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Since my wife and I left our church, a church we had both been members of for over 30 years, we had behaved a bit like teenagers. As Mormons, neither of us had ever had alcohol or sexual experiences with other people. We had married young and been devout, but after coming to the realization that the church was total bullshit, we were approaching life in new and interesting ways.

As we experimented with booze for the first few times, we both wanted to take it slowly and not dive into something like alcohol in a way that would be unhealthy or lead to problems and risks neither of us wanted to take. But we both liked the drink and as 30-year-old newbies, we were lightweights. It didn't take more than a couple of glasses of wine for us both to be loose and uninhibited and the most logical benefactor of our slightly buzzed states was our sex lives. Whereas before we were conservative and shy in the bedroom, we suddenly found ourselves starved for good sex and outside of the guilt trip thrown down by the church on sexual behavior. We experimented, we bought toys and tried new positions and we got loud and bold in making it clear what we both liked and wanted. And we realized how fucked up our sex life had been prior.

How we found ourselves in a position to experiment with another couple, however, has an interesting backstory. We did not set out to bring others into our bedroom play, and even as the events unfolded that evening we had no premeditated plans for even entertaining the idea. So how did we get there?

One-night only months after we had started drinking, we had finished a good bottle of wine together and ended up kissing on the sofa while watching TV. It had been a few days since we had any kind of sexual contact and I was super horny from both the wine and the time since last getting off. Katie, my wife, also seemed extra ready to roll, her kissing was more aggressive than usual and because of the skirt she had on I was able to easy access everything she had to offer. She whispered a few special words in my ear as I nibbled on her neck and I knew that foreplay was going to be sacrificed tonight to the god of urgency and lust. I pulled my pants down just enough to free my cock and held her panties to the side as I slid into her. More than anything it was the shear wetness of her pussy that signaled to me how ready and wanton she was, and I felt like a teenager all over again. It only took a few seconds before I realized, too late, I was going to blow my load well before she was done with me.

Normally I ensure as a matter of pride and respect that she cums first. I generally don't even enter her until she is done or ready to be done, so realizing I was about to fill her with cum was a problem. Already crashing towards my climax, however, I let it go and sank deep into her smashing my balls against her ass as I released what felt like a gallon of semen into her warm insides. She knew I was done and kindly told me it was ok, but I knew she needed and wanted more so I pulled out and told her to wait while I ran into the bedroom to grab her favorite vibrator. As I jumped up, and pulled out of her, I caught a glance of my semen starting to leak from her pussy. She dared not move much, so as to keep it from leaking onto the sofa, and so even when I returned with the toy I found her still laying there, legs spread, cunt highlighted with increasing amount of thick white liquid.

I kneeled at her side, and kissed her while I handed her the vibrator. I knew from experience that I could not handle the toy myself and have it reach the spots she liked the most, so I let her drive while I continued to kiss her, and play with her breasts. She immediately turned up the speed on the device and she moaned as I nibbled on her nipples and sucked her tongue and lips into my mouth. Her body was responding with more urgency, however, as I played with her nipples and so I moved my mouth there and let my hands wander lower. As I sucked harder and hard on her breasts, my fingers explored around her open pussy, which was readily available to my touch since her, use of the vibrator was confined mainly to her clitoris.

Again I noticed that as I moved my fingers around her open pussy she would clench and shake in response and so I put my fingers inside her, something I had never done before after climaxing in her. The wetness and heat was intense, and while I was not exactly turned on by the thought of playing with my own semen in her it was not unappealing either and that it was clearly turning her on was all the motivation I needed to keep going.

Eventually I stopped sucking on her delicious tits and just watched as her hands skillfully played the vibrator against her clitoris and my fingers danced around her folds, slick with our combined juices. My own cum was clearly everywhere, thick and clinging to her flesh and my fingers and evidently still flowing from inside her. I had not realized how close my face was to her sex as I watched until I instinctually bent down a bit more to kiss the side of her hip and lick the curve of her pelvis bone, a part of her that had always turned me on. But as I touched her with my mouth a gasp of pleasure escaped her throat. I needed no further hints; I kept going, sucking and licking her hips and legs. But at the same time she was, with increasing urgency, thrusting her hips up to meet my mouth and bucking more wildly against the vibrator. Her motion was also causing her body to move towards me, so my licking and kissing was closer to her hand and vibrator and her drenched cunt. Several times she humped her hand and vibrator with enough force to crash my face against her hand and it was only then that I suspected she was actually hinting, asking for more.

I could smell her sex, I could smell my semen, and her hand was drenched with the juices. I purposely moved inward and put my tongue against her fingers and could taste her pussy on them. It was delicious, intoxicating and amazing enough to cause my limp dick to stir again. And as my tongue touched her hand, another sharp gasp came from her mouth and she thrust her hips up again, this time she held her hips high off the sofa as if to offer herself to me.

It was then I realized what she wanted, and unsure of if I could actually do this... lick and taste and even eat my own cum, I hesitated. But only for a second. I let my tongue wander down the outside of her labia and I realized the smells and tastes were all the same. My cum. Her juice. Sweat. Skin. It was sexy and beautiful and I wanted to see where this would go... for both of us.

I pulled back with my head just long enough to move her leg over my shoulder and then I dove in like a man jumping off a cliff and into a dark lake, unsure of what lay beneath the surface of the water. I knew overthinking and further hesitation would cause me to second guess the adventure, so I dove my tongue into her gaping hole as far as it would go and I sucked hard. And I was rewarded with the most intense, immediate orgasm I believe my dear wife had ever had. She nearly suffocated me with her face as she ground against my nose and chin. Her vibrator no longer made a difference; its work had long since been done. Fluids erupted from her insides, and the tangy taste of my own semen was soon diluted with the overall flood of sexual response. She came long and heavy, sometimes barely breathing while she shuddered against my face -- other times gasping for air as she moved quickly with her hands to touch the spots that were not otherwise too sensitive from her overwhelming orgasm.

Katie crashed on the sofa that night and we both learned something new and fun about ourselves. I had never considered myself bisexual, and still don't, but I realized my cum was not some vile poison and Katie admitted that she was very turned on by the idea of sharing our sexual fluids like that. From that night forward we started down a path of finding porn that turned us both on. We discovered the world of squirting, although we lacked the technique to make Katie squirt, we both found it very hot. We also got into creampie videos and swallowing videos, anything of the sort. As we discussed this we came to a mutual conclusion that the body reacting in those ways, climaxing and squirting and such... it was the ultimate way of feel satisfaction! It was the body saying "yes!" and "more!" And it turned us both on, greatly.

For several months we fueled our sexual recreation with videos that started to include threesomes, of men climaxing inside of women only to be eaten by other men and/or women. We tried hard to figure out how to make Katie squirt, and though we never got a full stream of fluid to eject from her we did get gushes of fluid that would saturate towels and sheets and clothing. The journey was fun and our sex life was never better. .......

Leaving the Mormon church also meant finding a new support group for ourselves, a new community even. We searched for other people and couples that could both relate to our Mormon past but share our common experiences after leaving the church. Thank God for the internet and Facebook, which helps people like us find others to rebuild our social lives around. We developed friendships with new friends and couples, expanded our social life, and felt a renewed energy for life that was missing in the days of dogmatic religious living. It was a very common thing to get unsolicited private messages from someone on Facebook, newbies also leaving the church and in need of new friends and support. Our home became a regular gathering place for these lost souls to gather, meet each other, and find support. And it was at one such event we met Brian and Brooke.

Brian and Brooke lived only a few miles away from us, but we only discovered them from mutual friends on Facebook. We had about a dozen couples over to our home one night for a wine tasting event and Brian and Brooke, despite being very green after leaving the church, agreed to attend. They took their first sips of wine that night and because they shared many of our interests like running and hiking, we immediately hit it off with them. They were slightly younger than Katie and I, but even after the rest of the crowd had left our house that night, Brian and Brooke stayed and we talked until nearly 2 in the morning.

Brian was an accountant and just under 6 foot tall, carried a trim frame and dark hair and very intense black eyes. He was genuinely likable guy, had run several dozen marathons, as had I, and had a great sense of humor. We immediately got along. Brooke was almost as tall as Brian, but rail thin. Even her breasts were nearly non-existent and Katie and her joked about the always longed for augmentations. She had shoulder length blonde hair, very pale blue eyes, and pale skin. She was the kind of striking beauty that you don't instantly recognize, but after spending a short amount of time with her you can't help but see how gorgeous she was. And her appeal was not just physical, despite being in great shape, she was kind and genuine and laughed easily.

Her physical appearance was a bit different from Katie, who was drop dead gorgeous in her face and features, despite smaller breasts, but Katie was not as thin and carried very sexy curves and a slightly shorter frame. Katie was a brown-eyed beauty with short playful brown hair and lustfully thick lips. Katie and Brooke together looked like complimenting opposites.

They left that night only after we agreed to have dinner the following Friday. Dinner turned into another dinner date and then we scheduled a group run the following Saturday morning. Brooke further proved her beauty that day showing up in a cute running skirt that exampled her long tone legs. Post run turned into coffee and then a discussion of going up to their cabin about 60 miles east of where we lived.

We both accepted the invite without even thinking about it and planned to leave the next Friday evening after work. They ended up driving, since they had the bigger SUV and despite gray skies and the very real threat of rain we made our way up the mountains. And rain did come, heavy dark clouds opened up into as much rain as we get in these parts, making the unpaved roads slick and messy by the time we arrived at the cabin. Brian and Brooke had not been to the cabin for a couple months and warned there might be dust and pests to deal with once inside, but when we entered the place was tasteful, cozy, clean, and free of any obvious mice or rats or whatever else might like to sneak into a warm cabin retreat.

We were all hungry, so wine and food was the priority and several hours later we were all tired and full and slightly drunk. We had wanted to spend the next day hiking so we all agreed it was time for bed. Brian helped me grab our bags as we made our way up to the loft/bedroom where Katie and I would sleep. The cabin had one main bedroom on the first floor, the small kitchen/dining area where we had spent the last few hours, and a bathroom in addition to the loft, which was essentially a small bedroom. Walking up the stairs I wondered if the bedroom would afford us enough privacy since I was desperate to fuck Katie and from her body language she was equally anxious for some action. Alcohol always effectively fueled our sexual appetites.

While we had not explicitly talked about it, I knew that Brian and Brooke were also added something subtle in our recently sex. I would not dare lie and say I had not thought of Brooke in very naughty ways, she was far too attractive to ignore, but I had caught Katie staring at Brian in ways that gave away some of her thoughts. Never had we exchanged these thoughts, discussed fantasies of others, or gone anywhere near this territory, but that we were spending so much time with a very attractive couple was bound to generate some thoughts, even if we intended to keep them private.

The loft bedroom was small, but looked more that accommodating and Brian put our bags on the bed and then left me to unpack. Katie was downstairs getting ready for bed in the bathroom; Brooke was filling the tub for herself as I unzipped the bags. As I opened the closet doors to put away some clothing, things went terribly wrong. Mice were everywhere in the closet, clearly having made their way in from the roof and nesting in boxes and clothing and linens. The smell was shocking, and while I am not one to get scared by small animals like mice, this was simply gross. And Katie happened into the room just after I jumped out of the way of a scampering little gray mouse, but her reaction was predictable... scream!

Brooke was already in the tub, but Brian ran upstairs and saw the cause for commotion. He and I packed up the bags again quickly as Katie ran back downstairs. Once retreated to the main floor, we nervously laughed and Brian apologized, clearly embarrassed. We talked about leaving, making our way back down to the city but it was after midnight and the rain had not let up. The roads looked treacherous and maybe even impassible with enough mud to keep us from heading back and all of us had been drinking enough to make the trip even more untenable. . We all decided it was best to stay at least for the night and let the storm pass.

By this time Brooke had cut her bath short and dressed in a robe to come out and see what all the drama was about. She looked far too good in a short terrycloth bathrobe and I had to forcefully look away instead of staring at the hem of the robe that nearly exposed her ass cheeks. Brooke suggested, since the main floor living area did not offer a sofa to sleep on, that we simply all share the king bed in the main bedroom.

Not for one moment do I believe Brooke was anything but innocent in offering up the idea, but once it was out there an awkward realization of what this meant settled on the four of us and a pregnant pause finally gave way to Brian saying, "why not?" We all shuffled into the main bedroom to scope out the place and the king size bed did look like it would work, at least for one night. Brian and Brooke went into the bedroom to change into clothes they could sleep in while Katie and I did the same out in the main room. We knocked to make sure they were decent and then entered to find Brooke in the bed, covers pulled all the way up. Brian was in a pair of running shorts, since he confessed he normally slept only in underwear, and Brooke blushed as she told us all she had was jeans, which she could not sleep in. So she was in bed wearing a t-shirt and panties, thus the reason she was fully covered. I was also in a pair of shorts I normally wore to bed, and Katie wore a pair of leggings she favored at night and a tank.

Awkwardness still prevailed as well all finally made it to the bed and under the covers. Light out meant it was really dark, but knowing others were right next to us was so obvious that the lights might as well have been left on. The girls took the outside of the bed while Brian and I slept in the middle. But really, no one was sleeping. I was wide-awake, unable to get the idea of Katie and Brooke being in the same bed with us. I could tell by her breathing that Katie was also awake. I also assumed Brooke and Brian to be awake, but only because they moved around too much to be asleep. While I normally slept on this side of Katie, Brian and Brooke were reversed and not comfortable.

Finally, Brian apologized and he and Brooke swapped, so I was now between Brooke and my wife. Without any control my cock became hard and Katie noticed immediately. Her leg, which was draped over my mid-section, pressed against it to acknowledge, tease, and likely to tell me to knock it off. But I was too turned on. It was all I could do to hold still and not push back against Katie's leg when I noticed that Brooke and Brian were NOT lying so still. My eyes, having adjusted just enough in the dark room could see a slight movement of the covers just about at waist level where Brooke was laying. It was subtle, but I could see the silhouetted movement and so I focused more closely and tried to stop my own heart from beating so rapidly. Katie could immediately tell I was watching something and shifted enough to lay her head on my chest and look in the same general direction. A couple quick taps of her fingers against my arm told me she had spotted it too.

For a while I could not tell what the movement was, exactly. It clearly either had to be her hand, or his, but it was rhythmic enough to evidence that it was "a" hand playing around her junk. And it was turning me on. And it was turning Katie on too, as her previously passive body was now pressed resolutely against mine and the wetness between her legs was more than noticeable. I started wondering how this was going to end and for the first time I actively considered that some real sexual tension might be in the air between the four of us. Things were getting interesting.

Just as the realization of what might happen entered my brain, Brooke rolled from her side to her back and now it was very clear that Brian was the one moving the sheets. As Katie and I were being still enough to possible feign being asleep, we felt the bed shift very so slightly as Brian slowly moved on top of Brooke. Now it was dark, and it was normal for us to move around as we slept, but this seemed just too bold a move to be done in the hopes that we might not notice. And since the next move was for Brooke to spread her legs and raise her knees to accommodate Brian, I had to be right. Katie had also frozen in reaction and now the air in the room was thick enough to cut with a knife. Brian finally spoke up.

"Look, we know you are awake and this is bold, but we are both horny and we are comfortable enough with you guys to do this. But, if you guys are freaked out, let us know. Otherwise, it's dark, we will keep it quiet. We have always talked about having sex in the same room as another couple... same bed is a big next step, but don't hate us for asking."

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