tagNonConsent/ReluctanceEvil Secretary Ch. 03

Evil Secretary Ch. 03


I pulled his head tighter to my pussy. He moaned again, and his finger seemed to be getting uncomfortably close to my asshole. I struggled a little trying to grab his hand through my panties.

"Surely Mandy told you what I like?" he asked, looking up at me with a devilish grin.

His tongue slipped into my belly button, and he licked and slobbered into it leaving a trail of slime like some giant slug. His fingers spread my ass cheeks, and I let out a little grunt as a fat finger invaded my ass.

"Wouldn't you rather have my pussy?" I gasped, as his finger dug in deeper.

"My dear girl, for the ½ a million pound contract, I expect both!" he said in an astonished tone, as if I was being naive.

As if to prove the point further, he moved his other hand to the front of my panties and wormed a finger into my pussy! So there he was finger fucking both holes, as I squirmed, and gave little gasping squeals, which amused him further. He started pulling my asshole to the side, and pushing my pussy in the opposite direction. I sort of stumbled round trying to keep my movements to what I was comfortable with. Ashford wasn't happy until he had turned me sideways on to him. I felt his tongue trail up the outside of my thigh, as one finger attacked my pussy and another attacked my ass!

I have had anal sex before several times, but a few years ago now. I never really liked it then, but I had no choice. I know I said at the start my past didn't concern you. But maybe just this once it wouldn't do any harm to let you in on a little secret. My father and my uncle sort of noticed my body changing as I grew up. I was a virgin when I was 18, but that didn't last long. No, dear old daddy and his brother soon got to realise what a sexy body I had. Unlucky for me, but lucky for them, mum used to go playing bingo 3 nights a week. Well I'm sure you don't want all the gory details. Perhaps I've told you too much already. So maybe I'll just stick to Mr Ashford.

Now while his finger in my ass wasn't something I wanted, the one in my pussy seemed to be doing the trick. My legs were shaking and my eyes were closed. Partly so I didn't have to see the fucking pig, but partly because I was close to letting myself really go! I just wished the slug in his mouth would bloody well stay there! No, he had to give me a coat of slime all over my stocking top. That was until his finger plopped out of my ass.

"Get on your hands and knees," he mumbled.

I did as he asked, and thankfully his short stubby cock picked my pussy. He grunted and panted as he pulled me back by my hips every time he pushed forward. I managed to bend my arm and hold myself up with it, as my other hand grabbed the contract. I waved it behind me as he continued to fuck me. He took the contract and slapped it on my back, and then he stopped fucking me. I felt his cock pull out of my pussy and nuzzle close to my anus.

"Please don't put it in there," I begged.

"No asshole no signature, the choice is yours?"

I heard him give a dirty little chuckle as I offered him the pen behind my back. I felt him scribble on the contract, and then he shoved it under my nose. I tried wriggling away but he must have been expecting it. His hands grabbed my hips and I let out a squeal as his cock speared into me. His dirty chuckle sounded even more delighted as I shrieked with pain. He started thrusting into me mumbling obscenities about how tight my ass was! I panted and grunted trying to cope with the short stabbing dick. Thankfully after only a few minutes he grunted and emptied himself into me. The bastard pulled out and shoved me to one side like a used condom! I scrambled to the loo feeling my sore abused ass throb slightly. Of course I had enough about me to grab the contract on the way.

"Now get dressed and run along. I have things to do, but if you fancy working for me I'll double whatever you are getting paid now."

"Oh, and do I have to move from a desk job to a bed?" I snapped.

He laughed.

I stood in front of Mandy with my head bowed. She just glared at me as she asked again about the contract.

"You really are pissing me off. I should have gone and got that deal. Still, never mind, I'll just put my name on it and we'll keep quiet."

When she saw I had already signed my name where hers should be her hand landed across my face. I fell to the floor clutching my cheek.

"How the hell am I going to tell Harris I got this contract with your fucking name all over it? You really have fucked up big time you silly bimbo," she snarled, as the toe of her shoe swung into my stomach.

"What the hell is going on?" Harris said in shock, as he stood in the door way.

I saw a very worried expression cross Mandy's face.

"I didn't know you were back," Mandy mumbled.

Harris pushed her out of the way and picked me up off the floor.

"Mandy you hit her! Look at her cheek?" he said stunned.

"She fell over, she caught her cheek on the desk," Mandy said, with a heavy pant.

"And what happened to your wrist Amy? Jesus, it's swollen right up," Harris mumbled.

I sobbed and wiped the tears away.

"She trapped my wrist in her drawer this morning. She, she slapped me across the face and kicked me. She hates me, I haven't done anything wrong I swear," I sobbed, "don't let her hit me again. She hates me."

I clung to my boss as he glared at Mandy who looked shocked to say the least!

"She is a liar. Harris, I haven't done anything."

She turned to me shaking her head in disbelief. Her mouth opened and several times it moved like she was trying to say something, but the words just wouldn't come out.

"Mandy clear your desk, you have five minutes to get out of here."

"But what about us, surely you don't believe that bitch?"

I gripped Harris's arm and gave a nice little wince that got more sympathy. Harris picked up the phone and called for security.

"Harris don't do this, I love you, I always have," Mandy whimpered.

I watched the two security guards march her to the lift.

"I'm taking you to hospital, and then I'll contact Jim and we'll see about going to court."

"No, you've sacked her, that's good enough, please sir. I don't want to go to court and drag it all up, please don't force me?" I pleaded with frightened eyes.

He put his arm around my shoulder.

"Look, maybe in a couple of days you will change your mind."

"No, with your divorce and everything the company will suffer enough. No, please I just want to forget about it."

"Well the offer is still there. I'll leave it up to you. I can't believe she could do this to you."

I gave him a little weak smile, as I held my stomach and winced with pain.

"I'm still cross with you though, for going to see Ashford with the contract."

"I got it though, didn't I sir?"

I felt a light kiss on my brow.

"Yes you did Amy, but don't ever disobey me again, clear?"

We spent two hours in the hospital, and after an x-ray the doctor announced my wrist was not broken, just badly bruised and swollen the same as my cheek.

"What are you grinning at Amy?" Harris asked.

"They think I'm your wife, look?"

I showed him the envelope that held my x-ray.

"Mrs Amy Silver," he said, reading the tag.

Oh one day I would be!

He took me home and I insisted he came in for a drink. We sat talking about his divorce that now seemed to be going ahead. Of course I was sympathetic when he said some photos had come to light, showing his brother and wife kissing on the doorstep. Then gradually he told me about the photos of her screwing some young guy, in his very own living room!

"I don't know who could have taken them, or what ever reason they would have."

"Maybe a jealous girlfriend found out her boyfriend was seeing her?" I offered.

"I can't believe she would be so stupid. She knew she wouldn't get nearly as much if she had an affair. Now I have the evidence, what do I do?"

"I'm sure you will look after the boys though won't you?" I asked sympathetically.

"Of course, god what will they think? What the hell do I tell them, I can't tell them their mum is a, well, fooling around, can I?"

"Sir, you have to be strong, I'm sure they will get over it, you have to tell them."

I was rather annoyed by the way he picked at his food, understandably though I guess. But why couldn't he just relax with me for a few hours? I watched his back as he stood at my sink washing up. He had a nice crisp white shirt on, with the sleeves rolled up. This was how it was meant to be, Harris and me in our kitchen, just doing everyday things. Well that would be when our maid had an evening off! Anyway, I would really be too busy, with all the commitments a wife of a successful husband would have. I would be a member of the country club, attend functions on my husband's arm, and maybe a little charity work like rich women do. I could take up tennis, and I'd get so many invites to tea with my new rich friends. I'd become so popular, that people would boast when I had been to lunch with them!

We sipped coffee in the lounge. I held my breath as he took my hand. This was it he was going to make his move!

"Does it still hurt?" he asked, looking at my wrist.

I felt a little deflated as he inspected the bandaged hand he was holding.

"Just a little, Sir, would you like to stay here the night, on the couch I mean, sir?"

He was deep in thought, but finally what I had asked registered in his brain. He shook his head.

"We could go to the office separately in the morning. I wouldn't tell a living soul you stayed with me."

"No but thank you Amy, I should get back to the hotel, in case my wife tries to phone me."

He left shortly afterwards, and next doors cat squealed and raced off, as the plant pot I threw narrowly missed it. Still I wasn't down hearted, I cuddled the scarf that he had left. Well the one I had pushed down the back of the sofa when he wasn't looking. The smell of his aftershave spent the night touring my nostrils as I slept peacefully.

"So are we still on for tonight then?" John asked me.

I pulled open my drawer and slapped a photo on my desk without ever looking at him. I knew he was staring at his partly clothed body riding Mr Silver's wife.

"You said you wouldn't get my face in the shots," he mumbled.

"Don't worry I've kept them safe, they will stay that way as long as you keep it shut, and you stop stalking me."

"Fucking hell I'm not stalking you. You promised me sex," he snapped.

"Well I changed my mind, and I lied about not getting your face in some of the shots. Now you have been paid, go and take Vicky on holiday."

"Christ, won't you even look at me?" he hissed.

I turned my head to him and stared into his eyes.

"Well, satisfied now?"

I turned back to my computer and carried on working. He huffed and stormed towards the door.

"As long as you keep silent your photos are safe. One word and I go and pay Vicky a visit."

I grinned at my computer screen as he thumped the door frame and left. I had 6 phone calls from Mrs Silver that morning. At lunchtime I went to her house. She told me over a glass of vodka that Harris had photos of her with her toy boy.

"Well I did see some guy walking up the lane with a camera. Perhaps your husband hired a detective?"

Another 20 minutes and two glasses of vodka later, I had her convinced that was the case.

"His solicitor offered me 5 million this morning, my solicitor said I should take it. He said in view of the photos it was a very generous offer."

"Well, I suppose it is. Who would have thought that 10 minutes of pleasure would cost so much?" I said, as I refilled her glass.

"Look to a secretary like you, £5,000,000 maybe big money, but I have invested 20 years in this marriage. I don't even get to keep the fucking house!"

I watched the bitter soon to be ex-wife wrench the vodka bottle out of my hand. She spilt more on her dressing gown than in her glass. Then she stopped.

"Oh fuck, Amy, what am I going to do?" she said, bursting into tears.

Now I'm not totally heartless. I cuddled her for a few minutes as she sobbed. Besides it gave me a chance to think about where I would put a dishwasher.

"We have a small 4 bedroom house in Norwich, he has offered me that. I suppose it would be nearer to Joe's school."

"Well, I suppose that would be best, for you I mean. If you need any help with transport for your belongings, then I'm sure Mr Silver would pay the costs."

She got up and walked to the kitchen window.

"Look out there, look at the view," she sobbed.

"It is just a few fields at the end of the day. Anyway with 5 million pounds in the bank and no mortgage, think of all the nice holidays you can take?"

She nodded and turned to face me. She hugged me again and I tried to keep her running nose off my jacket.

"You are right my marriage was over years ago. I suppose I wanted to get at him. Maybe I should just move on now. After all I wanted the divorce in the first place. I just didn't think I'd lose so much money."

She looked back out the window, and seemed to be remembering things from the past.

"Money isn't everything. Besides you'll find someone new. You could afford a toy boy for every day of the year for the rest of your life."

"Thank you Amy, it is still painful but you make it easier in a way."

"I'm sure things will work out. Now I must get back to work, we should keep this as our little secret. I can't afford to lose my job."

"Yes, you are right, how is your father by the way, you mentioned something about him being ill?"

I waved her goodbye 5 minutes later.

"It's my mother that is ill you fucking cow," I hissed under my breath, as I pulled out of the drive.

A week later she left for Norwich. I kept my head down and gave my boss the encouragement he needed to get through the split. He took a holiday the day after his wife left. The poor man had been through so much he deserved it. Besides I was getting the evil look from John and decided it was time to do something about it. With my future husband overseas I now had the idea opportunity.

I had never met Vicky before. I hadn't even seen photos of her. Maybe she was an ugly troll like creature. But when I sat on her couch and chatted to her for 20 minutes I found this not to be the case. She was 21 bright and bubbly, if a little wary, of the leggy brunette in the black high heels, red patterned tights, and black skirt suit sat next to her. I told her how lucky she was, to have such a nice boyfriend. I could feel her growing more and more suspicious. When John came in he just froze with shock, at me being all cosy with his little girlfriend. I gave him a cute little drooling smile, making sure she noticed. Without looking at her I knew she was accusing him with her eyes.

"Hi John, surely you haven't forgotten you said you would help me move my wardrobe today?"

I watched his eyes skip between Vicky and me. He nodded after a few moments, and Vicky narrowed her eyes.

"Yeah, um, I won't be long Vicky," he mumbled.

She stood up and hurried to the kitchen. He followed her and closed the door. I sat smiling to myself. I couldn't hear what they said but Vicky's tone was just as accusing as hers eyes had been. John was being very defensive, and I did hear him say that nothing was going on.

He jumped in my car and seemed mad as hell.

"What the fuck are you playing at? I told you I didn't want anymore to do with you and Mr Silver's schemes."

"John you wanted to fuck me remember? I just thought I would come and pick you up. Now don't be such a worry guts."

"Vicky is already suspicious. Look let me out. I don't want to fuck you."

"Well I do so you will just have to lump it. Don't worry I'm not asking you to leave her, besides she is 7 months pregnant, you could have told me that?"

His eyes closed in exasperation as I chuckled.

"God, it is only a fuck I'm in need of. Satisfy me and you can go back to playing the father to be."

He was still cursing as I dragged him up my path. I gave him my front door key and as he fumbled to get in the lock I pulled his cock out of his trousers. I pushed him on the living room floor and jumped on top of him. My mouth hungrily plunged on his. I could see the anger in his eyes as I pumped his cock.

"Come on you wanted this a few days ago!" I snapped, as I tired of his lack of enthusiasm, "if you don't get it hard poor bloated Vicky gets another visit."

"Jesus, Amy she already suspects something. I can't do this, she is having my baby."

"It didn't stop you a short while ago. Now I'm warning you, give me a good fucking or she gets the pictures. This is my last offer of sex with you, now surely you don't want to miss it?"

I suppose it was my grinning face that upset him. He just pushed me on my back and yanked my skirt up and my tights and panties down! I was still chuckling as he ripped open my blouse. His teeth bit into my nipple through my bra. I pulled his hair sharply.

"Go and eat some pussy, and you better be nice and loving," I said, staring into his eyes.

I smiled as the fire seemed to leave his face. He slowly crawled down my body and started kissing my pussy.

"You see that is better. That is all you had to do," I murmured, as I ran my fingers through his hair.

His tongue worked on my pussy lips and I pulled them apart.

"Get right in there, go on do it!" I snarled.

I could feel my pussy trickling over his tongue as it dived in deeper. I arched my back and felt his tongue forcing a little further. I managed to get my foot under him and flicked his cock with my toes. He whimpered and pulled his hips back trying to stop me.

"Let me do it, or would you like darling Vicky to see you ploughing Mrs Silver's pussy?"

I grinned to myself as he cursed, but then lowered his dick to my foot. I flicked my toes across it as it grew harder. I held back for as long as I could, I knew he was getting annoyed because of this.

"Not long now Johnny boy, then you can go back to your fat girlfriend."

Again he grunted into my pussy what must have been a swear word. I just smiled to myself, and then concentrated on the feeling between my legs. My thighs started to shudder and I let go. His nose rubbed over my clit and his tongue did the magic in my soaked pussy. I gripped his head tighter and pulled him further into me. He let out a stifled groan but it barely registered in my head. I held him there as I slowly let myself down. I opened my eyes and looked at him as his head came up covered in my juice. He panted and took big gulps of air. I looked further down and put my feet around his cock. He tried to shuffle away but I gripped his hair again.

"You are not going anywhere until you have fucked me."

He took a deep breath.

"Can't you just be happy with that? Fucking hell this is rape!"

I smiled at his angry expression.

"You have already been here half an hour. Now I suggest you get on with it or you might find your tea in the bin."

He pushed his cock into me.

"For a guy who is getting raped you sure are hard," I mused.

I slipped my legs around his back as he started hammering. I knew he was trying to hurt me. It was just like my uncle used to do. He loved looking down at my poor contorted face. He had me all to himself when my father died. My dear old daddy had a boating accident. He dived into the sea as I lay topless on the deck of the small boat my uncle owned. My uncle moved the boat a few yards away, teasing my father. I walked up to my uncle and kissed him. I made sure daddy could see as I took my uncles cock in my mouth. I slurped and sucked on Uncle Jed, and then looked back at daddy as he neared the boat.

"Hurry up dear brother, or you will miss out," Jed shouted over the side of the boat.

My mouth plunged on my uncle's cock and I sucked him deeper than ever before. In doing so my ass must have hit the throttle lever. The boat started moving as I sucked harder on my uncle. He was too far gone to worry about my father. I swallowed everything and kept sucking until my uncle pushed me off. We spent an hour going round in circles looking for my father. He was washed up on the shore two days later. Just another tragic boating accident!

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