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Ex Boyfriend & Wife


I came home from work early one day and saw a strange car in the driveway. This was not all that unusual, ever since my wife left work to take care of our baby she has friends over quite often, but I didn't recognise the car and that was a little unusual. I walked in the front door and assumed that my wife and whoever was visiting must have gone out since they weren't in the living room where she always entertains. I was just about to turn on the TV and wait for them to return when I heard a sound from upstairs in the bedroom.

I walked up the stairs and saw the bedroom door wide open, on our bed my wife was naked bouncing up and down on some guy's cock. My cock instantly jumped to attention, we had often talked about the possibility of my wife fucking someone else but she had never actually done it as of yet. I sat there out of view of both of them watching and stroking my cock. I saw that the guy she was fucking had a slightly longer but thinner cock than me, and he was uncircumcised.

My wife moaned loudly and said "Fuck me with that monster cock of yours." He groaned and proceeded to fuck her harder. "My husband will be home soon to join us, I'll suck his cock while you fuck me again, then you can watch him clean all your cum out of my pussy." This was too much for me, I got up removed my cloths, walked in the room and said, "Not soon now. Suck my dick slut." My wife was startled, and so was the guy, who I now saw was an old boyfriend of hers Fred. My wife smiled and grabbed my dick and swallowed it. Fred who obviously now saw that I was ok with this began fucking my wife in earnest again. My wife came releasing my dick long enough to scream. As soon as she came down she wanted to switch positions. We were both amiable since we just wanted to get off by now.

My wife had me lay down and she straddled me in a 69 position and resumed sucking my dick, I think Fred must have thought that my wife forgot about him and began just jerking off to the scene before him. My wife stopped sucking and turned to him and said, "What are you waiting for? Fuck me already!" He hesitated for a few seconds realising that his cock would be inches from my tongue that was flicking her clit, but then shrugged and got behind her and eased his cock into her. It was an amazing sight, I stopped my licking to watch his cock penetrate her pussy lips. The site of it pushed me over the edge and I came in my slutty wife's mouth. She took her mouth off my cock when the last of my cum was drained from my balls and came up for air.

After a few seconds of Fred fucking her she told me to continue to eat her out. I hadn't thought she would want that since it would mean that I would be licking Fred's cock as well as her pussy, but hey she asked I obliged. My tongue flicked her clit in my carefully practised way, no matter what I did though every now and then my tongue would slide over Fred's cock and he would moan appreciatively. My wife started to cum again and Fred's balls tightened in what I knew would be an orgasm of his own, he kept pumping and I kept licking, more on his cock now than her pussy since she was orgasming and oblivious to much of anything other than getting fucked. I began to taste the smallest amount of Fred's cum on his cock and I knew for sure that he was cumming. He pulled out for one last thrust but ended up in my mouth instead of my wife's cunt and shot his final blast into my throat. I loved it, and so apparently had Fred, because he lingered there and thrust his cock back and forth in my mouth a few extra times.

Then my wife looked back and said, "Stop sucking his cock and eat me out. You can get his cum easier that way." Fred pulled out and my wife sat on my face. I ate her out like never before. I couldn't get enough. I hadn't realised it but I had gotten hard again in the mean time and felt my wife's lips enclose my cock for a second then pop up again. "I need to get fucked again, and you are hard enough obviously." She spun around and impaled herself on my cock. As we fucked I had no idea where Fred was but I looked up and was surprised to see my wife sucking his cock as we fucked, I hadn't even seen this begin. She looked down at me, pulled his cock out and aimed it at me. "Wanna taste? Or more of a taste then you had between my legs?"

I didn't even think I just flicked my tongue out and licked the head. "Come on don't lick it, suck him off." So I raised my head and took his cock in my mouth. I felt my wife climax around my cock and I too came. I continued to suck Fred off and soon felt his cock jerk in my mouth and suddenly I had a mouth full of cum. I swallowed as much as I could but much of it came out the sides of my mouth. My wife then kissed me hard as soon as Fred pulled out. We swapped the cum back and forth kissing while my cock grew soft in her pussy.

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