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Evolution Ch. 05


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If Danny had been born an Indian he would have been called 'Shit for Luck'. Danny was so sure that God had to be fucking with him that he considered asking the guard for a Bible. That is the only thing that the prison can't take away from a man, they have to give you a Good Book if you ask for one. Even in solitary, they could turn out the light but they had to give you your Bible. Maybe God would let you read in the dark.

Anyway he had almost asked for a bible just to let it fall to the floor. It might fall open to a certain page and he might pick out a certain sentence and suddenly everything would become clear. There might be a message for him there; this was too much to be happenstance. Then again maybe God and his friends are sitting around a table tossing back a few cold ones. God might reach over and poke his fat buddy and say, "Watch what I'm gonna do to Danny now, you'll shit, you'll laugh so hard you'll shit yourself!" Danny smiled at the image in his head. In his heart he knew that if he had dropped the bible its cover would have remained closed. It held no help for a guy like him.

Once the truth of the situation had sunk in, once he had acknowledged that the money was gone he found that he could smile about it. But it still hurt. Maybe it would make a great tale to tell to his friends someday. He had used his call to tell Charles what the deal was and now all he could do was wait. Win or lose, it was out of his hands for the moment, until he got out of here. He eyed the kid coming across the room toward him and thought; maybe God did deal him an ace every now and then.

"Got a light," the kid came up to squat down next to him, his hand offering a pack of cigarettes.

"Yeah kid I got a light. What you doing with a pack of fags and no matches?" He whipped his old Zippo out of his pocket flipped open the lid and in one quick motion rubbed the flint wheel up his leg until it lit. He held it low and in the center of his body making the kid bend over to suck the flame into the end of his smoke.

"I really left my smokes and my lighter in my car when the cops arrested me. The cop let me pick up a pack on the way to jail." The kid blew out a long stream of smoke " the store was out of matches"

"Yeah, I once had the cops give me a book and then put my ass in a dark room for two days. They have a strange sense of humor sometimes." Danny lit his own smoke and they leaned back against the wall and sat quietly. His mind dialed the kid right out and went back to his Winnebago and the repair that he should have made before he left home. What the fuck had he been thinking?

"What did they get you for"?

The kid was asking him a question. Danny stopped his train of thought and stared at the kid. He reminded him of somebody, he looked fresh and eager. He would make somebody a fine bitch.

"Reckless driving, driving under the influence, and possession of pot ". I think that was what they said," Danny stubbed his cicerette out on the brick floor and looked at the kid, "You?"

Jamie thought that it might be wise to keep most of what had put him here to himself at least until he knew who he was talking to a little better. He shyly smiled and said.

"I hurt the cops feelings when I outran them in my hawk. I wasn't driving when they stopped my friend and found me in the middle of the front seat. So here I am until my friend Phillip can bail me out tomorrow."

Danny listened to what the kid was saying but he was also listening to what the kid was not saying. There was more to this story but Danny could wait, he knew that the younger man would want to tell him before too long. Over the next few hours he revealed to the kid that he was Danny Freeman, he owned a tire store over in Monroe La. He had been in his motor home when the alternator went out. He couldn't afford to wait for the shop to get it fixed so he took a chance on catching a ride. After all it was only a little more then a hundred miles, two hours if he was lucky.

He had caught a ride with some young students from Northeast La in Monroe. They had been drinking a bit and asked him if he would drive for them. They needed to get to Jackson Miss to attend a football game. Danny had needed to get to the same area so he agreed to ride over with them and do all the driving. One of the assholes in the back had thrown a beer bottle at a road sign and the cops saw it. Danny was behind the wheel he was the one who got the drunk driving ticket. When they searched him before putting him in the squad car they found the pot. So he got the historic Vicksburg jail tour that came with it.

Danny was a likeable sort of a guy, Jamie thought that they really had a lot in common, they hit it off right away. His one major flaw, he was readily willing to admit, was that he was an adrenaline junky. Although Danny grew up with all the advantages that come with a solid middle class background, he was constantly in and out of scrapes with the law, and more than a few pissed off husbands and fathers. Danny was put on this earth to live and by god that is what he was going to do.

The laws of both state and god meant nothing to Danny. He had broken most of them and he had spent his share of time in jail. Even there he would never change, he was who he was and that was that. He had realized how fragile ones existence really is and had adopted an attitude of "let the good times roll". Since then he became a one man Mardi Gras. Rarely seen without a drink in his hand or a joint between his lips. Not to mention a string of one-night stands with, as Danny was fond of saying, "anything in high heels". If he found himself back on the inside the first thing that he did was find him a good bitch. Now here he was back on the inside again and here came this soon to be bitch to cheer him up.

As the night passed they pretended to talk of the things that mattered in their lives.

Jamie began to see Danny as someone larger then life, someone who took what he wanted and to hell with the consequences. He seemed so strong and sure of himself, he overwhelmed him with his strength and confidence. Danny was one of those lucky people who seem to be able to coast thru life at their own pace and rise to the occasion when necessary.

Jamie thought that they were much alike even though they came from very different backgrounds. He thought that Danny was a little closer to the edge then he was but that was just one man's opinion. They both agreed that there was something working between them and it seemed that they both felt that they had been friends before and this was just a chance to catch up on what had happened since they had last met. It was a strange vibe but it felt good, they both seemed to smile a lot and the dark jail cell could just as well have been a coffee shop or a bar where people go to talk and get to know one another.

Time had gotten away from them, since it has no meaning in jail. They all lay still and quite in the stiffening heat that the walls radiated out into the room. It was a one-in -million chance that the boy would see the note come through that window, but he did. Somebody had slipped up to the window and tossed a note right into the chained man's lap. The boy pretended to be asleep as bank robber cast a glance around the cell. Satisfied that he had not been seen he carefully unfolded the note and read it. Without a word or sign of any kind he wadded the note up and put it into his mouth and started to chew.

The boy turned to his new friend Danny who was sitting against the wall next to him." Did you see that?" he whispered.

Danny opened his eyes, "did I see what?''

The kid explained what he had seen happen with the bank robber and the note. Danny seemed to be very interested. "Listen kid, you keep an eye on Mr. Bank Robber, you let me know if he does anything sudden. I mean anything, if he scratches his ass I want to know about it." Danny's hand reached out and his fingers grabbed the boy's nipple through the cloth of his shirt and started to twist it. "You got that bitch?" He smiled and then released the nipple and playfully slapped the boy on the cheek. "Keep you eyes on our friend, I am going to try to get some shut eye", with that he let his head drop onto his chest and shut his eyes.

Jamie was stunned, why would he call him a bitch? Was it that obvious that he had become a slut that a total stranger would know it just by looking at him and talking for a few hours? He hadn't done anything to get him mad or upset, so the 'bitch ' had to have a sexual meaning not something said in anger. Jamie was thrilled at the same time that Danny had pinched his nipple, his hand sought the hurt nipple out and found it hard and erect. He almost shivered as he felt how sensitive it felt when his fingers touched his own nipple. As he devoted himself to watching the bank robber he could feel his dick starting to harden.

Bank Robber sat silent and motionless for the next couple of hours. The kid heard the guards talking outside the cell, a great slamming of doors, and voices raised in loud talk of plans for the day. It seemed that one of the guards was going fishing and couldn't wait to get to the river. From the corner of his eye he caught the motion of sudden movement as bank robber jumped to his feet and ran to the wall and flattened his body against it. Jamie jumped to his feet just as a blast wave of hot air hit him like a solid wall. He was slammed against the wall and fell stunned to the ground.

Danny had been shielded from the blast by the kid so he didn't take as hard a hit as the boy did. He grabbed Jamie by the collar and arm and pulled the kid toward where bank robber had gone. A great smoking hole in the wall opened to the cool grass and dark night air of the great outside. They ran or rather Danny ran as best as he could while he pulled the kid by his arm.

The night was a very silent place; time had been frozen by the blast. Everybody was trying to find their breath before they could scream or moan or anything else. Time if not stopped had drastically slowed down. The only thing moving was the car that bounded up onto the courthouse lawn and slid to a stop right in front them. The man driving the car reached over and opened the front passenger door; bank robber leaped to the doorframe and held on as the car started to move backward. He managed to get inside and on the seat just as Danny wrenched open the rear door and pushed the semi- conscious kid inside, falling in on top of him as the car jumped the 12 inch curb and bounced back onto the street. Jamie's eyes were drawn to the bright flashes that marked where the bombs went off on the radio tower antenna and the parking lot where two cars sat burning. These were the details that were lodged in his mind as he let himself slip into the darkness.

"I don't give a good shit who you are, you ain't going to be coming with us," A loud and angry voice was yelling at someone. "How the fuck am I supposed to know that you ain't no fucking cop yourself." An uneasy silence filled the car only the sounds of the wind and the wheels hitting the tar strips on the pavement came to his ears. He opened his eyes, but it had no effect since he was laying in the back floorboard of the car with Danny's legs over him. "You are one crazy motherfucker to jump into another man's car without finding out if you are wanted". The same voice continued, though with less anger it seemed to the listening boy. " What's your name and who the fuck is this kid that you brung with you?"

Danny wasted no time as he rushed into an explanation of why he had moved so fast. His story flowed fast and seamless as he explained, he seemed to talk without taking the time to breathe. That might've been the effects of the blast that made it seem that way to the kid but he had no trouble following the story and he was amazed. Danny was telling a story that would rival any movie plot that he had ever seen.

According to Danny he was just bumming a ride with the guys in the car that was pulled over. He was trying to get to Edwards Miss a small town just to the west of Jackson, where he told the two strangers he had 200 lbs of marijuana hidden in trash cans behind a house. He had to get there tonight before they, the people who lived in the house, put the trash out to the curb. The pot represented all that he owned in the world, and he still owed money on it. He couldn't stand to lose it to some stupid mistake like a drunk -driving rap.

Bank Robber and his friend listened in silence and considered this tale of desperation.

Two hundred pounds of pot, even if it was homegrown it was worth at least one hundred and eighty dollars a pound, that allowed for the dealer to double his money and sell it for twenty dollars an oz. Damn both minds reached the same conclusion that was thirty eight hundred dollars. This might be worth a small detour and since he didn't know he was going to be doing this, it seemed to reason that he cops would be caught by surprise too.

Finally the angry voice asked the question that had filled Jamie's mind as he listened. "Why did you bring this kid with you, he ain't got nothing to do with what you want to do?" Somehow it made the boy feel good inside when he heard Danny tell him that he was his friend even though they had just met and that he didn't leave his friends behind. At the same time the boy began to worry about what this escape was going to do to his jail time when the law caught up to him.

Another thought flashed through his mind as he closed his eyes and sank back into darkness. Was Danny saying those things to let them see that he was a man who knew and respected loyalty or did he really mean them? Had he just been volunteered for something without his permission?

This question was followed by another, why had he let Danny pull him alone behind him after the blast. He knew that they were running straight into some really deep shit. Why had he just blindly followed? He closed his eyes and let the feeling of Danny's legs laying on him comfort and warm him as the car stabbed through the misty fog of a Mississippi delta night.

When he started to come around he found himself laying on the back seat with his head in Danny's lap, his face pressed into the mans crotch. Worst yet Danny had a hard-on and it was pressing through his pants and pushing against the boy's lips. He pulled away but a hand touched the back of his head and Danny's voice was telling him something.

"Lay still and relax, everything is fine ", he said stroking the boy's head gently; he pushed the kids face back into his crotch and his hard dick. Jamie was still a little dazed from the blast, or not quite awake yet, whatever it was he submitted and lay back down with his head on Danny's thigh facing his dick. Danny's hand continued to stroke his hair, his long fingers running through the short hair, reaching for his face and running back to the back of his neck. It was so soothing, almost a dream like state of being. He let himself slip back into a deep sleep.

He didn't know how lone they stayed that way, it seemed like a long time but he was going in and out and couldn't say for sure. It was daylight, the sun shining bright in his eyes as he looked out the window at the treetops passing by above. Danny's hand still lay on the side of his face and the man still sported a raging hard-on. The boy lay quietly and tried to put his world in place one piece at a time in his mind. He let the events of the last day and night run through his mind uninterrupted by emotion or fear. He was looking at the last 24 hours like a person might view history rather then life. So much was happening so fast. Now his mind looked further back in his life looking for the reason he had become who he was.

He had always considered himself an "outsider". He was raised on the road and had to move from school to school, seldom starting at the same school that he had left the year before. Often he would have to change two or three times with-in a school year. Friendship was something that was seldom offered and when it was offered it was of short duration. His early years were a textbook example of how not to raise a kid. He had drawn more into himself, depending less on other people for his happiness.

Now, here he was with his face staring into another man's crotch, at ease with the situation. As Danny's hand was resting on his head, he could see the outline of his dick lying against his leg. It was a big one, thick, heavy, it reaches almost to his face his lips less then an inch from it's mushroom like head.

As he looked at it, it throbbed. Almost like it was taking a breath. He thought that it was his breath that made it throb. He breathed out onto it again and was rewarded with another twitch. That's when the hand on his head started to stroke again. He looked up to see Danny's eyes watching him, his hand stroking, his face smiling. His dick throbbed again drawing the boy's eyes back to it.

Danny's hand reached around his head, his fingers crawling like a crab walks across that boyish face, his thumb lingered by the boy's girl-like lips. Suddenly his thumb was at Jamie's lips, softly running around their outline like he was putting lipstick on the boy. Jamie looked up into his eyes as his thumb pushed into his lips. Danny smiled, the tip of his thumb pressing gently against the boys closed teeth.

Jamie didn't know why he just lay there like he did but that is what happened, he just lay there, letting his lips part enough to allow Danny to push his thumb into his mouth. He saw what was going on as he watched Danny's eyes. Jamie saw the hardness and cruelty in those eyes. He had looked into those same eyes some hours ago as a big Black man raped his willing mouth. He was looking into the eyes of a master and Jamie now knew himself to be a slut slave to any master he might stumble across it seemed.

He accepted this as his fate and opened wider for him. His thumb now was completely inside the boys mouth and it was big, it slowly pulled out but then he pushed it back deep down the boys throat. The boy almost gagged but Danny pulled back just in time. Jamie had started to suck on his thumb by now because it seemed the right thing to do. It felt good to him to have this mans thumb inside his mouth and he seemed to be enjoying it as much as the Jamie was.

The voice from the front seat startled both of them. "Well, we're here, there's the city limit sign kid, where do we go to find this stash of yours?"

The thumb stayed pressed deep inside the boy's mouth, Jamie felt that he wanted him to keep sucking so he did, but he tried not to make any noise that the men in the front seat could hear. Danny looked at the men in the front seat and told them to turn right at the next light. His speaking to them had no effect on his thumb, which kept fucking into the sucking mouth.

"Turn into that dirt road and I can get to the trash cans from the back side of their lot", Danny said. His eyes smiled down at Jamie as he pulled his thumb from his lips. "I'll be right back", his leg was pulled out from under the kids head and he was out of the car and gone.

Jamie was facing into the rear cushion on the cars rear seat, his back to the men in the front seat, but he could feel their eyes on his back. He was a giant question mark to them and they were too worried about the way things were going to let these questions remain unanswered.

"Hey kid, you awake yet?"

Jamie stayed where he was but he knew that they knew that he was awake. Hell they might have heard the suckling noises of his lips on Danny's thumb and think that he had been giving head. He was surprised at how little that concerned him; the thought that he might be somebody's bitch caused him very little shame or grief. He had sucked his thumb and if he was honest with himself, He had to admit that he had been thinking about sucking his dick while he did. Maybe he was his bitch. Maybe he wanted to be his bitch. The thought hit him like an electric shock. He was telling himself that he wanted to be some mans bitch, a fucktoy. This was getting real scary, but his dick was hard.

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