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This is a story of coincidences and dreams coming true. A dream to acquire someone else's wife and compare the experience to one's own is a dream that is shared by many, and like me, always remains a secret, until your fuck-luck opens out.


I am Ajit, aged 26 yrs of age married to Anjali, who has been my neighbour turned life partner. I have been an excellent athlete from my school and college days and am working for a business firm who promote sports accessories as a Senior Manager. Being tall and fair in complexion, I was always the centre of the college girls. However, I was attracted to Anjali, who lived next door, and known to me and my family since childhood.

Anjali had completed her fine arts and was an artist of good standing. Aged 24 years, she had her own life-style and like any other artist was at times immersed in her drawings & paintings. Many of her paintings were in demand by business houses and art lovers. Due to space constraints and requirement of peace, we had shifted to a big house, with many rooms & porch, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Though away from the city, it was just about 20 minutes drive from my house.

We were married for the last two years, and shared a satisfying sex life. The nights were spent in exploring and trying out many of the Kamasutra juxtapositions, and mainly depended on the outcome of Anjali's artistic moods. We had decided not to go in for a child for the next 3-4 years and took precautions of a condom or the pill, depending on the safe & other days.

Anjali was bestowed with a set of 40 sized firm breasts and this suited her stocky, dark skinned body, and her 5ft height. Comparatively I towered over her with my 6.2ft height.

As with all artistes, many of Anjali's friends would drop in for discussions of exhibitions, exchanging notes and group paintings. They would discuss and paint for hours. At times we had friends who would sleep over, sprawled out in the hall or even on the floor, where they were painting. Anjali would creep into bed late after their painting session and we would nuzzle into each other till sleep overtook us.

We had a common friend Anand, who also lived in the same town, and was a colleague of Anjali at her Fine Arts College. He was plump, short & just about the height of Anjali and had green eyes. He was always the jovial & chubby type. Anjali liked him a lot and shared her concepts with him.

He looked like the typical artiste, who had a care-2-hoots attitude. He frequented us the most. In fact he was like a younger member of our family, who had access everywhere, except the bedroom. From what I learnt from Anjali, during our courting days, Anand had a huge soft corner for her, and this had brought a pang of jealousy in me. But I knew that Anand was harmless, but overdue friendly.

He always had the habit of hugging me or Anjali, without being nasty or obscene. Grabbing of arms, tickling, pulling one another's legs was an accepted thing.

One day he came with his wedding card and this was celebration time. Shortly he was to get married. We had a bachelor party for him at our house and that day we were all boozed out. A few days before his wedding date, he came to our place with his fiancée, Neelam. She was the exact opposite of Anjali.

At 22 years, she was an inch shorter than Anjali, very slim, almost skinny but extremely fair and blue eyed. Her small breasts could be said as that of a fourteen year old teenager. Her bums were nice & perky, and not rounded like Anjali's. Her hair was her forte. They reached her waist, neatly plaited. She had a good sense of dressing and had worn a well fitting light mauve salwar top, which accentuated whatever curves she had.

What caught me unawares was that her figure and appearance had turned me on. I felt a stirring between my legs. It must have been the thought that she was fragile and not fleshy like Anjali and would have to be dominated during sex. I do not know if it was my reaction or what I said, but Anjali too noticed something different in my looks. We spent the whole evening together and then they left.

While Anand & Anjali were on their hot topic of art, I was left to entertain Neelam. I found that she too liked sports, and had taken part in athletics in college. She loved basketball, a game I played in college. Our conversation about sports was as heated as Anjali & Anand's about art. Neelam had a shy way of conversations and it felt like we had known each other for years.

When the time came for them to leave, we started to get up. As we walked towards the stairs, Neelam's slipper got entangled in her saree and she lost her balance. I held out my hands to her and she fell straight into my arms. Anand & Anjali did not notice this as they had already gone down the stairs. As a reflex, I grasped her to steady her fall. In the bargain my hand had cupped her breast. I held on to it tightly, till she was steady. It was only then did we realise that my hand was tightly cupped around her left breast.

She wriggled out of my arms and smoothened out her saree. I started to apologise, but her "It's ok", with a sweet blush and her innocent smile kept my words within me. We walked down the stairs, without speaking.

After they left, Anjali enquired as to why I had that hungry look in my eyes, and she followed it up with her own answer.

"She looks sexy doesn't she?" She asked waiting for an answer.

"Well! There is something definitely very, very sexy about her..." I replied.

"Very, very? ...." She asked by raising her eyebrows jokingly.

"She cannot be compared with you Anjali, your yoooby, dooby, boobies compared to her titties is like comparing Mount Everest to our village hillock. There is no comparison to your juicy butts. Hers was like a flattened speed-breaker...." Anjali was listening very attentively as I rolled down the statistics.

She suddenly intercepted my reverie and asked "Aju, you seem to have really given her a thorough look-over. Don't tell me that your little mind has any designs? Remember I am the artist." She said, "But I do agree with you, she has that something which even attracted her to me. Anand is a lucky man."

"Do I hear a tone of jealousy in that?" I joked.

"You never know" she said, as we both laughed.

"But Anjali, don't you think that Anand would have loved somebody a little plump and full bodied as compared to Neelam?" I asked her sincere opinion, keeping in mind that he preferred a heavily built girl like Anjali.

"Let's wait and see" she replied, "If he needs any help, we are there aren't we, Aju? What are friends for?" It was a statement rather than a suggestion.

The marriage was a grand occasion, as Anand was the only son and Neelam the only daughter. We being Anand's closest friends were treated like royalty, both by Anands' as well as Neelams' family. Our entire artist friends were invited and it was more like a home function. Soon after, the newly married couple went for their honeymoon to Mauritius.

The days went by and after about a fortnight, the couple returned. Life got back to normalcy. We then decided that we should invite the newly wedded couple for a dinner to our place, to update on the happenings. So we invited them to drop in. Anjali popped the idea that they should stay over and spend the weekend with us.

The evening they were expected to arrive, we cleaned up our place and ordered food from the caterers. Anjali suggested that we serve the imported French Wine that we had been gifted. We decided to set the table under the open sky on the terrace that we had. The candles took their place, so did a vase full of flowers. We took special care to make their bedroom a little decorative, with mild lights and flowers. We had three attached bedrooms in the house.

When they arrived, we were amazed at their dressing. They were casually dressed but they looked like a film star couple. Anand had a loose T-Shirt while Neelam had a sky blue coloured saree, the Indian dress worn by women, neatly draped around. They had carried a bare minimum change with them, as we had volunteered to share our night clothes with them.

The hugs completed, we showed them their room and opened our wardrobe for them. Anand went for my shorts and a light cotton t-shirt; Neelam selected a baby pink pyjama & a loose night shirt, which Anjali had out grown in the last two years. Incidentally this was what she had worn on our honeymoon night. Anjali cast a very quizzical glance at me and smiled.

We left them to change and came out. As we walked out of their room, Anjali whispered "She look like a ravishing doll. You just control yourself." Not to be kept behind, I retorted "You be careful too. The bull has recently had a taste of blood. He may want to graze over new pastures". Saying this I gave her boobs a good squeeze from behind. She immediately reached behind and had her hand sliding over my prick over my shorts. This happened in a fraction of a second like a quickie.

"Anjali, in case he goes for you, will you ......?" I asked.

"It depends.....only time will tell," she turned, smiled and replied before I could finish.

I was not sure what was going on in her mind, but I knew that in case any such situation arose, we would very liberally accept each others actions.

After about half an hour, the newly wedded couple walked down the stairs. Anjali and I were stunned. While Anand looked like a youth, Neelam took the breath out of us. She looked fresh like a baby. Her long dark hair spread out over her back, dropped down to her waist. Her fair flawless skin shone like marble, and the 'mangalsutra', the black beaded chain the Indian Ladies wear after marriage, swayed over the clearly large sized night shirt, from one tit to another. She really looked ravishing.

We walked them to the terrace and opened the wine. Neelam initially did not take the wine, and we poured for the three of us. She had a soft drink. The conversations floated from Anjali & my childhood to the college days of Anand & Anjali. As we had the second drink, I casually asked Anand if Neelam should try a little wine. Anand spontaneously & enthusiastically said that if she wanted to, then she was free to do so.

"Neelam may I have the honour of pouring the first drink for you?" I asked her.

"I have never had a drink before..." she replied.

Before she could complete, Anand suddenly blurted, "Well! After our wedding we have done a lot of things which we did not do before marriage."

There was an awkward silence for a second and then we all burst out laughing aloud. But Neelam literally turned red, blushing & knowing fully well what he had meant.

"In fact, we were waiting for Anand to give us the full report after the meals, not now" Anjali said trying to defuse the situation, "and Neelam, you are not to stop him." Neelams' blush made the night to glow.

I poured the wine and held the glass out for her. She extended her mehendi decorated hand and as my fingers made contact with hers, she looked straight into my eyes and we held our stare for a second. This was not lost to Anjali & Anand. In fact, after that Neelam had another round of wine.

The drinks finished, we headed towards the dining table, where the food was already laid out. Anand sat opposite to me and Neelam was to his right and next to me. Anjali was placed to my right and next to Anand. The discussions continued and branched towards our individual likings. While Anjali & Anand talked about their paintings and the forthcoming exhibition, Neelam and I spoke of sports.

As we talked, I did not realise that my feet were touching Neelams'. The movements were unnoticed at first but then I realised whose feet they were. I did not make an attempt to remove them, neither did Neelam. After sometime I became a little bold and moved my heel over her pyjama pant and along her calf. I could feel her shiver and look at me through the corner of her eye. She carried on eating.

Before the other two could know, I retracted my leg. But did I sense dejection on Neelams face? After some time I again moved my foot over her foot, and definitely I could see a blush.

This time Anjali noticed it and knew that I was up to mischief. The wine had got to Anand and he let himself float along. As though needing help in serving dessert, she called me in the kitchen.

"What's happening under the table, dear?" she asked.

"Footsie, dear... pure footsie!" I replied.

"Careful, they are just married. Let's not disturb their life" Anjali warned.

"Sure. But why don't you try footsie the other side? Let's neutralize the situation." Anjali said that Anand had tried once as we sat, but did not continue. I told her to respond and to see his reaction.

I even suggested to her that they could discuss their forth coming exhibition, in our in-house studio, which was a big room on the other side of the house, without we disturbing. Neelam and I would find some topic to talk about in the house.

"My, my, my ...... the young mind is at work hanh..." she said with glee. "So be it"

We came out with the desserts to find the couple talking. Anjali mentioned the idea of discussions in the studio, which Anand jumped at. Neelam looked at Anand not expecting to be left alone.

"Neelam, Ajit is a great story-teller. He will keep you company. You mind?" Anand asked her.

"If it is not a problem for Ajitji." She replied.

"Ajitji? Hey I am young, dear. Just call me Ajit."

Anand & Neelam helped us in clearing the table and we headed for the terrace. Not wanting to waste any time, Neelam mooted the idea of heading for the studio, and they left. I was left alone with Neelam. I reminded Neelam about how I had wanted to apologise for having my hand on her breast, and hoped that she did not mind it.

"Definitely not, Ajit, you tried to help. I did not mind it"

"So how was your honeymoon," I queried.

She blushed and replied "Same like anyone else's....."

"Hope our bull did not try to scare you" I joked.

The blush on her face was heavenly. She looked up straight into my eyes and again our gaze held.

The topic shifted to what they saw and did on their tour. She said that most of the time they were on organised tours and the evenings were spent alone.

"Did you enjoy the evenings?" I asked.

"Well..." she hesitated and then said "Anand kept me busy!"

"See Neelam, Anand and us, we are very close like a family. If you feel that I or Anjali are prying into your personal affairs, please do not hesitate to tell us. Anjali & Anand are artistes and are always in a different world. I always leave them on their own." The last part I stressed. "I hope you will not mind them being together."

"No Ajit, I don't mind" she replied "but what must they be doing now?"

"What do you want them to do?" I asked.

She said that I was a naughty fellow and understood what I meant. She said she liked naughty fellows. I felt a type of warmth creeping between my legs. Was she aware of Anjali & my plans?

Almost half an hour had passed. I was sincerely hoping that Anand had taken the lead to come on Anjali, as I desperately wanted to fuck Neelam. She had an excellent erotic way of carrying herself. And Anjali's honeymoon night dress, with her mangalsutra hanging in between, was accentuating her fragile body. In fact I could see the outline of a nipple through the dress. She caught me staring at her breast and shifted slightly.

I asked her if she wanted to go down and see. She jumped at the idea. I extended my hand to lead her, which she demurely accepted. As we neared the stairs, I realised that she was shorter than Anjali and reached much below my shoulder.

As we walked down the steps, I slowly put my hand across her shoulders, which were frail and held her. I could feel her body tightening as she had not anticipated this.

"Just in case you fall" I tried to justify.

She smiled and relaxed. I slowly pulled her close to me as we walked down the stairs. I was surprised to find her shifting to the side and her hand going round my waist and holding me tightly. I looked down at her, as she looked up shyly.

"Just in case I fall" she repeated my words.

By now we had broken the ice of nearness, and I rubbed and massaged her shoulder & arm, as we slowly walked to the studio. The wine had loosened her inhibitions and she was responding to my massage. Anticipating that Anand may have come on to Anjali, I mentioned to Neelam, that at times married people have to experiment and forget. She did not understand. So I told her that we will surprise the artistes at work.

There was a window in the wall of the adjoining room, which gave the view of the entire studio. When we reached that room, which was dark, I put my finger on her lips and motioned her to keep quite. I led her, holding her by her waist, as she walked in the darkened room to the window. We could see Anjali and Anand both standing and staring at the wall painting to our left, their profiles towards us. Anand had his left arm folded and resting on Anjali's shoulder from behind, and his right hand was fondling her left breast, over the black bra, with his right hand under the T-Shirt, which had risen over her left boob. Anjali was clearly enjoying the whole ministrations. Her hands were clasping Anand's shorts.

Though fully dressed, Anjali was pressing her bottom into Anand's groin at regular intervals. We could see Anand's penis making a bulge in his loose shorts. They were lost in their own world. The wine was helping.

Neelam gasped. She had not expected to see this. She turned & looked at me imploringly trying to understand the situation. I motioned her to keep quite and held her around her thin waist and pulled her towards me, as I walked her out of the room. I saw that her eyes had watered. She looked so helpless. She had not expected Anand to go after somebody so soon.

I gathered her into my arms in which she willingly came. She held me by my waist and I could feel her sobbing silently.

"He doesn't like me?" she queried as she looked up to me.

"Neelam, it is not that he doesn't like you. Maybe he wants to try out something new. In married life, variety makes it more spicy." I tried to justify. "Like the other day, when you slipped and fell. I can still recollect the soft feeling of your bosom on my palms. The feeling was heavenly."

Neelam was all attention. Her eyes wide, lips pouted, but still with her arms around my waist. In fact my prick was touching her just below her tiny breast. I was sure that she could feel the hardened rod trying to push out of my pants and poking her in her chest.

"Neelam, would you mind if I say that you have the worlds' most beautiful eyes and a figure to beat Julia Roberts?" I asked her, expecting her to be shocked.

Her next question was what I was expecting the whole evening "Do you really find me attractive?"

"Neelam, you have really turned me on. I had mentioned this to Anjali and she agrees. You have the most exquisite and fragile body I have ever seen. In fact, the feeling of your breast is still lingering on my hands." This praise was working. "Your eyes are like petals of a lotus. And your lips.... They are so fine."

I could see her getting excited. Her tiny chest was heaving. The wine had really loosened her out. I bent down and lightly kissed her lips. There was no reaction from her. I again bent down and pressed my lips a little harder. She responded by opening her lips and allowing my tongue to enter her mouth. Our kissing became more aggressive, and I did not realise when her hands left my waist and were around my neck, pulling me towards her.

I lifted her in my arms and her feet dangled over the ground. I backed her into the wall and pressed my hardening penis into her.

She felt the prodding and opened her eyes, but did not say anything. I slowly brought my hands onto her tiny breasts and fondled them lightly. She was moaning and making erotic sounds.

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