tagGroup SexEvolution Ch. 04

Evolution Ch. 04


His jaw ached from stretching open wide enough to suck those huge cocks, not the sort of wound he had ever considered having. He was rolling down the highway but he couldn't say where he was or where he was going. His mind was fully occupied with trying to solve why Molly had let this happen to her, and even more important, why he was unable to help her. Why in God's name had he sucked cock when he should've been kicking ass. 'What in the fuck is wrong with me?' he thought, he knew how to fight yet he had let himself be caught by a few co-fo workers. 'What kind of car did they have?' he wondered, 'If he had been even half sharp he would have got a tag number and the make and model of their car'.

He turned on the radio and let his thoughts run free as he streaked through the dark Mississippi delta night, his mind was a hundred miles away as he drove and worried about these changes that he was finding in himself. This morning he had been a virgin as far as him sucking or fucking men went. Tonight his lips had sucked cum from five cocks and four of them had been black. He had got his rocks off while his girlfriend was being raped. He and she was enjoying it, so was it really rape? The bathrobe didn't have a belt so it was open nearly all the time, his nudity lit by the soft dash lights. This car was the only good thing to happen to him today. It was his and as long as he owned it he would remember this day. It was as if the car had changed his life. He had never sucked anybody until after he got this car.

Jamie turned the radio up since it seemed to have gone quite, only to discover that it was part of a song. Now he heard over the radio the sound of wolves howling in the distance. Next thing he knew the car exploded with the sound of hard-driving rock and roll. Jamie had his radio tuned to Little Rock but he could only get it after dark, it was his favorite station and tonight they didn't let him down. Tonight they were playing Deep Purple's new album and they were rocking out on a song called "Hush". It was fucking great. It was the first time he had heard of this band, but he knew that he was going to have to get an LP by them. When the song was finished they followed it with Hendrix's "Purple Haze".

The radio was sounding mighty fine to Jamie and he began to let the car have its head and stretch it's legs again. This car loved to run. It was one fine car he thought as he pushed the petal down and felt the acceleration push him back in the seat, he could hear the high pitched whine of the supercharger as it kicked in and the car seemed to rise up and jump forward. He quickly let his eyes scan the dashboard, he was hitting140 miles an hour on a two-lane road with a speed limit of fifty after dark. He let the car wind down, slowing until he was going slow enough to stop and turn around. No matter what happened to him tonight, he was still who he was and he had things to do. He decided to see if he could find Larry, he needed to get some clothes. He needed to be able to talk to somebody about what was going through his mind and he trusted Larry.

The car was like a spirited horse, it wanted to run and Jamie let it go a bit. As he tore down the road he passed a car going the other way.

This was the cop who had been chasing Jamie's car for miles but was steadily losing ground to the Hawk. The cop thought that he had lost the car and then he meets the son-of-a-bitch going back the way he had come. By the time he could turn around the car was out of sight again. He pointed his car the way that the hawk had gone and floored it his hand reaching for his radio as he sped back toward town.

Jamie was enjoying the feel of it as he sped around curves and shot down the long straight-aways. Maybe this car was a cure for what was ailing him; maybe it was the wind blowing through the windows, whatever it was he was feeling better.

He was topping a hill coming into town on rt.61 when the red lights came on, far back in his rear view mirror. A quick glance at the speedometer told him why. 110 mph on the needle and 45 on the speed limit sign that flashed by the window. He had no I.D., no driver's license, and worst of all no clothes. He couldn't pull over, he had to outrun them somehow.

Unfortunately the Vicksburg police department didn't share his fascination with the car or his desire to avoid an embarrassing traffic stop. Jamie began to put the hawk through its paces, to see what it could do. Another car had tried to head him off at an intersection but Jamie got there before him and he had to fall in behind Jamie with the other cop. The cars they were driving were no match for the Hawk in handling or speed. They put on quite a show for the citizens of Vicksburg that night! After a high speed tour of the old part of town the boy took Mulberry Street and raced along the river's edge. The river port with all its tugboats and barges rushed pass the passenger window as old southern townhouses with their iron fences and Formosa trees rushed by the driver's side of the street. The road began to rise up the slope toward the Battlefield Park entrance arch. Only about two more miles and he could dust these guys off on those dirt roads and trails he thought.

He raced southward, through the dark shadows of the overhanging branches of formosa and chinaberry trees. Because of the heavy rains that they have here the roads are 'Crowned' meaning that they kind curve upward in the middle so that the water will drain to the sides of the road. This also makes for very rough intersections, turning each cross street into a combination speed bump and ramp. His new car was bottoming out on nearly every street crossing. It seemed that the exhaust was louder now so he might have ripped something loose underneath the car. The windows were down and the smell of honeysuckles mixed with the smell of hot metal and burning rubber. The roar of the exhaust became a sort of white noise and he admired the sights as he flashed by them. He would always remember it as being like a tinfoil wonderland of shadows and dreamlike silvery trees and buildings. The moon turned the river into molten silver glowing and shimmering in the darkness of the far bank. The glow of the red lights flashing behind him was echoed over the waters to merge with the moonlight. It created a very surrealistic effect. There were two cars behind him but he seemed to be leaving them behind. The boy wanted to slow down a bit to lessen the beating that he was giving to his new car, but he instead pushed the petal down a little more, easily leaving those two cars behind him. They knew that if he made it to the park they could kiss his ass good-bye. But they had radios, and they are hard to outrun.

He needed to get into the battlefield park, on those small single lane trails winding through the gullies and ridges that formed a huge ring completely surrounding the city. Many of the cities business people thought that ring was really a noose choking the city within its graves and monuments. In a way the Yankee positions continued to blockade the city much as the Yankee army had a century ago. Tonight his only hope was to make it to those small dirt trails. For two months Jamie had walked these roads looking at the monuments from different viewpoints. It was hard enough to keep a car on those trails at thirty miles an hour. He knew where every bump was, he knew where the turns were sharp and where you could make it going pretty fast. He had walked these trails and knew them like a lover knows his mate. His real ace in the hole was the dust; Missippissippi has red clay dirt that makes a dust that hangs like a thick fog. At night the reflected glare from a cars headlights would make it impossible to see ten feet ahead of your windshield. The park was his salvation, but he still had to get to it.

While he was visualizing his escape in a cloud of red dust, the highway patrol was setting up a roadblock just outside of the parks entrance arch. With their cars parked across the opening there was no way that he could break through. Jamie came up onto the road that enters the park only to be faced with a line of cops standing in front of two cars that sat side ways across the road. They were confident they had their man and just waited for him to stop and give up.

Jamie threw the car into a tight slide by turning the wheel and hitting the brakes, the car went sliding sideways toward the police roadblock. Jamie spun the wheel back the other way and pulled the gearshift lever down into low. He released the brake and went back to the gas with his foot, pushing it to the floor, but at a steady rate not all at once. He was now sliding backwards toward the parked cars of the police, but the tires caught a grip and the car began to head back the way it had come. Jamie was at the outer edge of controlling the car, his vision was blocked by the cloud of smoke generated by his smoking tires as they burned themselves out striving for traction. He punched the long hood of the hawk through the thick smoke hoping that he was still on the road, hoping that the cops that had been chasing him would be able to get out of the way. There was no way that he was going to stop, he would never go back into that cell again. He flashed by the one car on the right, missing him by inches, he vaguely felt the other car as it rushed by on his left. Jamie was free for a moment.

As soon as he passed by the two cop cars he turned off his lights. The cops were behind him and he knew that they would be calling ahead to block everything to the west side of town from the river bridge to the sawmill up north. Jamie needed to get into the park the other side of where they were now. He was only a couple of miles from where he wanted to be. He pulled into a carwash; he parked his car around back where they had a water hose and brush for cleaning wheels and tires. It was out of sight of the highway. Jamie tried to act like he was washing his car while he waited for the cop cars to scream out in pursuit of him. It seemed to take forever but at long last he heard two cars go tearing off down the road back toward the sawmill. A short time later and two more cars went rushing off toward the south and the river bridge. Jamie went around his car with the rinse hose squirting water like he was paying attention to what he was doing. He gave it another minute and then got into his car he cranked up and had started to move when he heard another cop car go tearing out behind the first group. That had to be the last one, Jamie thought as he eased his car up the road toward the park. He entered through the arch and drove down a winding trail that let him off the beaten paths. He drove to the monument that he had wanted and found the equipment shed behind it and parked his car inside. He knew that some of the crew changed clothes here and he found a dirty pair of overalls to slip on. There was a single dime in the pocket, Jamie smiled and started walking back past the scene of roadblock at the park's entrance, out side into the city again. He had to find a phone.

The night was dark but warm with a nice breeze blowing from the southwest. Clouds scudded across the sky hiding and revealing the sliver of moon like a child playing peek-a-boo. It took Jamie about twenty minutes to walk the two miles back to the waffle house where he asked for a glass of water and took it with him back to the pay phone where he called Larry. As luck would have it Larry had company, James and Simon, which was good because Larry had no car. James pulled into the waffle house parking lot ten minutes later. They took a back booth and over coffee and breakfast Jamie told them of his evening. He didn't leave anything out, he gave them all the truth, about how he had acted, what he had done and why. When he was finished he looked up to see the stunned looks on their faces.

Larry was the first to exclaim. "You son-of-a-bitch, you let four niggers take my sister with them and you just let them go?" He was really losing it "What the fuck is wrong with you?"

Jamie didn't answer, he didn't know the answer.

James was a very down to earth sort of guy and he asked the next question. "Do you think that they got your tag number when the cops were after you?"

"I don't think so, I don't think they were close enough to see that clearly," he said.

"Did you really suck four nigger dicks"? Simon asked in his small voice.

Everybody at the table was looking at me. "I didn't have a choice, I was made to do it against my will." I lied. I could see the judgment in their eyes as they considered what they would have done if they had been me.

"I damn well would have bit the god damn thing off if a nigger stuck his dick in my mouth." Larry growled. "I for damn sure would not have let them take Molly anyplace."

"I am sorry Larry, you know how much I like Molly but she was with them when I found her, she told me that she had made the choice to be his whore and that she could live with her choice." He thought of the look in her eye as she let her self lose control and be their slut. He understood what she had told him, he might have made the same choice. But these guys would never understand. "I don't know guys, it was a strange situation but she was where she wanted to be it seemed to me."

Larry got up and without a word stalked out the door, it was about two miles to his apartment, maybe he would be cooled off by the time he got there. Jamie decided to call him later and try to get him to understand.

Jamie had no money but James treated, picking up the check for everybody, Simon left a tip for the waitress. We walked outside and since there was stuff in the backseat we all slipped into the front bench seat. Jamie was in the middle since he was the shortest. Jamie needed to get some clothes and the longer his car remained hidden the safer it would be when he got back in it to go to Phillip's tomorrow. They decided to go to James and wait until the wee hours of the morning to come back for the car.

Both of his friends were quite on the ride, finally as they were almost there at their house, Simon asked the question that had been haunting his mind since he heard the story at the waffle house. "Does that make you a queer? Did you like it when you were sucking on their cocks?"

Jamie saw James turn his head, he wanted to hear this too." No " he answered, "It does not make me a queer. As for the other, it was exciting to be used like that. I think both me and Molly was getting off to it a bit while it was happening." Jamie was surprised how honest he had answered the question.

"Would you suck me if I asked you to?" Simon asked, he hastened to add, "We would never tell anybody if you did."

Jamie was surprised by the question, he turned to James, " Are you asking me the same question?"

James answered, "Only if I thought that you would enjoy it as much as I would"

Jamie considered as crazy as it sounded he did want more sex and his dick was sore. He had already crossed so many lines today that one more didn't seem to matter that much.

He reached a hand into each of the boy's laps and started to fondle their growing cocks.

Nobody said another word until hey pulled into the driveway and shut the motor off. Holding a hard dick in each hand Jamie turned and lowered his head onto Simon's smallish cock. He sucked for a moment like making a promise and then turned to James who had a surprisingly large cock and made his promises to that cock also.

"Lets get inside". Simon said

But instead James cranked up the car and said.

"No we can't do this here, what if Judy came home unexpectedly and caught us. " as he said this he was pulling back out into the road. "I know where we can go and I want to go there anyway and see the place for myself." James headed out of town heading north toward where Jamie had told him of the trailer.

They soon found the dark shady drive and turned in to park behind the dilapidated structure. Jamie had sought these two men out as friends earlier tonight, what would they be to him when they left this place he wondered. Both of the cocks in his hands were hard and waiting for his services. As for himself, he was as hot as the two cocks


James found a flashlight in the glove compartment and lit the way to the door, Jamie followed pulling Simon by his dick behind him. Once they were inside Jamie watched as James walked around looking at the things in the trailer and trying to put them into the story that Jamie had told. James looked at the chair in the middle of the room, he pictured Jamie tied to it. He saw the cut pieces of rope scattered around the chair, the stains and wet spots on the floor. He went to the kitchen and found the ashtray on the counter there was a partially burned photo. He couldn't make out much but it was several dressed men's feet and one white bare foot.

James looked back at the chair and at his friend and brother. Simon stood there with his cock hanging from his open fly, Jamie was standing looking at the floor beneath the chair. James felt that it had been a mistake to come here, it was obvious that it had killed the party spirit in poor Jamie. What assholes him and Simon must be to want Jamie to suck their cocks after what he has been through. James made up his mind. They were going to get the hell out of this place and go home.

Jamie sat in the chair. He motioned Simon to come closer, reaching out for his dick. Jamie held the cock close to his face and looked up to James.

"You know that I had never sucked a cock until this morning, now I've sucked five. So far I've sucked more foes then friends by a radio of 4 to 1." Jamie put the cock to his lips and kissed it. "I find that I like sucking cock, I like making a man cum. It makes me feel like I belong to that man, at that moment"

"Do you want to belong to us, here, tonight?" James asked

Jamie looked at him over his brother's dick. "What do you want James"? As he spoke those words Jamie took the length of Simon's dick into his mouth, he started to suck and swirl letting his tongue do a sensual zigzag as it pushed up against the fat underbelly of this cock in his mouth.

Simon's hands reached for Jamie's head and started to let his fingers glide through Jamie's hair. It was a very soothing feeling sucking and being so gently stroked. Jamie closed his eyes, savoring the moment elevating it to a memory, realizing how much it meant to him even as it was happening. Jamie sucked and pleased Simon's cock while his mind enjoyed playing the female role to Simon's loving man. Jamie had often gone to Wanda's Bar a long narrow gay bar on the south side of Jackson. On a good night there would be six or seven men sitting at the bar and every one of them would turn and watch him as he walked behind them. Just like men would look at a pretty girls ass when she walks by. It always made Jamie hot, to think of those men thinking of him that way, it always gave him a woody. Now he was satisfying a man like a woman, making him cum with his body.

James was feeling more then a little left out as he watched this simple blowjob turn into something more. James had been around the block enough times that he knew the difference between a suck and an act of lovemaking. Jamie and Simon were making love to each other right in front of him, and he was getting so turned of watching.

James wanted to be a part of this scene, he approached the chair and knelt next to Jamie he started to unfasten the snaps securing the straps on Jamie's overalls. He worked the clothing down Jamie's body without disturbing the blowjob in anyway. He moved to the front of Jamie's chair and pulled the pant legs down and off of his body.

Jamie was giving the sweetest sucking when he felt James' hand on his cock, his cock hard and sticking straight up. Not hard or harsh, not a strong or masculine touch, but a series of gentle loving touches. James moved behind the chair reaching around his friend with both arms hugging him close as he fondled his balls and stroked his cock. He was at eye level with his brother's dick as Jamie contently lavished his love on it. James leaned forward and started to kiss and lick on Jamie's ears. Whispering how sexy he looked sucking that dick, how much he wanted him to suck his. Jamie was as hot as a firecracker as he sucked and fondled Simon and James was driving him to the point of another climax with his hands and the things that he was whispering in his ear. Simon gave a stiffled sort of grunt and started to flood Jamie's mouth with hot cum. Simon had just turned eighteen and he shot a healthy load into Jamie's sucking and swallowing mouth.

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