tagGroup SexEx Mormons Swing Ch. 02

Ex Mormons Swing Ch. 02


Maybe it was latent Mormon programing, or simply human nature, but as the four of us silently took in the moment, all of us naked and coming down from the orgasmic high of a new sexual experience, a sort of awkwardness overcame us. It was clear that we were not sure what to do in the wake of it all. I was spent and I would normally be sexually satiated for at least a few hours but the realization of Brooke's body still against mine refocused my thoughts on the potential of the situation.

Katie had been gently running her hands and fingers over my chest as we lay there with our new friends and so I did what felt natural, and I leaned into her and kissed her and told her I loved her. I then leaned over and kissed Brooke, gently and not with any aggression, just a friendly peck and said, "Thank you! That was amazing." This simple gesture seemed to thaw the ice in the room and even Brian looked more relaxed as he leaned in to kiss, (reclaim?), his wife. We were now giggling nervously about the experience and trying to be adults about it. Thankfully, Brian finally spoke up.

"That was crazy good. Katie, you are really beautiful. Thanks for playing with us."

Katie simply smiled and I thought I even sensed her blushing as she shifted a bit, perhaps to be less obvious and exposed in her nakedness now that Brian had made it clear he was being observant.

Brooke spoke next, "So should we try and get some sleep, or do you guys feel awkward?" Katie answered: "No, I am not wierded out and I am exhausted, so let's just get some sleep and talk about this tomorrow." And as I know my wife, her voice and tone told me that she was more than just comfortable, I could hear the excitement in her voice and I knew this had stirred something in her. Being as tired I she was, however, we all readjusted our positions in the bed and pulled up the covers and closed our eyes. It was nearly unspoken, however, that we would not be putting on our clothes again. I wondered if we would actually even be able to sleep?

In fact we slept deep and fast and the sun was well up, even in the highlands of our mountain retreat, when I finally opened my eyes. Four adults in a smaller room generated plenty of heat, and we had all pushed the comforter down and stayed only covered by the sheets. Brooke was on her side, facing me, her right breast fully exposed and it took about 3 seconds for me to become fully erect. It had not been a dream, I really had made love to my wife while watching another couple make love only inches away, and had been watched by that couple. I really had fingered the cum of another man as it trickled down the crack of his wife's ass, and even shared a taste of it with my wife. Crazy! And I wanted more.

I felt the bed shift as Katie rolled to my side and opened her eyes. She looked at me, across me, at Brookes exposed breast, and smiled. She slid her hand down my stomach and found my cock as she probably expected, hard and hot. And as if she knew she was being watched, Brooke finally opened her eyes and smiled at the sight of her two bedmates watching her sleep. Certain she knew full well that her breast was exposed, instead of covering up she rolled a bit more on her back bringing both her breasts into view. Her nipples, just a shade darker than brilliant pink, topped her small breasts and just looked like they needed attention. I was thinking of reaching out and daring a touch when Katie's hand moved from my cock and reached out almost in perfect reaction to my thoughts. Her index finger alone traced the edge of Brooke's areola, once... twice... three times circling the crown of her boob until it centered itself on the nipple and pressed it down like a button, teasing it from side to side. Brooke watched and smiled like a little girl at first, then closed her eyes and reacted to Katie's hand by arching her back, lips now curled down from a smile into something more serious.

This was an area that we had never really explored, the idea of Katie's interest in other women. We had watched our share of same-sex porn, and both teased about the idea of tasting our own sexual fluids as being something only bisexuals would do, but now I was watching my wife turn on and be turned on at the sight and touch of another woman.

Brian was now awake too and when he noticed his wife being toyed with he gave a mock frown and shook his head from side to side as if he were frustrated by what he saw. For a split second I thought this would be the line-crossed that would cause him to shut down the little party and lecture us back to our senses but instead he reached out and took Katie's fingers in his and said "No, like this..." and proceeded to demonstrate, using Katie's thumb and index finger between his own, to show her how to pinch and pull at Brooke's nipples. True to his knowledge of his wife's preferences, Brooke reacted by moaning softly and arching herself into the playful fingers with even more force. Brian moved his hand down to administer to Brookes other breast while Katie became more rough in pinching and pulling, elongating the nipple an inch or two by forceful tug, then releasing it and starting over again with a sharp pinch. Brooke was not complaining and as the sole person not in the game I took a chance.

Since I was only a foot, at most, away from Brooke's body it took almost no effort to put my hand on her thigh. I placed it mid-way between her hip and knee, fingers dangling inside almost to center. It crossed my mind that being subtle here was nonsensical given the situation, so I didn't linger long or wait for further invitation. I kneaded her slender legs slowly, and let my hand move up and down her legs. Despite the obviousness of what was going on I still felt like I needed some kind of "it's ok" sign from her before getting too aggressive. The sign came when she moved her left leg wide apart, even up and over the legs of her husband, and slightly bent the knee of her right leg outward and towards me, essentially saying, "Come on in".

More than anything I wanted to just jam my fingers into her sex, but with some self control I matched the rhythm of play that Brian and Katie had established on her breasts. I touched her shaved, smooth, soaking outer lips and pressed fingers on the sides of her pussy, playing with the tendons and muscles that framed her sex. I slid my hand across her belly just above, pressing insistently on the pubis bone and feeling the strength in her exercise toned abs. I floated my hand downward across her sex, which was swollen and open, wet, needful. I let my hand continue all the way down, thumb lingering from top to bottom and pressing against her nearly erect clitoris. It was more than I could take and let my thumb slide from her clit to the heat of her opening and slid inside. My thumb felt such heat and the tissues, even saturated as they were, pressed against the modest girth of my thumb – gripping and providing resistance to my intrusion. Good God this women felt tight and ready! I could only imagine the sensation of my cock working its way into this tight channel. Would I ever get that chance?

Above, things had moved along nicely. While transfixed on the exploration of Brooke and her most intimate parts, Brian had started kissing Brooke while Katie watched. Katie's focus on their mouths meant her hand had gone idle and lay haphazardly across her breast. Brian broke the kiss and looked across at Katie and then gently reached up to pull her closer with his hand on her shoulder. I felt a tinge of jealousy when I thought he was moving in to kiss her, but instead he guided her to Brooke and a timid first kiss occurred as they made eye contact, both seemingly searching the other to make sure the desire was mutual. The second peck lingered, eyes still wide open. The third kiss was preceded by eyes closing and mouths opening. They soon lost themselves in each other as they sucked each other with the sensual softness only possible between two beautiful women. Tongues flicked, saliva trailed from lip to lip as their kissing gained steam. Katie had leaned over enough now that her breasts were against Brooke's, and I had moved at the same time down and between Brooke's legs, more to accommodate Katie as she moved closer to Brooke than to better my own position on Brooke. But there I was, partially covered by a sheet and in the perfect position to touch and finally see Brooke and her glory.

Drunk in the heat of the moment is my excuse and thus without the reservations of only moments ago I put my head against her inner thigh and began to lick at the saturated cunt in front of me. So, so wet. The taste, the smell, the heat! I was in heaven and I sucked on Brooke with abandon. I stuck my tongue deeply into the gushing center of her body and flicked it across her clit with fervor. I was lost in the moment and felt the matching urgency of Brooke's thrusting against my mouth, sensing her climax was near. And she did finally come, and her juices gushed and squirted in a nearly fantasy like conclusion to my best ever efforts at cunnilingus. She was not quiet, she was not modest, she was not lady-like as she violently grabbed the back of my head and bucked against my chin and mouth and face.

When Brooke finally released me I finally found my senses and looked up to see Brian standing to the left of his wife, and Katie kneeling on the right, Brian's cock slowing working in and out of her mouth. Katie seemed to be working hard to accommodate, but Brian was longer than I was, even if with a bit less girth, and the deep thrusts were testing Katie's ability. It was hot to watch, to see something that should have made me jealous! So hot to watch my wife work his long and super-straight dick into her eager but less than experienced mouth. She finally caught me looking at her and she panicked a bit, but I moved up next to her as she released his cock from her lips and I kissed her deeply to let her know it was ok. I hoped she could taste the sex, the intoxicating liquids from Brooke as they lingered on my mouth and tongue. I hoped she could sense the entirety of how turned on I was watching her with Brian.

Not wanting to stop the show, however, I broke the kiss and looked over at Brian. He was standing with what had to be nearly 9 inches poking towards me and admittedly, a bit too close to my face for immediate comfort. Brooke was smiling in her afterglow as she watched the whole thing and I motioned for Katie to turn around. I pushed her gently to her hands and knees and then, with a nod of my head, gave Brian permission to have at it. I would later look back on this moment and feel badly about not getting more explicit permission from Katie, after all I just invited another man to fuck her and while it was MORE than fine by Katie, my normally respectful and gentlemanly manners failed me in the heat of the moment. Katie put her head down into the sheets at the same time Brian buried 9 inches of himself inside her. Lest there be any lingering doubts, the grunt of shear pleasure the escaped Katie's mouth, even insulted by the bedding, was all the invitation needed.

Brooke came up closer to the action, she clearly wanted to watch, and I instead moved up closer to Katie and stroked her back, breasts and neck while she neared her climax. Her quickening breathes gave way to a gasp, however, as Brian pulled all the way out of her and Brooke took his dick into her own mouth, licking my wife's nectar off his cock. It was enough to make my own mouth water, to lust for the things leaking from her. Brooke pulled back after only a few seconds, however, and guided him back into Katie. He moved even faster now, and deeper. Katie rolled against his thrusting and I felt her body tensing again. I saw the look on her face and knew that she was close. I pulled at her dangling breasts and watched her take a deep breath as her orgasm started, knowing she would hold her breath for as long as possible while her body took over. Like a small tremor, she shook against the continued barrage from Brian as her face grew red and her mouth began to quiver in need of air. Loudly she expelled the air from her lungs and took a deep breath as she rode the slope of her climax back down to earth. Brian's tempo was now changing, each thrust being held for a few milliseconds now as he calculated his own release. With a final grunt and push that must have tested the very limits of Katie's pussy, he grabbed her hips and held himself tightly against her ass, releasing his seed into her.

While still deeply embedded in my wife, his cum was already seeping out the sides and I could see it starting to drip. As he slowly, and I meaning teasingly and painfully slowly, withdrew his length the shear volume of his cum was obvious. Globs dripped to the sheets below and my wife was looking backwards, her head folded so that her chin was nearly touching her chest. I immediately wanted to taste him, but feared that such boldness would be too much, a line too forbidden this early in our relationship with these new friends. But as I continued to watch, and as Brooke bent down to again clean the wonderful mess, her mouth engulfing him and sucking the slickness from him, I felt a pang of erotic need. I felt, for an instant, that I wanted to be in her place, tasting their juices even if on another mans dick. I looked back at my wife and the look on her face was almost as urgent as the feeling in my balls. She wanted me to do what I had learned to love doing, only this time exposing my perversion to others.

I crawled from my position under Katie and while she remained on her hands and knees, I found my way back to her exposed backside. Her pussy looked hammered. Red, swollen, dripping, strings of cum vibrating from her labia, her hole looked completely full of Brian's remains. I grabbed her ass cheeks and massaged, letting my thumbs stroke to the side of her pussy lips. I rubbed the outer lips together, smooshing cum and girl fluid so that it became one viscous liquid. Brooke had finished her cleanup of Brian and they were now kissing, but watching, as I played my way closer and closer to the ultimate goal. And as my tongue finally touched the sweet spot between Katie's asshole and her pussy, I heard Brooke moan deeply in applause of my efforts. It was all I needed. I licked deeply and let my tongue trace the cum up and over her anus and I drank in the most literal sense. My eyes were closed as I savored the experience so I didn't notice Brooke until her cheek touched against mine, her own tongue and lips now kissing and licking Katie's ass cheek. Surprised, I looked up with gave her just enough room to move in closer so she could take her own turn at tasting the product of her husband and my wife's passion. We continued to share the experience for a few minutes longer, occasionally stopping to kiss each other and exchange the fluids orally. It was pure heaven.

I was the only one in the room who had not climaxed that morning and my cock was raging with soreness from watching everyone go first. As I finally pulled away from the tangy treat I had shared with Brooke, my cock became obvious to Brooke and she reached down to give it a playful tug. "What about you?" she asked. But before any answer was given she bent down and took the whole of my dick into her mouth. While Brian was certainly longer than I was I had enough in width to give Brooke a unique challenge of my own. Her cheeks puffed as she worked to accommodate me and I restrained myself from being too urgent into thrusting into her mouth. Katie had become an expert deep throater and my favorite technique was to literally fuck her face when she gave me oral, but Brookes tongue was magical, however, and danced up and down my shaft as she applied her own technique.

Brooke let me fall from her lips as I rolled to my back and she positioned herself between my legs. She took me back into her mouth but only for a few luxurious seconds before she released me again. Her saliva was running down my cock and wetness was pooling between my legs that was added to as she took my balls into her mouth and rolled them around with her tongue. She took my dick in her right hand and began working the shaft with a tight grip as she continued to suck harder on my boys, licking them too and making them slippery from her slick mouth. With her shoulders she worked herself closer and closer, forcing my legs apart until I eventually lifted my knees giving her even more access. Brooke took the opportunity to drop her tongue below my balls and to kiss and lick at my taint. A fantasy never before realized in my life was to have my ass rimmed and Brooke was daringly close, close enough that I took yet another chance and raised my legs higher bringing my knees up and fully exposing my anus to her.

Without hesitation Brooke stabbed her tongue at my most sensitive opening and I had nearly no time to enjoy the sensation as my involuntary reaction caused my orgasm to suddenly and violently erupt. I shot cum across my belly and onto my chest with Brooke's hand expertly milking me with perfect speed and her tongue still exploring my back door. She seemed well pleased that her efforts had paid off with such immediate rewards and when I finally could hold my legs up no more, she moved in concert back up my body. Again, without reservation she bent down and licked several of the thick ropes of cum from my chest letting it dance on her tongue, her mouth held open to display her treasure. She bent in after a few more seconds and kissed me, my own cum registering in my mouth even diluted by Brookes spit.

Brian and Katie had assumed the position of mere spectators to the final round of our lovemaking, too exhausted to do more than watch and now the four of us sat sticky and satiated in the morning sun. There were no words, it still felt strange and awkward, but it became clear that regardless of the storm and the mice and the prior plans to head home early that day, we would be staying at the cabin for another night as we had originally planned. And perhaps the best was yet to come.

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