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Evolving Sex


For women's emotional mind never say sex, always replace the spoken word sex with love making. Start by thinking of women as energy-mind-emotion and every thought a person thinks creates in the world. Slow down your thoughts until you are aware of all the thinking being done below the waking alpha wavelength. There are bio-feedback machines which are inexpensive and have been sold on the web, by such authors as Deepak Chopra. Slowing the mind is also done with just the mind thinking about what does each word I am thinking mean to me. (All) means _____, (women) ________, (are)______, (virgin) _______, (lesbian)_____, (love)_____, (entities)_______ . Then evolve the mind by think of the highest possible meaning for each word relaxed and slowly above the head of your body, spend as much as 30 seconds on each word.

Thinking of all women as virgin lesbian love entities wearing clothing that represent to the woman her emotional coverings. Sex for a woman is 98% about her mind-emotion.

A different way to begin start a woman's interest is a short bike ride. About 10 minute or so bike ride and a woman could orgasm. If a woman has a ten speed racing bike with the seat tipped up if she rides with the tip pressing on her vagina opening. It is possible to orgasm this way. For this guide though limit your bike ride to 3 minutes or less because this guide is about sensitivity to a woman's emotions.

Always start love making with any woman with her clothing on, even if you have her get dressed for the occasion in a complete outfit she finds sexy. Foreplay for the woman is often better than sex, unless the sex is tantra love making.

Start by laying behind the woman and spooning her but not touching her. Women are mostly aroused by thinking that something may happen and may not. Basically any time a man is perceived as he could do something more sexual, but won't, it is more arousing for the woman.

Breath on the woman neck from about 2-3 inches away from her neck ever so gently and just wait for everything to feel just right. And take breaks and stop what you are doing and just rest or nap until you feel right about trying to be guided by the woman's energy-emotion again. Focus on how the energy feels peaceful if it is other than peaceful take another break to return to the peaceful guided state.

From here on it is just repeating peaceful guided by the woman's energy-emotion making what comes to a mans peaceful mind feel just right to be doing. Think of I could but I won't and being very subtle with what a man is doing then just rest waiting to be guided by feelings of what is correct and in a natural flow and done next. Everything done by the man is always peaceful and very slow.

For a woman's emotional health think of her as a virgin lesbian and a man not entering her vagina is the healthiest for the woman emotionally. Women are never to be masturbated in, because they often feel used and are never suppose to feel anything other than like she is making love to another female. Women tend to like the male energy and force of this energy before clothing are removed or hands move on her body, but when the clothing starts coming off of the woman think of the man as a lesbian making love to another woman in a gentle, soft, slow way. If either person wants, you can get a fake plastic vagina at the sex store to move his penis in above the woman's pubic hair or for her to place under her body.

If orgasm together is desired, that can be done by the woman laying on her back, eyes closed. The woman would hold the vibrator 1/2" below and 1/2" to the side of her clitoris for about 3 minutes. The man would be on his knees with his legs under the woman's. The mans penis would be unmoving below the vibrator outside the woman's vagina. The man and woman are completely still silent for about 3 minutes or more and the man just feels the energy, he may orgasm while the woman orgasms. A womans orgasm is almost always peaceful, the only thing that might be noticable other than energy by a man is her sometimes contracting. When a woman does anything else she is usually acting. If a woman has had a baby through her birth cannel the vagina usually stays large enough for a hand to enter her and her clittoris may not ever be senitive enough for vibrater use again. Because when a baby goes through the birth cannel the baby seems to be as large as a watermellon. And ruptures the opening muscles of the vagina. The clittoral nerves may be pinched between the bones of the pelvis as the pelvis bones comes back together after natural childbirth. For this very reason, here we recomend C- section births , to all women able to conceive. Conception is the reason for arousal.

Until the woman is mentally and emotionally aroused enough to want to get her vibrator it is helpful if the woman imagines the mans penis in the flaccid state with all of his penis energy returning to his spine and up to his heart center and every ten minutes the energy in his heart center would expand up to about 3 inches above his head, this is much like an orgasm for a man while he peaceful. If the woman is doing this foreplay will usually be long enough, slow enough and gentle enough for the woman and man, to enjoy connecting with love and the source of all life

When considering a woman's emotion health it is best never to actually enter her with a mans finger or penis more than 1/4 inch slowly. If anything more is desired it is best to learn Tantra ( www.tantra.com), which is much more than sexual positions. Tantra is about making love with the divine God/Goddess in yourself, your partner and the world.

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