tagAnalExactly What She Wanted

Exactly What She Wanted


It felt like months since Amy had been with Darrian, it had only been a week. Amy missed the feel of his hands on her and his cock inside her. Amy picked up her phone. She started typing a message to him. "I wish you were fucking my ass right now" she hesitated before sending it.

A message like this would definitely get his attention, it would also mean she would have to deal with the consequences. Amy hit the send button and waited for his response. Almost instantly she got a response. "Think you could handle it?"

Amy thought carefully about exactly how to respond. She slowly typed "I'm willing to try". She smiled at her phone as she anxiously awaited his response.

Darrian's response was simply a time. Amy smiled, at least she had his attention and she was going to be able to see him soon.

Amy arrived at Darrian's house. She got out of her car and went to her trunk. She grabbed the bottle of cherry vodka and took a couple of drinks. Nothing like a little liquid courage she thought. Amy was sure tonight was going to be rough.

Amy walked up to the house, the door was already open. Walking inside Amy's heart started to race. Why was she so nervous, they had done this dozens of times. Darrian greeted her with a sinister smile.

Darrian led Amy to the bedroom, Amy followed. Darrian laid down on the bed. Knowing her place and knowing she was there just for one thing, no matter how much she wanted more. She kneeled before him. Amy gave him a seductive smile as she pulled his pants down, exposing Darrian's giant cock.

Amy began sucking his dick. She enjoyed pleasing him, having him moan as she slid her mouth over him. Amy looked up at Darrian, she could tell by the look on his face he was enjoying this. Amy could feel him getting harder in her mouth. She started sucking faster. He placed his hand on her head gently encouraging her to go deeper. Amy tried to take all of him in, Amy started to gag, she so desperately wanted to take all of him in.

Darrian stopped her, Amy thought she had done something wrong. Amy sat on the bed watching him. She tried to find the words to ask him what was wrong but nothing seemed right. Darrian was behind her, he kneeled behind her on the bed. He pushed her over so she was on all fours.

Darrian slid his cock inside her. He was fucking her harder than he normally did, Amy did think she would handle the pain he was inflicting on her. Darrian slowed down, taking himself almost all of the way out of her before pushing deep inside her. "You feel so good" Amy moaned as he took one last thrust. "No, don't stop" Amy whispered. Much to Amy's delight, it wasn't over.

He slowly rubbed the head of his dick against her ass. Amy was scared, Amy knew this was going on hurt. She wanted to tell him to stop. She wanted to tell him she couldn't handle it. Gently he worked his tip inside her. Amy screamed.

Amy wondered how it could hurt so much and still feel so good. Darrian wasn't doing anything. Amy pushed back on him, he slid deeper inside her. Amy took in a deep breath. "You are in control" he whispered to her. "Go slow, it's ok". Never before had Amy been with anyone who had taken such care in pleasing her. She wanted him so badly, all of him. She pushed all the way back onto him. Amy let out a scram as she took all of him in.

They picked up speed. "Fuck me" Amy moaned. Darrian moved his hand down to her clit and started to rub it. Amy was lost in the pleasure "fuck me harder, hurt me" Amy cried out. He slammed deep inside her as hard as he could. Amy let out a final cry as she came. Darrian thrust inside her a few more times before letting her go.

"I hope that was what you wanted," he said as he was getting dressed. Amy couldn't find any words, it was exactly what she wanted. He was exactly what she wanted. Amy just gave him a shy smile and got dressed.

Amy thanked Darrian for another wonderful night. She wanted to ask when they would be able to get together again, but decided she shouldn't. Amy didn't want him to know she was falling for him. Play it cool she told herself as she left.

Amy got into her car, she could tell she was going to be hurting for days. She enjoyed the pain that he left her in. She sighed to herself as she started her car. She really needed to find someone who was actually available to her.

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