tagInterracial LoveEvolution Ch. 03

Evolution Ch. 03


Twenty minutes later he was sitting in James driveway, James was not at home. Jamie had no ideal where he could be or when he would be back. There was no paper in the car so he couldn't leave a note. Just as he began to think that this was a wasted trip, Judy, James' little sister came up to his car and told him how pretty it was. He thanked her and asked if she knew where her brothers might be but she didn't know anything that would help. She did get him a pen and some paper and she let him inside the garage where all his stuff was stored. He found four paintings that he thought that James and Simon could finish without too much trouble, and wrote them a note to explain how they could make a few bucks for themselves and do him a favor at the same time. He used their phone to call Molly again but again there was no answer. Jamie couldn't wait any longer then he already had, he would have to see these friends on the next trip home. It looked like it was going to be Larry and him; everybody else seemed to be out of sight right now.

Jamie pointed his car back toward Vicksburg; he would have to hurry to get to KFC before Larry got off work. With the radio blasting the new rolling stone song "Get off of my Cloud", he pulled into the parking lot twenty minutes later and five minutes early. He spent those five minutes watching the line of tourists slowly snake up the sidewalk and into the gift shop. He wondered how much money they took in on an average day, it must be a lot because the line never stopped.

The sound of Larry opening the passenger door took Jamie by surprise, making him jump. Larry slid into the front seat and placed a bucket of chicken on the back seat.

"I got us a sixteen piece bucket with slaw and potatoes, I didn't get any drinks." He sounded plumb guilty about it.

"I see that they are having an all-night movie at the drive-in tonight, some really good motorcycle movies. Sounds like it might be fun. Lets get a fifth of catus juice, a sack of lemons, a salt shaker, and go to the movies tonight." Jamie was a little disappointed that Molly wasn't here with them but he thought that they might still have a good time.

Larry was all for it, so they headed for a package store to get the drinks. They had about an hour before dark, when the movies would begin. On the way to the package store they had to past by the park where they both had worked the queers that cruised by. Larry saw the car of a trick that he had worked in the past. He knew that if this guy saw him he could make a few bucks really fast and have a little fun at the same time. He asked Jamie if he would mind letting him out for a while so he could work this one trick and that he would be standing by the bench ready for me to pick him up in forty-five minutes.

Jamie at first was irritated by this but he wasn't sure why, it was just a feeling that he couldn't explain. Like most men when they have a feeling they can't explain, Jamie tried to ignore it. He pulled to the side of the road and let Larry jump out of the car.

"I see you in about forty-five then" he said to Larry's back as his friend hurried off to the bench by the road.

Jamie's eyes were watching the traffic looking for an opening to pull back out into the stream, but his mind was somewhere else. His mind was wondering what that irritation was that he felt when Larry had decided to leave for a while. Was he jealous?

Jamie wasn't completely aware of the fact, but since the scene with Phillip this morning, what happened in the house and what happened in the back yard had caused him to reconsider a lot about what he thought of himself. He had stepped outside of his own persona and put himself in the role of and observer. He was seeing who he really was now and it was sometimes very surprising. He had already learned on his ride through the cotton fields that he was into being controlled by another person. This was a revelation that he would not have believed if somebody had told him it was so. But he had proved that it was true, it was a fact. The scene in the bookstore's backyard was another sign that he was a different person then he had imagined himself to be. At the moment, at this special time in his life, he seemed to be changing into somebody different then he had been before. Was this because he was weak and the temptation was just too much for him to withstand? He didn't think so; he had proved his strength to himself in that little metal box in Colorado. He wasn't weak in his spirit that was a fact. Was his sex drive out of whack somehow? This was a question that demanded a lot of thought he decided, feeling his sore and abused cock trying to harden once more against his leg. That couldn't be 'normal' could it? If a woman wanted sex all the time there was a name for her, she was a nymphomaniac. If a man wanted sex all the time there was a name for him, he was normal. Now Jamie began to see that there was something on the other side of normal, and that was where he was. Maybe that was who he was. The one thing that Jamie was sure of was that he was sore and bruised but his dick was hard again. He knew it might hurt him but he wanted more sex. He had cum five times in the last eight hours and he was still horny. That was way beyond normal. Jamie wondered if this was a process that may have started some time ago, about the time he became unhappy with the military. Jamie finally concluded that whether he was a worm sprouting new wings to fly into another life, or whether he was a guy who was on a slippery slope. One thing was for sure, he was in motion; only time would tell where he might wind up. With the same courage and determination that had let him jump out of airplanes, he now resolved to ride this feeling out. He would ride this thing until it took him to the end. He decided right there in his new car that Phillip was going to really enjoy this next trip on the boat. Jamie had been following orders for some time now, but he had lost respect for the people who were give them. Now he resolved to follow Phillip orders and to serve him as truly as he had served his country. He had woke up this morning an ex-paratrooper, When he woke tomorrow he was going to be a loyal and obedient sexual slave to Phillip. Jamie didn't think that he was gay but he had enjoyed all the 'gay' things that he had done. It was worth the time and effort to see where this would lead. It was as if the weight of the world had been lifted from his shoulders He was out the door; he was free falling into perversity. God only knew where he might land.

Jamie had to pass right by the truck stop so he pulled in to tell Rosie about the paintings and that she could give his money to James or Simon. Jamie owed Rosie, she had been a big help when he had first come to town. He had been broke and had asked if he could paint some signs for some food. She had agreed and he had made signs for pie, coffee, and cake, Rosie was delighted and paid him twenty dollars as well as breakfast. Later Jamie had asked her about selling the paintings of the local monuments in the Battlefield Park as well as the more red-necked classics like an eighteen-wheeler with the ghost like figure of Jesus looking over it. She had agreed and together they had sold close to two dozen paintings. It was pretty rinky-dink but it helped a lot when he needed the help. At least by coming back by to talk with her, he had not left her hanging with empty spaces on the walls in her dining room.

It only took a few minutes and he was back on the road heading for the package store on the edge of town. Like the adult bookstore it was not something that the churches thought belonged in their fair city, so it had to locate itself just outside the city limits. As he was pulling into the parking lot he thought that he saw Molly getting into a car full of people. He wasn't sure, but it looked just like her, something about the way she moved. The car left in a cloud of dust and a screech of tires as it barked rubber when it hit the paved road. It was headed for Baton Rouge he guessed since it went south on Rt 61. Jamie went into the store and got his supplies along with the drinks he also got some chips. Now he still had to get the lemons and they were set for the night. When he came back out he saw that same car again, it must have turned around and come back into town for some reason. As it passed by him he saw that it was full of black men mostly, but he saw a head of flaming red hair in the back seat. It was a quick look but he was sure that it was molly.

What would she be doing with a carload of black man? Jamie couldn't imagine but he felt that she wasn't there because she wanted to be. He jumped into his car cranked the engine and took off in a cloud of red dust chasing the big sedan that held the girl of his dreams. Before he could catch up with the car he saw it turn off the road and go down a shady driveway. He slowed as he passed by on the highway looking to see where the house was. It wasn't a house it was a house trailer and it did not look fit for people to live in. Jamie parked across the road from where they were getting out of the car. The redheaded girl got out with her arms around the neck of a huge black man. The redheaded woman was kissing the man on the lips, a long deep kiss it looked like from where Jamie was sitting. When she drew back from the kiss, Jamie could see that it was Molly, but what was she doing here with a bunch of black men kissing and carrying on?

Jamie got out of the car and opened the trunk, he reached in and got his jack handle. He didn't have a gun but he wished that he did. He slid the jack handle up the sleeve of his shirt hiding most of it and letting the rest of the bar rest in the palm of his hand. He shut the trunk and got back into the car. He drove to the next driveway and turned into it, the house looked empty so he turned the car off and got out. He crouched down as he ran into the bushes that separated the house from the trailer. Watching for any signs that the men in that trailer might notice him. In a heartbeat he was at the edge of the woods looking at the back of the trailer less then twenty feet away. He crept closer until he was below the window, he could hear sounds coming through the open window, sounds that he didn't like one bit. A woman was moaning. Jamie screwed up his courage and took a chance, raising his head high enough to be able to see into the room. Molly was sitting astride a black guy while she sucked on the cock of another. As he watched she raised her head up and looked into the black guys face.

"I love to suck on your big black cock Raymond" she told him " and I like your brothers cocks too. But yours is the best that I have ever sucked"

" Yes sum Missy, I likes the way that you sucks on my cock too. Now get yur white ass back to work put those lips around my big black dick and show me what you can do." As he spoke Raymond moved her head back onto his monster cock. As Jamie heard this he knew that this was no rescue, Molly was with these men because she wanted to be. Just as Jamie started to leave he was hit hard on the back of his head, he tried to turn and see who had done this to him but the stars filled his head and he saw black only black.

The voices came to him before he could see anything. He heard Molly telling these men that she knew me that I wasn't a cop. He listened as she explained who he was to her, just a guy she knew, a friend of her brothers. He opened his eyes and the light stabbed into his head like a search beam, he squinted his eyes and looked at Molly. She had put on an old bathrobe of some sort, it was way too big for her so he figured that it must have belonged to one of these men.

"Hi Molly", he said but it really sounded weak even to him.

"What the fuck are you doing here, how did you know where I was? Have you been following me around"? She really sounded pissed off when she said it.

"I thought that you were in trouble so I stopped to help you." He used his sleeve to blot the blood that was running down the side of his head.

Raymond had stepped up next to him, Jamie sat on a chair he had his head resting against his hands so his face was at the level of the tall black mans crotch. The big cock that Molly had been sucking on was still there, its big head clearly visible through his pants.

"You gonna help her with this"? He held out my jack handle.

"I didn't know what was going on when I came here. I listened at the window until I heard enough to know that she is here because she wants to be. I would be gone by now if your man hadn't cold-cocked me" I looked up into his eyes, I wanted him to see that I was telling the truth.

"Yeah, that might be so, I guess." Raymond was trying to be big about this I guess, giving me the benefit of the doubt. "It could be just like you says it is. But then again you could be with the klan, or the law, not that there's that much difference around these parts. The thing is, how am I supposed to know why you are here? We get death threats all the time and we knows these peoples ain't bluffing. No siree, these folks ain't bluffing a tall"

Molly chimed in, " Raymond, Leon, Otis and Amos are down here getting people to sign up to vote. Raymond ain't lying about this stuff. We think that the police and the klan worked together to kill three of Raymond's friends over in Philadelphia. They just disappeared one night after they were released from jail and nobody's seen them since. The F.B.I. can't find them and they got people running all over the place looking. Them boys are dead."

"I ain't with the klan or anybody else, I was going to the drive-in movie when I see Molly, and I think that she might need some help. So here I am but now I see that I was wrong. You can let me go and everything will be fine. I won't cause you no trouble." It seemed very reasonable to me and I hoped that Raymond would see the truth of it in my eyes.

What Raymond saw was the way my eyes kept stealing glances at the bulge in his pants. His face remained set in a hard expression but what he saw made his mind smile.

"OK, Molly get your bitch self out of those clothes and get back to what you came here to do" Raymond looked at me and asked. "Is it going to be a problem for you to have to stay and watch as Molly fucks and sucks these men until they are used up".

"No" I lied, "You guys do what you want, I just want to get out of here and get back to my life."

"That ain't gonna happen. You gonna be right there with us until we are all through. You gonna learn a lot about this little sweet bitch here. You gonna see what you been missin out on." Molly had removed the robe and was completely naked now, she had come to stand beside Raymond as he finished his talk with me. Raymond turned to her," Get your ass on your knees and suck my dick bitch". Molly never batted an eye or protested in any way, she just dropped to her knees and started to suck on Raymond's cock again. She was less than an arms length away from me sucking like I wasn't even there.

One of the other blacks came over and complained to Raymond that he was tired of waiting for his turn. Raymond pulled Molly off his dick while she was still sucking, it almost made a popping sound as it was forced out of her hot little mouth.

"Get yur ass on your hands and knees," Raymond cast his eyes at me and then said "Strip this faggot and tie his cracker ass to the chair". Raymond looked at Molly. "I want you to stand in front of your boyfriend" as Raymond talked he pulled Molly to the front of my chair, he bend her at her waist and had her hold her hands on the chair back, one on each side of my head. "Bitch you better keep both of your hands right where I'm putting them now. You hear me bitch?"

Molly turned her head to look into Raymond's eyes. "Yes sir."

While this was happening two of the others were tying my hands and my feet to the chairs legs. I thought that it was kinda funny, these niggers were so dumb they forgot to take my clothes off before they tied me up. The big guy, the one she called Raymond was the boss here, Jamie waited to see how he would handle this stupidly on the part of his men. Jamie was forced to re-focus his mind on who was the dumb-ass here as the two blacks pulled out their knives and started to slice his clothing away. I not only was naked but I had no clothes at all now, This was much worst, cutting those clothes told me that I was to be left here when the party was over. I felt then that they were going to kill me and maybe Molly too. Molly's face was inches away from mine, her tits hung down in front of my face; her ass was stuck up in the air behind her. Meanwhile Raymond had taken his place behind Molly and started to fuck her again. Jamie found himself staring into her eyes as she was brutally fucked from behind. Each time Raymond would drive his massive cock into her tight hole she would be forced to rock her face with in inches of Jamie's wide- opened eyes. Her eyes had a glazed over look about them, her pupils seemed to be the size of nickels. Her mouth hung slack-jawed as she sucked her breath through it. She was stoned out of her mind on something. As Jamie was seeing this woman that he loved in a new light, for the first time, he wondered who she really was.

A black cock came over his shoulder. Molly's mouth was working like it was sucking even before it got to the offered dick, when she made contact she didn't stop until the man was balls deep in her hot mouth. Jamie's eyes could see the uncontrolled lust in Molly's face as she sucked on that ebony baton in her mouth. He could see that she was lost to reason and existed only to serve. She was loving every minute of this ordeal, totally unaware of how she looked with her spit and slobber smeared all over her face, drenched in sweat, shiny and wet as she gave her self away. How on earth did this man Raymond get such power over Molly, would Phillip hold that same power over him before long? Her hair brushed against the side of Jamie's head with every move she made. Her sucking sounds were funneled into his ear an inch or so away from the sucking lips when the cock was at it's deepest in her mouth. He smelled the heat of her and the sweat as she worked for her men.

It was the hottest thing that he had ever seen in his life. He found that he was putting himself into her place instead of the men fucking into her. He felt that he too was serving these hard men, his dick was hard and sticking up into the air high enough that he sometimes felt it touch her nipples when she was pushed forward extra hard by Raymond. This went on for some time, until the giant named Raymond groaned and slammed into poor Molly so hard that she was slammed to the root of the cock in her mouth. Raymond held her there, seemingly not noticing her twitching and squirming around trying to catch her breath with that black dick shoved into her throat. It was so hot for the guy behind Jamie that he blew his load down her throat so deep that she didn't taste a drop of it. They all stayed that way for a long moment, each of them regrouping in their own way. Jamie couldn't imagine what was going through Molly's mind, but what was in his mind was worrisome enough for him. Jamie had found himself wanting to be her, wanting to be serving these men in their rough style of forcefulness, a willing victim for their enjoyment and satisfaction. He wanted to be treated as a servant, a sexual servant willing to do whatever he was asked without reservations of any sort. What he wanted was to be a slut to them just as he had been for Phillip that morning in the backyard.

Raymond had regained his composure and pulled his softening dick from Molly's stretched cunt with a wet plopping noise. Molly pulled her face back from the cock over my shoulder, her eyes tried to avoid mine as she pushed her self back up to her stiff-arm position.

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