tagNonConsent/ReluctanceEvil Secretary Ch. 05

Evil Secretary Ch. 05


Monday morning I sat in front of my boss. I told him of the wonderful progress my mother was making. I suggested that maybe his wife would benefit from a few visits to the clinic. He was having a difficult time concentrating on what I was saying, as I sat with my legs crossed showing off my stocking tops. He said he would think about it, so I gave him the doctor's number. As I placed it down on his desk his fingers went up the back of my skirt. I smiled at him as he groped my stocking top.

"Sir, you have a meeting in 20 minutes," I said with a grin.

I pulled away and held the back of my skirt up over my ass. I looked over my shoulder and gave him a cheeky grin. He got up and followed me into his bathroom. I lay down on the carpet and he pulled my panties down. He moved between my legs and started to fuck me. I clung to my wonderful boss as I congratulated myself on getting his wife further away from him. I smiled up at him his pace increased. He soon unloaded into me and pulled off straightening his clothes. I stood in front of him adjusting his tie for him. He watched as I slipped my panties into his pocket.

"If you get bored in the meeting just put your hand in your pocket," I said, with a sexy grin.

The following day he came out to my office and grabbed my hand. I tottered behind him on my high heels. He dragged me forcefully into his bathroom and I clung to the toilet as he took me from behind. I felt a stinging slap to my ass. It shocked me at first but by the time the second, third, and fourth slap landed. I was bucking back searching for the next.

"God Amy, you are so fucking hot," he hissed in my ear.

I had dinner with him the next night. He insisted that we were given a small room just to ourselves. Again I worked on him about the clinic helping his wife.

"She is not my wife anymore."

I looked down at the piece of paper that he slid across the table. All my dreams were starting to really come together.

"So you are a free man now," I said with a grin, I raised my glass and gave him a sexy smouldering look over the top of it.

I slipped my shoe off and ran my stocking foot up his trouser leg. He grinned at me.

"I want to take you home and fuck you in my bed. I want to lick your pussy until you push me away," he said, in hushed tones with a grin.

I waved the waiter over. He stood silently. I looked back at Harris, as I started wriggling in my seat. Both men watched as I threw my tiny white panties on the table. I just stared at Harris all the time. Then I looked up at the waiter who seemed to be a little red faced.

"Give those to my boyfriend, and ask him if you can retrieve my napkin that dropped between my feet on the floor."

I watched the shaking hand pick my panties up, and he then placed them down in front of Harris. The waiter gulped and tried to say something, as Harris and I just looked into each others eyes.

"Do as she says. And while you are down there, find out if she shaved for tonight."

The waiter looked between us, and raised his eyebrows a little.

"Do as he says," I said softly.

The waiter got to his knees as Harris and I looked deep into each others lust filled eyes. I pulled the hem of my knee length dress right up to my belly. We both heard a slight groan from under the table.

"Well, is she?" Harris asked.

"Yes, sir," came a throaty response from under the table.

The young waiter came up very red faced, and holding his hands in front of his tenting trousers.

"Go and pull the straps down on her dress. I want to be able to see her tits," Harris said, as he sat back in his chair.

The waiter didn't move, he just gulped and started mumbling.

"What are you waiting for?" I snapped.

Slowly he moved behind me and I felt two hot shaky hands in the thin straps of my dress. He slowly pulled the straps off my shoulders, and then I took a sip of wine. I looked at Harris the whole time, with a look that said I wanted to eat him alive! My top sagged, but due to the wired bust of the dress it didn't fall completely off my tits.

"Get them out for her," Harris said, after a pause.

"Madam, do you really want me to?"

I looked straight at Harris. I'm sure he was just testing me now, just trying to get me to give up.

"Go careful, I have a nipple ring," I said softly.

"Oh fuck," the waiter gasped.

His trembling hands reached in and he pulled my breasts out so carefully, like they were made of egg shell.

"Don't let go, play with my nipples," I whispered.

"Jesus lady!" he gasped again.

I watched Harris throw a bundle of rolled up money on the table.

"Do as she wants or you don't get your tip."

I looked down at what must have been £500 on the table. Harris watched as the shaking fingers rolled my nipples.

"Finger your pussy," Harris commanded.

I started fingering myself as Harris watched the waiter who was panting and choking a little. Harris still had a confident look on his face, although I could see how much he was turned on.

"Finger her pussy now, help her," Harris mumbled.

"No Harris," I groaned.

He raised his eyebrows at me.

"Do as he wants," I finally blurted out.

"Oh fuck me sideways!" the waiter gasped.

The waiter's trembling finger soon found my pussy. I groaned as he started rubbing me. I kept my lust filled eyes on Harris, as he sipped his wine.

"Kiss me please, I want to come now," I purred at the waiter, as my eyes looked at Harris.

I turned my head and sucked his tongue in my mouth. He went to pull away but I gripped the back of his head as I groaned and squeaked into his mouth. I shuddered on his fingers, and I was very verbal as the young waiter groaned. He was now straining to get away a little, I'm sure he thought I was a vampire or something. Finally I let him go and pushed my red mauled breasts back into my dress.

"Did you shoot?"

"Oh yes most certainly madam," the waiter croaked.

"I was talking to my boyfriend," I mumbled.

Harris sat with a grin on his face and shook his head. I snatched my panties off of him and threw them in the waiter's face.

"Here, a souvenir. They will last longer than the money, and give you more pleasure."

He quickly stuffed my panties in his pocket, and then grabbed the money.

"Now, are you gay?"

"God no," the waiter said in a shocked tone.

"Well it looks like I'll have to give my boyfriend a blow job then."

I crawled under the table as Harris told the waiter to stay outside of the door for the next 10 minutes.

"Yes, um, thank you, sir, and madam."

My mouth was already wrapped around Harris's cock as the waiter moved away.

"Oh fuck!" he exclaimed, as he opened the door taking one last look at me as I sucked Harris deeper.

I winked at the waiter with a mouthful of cock. He sorted of nodded back a little embarrassed. I sucked, kissed, licked, and deep throated for the next few minutes, until Harris finally let go. His hot spunk shot down my throat, and I had another orgasm on my fingers.

The waiter gave me a little smile as we walked out of the room. I grinned back as I walked out on my boyfriend's arm. I felt like I was his now. And soon I'm sure he was going to ask me to live with him.

The following weekend we delivered the old Mrs Silver to the clinic. After a brief interview the doctor said he thought he could help. Mrs Silver still thought I was her friend, crazy drunk woman! So there I was reassuring her that she would be well looked after when she came to stay in a few weeks. I went to see my mother but she was out of it. Still on the drive back I went on about how well the clinic had done with my mother. I just wanted to kick the fat assed bitch out of my front seat so I could be next to Harris. She went on about the bloody boys to Harris. Why couldn't she just leave my man alone! I got out of the car at Norwich with her and went in for coffee, while Harris went to fill up with petrol.

"Thank you for helping me. Amy, I know how difficult it must be for you being my husband's secretary."

"Ex husband, you mean."

She looked down and nodded.

"Has he seen Mandy since we split up?"

"I don't think he has got time for her now," I said, with a grin to myself.

She nodded again.

"The, um, doctor seems nice," she mumbled.

"Yeah, you'll soon get used to his little ways and what he wants. I'm sure after a few sessions he'll have you, feeling better."

"Two weeks in that hospital might not be enough though."

"Well, Harris is paying for your treatment. I guess you should pay for it really now you are no longer his wife."

She nodded again, looking like she had something on her mind.

"What is it Kathy, you can tell me, I'm your friend."

"I, I'm seeing his brother, please don't tell Harris though. You won't will you?"

I hugged her and squeezed her.

"Maybe, you should tell Harris in a few months yourself. When you are ready, but give him time to get over things first."

"Ask Harris to come in and see me will you?" she asked.

I waited outside for Harris, as he pulled up he took off his seatbelt.

"She has gone to bed."

He looked over at the house and buckled his seatbelt back up. When we got back home he stopped outside my flat.

"Look, it has been a long day," he mumbled.

I opened the car door.

"I understand."

"No, you don't, I was going to suggest you stay the night with me. I thought we could get a take a way."

I closed the car door and sat back in the seat. He smiled at me and put his hand on my thigh.

I suppose meeting the kids was never going to be easy. Still the little shits had better toe the line, or they would find out just what to expect from their future stepmother! Harris brought them into the house. They looked at me with a sort of suspicious look. Harris introduced me as his girlfriend, after a slight pause. It had been two weeks since we had taken his ex wife to the clinic, and now she was off for her first stint, poor cow. The boys knew what their mother had done, and that she needed help drying out. I told Harris that he should tell them, several times, and eventually he did. I played the stepmother that weekend, but I guess the boys were still a little upset. Sunday Harris went to fuel up the car, and for the first time I was alone with the boys. Joe had relaxed a little more with me than his brother had. I knew why, he couldn't keep his 18 year old eyes off my deep cleavage and long legs. I caught him once checking me out. I just smiled at him much to his shock. Freddie was 20 and obviously mummy's boy.

"Don't think you can take my mum's place," Freddie snapped, "and don't give me crap about not wanting to."

"I won't give you any crap, as for taking your mum's place. That is up to your father and me. So keep your fucking nose out."

He just sat there with an open mouth as I went to the kitchen to see his brother.

"So, what is your girlfriend like?"

"Nice, I reckon you would get on with her."

"I don't think your brother likes me very much, but you like me don't you?" I said sitting down and crossing my legs.

My wrap around skirt fell open, and I just left it exposing my tan stocking tops, pretending I hadn't noticed. His eyes dropped to my thighs and he shuffled a little.

"Would you work on your brother for me? It would be nice if we all got along, for your father's sake you understand?"

"Freddie is pretty stubborn when he wants to be."

I crossed my legs the other way and he couldn't resist a quick glance.

"Does your girlfriend wear stockings?" I whispered.

He shuffled again and scratched his head. His face was starting to go red.

"No, she never has. Are you trying to seduce me?" he asked, with a nervous chuckle.

"Would you like me to? Sorry, that isn't fair, but I don't mind you looking when your father isn't around. You like to look, don't you?" I purred.

He nodded. I closed my skirt over and he started moving away.

"Talk to Freddie for me, please?"

He looked back and nodded with a half smile.

I helped the boys pack their things that evening. Once again I was alone with Joe in his bedroom.

"So, are meeting your girlfriend tonight then?"

"Yeah, here this is her."

I took the photo and was pleasantly surprised by the young blonde in the bikini. I expected some gawky thing with glasses to be honest. But she was hot, perhaps too hot for Joe.

"She looks very nice."

"Not much in the breast department though, not like...."

"Not like me?" I said, with a chuckle.

"Sorry I didn't mean to sound rude," he said, looking at me a little sheepishly.

"Well perhaps she should get one of these?"

He looked round and his eyes opened wide. I had pulled my top down and showed him my nipple ring. Of course it wasn't just that he was looking at.

"Bring her round to tea next Sunday. I'd like a little chat with her," I smiled, as I tucked my nipple away before he jumped on me.

"W, What about?" he stammered.

"Oh, just ways to keep her boyfriend hot for her, I guess you have had sex with her?" I asked, as I sat on his bed.

"Well no, not yet," he mumbled, as he looked down to the carpet.

Now that didn't really surprise me. I pulled my skirt open and crossed my legs. Joe's eyes lifted to my stocking tops.

"Well, let's see if we can get her into stockings, and then who knows, maybe a nipple ring."

He looked at me with a shocked look on his face. I watched his eyes as I toyed with the nipple ring through my top.

"Now work on your brother for me, have we got a deal?"

He nodded. I crossed my legs and flashed my stocking tops again. He swallowed and came forward.

"Do you want to touch my legs?" I purred.

He nodded and gulped.

I ran my finger from my knee up to my thigh, very slowly. His red face blushed even more. His shaking hand reached out.

"No not yet, not until you have helped me," I whispered, as I crossed my legs the other way.

He grabbed his bag and left the room, rather hurriedly. An hour later I was soaking in the bath, sipping white wine. Harris came in and started washing my back.

"Thank you for telling the boys I was your girlfriend. It made me feel sort of wanted."

"Well I suppose you are. Do you feel like my girlfriend?"

I smiled and pulled his zip down.

"If I wasn't your girlfriend would I do that, and this?" I purred, as I pulled his cock into my mouth.

"God you looked so horny all weekend. I just wanted to ravage you," he hissed.

I sucked him deeper and pulled him faster. He soon shot into my mouth. I took the soapy sponge and dabbed it on the end of his cock.

"Amy, would you think about moving in with me? I'll pay the mortgage on your flat. You won't have to sell it. I mean if you get bored with me, or it doesn't work out I mean. Just think about it, will you?"

"Well this is a shock. I, I don't know what to say," I mumbled.

"Just think about it, please Amy?"

"OK," I mumbled.

"OK you'll think about it?"

"Ok, I'll move in with you."

I sat back in the bath as Harris went out with a smile on his face. I sipped the wine which seemed to taste even better now.

"Who's a clever girl then?" I asked myself.

I went into his bedroom naked. I looked at the photo on the bedside cabinet. Harris noticed, and with a grin he turned it face down. I crawled up the bed and started kissing his cock and balls.

"Christ Amy, you are so fucking sexy. I don't think I can keep up with you."

I took a long slow lick up his cock, and then I looked him in the eye.

"Well, you had better start trying," I said with a wink.

I straddled his cock and lowered myself down on him. I slowly rolled my hips and blew him a kiss. I closed my eyes and tipped my head back, savouring the feel of his wonderful cock on my pussy walls.

"Do you mind if I change a few things?"

"What things?" he asked.

"Well, you want me to be happy here, don't you?"

He nodded and we shared a smile. I narrowed my eyes and purred sexily.

"The bedroom for a start, I want to change the bed, and maybe the wall paper."

"Gosh Amy, I don't know," he mumbled.

I ground down further on his cock. I rolled my hips further, and heard him wince as his cock bent a little.

"OK, change what you want," he panted.

I smiled and rode him faster. He started bucking up into me. I knew he was close to shooting so I just got off.

"Hey! What are you doing?"

"That is all you get tonight," I said, with a chuckle.

He grabbed my hand and pulled me back on the bed. He twisted me on my back and moved between my legs. We laughed and giggled until he was up me again.

"I love you Harris," I purred, "I'll do anything for you."

He looked a little shocked at first. It turned to a smile after he had resumed fucking me.

"I love you too," he whispered into my neck.

I stared up at the ceiling with a grin on my face. I just savoured his words and played them in my head over and over again.

The decorators started the following Wednesday. I had the day off work and went shopping for a bed. £3000 later the bed was ordered, and £6500 later I had the bedroom figured out. Not bad for a days shopping?

Sunday Harris went off to a conference. He just had time to meet his son's girlfriend. She spent ages on her mobile phone. I could see Joe was getting annoyed with her. I didn't like the little grin she had on her face every time she was sending a text. She just sat there asking Joe to get her a drink with that silly little voice she put on. Then she really pissed me off. She looked at me, sort of down her nose.

"You are a lot younger than Mr Silver, aren't you?"

"Joe, go and make me a drink please?" I asked.

As soon as he was gone I started on her.

"Have you and Joe had sex yet?"

Her eyes opened wide, "No!"

It was the shock she said the word with that hit me the most. It was like I had just asked her to eat shit! I grabbed the phone from her and pushed her back on the couch. I covered her mouth with my hand as she wriggled and tried getting her phone back. I flicked through the text messages. She struggled to get free and I felt her bite my hand. I grabbed her by the hair and pushed her down on her face.

"What are you doing?" Joe shrieked, as he saw me pinning her to the floor.

"Little miss one brain cell has another boyfriend, some guy called Tommy."

I threw Joe the mobile phone. He flicked through the text for a few seconds.

"Jesus, you bitch. You've been sending Tommy Franklyn text while you have been here with me!"

She was sobbing as I pulled her by her hair down the drive. She was still sobbing as I threw her phone and bag in the muddy ditch.

"You fucking bitch!" she snarled.

I twisted her round facing me, and her aggressive attitude changed to a frightened look.

"You listen to me. Nobody fucks around on my stepson, especially a thick bimbo with no tits. Now get the fuck off my drive you are scaring the birds."

"Crazy fucking bitch!" she yelled from 50 yards up the road.

Joe was sat in the living room with his head down.

"I really liked her. I can't believe she was two timing me with him."

I moved the mop of curly brown hair out from his eyes. His brown eyes were stained with tears.

"Look, you'll find someone much nicer than her. She is stupid, just a little tart."

I left him in the lounge and went and made some sandwiches. We sat on the couch and he curled up with his head on my lap. We watched telly and I stroked his hair.

"Have you talked to your brother for me?"

"Yeah, he said you are just after dad's money."

"You don't believe that do you Joe?"

He took a deep breath.

"I guess not. You are young and pretty though. What do you see in dad?"

For the next 20 minutes or so I rattled off everything I liked about his father. I even ignored the way his hot little hand was stroking my leg just under the hem of my skirt. I even ignored the slight bulge in his trousers!

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