Without answering Rahul put his hands on her waist and drew her to his body.

'Don't you think you had enough' asked his mother feeling her son caressing her waist over the wet towel.

'I just want to see yours' replied his son sliding his hand over her mound.

'Oh! Rahul, you are too much' saying this Shobha limped her body on his back.

Feeling his mother surrender Rahul's hand slid further down and taking hold of one end of the towel he slid it from her mother's body till he could see in the mirror her right thigh being bare.

Looking at his mother's thigh being bared Rahul got aroused. He slid his left hand down and holding the other end of the towel he bared his mother's left thigh too and on seeing her mother's thighs reflection in the mirror his cock suddenly jolted.

Shobha felt her son's cock jabbing at her back and when she saw at her own reflection she too got aroused when her eyes saw her creamy rich thighs bared right up to her snatch. She sizzled at this sight.

Rahul was getting heated up. He started drawing both the ends of the towel wider. As he did this the dark moist glistening pubic hair of his mother's were slowly being bared. His eyes got riveted to the spot and as he pulled the towel a shade further his mother's sex was fully exposed.

Seeing this Rahul's body was on fire and to add to this when his mother asked 'do you like what you see' he held both her thighs and widened them exposing his mother's cunt completely.

Shobha also felt a hot current run up her body. Instinctively she lifted her arms to take hold of her son's head which made the towel from the top of her breasts to slide down a little exposing her breasts to his gaze.

Rahul went crazy seeing his mother's body draped in the towel being bared. He suddenly lifted his mother up and carrying her he put her on the king-size bed.

Shobha's body convulsed as she felt the soft cushion of her own bed underneath her and lifting her arms to him, she motioned him to come.

Rahul on seeing his mother's open arms inviting him leaped on her engulfing her warm body to his.

As Rahul lay upon her, Shobha embraced him in her arms and started to thrash her body passionately over his. In this melee the towel covering Rahul's body slipped away leaving him poised over his mother totally naked.

Rahul lying naked on his mother caught her face in his hands and bringing his face down he pressed his open lips and ravished her moist lips.

As Shobha felt his lips on hers she opened her mouth and sucking his lips inside she slid her wet hot tongue in his mouth and caressed its inside.

Rahul was going wild. He put one of his hand down and lifting his body up a little he pulled the towel from his mother's body leaving her completely nude.

Shobha squirmed in delight as her son pulled the towel away from her body and scissoring her legs over her his she held his body to hers.

Rahul felt his cock cushioned on her soft belly. Adjusting himself a little he slid down till his cock felt the coarse pubic hair of his mother and as his mother felt the head of his cock on her pubic hair she cried out 'Oh! My God.'

Rahul on feeling his cock over his mother's cunt tried to jab it in but as his cock head was an inch away from the entrance he could only feel her pubic hair. This made him to slide down a little and then as he poked his cock again it slid between her thighs instead of her cunt.

Shobha seeing the dilemma her son was in said 'take it easy.'

On hearing her words Rahul gripped his mother's body and positioning himself he again poked his cock over cunt and when its head could not find the opening of her cunt even then, he felt his mother's hand searching for his cock.

This suddenly made him slow down his breathing and as his mother took hold of his cock in her hand and said do you want me to guide it, 'yes please' he replied in a hurry.

Shobha after gripping his hot erect cock lifted herself a little and guiding it right over the entrance of her cunt said 'yes, it is right there,' Rahul gave a push which made his thick cock head to penetrate the hot lips of her cunt.

'Yes' screamed Rahul as he felt the warm moist hot cunt lips of his mother engross his cock in. Embracing his mother tightly in his arms he pushed his cock deep into her cunt.

Shobha screamed in pleasure as she felt her son's thick hot cock slid deep into her cunt and when her son started jabbing it in and out in a hurry, to soothe him down she said 'go slow and enjoy it'.

This made Rahul to ease down his thrusts and taking his time when he started fucking his mother he felt elevated on feeling his cock slide in his mother's warm wet pussy. This friction enthused him and when his cock head hit the end of his mother's cunt his body convulsed and shot his came with such force that his mother felt it churn the insides of her cunt and made her cum too.

As they lay embracing each other after copulating, Shobha holding her son's face and looking at him said 'thank you son.'

The End.

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