tagLoving WivesEx-wife Ch. 01

Ex-wife Ch. 01




Had just gotten a divorce from my first wife who was absolutely wonderfully erotic at far as she went. More about her later, now I must share my first experience with my second wife to be. Leah.

A very attractive five feet tall, nice breasts, slender figure and long blonde hair. Raised in the better part of Houston by a father that had sexually abused her in numerous ways. Was recently divorced from her first husband and was hanging out at some of the up scale clubs along Westheimer. A friend of mine, co-worker, had brought her to a company dinner at a country and western dinner and dance hall. Since he was a bit wimpy we all took turns dancing with his newfound date. The company owner and I figured out that she was besides being good looking very hot to be around. Since he was married it was up to me to swoop in and take this fair damsel to greater and more erotic levels of decadence.

I got her phone number and called her the next day. Met her for lunch at the Hungry Tiger at Gessner at Westheimer with the soul purpose of making a life-changing proposition. Life changing for both of us actually. I was looking for a lady who was willing to play without rules. I did not know it at the time what I was really looking for was a submissive slut to go on an adventure with me.

She showed up looking as sexy in the daylight as she had in the neon glare of a country and western dance hall the night before. Appropriate work clothes so nothing over the top. We order lunch and talked about how much fun we had had last night dancing and getting to know each other a little bit. Not one to beat around the bush (which I did not know but she still had at that time.) I ask her if she would be interested in an adventure? She, without a hesitation, answered in the affirmative. Never even asking what kind of adventure or what an adventure included. I then went on to relate to her how I was beginning to pursue a very open and liberal sexual lifestyle. Her eyes got big and she wanted to know all about what I meant. I was, to say the least, elated and in disbelief that I had struck the Mother Lode of attitudes. I at the time was not aware of just what a submissive attitude entailed but I knew enough to want to take it and run with it. I explained to her that Friday night we would go to a swinger's club call the Jet Set in northwest Houston. But to do this we would have to go shopping for the right clothes for our first adventure. She just thought this was wonderful. Shopping became one of our more fun ways to create erotic situations for her to enjoy sex.

We went shopping and got her a garter belt, stockings, a half-cup bra and a soft black dress that buttoned from her left shoulder blade down the left side to the hem. She said she had the black heels to go with this outfit so our first trip to the shoe store did not happen until later.

Friday night rolled around and since we were not regulars at the Jet Set (yet) we had to stand in line to get in. Now standing in line does not seem like much fun but everyone in the line was just like us. Newbies wanting to get in and find out what it was like to be in a club for swingers. All the ladies were in very sexy clothes and the guys were more than willing to either show them off or have the girls show off on their own. A lot of kissing and fondling going on right there in the foyer and out on the side walk. The guys were not above squeezing some breasts and running hands up under skirts standing right there with everyone else in line watching. I was so engrossed in what was going on I almost was not paying attention when the couple standing next to us struck a conversation with Leah. The guy was telling his wife/date/sub(?) how pretty and sexy he thought Leah was and she was loving every minute of it.

Next thing I know he is running his tongue down Leah's throat and caressing her breasts through her dress. When I looked around her eyes were as big as saucers and she was kissing him back for all she was worth. I smiled and winked at her to let her know it was OK. The guy's wife reached around and began to squeeze Leah's cute butt while her husband continued to make out with her. I'm not sure just how long that would have lasted but the Lady at the door who I later learned was the club owner's wife and sub motioned us to come with her. I tapped the guy on the shoulder and said we had to go and get our table or we would lose our place in line. With that he stepped back from Leah who was flush from the public display of erotic affection from both the guy and his wife. I took her hand and followed the lady to a table in the back.

Leah could not stop talking about how erotic it was to be kissed like that and have her breast played with right out in public. She also was amazed at how she felt about the lady playing with her ass. The excitement in her voice let me know this was going to be a wonderful adventure. I just did not know it would lead to marriage and eight years of eroticism.

We got to the table and were seated with another couple we did not know. They did not appeal to either of us but we were polite and cordial. The woman we could tell was there under duress and the guy began to put his hand on Leah's leg almost as she sat down. At first she did not know what to do. She leaned over and whispered in my ear that the guys had his hand on her leg. I smiled and suggested she spread her legs out and give him better access. He eyes got as big as saucers. I repeated my suggestion.

The guy's eyes showed that she had done what I had suggested. Then as his hand pushed up hem of her dress I began to see what he was doing. She leaned back over and begged me to dance with her or to do something quick. I giggled and took her hand and lead her out on the dance floor, which was an erotic adventure in itself. We moved out on the floor and began to dance our very first dance on a swinger's club dance floor. Wow, we had no idea what we were getting into.

The other couples which included numerous guys and gal couples, some girl girl couples and some single ladies dancing alone seemed to be enjoying themselves tremendously. As we danced it dawned on me that everyone on the dance floor was in some state of making out, exposing himself or herself or fondling as they danced. Leah was also taking notice of all this exhibitionism. We both almost forgot to dance we so busy looking at everybody else. There was dirty dancing everywhere. The girls dancing with other girls were the nastiest. Pulling each other's tops down exposing bare breasts, raising each other skirts up showing off skimpy thongs and in one case a bare twat. The girls dancing alone were doing virtual strip teases for the tables closet to the dance floor. I don't think we left the dance floor again for at least two hours.

The longer we stayed out there the better the show got. About this time one of the ladies dancing by herself danced up behind Leah rubbing her body up against Leah's backside. Leah who had never even considered girl on girl action was scared to death by the look on her face but she did not pull away. As the dance continued our new friend got bolder leaning into Leah's neck and kissing on her neck. Leah unsure whether to respond or run finally gave into just enjoying whatever might happen next. This gave our new friend more confidence. She took Leah's hands in hers and began to get into dancing, swaying and enjoying the music. Leah laid her head back on our new friend's shoulder with her eyes closed, gently swaying to the rhythm and enjoying the newfound thrill. Our new friend grew bolder she dropped Leah's hands and started to caress her shoulders. Gradually moving her hands to cover Leah's breasts. I thought I had died and gone to heaven.

This behavior went on for a few more dances with our friend pulling Leah's dress up to her waist and having her way with her cunt. Finally before I was about to cum in my slacks our new friend grabbed Leah by the hand brought us to her table with four of her friends. We introduced our selves around before Leah and her new friend started to kiss and make out. Everyone seemed to be ok with it so I just sat back and tried to decide which show I would enjoy the most. The one on the dance floor or the one at our new table confusion ran rampant. Either was a win win situation as far as I was concerned. And I could tell without being told that Leah was enjoying herself. She had her arms around her new friend's neck giving as well as she was getting. The sexual tension and excitement could be felt in the air. Being new at this all I could do and wanted to do was check it out and learn how all this works.

Leah let out a little shriek, "Wow!"

I jerked around and ask, "What's wrong?"

She giggling said, "Someone is playing with my pussy with their big toe."

The other girl at the table who was slunked down in her seat just smiled and nodded her head. Everyone laughed, as Leah just got hornier. She then went back to kissing her new friend. One of the other people at the table, a young African-American gentleman, asks over the loud music if it was all right if he danced with Leah? I assured him it was entirely up to her and was fine with me.

He reached over and gently grabbed Leah's free hand. The other one was inside her new friend's top. Leah looked around. He asks if she wanted to dance, she immediately looked at me. I lipped out a silent OK, that it was fine with me. She stood up and let her dress fall back down covering up her thong and garter belt only after giving all a good view. She was really getting into the swinger's attitude or at least what I thought must have been a swinger's attitude. I watched as the two of them moved onto the dance floor. She turned and wrapped her arms around the guy's neck. He in turn placed his hands on her butt, pulled her to him with no doubt about wanting for her to feel his genitals against her stomach. Not really dancing just standing hard against each other swaying in what might be called "dry humping" more than dancing. In no time Leah was tongue kissing him for all she was worth. He had to kneel down some to get to her mouth, which allowed his right leg to go between her legs. This caused her dress to ride up over her stocking tops so her pussy was rubbing on his right thigh. It was verging on nasty. Her arms around his neck, lips locked on his and humping his leg like a dog in heat. One of the girls sitting at the table leaned over and said I had better be careful, "That guy is hung like a young mule."

I immediately got more attentive to the erotic show they were putting on for all to see. I knew she was to far gone to stop for anything now. At the end of the song they came back to the table where she sat on my lap and whispered in my ear, "I'm so horny I can't stand it anymore."

I looked at the black guy and ask him if he wanted to go with us to our apartment? He nodded with a smile. Assuring me he thought we would never ask. Leah again got scared and was not sure about all this. Afraid things were moving entirely to fast. I stood up and bid the table adieu took Leah by the hand and the black guy followed us out of the club to our car. After some discussion I realized I did not want to drive him back over here after we got through with whatever we were going to be doing. So really scaring Leah to death I told her to go ride with our black friend so he did not get lost. Excited, scared and so horny she could hardly stand it she went over to him looked up, smiled and said, "Let's go then."

I got in my car and watched as they pulled out of the parking lot. As I pulled in behind them I could see them talking away. After a few blocks Leah slide across the seat nest to him but still facing him. I found out later she was stroking his now rock hard cock. This went on until we pulled into the parking lot of our apartment complex. We both parked and I got out and walked over to his car, where they were in serious lip lock. It looked like they could not get enough of one another. Finally I tapped gently on the window and suggested they break it up for a minute so we could go upstairs. Reluctantly they pulled apart and got out of the car. Leah ran around the car and grabbed me by the arm as we walked up the sidewalk. As I looked around all I could see was her big smile and happy attitude. Robert our new friends name was right behind us with a pretty big smile of his own.

We entered the apartment and began to get settled in for whatever was going to happen next

After taking drink orders I went to the bar to get libations. Leah scurried over to the bar and whispered, "Robert has a very big dick."

"How do you know that?" I asked.

"He has been rubbing it up against me the whole time we were dancing and I was playing with it through his trousers while we were riding over here." She continued to whisper at the bar.

I ask her, "Why are you whispering"

"I don't really know. Excited too much I guess."

"Really what are you so excited about?" I pressed on.

"Oh you know silly!" She said as she punched me on the shoulder.

"No, I want you to tell me exactly what you are excited about."

"Well, I guess I'm just thinking about what might happen when we go back in the living room. You know what are we going to do?" She replied in a very coy voice.

I handed her Robert's scotch and told her to take it to him and I would be in there in a minute. She takes the drink smiles with a big old grin and heads into the living room.

It takes me a couple of minutes to finish the drink order, after which I head into the living room. What a beautiful sight I found. Robert had Leah's dress down to her waist, her bra off completely and is in the process of nibbling on her left nipple with erotic vigor. Leah sees me hands me Robert's drink and throws herself into Robert's nipple manipulation. She reaches around his shoulders and pulls him into her body more closely. With his other hand her reaches up and takes her other nipple between his thumb and forefinger and began to roll her nipple rigorously. She absolutely loves to have her nipples played with having had an occasional orgasm from nipple play only.

Robert backs off a bit; just to make sure what he is doing is ok with me. I nodded my affirmation, which allowed him the comfort level to dive right back into what he was doing to my half naked wife.

Leah appeared to be really enjoying the whole scene. This was apparent by the way she was running her hands all over Robert always ending up with his dick in her hand. Thinking it was time to move this adventure to another level, I suggest to them, "Honey, why don't you go and slip on something more comfortable. Hopefully something extremely sexy and comfortable?"

Reluctantly, she lets go of Robert, leans back against the back of the couch, smiles radiantly and gently rubs her red and still nipples. Low moans and groans seem to flow out of her. Finally she stands and says, "Please, don't go away, I'll be right back."

She then leans over and kisses Robert again before turning and like a topless dancer prances out of the room to the dressing area off the bathroom. Robert shares with me how great she looks and what great tits she has. I thank him and let him know I know what a lucky man I am. I then suggest we go in the bedroom and surprise her when she comes out of the dressing area. This seemed to bother Robert somewhat. I ask him what the problem was. He finally became willing to open up and said, "I'm not into any kind of homo, gay, fag type stuff!"

I laughed and assured him I had no designs on him or his sexuality in any way fashion or form. This seemed to relieve him enough for us to proceed. I then suggested that he and get totally naked and be sitting there when Leah came out. He seemed to like that idea. So we both stripped off our clothes. My little average sized dick was hard enough to cut a diamond. Robert's was also sticking straight up but his was about twice the size of mine in both length and width. All of Leah's playing around had created beads of pre-cum at the head Robert's prominent cock. I thought to myself, she's gonna love this.

About that time Leah opened the door to the dressing area wearing nothing but her black garter belt, black stockings and her high heel shoes. The shoes surely added to the CFM affect she was trying to project. (CFM: Come Fuck Me). When she looked around, her mouth dropped open as her eyes shifted back and forth between our cocks. Almost like she was moving in slow motion she moved towards me finally fixing her stare on the size of Robert's dick. Her mouth still hanging open as she put her arm around my neck and snuggled up against me, made me ask, "What is the matter Honey?"

She looked back towards me and pointed towards Robert but was unable to say word. Turned and looked back at Robert stammering and stuttering in amazement but unable to get intelligible words to come out. Again I laughed out loud. I reached down and felt Leah's beautifully shaved cunt lips, which were soaking wet from antisipation. I said, "Honey you are all wet. Why is that?"

"I am so fucking horny. I have never been this horny in my whole life. I can't wait much longer to start getting into whatever you guys have in mind for me tonight." She blurted out, breathing harder and harder as she stared at Robert's now throbbing cock.

"OK, then why don't you let me go and you go over and ask Robert is you can play with his big old toy?" I suggested.

Again, unsure of herself, she looked back and forth between us. So I gently nudged her towards where Robert was sitting on the edge of the bed. Again like in slow motion she begins to move on her own towards the biggest cock she had ever seen in her whole life. Without saying anything, she bends over and puts her hands on Roberts bare knees and slides down on her knees in front of Robert. She looks up into his eyes and ask in the most sexy voice I had ever heard her use, "Robert may I put my mouth on your beautiful cock?"

Robert just smiled and nodded in the affirmative.

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