupt inside the strangers, tight, white mouth. He continued to thrust, never giving her a chance to pull his pulsating shaft from her mouth.

Felicia struggled to swallow the volume of cum spurting into her mouth, but there was just too much too fast! It started spilling out around the corners of her lips and glooping down her chin and neck. She struggled to pull back from the assistant, but he held her fast. She thought she was going to drown, but eventually the flow eased off. When his cock started twitching, indicating the end of his orgasm, the assistant released Felicia's head. Felicia pulled back noisily as more cum drooled out over her chin as she still swallowed.

She feared that it could get on her blouse and undid a button or two, just in time as the slimey, hot cum ran down her chin and over her collar bone. She looked up just in time to see the assistant had pulled out his mobile phone and was snapping away pictures!

"Oh god no!" Felicia gasped.

"Don't worry, these aren't for your husband." The black man grinned, "they're for me and my boys."

A wave of relief washed over her as Felicia struggled to her feet. The assistant's fat, heavy cock hanging between his toned thighs. She went to leave, but she found herself in a predicament. To get out she had to get past the young black man she had just blown. And it seemed he was not done with her just yet.

He reached up and undid the rest of her blouse, she did not even bother to try and stop him. She was hoping he just wanted to look and that would be that. Yeah right!

"Damn! You got some nice tits!" the assistant exclaimed. Felicia groaned at her earlier choice of not wearing a bra today, she must look like such a slut! Sucking off a stranger and not wearing a bra. She could feel his cum running between her breasts. Another river slowly making its way over her left breast and dripping off of her painfully hard nipple.

After taking a few more snaps on his phone the assistant mauled Felicia's breasts, easily covering them with his hands. At first it hurt Felicia a little, but the pain soon turned to pleasure as jolts of excitement shot through her nipples.

She was just a toy in his hands and she could not resist as he spun her around and bent her over the photocopier.

"Time to see if you forgot your knickers too!" The assistant growled.

"Wait, I just wanted to suck you off that's all..." Felicia started, but even she could not deny how wet her knickers had become and the assistant proved it by holding them up to her face.

"Smell how much you want me!" he said as Felicia felt her skirt yanked up over her hips. The assistant smacked her ass a couple of times before running a hand between her legs. "So hot, you slut! You've been wanting this all day haven't you?"

Felicia did not answer, she was pushed down by one of the assistant's strong hands as his other held his rigidly hard cock up to her dripping wet hole. He didn't hold back and just pressed himself inside her, deeper and deeper, un-relenting until he was buried to the hilt and his balls slapped against her.

Felicia could not have said anything if she wanted to, she was utterly speechless. She had managed to get a hand to her clit and was strumming away, hoping that her heightened arousal brought by her attentions would slicken up her overly stretched pussy. It helped, but only a little. She could not believe how full she felt.

She grunted animalistically as the assistant thundered in and out of her steaming pussy. The smell of sex filled the room as Felicia came hard around the fat cock stuffed inside her. The assistant did not let up, probably worried about getting caught the longer they were in the cupboard and after ramming Felicia for only a few minutes she felt him stiffen.

Seconds later the warm sensation of her pussy being filled with cum washed through her. Felicia thanked god silently for being on the pill and almost moaned in disappointment at the feeling of emptiness when the assistant pulled out. She just stood there, bent over the photocopier, cum drooling out of her pussy and down her thighs as she heard the door open and close. She was alone.

Straightening up as best she could, Felicia pulled her knickers back on. They were soaked through, but they stopped more cum running between her thighs. Buttoning up her blouse she knew it had gone see through where the cum made it stick to her breasts, she just hoped that she could make it to her hotel room without being stopped.

In the shower and on the drive home she tried telling herself that that was it. The last fuck in the copy room would be it. She had not even gotten his name, but let him cum inside her mouth and pussy! She had spent a little longer in the shower than necessary, purely in through trying to sedate her cravings through fingering herself to orgasm.

Even now, the vibrations of the car were causing her thighs to heat up and nipples harden. Shaking her head Felicia tried to concentrate on anything else for the rest of the drive home.

When she was walking to her front door her legs felt wobbly, unsure of whether it was due to what she had to confess or due to the acts themselves she had to confess to.

She walked to the door and unlocked it. Her husband was sitting there on the sofa, all smiles, happy to see her. 'How did I end up in this situation?' she asked herself. She smiled at her husband hoping that he didn't notice her slight unease.

What she didn't realise was that Stewart had some confessions of his own, and was hoping that his sexy wife, Felicia didn't notice. He jumped up at seeing her and gave her a hug. Felicia dropped her bags and kissed her husband on the lips. Just softly at first then with growing vigour.

She felt his hardening cock through his shorts and her skirt. Her husband's cock. A cock that had given her years of endless pleasure, and even now, knowing that it was not as big as any of the massive black dicks she has had over the last two days, she knew that it was perfect for just right now.

She pushed her husband back towards the sofa as they kissed. When Stew realised what she was doing he stopped suddenly. Then covered his action by picking her up and carrying Felicia to the bedroom. Their clothes were gone in seconds, Felicia forgetting all about her newly shaven pussy.

Stewart just stared at it for a second before grinning madly and diving between her legs. Felicia spent the next 10 minutes receiving the most erotic tongue licking of her life. She came twice form her husband's attentions, long slow licks, short rapid tongue motions, kissing, sucking, when she pulled his head up and kissed him hard, tasting herself, she could not wait another second!

She spun them both over and straddled him, sinking Stew's cock inside her soaked pussy, loving the feeling of having her husband inside her once again. They rocked slowly at first, seemingly enjoying just being together, but Stewart felt his balls filling.

Rolling them both over he fucked her with renewed vigour, pounding in and out, their screams and groans being heard three houses down! Just as he was about to cum he warned Felicia, and readied himself to pull out.

"NO! In me! Please!" Felicia cried, and wrapped her legs around her husband's ass. Stew hid his surprise well and filled his wife's gripping, spasming hole with his hot thick cum! Still thrusting softly, they collapsed together, a hot, sweaty mass of flesh, kissing and touching. Making out like horny teens.

Felicia fell asleep first with Stew still inside her. He loved his wife, her smile, her fantastic ass her cute breasts. How he was going to tell her about what had happened the days she was gone he had no idea...

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