tagGroup SexEx Mormons Swing Ch. 05

Ex Mormons Swing Ch. 05


Part V – Just Take Me!

(NOTE: In case the title didn't tip you off, Mormonism and religion in general might be discussed within this story, as it was in parts 1 - 4. If this is not your cup of tea, if you feel this a sacred thing not to be disrespected, then I request you kindly direct your attention to some of the other fine stories available on this literotica. Cheers.)


"So... truth or dare? Whose turn is it anyway?" I asked and a polite chuckle was offered in response from the others. Maybe everyone was too tired to keep playing, but with all the barriers torn down I no longer felt any reason to mask intent.

I settled back into the bed and pulled Katie next to me. It was nice to feel her familiar form against mine. Craig also looked resigned, or maybe defeated, and started to lean back into Melinda.

"Hey, catch the lights before you snuggle up with your wife," I told Craig. He took a half step towards the door and slapped the lights off. I felt his weight shift the bed and then the combined movement of he and Melinda settling in next to Katie and I.

"Maybe I'm not cut out for this Bishop thing," he joked. We all laughed again but sensed a semi serious tone in his voice as well.

"Dude, don't over think it. You think any other guy wouldn't trade places with you in a heartbeat right now?" I consoled him. "No one is perfect, and you're a good guy with a good heart and they could do a lot worse in picking someone to take care of the ward," I continued.

"How can I deal with members and their issues and confessions after what I just did?" he lamented. "Don't take that the wrong way, Katie... that was amazing."

"They why worry about it?" Katie replied. "I loved it, I think you had a nice time, and I am certain Greg did. How about you, Melinda?"

"Yeah, uh, I think it's going to take some time before this all sinks in but I am not sure I have ever felt so, so... satisfied." Melinda answered. "Sorry..." she continued, "that sounded bad. I love you Craig, but that was just so bad in a thrilling kind of way."

"No need to apologize, Hun." Craig said. "So let's here it you two... Katie confessed her secret to me in the bathroom, that you guys have been swinging before, so just how experienced are you two?"

"No, no, you have the wrong idea. We played around with another couple for the first time just last weekend so we are as new and nervous about this as you are. And we are just as thrilled by the newness too." I answered.

"Even before last weekend the thought had never crossed my mind," Katie added, "and I'll bet you guys didn't come over tonight thinking this was on the menu."

Genuine laughs came from everyone, but it was Melinda that formally answered, "No, sex for us is rarely on the menu."

I could not tell if she was joking or not but regardless, I had to comment, "Really? Craig? Melinda is so hot– how can you not be all over her all the time!"

"It's not that!" Craig said to defend himself. "There's no time, too many places to go, kids... we get home and we are both exhausted."

"Not to mention it's boring!" Melinda said with disdain. "Mormon sex is boring!"

"Why is it boring?" Katie asked.

"It's the rules... the whole 'keep it sacred' thing," Melinda said. "We never felt comfortable with oral sex, or toys, or elaborate lingerie... it was always so sanitized!"

"You're kidding!" Katie almost yelled. "No oral? No vibrators? No, wonder you came so fast when I gave you a blowjob, Craig! I can't believe you never used a vibrator, Melinda. Not even once?"

"Um, no. I don't even know where to buy one," Melinda confessed.

"Hold on," Katie said as I felt her turn over and open the drawer of the nightstand next to our bed. "Honey, let me show you something!" Katie then proceeded to crawl over me so that she was next to Melinda and from the complete darkness of the bedroom came the low buzzing sound of her cordless magic-wand style vibrator. The pitch of the vibrator became lower as I imagined Katie placing the vibrating head against Melinda's body. For the next minute or two the sounds oscillated as Katie moved the vibrator over her sex, soon accompanied by the affirming sounds of moisture being generated and added to the mix.

"You drive, " we heard Katie say and again had to assume that Melinda was now controlling the device between her legs. I reached over to touch Katie and found that she was bent over Melinda, sucking on her nipples while Melinda took charge of the toy. In this position, Katie was nearly turned away from me, her ass up in the air.

"Craig, come help me," I said and then felt his weight shift and the bed move as he managed his way over the two bodies that separated us. I patted Katie's ass lightly but enough to make a sound and Craig's hand found it is way to her backside. We then proceeded to join forces in massaging her buttocks, dipping our fingers into her again wet pussy, and teasing her asshole. As my hand was near her back door, I felt Craig inch his finger up to her tight anus.

"Go for it," I told him. Katie moaned out as Craig nudged his finger into her ass. If they never played with toys or had oral sex, then I assumed anal play was way out of bounds for them. I pushed my fingers inside of her pussy, pressed against the upper wall, and could feel Craig's probing finger through the thin tissue. I twisted my finger to the other direction so I could hit her g-spot while Craig explored darker places. The resulting assault caused Katie to arch her back further and open her legs wider, allowing us easier access.

The sound of tongues and mouths colliding was now in the air, remembering how aggressive Melinda had kissed me I knew that Katie must have been really enjoying the same treatment. I didn't know if we could get Katie to orgasm with our fingers alone, but Melinda left no doubt as to her readiness to come again as she began panting at the onset of her third climax of the night. Panting became whimpers, and the whimpering finally gave way to a final, very loud "ohhhhhh" that blasted from her lungs just as the sound of the vibrator reached it's lowest pitch of the night, apparently buried deep and pressed firmly against her body spasms.

Katie slowed her own body's reaction to our fingers as Melinda came, so I pulled my fingers out of her and Craig did the same. We all collapsed again into a pile of flesh and I reached up to touch, lightly, the well used flesh of Melinda's pussy.

"I. Had. No. Idea." was all Melinda could say.

Katie giggled her delight at having opened another door for Melinda tonight. But the afterglow came to a crashing halt when Craig, in raised voice, said "Holy crap! It's almost midnight!"

Craig and Melinda had left their kids home for the night, which was not necessarily a problem given their oldest was 14 years old and could take care of the others for a few hours. However, it was a school night and it was getting late.

The lights came on quickly, and while dressing we exchanged hugs and kissed before our guests had to leave in a rush. I felt a bit unsettled about the way the night had finished, so I sent Craig a quick text: "give me a call tomorrow. Let me know if things are ok. And thank you!" A few seconds later a reply came, "Will do. Thx."


The next morning as I prepped for work and had breakfast I felt some of those same pangs of guilt and second-guessing that I had felt at the cabin. Those worries that perhaps we pushed too far, offended, traded a long-standing friendship for a night of great sex. I have a tendency to overthink and worry, so when the phone started buzzing as I drove to work and I saw Craig's name on the display, I considered not answering for fear of what he might say. I picked up the call, however, "Hi Craig."

"Hi. How are you and Katie after last night?" Craig asked.

"Good. Tired. But more importantly, how are you guys?"

"We are actually doing ok, considering, but I need to talk with you and wondered what you were doing for lunch?"

"I'm free today," I answered. "You want to meet at Corner Bakery?" I asked, a place near both of our offices.

"Sounds great. 11:30 ok?"

"See you then," and with that I hung up and finished the long drive into work. My mind was partially at ease given the 'doing ok' remark so at least he was not calling to tell us to fuck off, but a lunchtime chat had me more than intrigued.

Lunchtime rolled around and there was no way I was going to be late for my meet up with Craig. I cleared my calendar first thing and left the office with plenty of time to spare. I got to the bakery early and since the mall was adjacent to the bakery, I went in quickly to Brookstone and bought a vibrator, the same cordless model Katie owned and used with Melinda the night before, and took it with me as a gift/peace offering.

Craig, also apparently anxious, was already seated in a corner booth when I got to the bakery on time. We sat, quickly ordered sodas and then I gave Craig the Brookstone bag. He peaked inside without taking it out and smiled, almost blushing. "Thanks," he offered, "I have a feeling this will not go under used after last night."

I was relieved, his acceptance of the gift and lighthearted exchange told me he was not on the defensive or putting up any walls. Still, why did he ask me to lunch I wondered.

We took a few minutes to order and then Craig got right down to business while we waited for our food.

In the next few minutes, Craig told me about how after getting home last night, Melinda had been a ball of energy and they ended staying up for a few more hours talking.

"Talking," I teased?

"Well, let me get to that," Craig said, smiling knowingly.

Turns out that for at least an hour Melinda talked about how she "needed" what had happened last night. She talked about feeling bored, stifled, and unable to really express herself sexually and that she had been feeling almost trapped by the unofficial but certainly heavily implied standards of intimacy in a Mormon marriage. She wanted to know if Craig was ok with what happened, if they could do it again, WHEN they could do it again. In his defense, Craig also opened up with her that his guilt about sex held him back more than anything and that he was willing to explore and open up, that like most men his thoughts were turned towards sex far more than he had admitted to Melinda. "Apparently," Craig said, "she is tired of being treated gently and as if she were fragile. She wants sex to be sexy, not sacred."

Our food arrived, so we took a break to take a few bites and then Craig continued. "It was almost 4am when she finally rolled over in bed while we were still talking and told me something that I need to share with you. But before I do," Craig paused for a second looking apprehensive, "you have to understand something. After she finished explaining what she needed to share with me, well, she was nearly on top of me and clearly ready for more sex, and I was too, but..." Craig paused one more time, "she told me I was NOT to make love to her, I was to fuck her".

Without him having to elaborate, I already knew how significant this was. For the most fundamentalist in the religion, sex was purely a procreative act and was never done for pleasure. Although that archaic view of sex is rare in the modern Mormon Church, the concept of sex being sacred was not as uncommon and thus viewing it as a loving act devoid of things that would degrade the act is one many Mormon couples subscribed to. To use a term like "fuck" instead of "make love" speaks volumes as to Melinda's mindset.

"And we have never had sex quite like that," Craig continued. "It was raw and passionate and, I admit, really good. I have never felt Melinda so into it and so aggressive."

"I'm really happy for you, Craig. You deserve that, especially married to such a gorgeous woman as Melinda."

Craig nodded his appreciation for the compliment and we ate a few more bites of our sandwiches before he moved on. "So, here's the deal, and I can't think of a way to bring this up without it just coming off as really odd, so here goes... Melinda wants to be raped."

I did not expect that and was genuinely surprised when we blurted out the word "raped". Seeing my shock, Craig held up a hand to keep me from talking. "No, no... not like that. She does not want to be raped, that's the wrong term... she wants to be 'taken', yes, taken is a better word. She wants to be taken, dominated, and used. This was what she was telling me last night before she told me she wanted to fuck. But she had taken a long time to explain this to me so I am doing my best to explain it to you, because you are part of her request, more or less."

More intrigued than ever, I asked him to continue.

"She does not want to be hurt, or harmed, she just wants to be used and this little fantasy of hers has a couple conditions. First, she wants it to be a surprise. Like in the middle of the night, a surprise attack. Secondly, she wants multiple men. She said it would be fun if 4 or 5 men were taking her and giving her pleasure." Craig stopped here and shook his head as if he were in disbelief he was even talking about this. "I guess the other thing I should tell you is that the whole idea of my wife being taken by a group of men really does turn me on and so I am trying to capitalize on this before she changes her mind."

"Let me get this straight. You want me to, essentially, help you rape your wife," I asked.

"No! Again, it is not rape. She wants this. She kept telling me this is not about non-consent but more about being able to let go, do very naughty things without the guilt because they were out of her control, more or less." Craig continued, "Look, this will maybe help explain." Craig handed me an envelope that had been opened and looked to have a single sheet of folded paper inside. "Don't read it now, save it for later. But yes, I do want you to help me do this with her, for her. And..." another awkward pause from Craig, "I need your help finding someone else to help us."

"You want me to recruit other guys to help do this to your wife?" I asked.

"Just one, " Craig answered. "Do you think the couple you and Katie were with at the cabin, do you think he would be interested in helping?"

The hits just kept on coming. Brian and Brooke, then Craig and Melinda, and now a sex starved Mormon housewife asking for a gangbang. My mind was reminded of the wonderful weekend not so long ago at the cabin, my dick was still sore from last night's festivities and even in the wake of an amazing week the surprises just kept coming.

Craig and I finished chatting and eating but I made a few things clear to Craig, the most important being that nothing was going to happen without full disclosure and approval from my wife. He needed to understand that if she were not involved, she at least would know exactly what was going down. Craig was ok with this but I urged him to make sure Melinda was aware that Katie would know all details both before and after. He said he would tell her and make sure that was ok. I also told him that Brian was traveling and so I would not be able to check with him for a couple days.

We left lunch with a strangely formal handshake, considering, and an understanding that I would be back in touch with him early next week. I also had the envelope in my hand that was burning to be read. I could not wait to get back to the office to read it so I made my way to the car and opened it before I started the drive back.

It was a single sheet of nice paper from a formal stationary set, unadorned with nothing other than what I assumed to be Melinda's handwriting. It read:



This is simple, I want to feel taken and used and filled and needed. I want to feel the lust and desires of others craving me and doing what they want. Do not think this is about rape or pain or some sadistic desire to be hurt, and don't try to push it in that direction. If you make this happen for me, which I hope you will consider, then please know that the words "stop" and "no" are to be taken literally. There are no safe words needed, if I say "no" then you will stop and not continue.

It is hard to put into words what I want to experience here because it would be more authentic if the actions and play were organic instead of pre-planned based on what I write. I hope you know me well enough to read between the lines and just make this amazing for both of us. What I need to feel is taken, to feel used, to feel needed and lusted and craved. You should talk dirty, and hold me down, rip clothing off, and use your fingers, mouths, dicks, and use them wherever you want on my body. I want to know you are men, don't treat me gently or consider me fragile. I like your strength and want to feel it when you touch me, kiss me, take me. I want to feel spit and saliva, I want to feel hot breath and feel it on my skin. And as you climax, I want to feel it, taste it, see it and know physically, visually, and emotionally that I satiated you.

I want this physical experience, but please do not hit, bite, slap (well, not hard) or scratch. Leave no marks on me. Be considerate, for example, I might need some help with lubrication if you take certain chances. I do not know if I will climax, and you should not focus on that. For me, the climax is not the motivation or expected outcome. This is far MORE than an orgasm, this is an emotional peak I want to feel in many ways but mostly in my head.

I love you for listening to me. If you feel this is too much for you or for us to take on, then please shred this, forget this, and we will never discuss again. I love you and that is more important than sex or this particular fantasy. I don't want to know your decision, at least not up front. If you choose to forgo this request I will always live in anticipation that it still might happen, and anticipation is sometimes as good as the actual reward. If you do decide to make this happen, then part of its brilliance will be in never knowing when until it has already begun.

Love, M.


It took less than 30 seconds to read but my cock was hard and small beads of sweat were forming on my brow. Melinda, not unlike my own wife, seemed to have an abundance of pent up sexual need and I was more than happy to be involved. Next phone call: Brian.

Brian was still out of town, but I hoped he would at least pick up his cell while traveling. Getting his voice mail was an acceptable second option and I left him a brief message asking him to get in touch with me when he returned. I spent the rest of the long Friday afternoon at my desk finishing a few items and hoping to leave early so I could fill Katie in on the day's events.


"She wants to be raped?" Katie asked.

"No, like I said, she wants to be dominated or taken. Here, read this and see if that explains it better," and I gave Katie Melinda's note to read.

"Wow. And you thought you uncorked a wild one with me last weekend," Katie said as you finished reading the note. "So you gonna do this with Craig? And you think Brian would be game?"

"Part of that answer is up to you. If you are not cool with this, then I'm not either. Sure, I think it sounds hot as hell and I think you already know where I stand in terms of finding Melinda attractive – but you have to be on board or this is a nonstarter."

"Tell you what," Katie replied after a few seconds contemplating the idea. "If I get to watch, then I'm cool with it."


"Yeah, I want to watch. I can sneak into the place with you, wherever you guys decide to make this happen, and find a closet to hide in or a dresser to hide behind." Katie was smiling now, her eyes glowing again with that naughty fire I started seeing at the cabin. "Fair?" she finally asked.


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