tagLoving WivesExchange of Wives Ch. 01

Exchange of Wives Ch. 01


(Author's Note :

This story is a product of imagination. If any of the characters befits anybody, dead or alive, it is entirely coincidental and unintentional.

I have taken the liberty of using some of the juicy Indian words like

Lund : adult erect penis

Bhos : vulva, cunt

Chudai : fucking

Chut : vagina

All the characters are beyond the age of 18.)


"Kanaara? Did you say, Kanaara? Where in the hell is that?"

That was my dear wife Vani when I told her of my placement as new Development Officer of one of the prestigious Insurance Companies of India. We were a happy couple, married for one year. Now that I had finished my training as D.O. and she had cleared her B. Ed., we were out in the open to conquer the world.

"It's a small town of sixty thousand, some 200 Km east of Vapi."

"I don't want to go in a remote corner where you have no life of any kind including no potential for growth."

"There is such potential, You get on the job experience at a higher rate of salary. Besides it is right in the middle of mango zone."

That did it, Vani could go miles even to smell a good mango. She put aside all the negative aspects of living in a small town and we moved to a modest house rented by the Company by the middle of May. Luckily she got a job of a teacher in local high school

No sooner we moved in than a bevy of neighbors poured in offering help, unwanted advice, guidance and such. They enquired about our background, profession, our income, our families, and expressed genuine concern of us not having a baby even after a year of marriage. By evening time I was expecting someone to ask me the size of my pecker and frequency of our fucking. Well, nobody did.

It did not take much time for us to settle. Being recently married sex was foremost on our minds. We fucked, masturbated self and mutual, tried different positions, variations, modalities described in the books and some more. Only things left out were incest, bestiality and group sex. We had several discussions on these subjects but in general we decided against them.

Pardon me, I forgot to tell you about us. My name is Vishok Shah. I am 28, five feet eight with weight of 160 pounds. I am muscular with deep chest, thin waist and tight butt. My dick when erect is eight inches long and almost two inches thick. The shaft is straight like an arrow with a mushroom head covered with foreskin. I have big balls in a tight sac; Vani loves to play with them marveling at their weight, shape and mobility.

Vani is slim five feet four weighing 120 pounds. She has darkish complexion with creamy smooth skin. Her face is oblong with big dark eyes and full lips. Her boobs are perfect hemispheres of medium size. The areolas and nipples are more darkish but very small in size and very sensitive to touch.

The best part of her body is her incredible chut, capable of milking my lund to orgasm in a matter of seconds. Her vulva is darkish and looks small for a woman of 25. The major labia are rather thin and the slit between them is only three inches long. Because of thin labia her clitoris appears prominent even when it is an inch long. Her chut is a wonderful affair. In spite of its petite size it has victoriously born the onslaught of my raging lund once, twice or sometimes three times a day for a whole year of our married life. Vani initially ignorant of the capability off her chut has learned a lot and learned fast. Now she can easily lead me to an orgasm by the milking action of her internal muscles on my otherwise immobile lund rooted in her delicious chut.

Both of us were virgins at the time of our marriage, though familiar with orgasm through masturbation. On first night we had straight fuck three times but nothing exotic. The experimentation started after about ten days when the wound in Vani's chut was well healed. The first thing we tried was mutual oral sex. I loved it, she did not like it. We tried different aasanas of KamSutra. There again I like missionary position while she prefers rear entry. As a result every time we fuck, we do it in both positions, one after the other. We never openly talked about sex amongst our friends except few dirty jokes here and there.

In Kanaara the school reopened in the middle of June. By that time I was busy with some six Agents working in the field. We had less free time during the days but the nights and week ends were ours; my cock and her pussy would then work overtime.

One day one of my agents asked for my help in interviewing a rather difficult but highly lucrative client. He was a local businessman doing fairly well in stock and bonds. He was of my age, married but without children and totally uninsured. The agent was looking forwards to a fat commission by insuring him. Two other agents had tried without success.

We, that is, I and the agent went to see him at his residence in the evening. His name was Munir Ahmad Khurej. He turned out to be a very sharp and knowledgeable person. He received us warmly and discussed insurance for half an hour. In the end he agreed for a life policy of twenty lac rupees. The agent quickly finished the paperwork and we were ready to go when Munir Seth said, "Aji, aise kaise jayenge aap chai piye bina?" (How will you go without taking tea?)

We had to relent. We departed after tea.

A week after that I happened to run into him in the street. Vani was with me. I introduced them and after preliminary greetings etc he said, "Shah Sahab, kabhi tashrif laayiye hamare garib khane pe, bahenji ke saath." (Shah saheb. be a guest sometime at our poor abode along with respected sister.)

Vani at this point smiled seductively and said "Seth Ji, first you be our guests with your wife day after to morrow. It is his birthday."

He came rather late in the evening along with his lovely wife Nusrat Jehan bringing a gift of silk shirt. He apologized for being late and added, "But we are not in a hurry to go. Come late go late."

Munir and Nusrat were a couple made in haven. He was hefty six footer weighing at least 160 pounds. His rugged features were source of attraction to women of all ages. To save himself from unwanted advances from females he kept his contacts to a minimal and was considered reserved and haughty. In fact he was just the opposite when in company of his well selected friends. Unlike other businessmen his interests were not limited only to the money; he was open minded and full of life.

Nusrat, his wife was a porcelain doll, petite in size, delicate and with transparent peachy skin. She had a baby face, big dark eyes, small straight nose and lips that did not require any lipstick. She would pass as a school girl but for her full rounded boobs and heavy hips.

That evening, after the other guests departed we spent four hours of wonderful time together, eating, drinking, joking and talking about everything under the sun, That lead to consolidation of a firm friendship during next six months. Vani and Nusrat also got along very well.

One year had passed of our stay in Kanaara. It was season of mangos again. Munir admonished me against buying mangoes, he took it upon himself to send us the best mangoes from his own farm. Vani was overwhelmed.

One day Munir came to my office for some information. I called in for tea. While shifting papers on my desk to make room I dropped some on the floor. Amongst them was a pictorial book of Kama Sutra of Vatsayana translated by Sir Richard Burton. Munir saw it, picked it up and asked me, "You are interested in reading such books?"

"Yes, very much so. I read them with Vani and put into practice what we can, Is there anything wrong in it?"

"Certainly not. In fact we, that is Nisi and me also do the same thing. But I don't think I have seen this book; may I borrow it?"

"Oh yes, take it and keep it as long as you wish."

That opened the door for exchange of 'hot' books and magazines. Vani was tickled to see pictures of some of the big cocks fucking young chicks.

(Clarification : This story relates to early sixties when CD was not known at least in rural India; video tapes had just come in.)

Our love making was by then losing its shine except on occasions when we met with Munir and Nusrat. An hour with them and I would be 'new' for another bout of fucking. Vani was sharp to notice this change. One might after regular fuck of half an hour she asked me, "You fantasize about Nusrat, don't you?"

There was no point in denying. I said, "Well, yes I do."

"I knew because you fuck with double zest whenever you have come across her during the day. Same thing happens when we go to a movie. You poke your lund in my chut but imagine that you are fucking Nusrat or the actress of the movie."

"You are absolutely correct. But I am not alone. Every male has a tendency to fantasize."

"Cut the bullshit, tell me, would you like to fuck Nusrat?"

"The question is redundant because you know I do. Do you plan to invite her to get fucked by me?"

"I may as well, Let me see what I can do."

I was amazed, but asked her, "What about you?"

"What about me?"

"Don't you fantasize for a different kind of lund, say a circumcised one?"

"You mean Munir's?"

"May be."

" Vishok Shah, let me tell you a secret which you will like. The other day Nisi and I were comparing our books. She told me that Munir was also behaving the same way as you do. He fucks her twice or thrice on the day when he sees me. He clearly admitted that he always fantasized fucking me. Moreover, she expressed her wish to see her husband fucking someone else and asked if I would oblige her by being that someone?"

"What did you say?"

"I said I would ask you."

"What do you want? Want to get fucked by a circumcised lund?"

"Only if you promise to fuck Nisi."

"O.K., I promise, provided both of them are willing."

Next time I came across Munir he was with Nusrat. She could not look at me eye to eye. She stood hiding behind her husband with a smile on her lips. Munir came to the point straight away, "What do I hear Nisi and Vani talking about?"

"I also hear the same thing. It is very exciting. I would not mind trying. What do you say?"

"I am ready to do anything that pleases them."

"Oh, it will be great fun, what do you say Begum Saheba?"

"Call her Saali because they consider themselves sisters."

"O.K. Saali Ji, Aap ki kya raay hai? (Sister-in-law, what is your opinion ).

She peeked from behind her husband and with her face flushed pink she said, "Mein kya kahun? Aap log mard hein, chahe so kijiye. (What can I say? You are the men, do whatever you wish)."

I said, "We do not want to do anything you ladies do not want. Am I right, Seth?"

Munir agreed. With a smile, which sent my lund astir Nisi coyly answered, "Vani Didi se hi puchh lijiyega (Ask Sister Vani)."

I said, "Seth, why don't you two come for dinner to day? Meanwhile I will ask Vani. If she agrees which I am sure she will, we shall make some plans."

The talk had awakened my lund. To avoid embarrassment of an erect lund right in the center of a busy market place I hurriedly took their leave and rushed home. I wanted to give my cock a cold bath and a hand job if necessary. I had not expected Vani home but there she was in the kitchen working with some vegetables.

Disregarding her squeals of surprise and protest I lifted her up and headed for the bedroom. There was no time for undressing. I dumped her on the bed, lifted her saari and petticoat and mounted her slamming my erect lund into the depths of her vagina. I started at break neck speed and slowed down only when the lund sent the warning of impending orgasm.

I heard Vani saying, " ....not going to run away. At least take off your belt, the buckle is hurting me on the tummy."

Keeping the lund pushed in the chut I lifted myself and removed my belt and shirt. With some difficulty I managed to undress both of us. After a spate of eight to ten rapid and deep thrusts Vani asked, "When and where did you see Nisi?"

See? She has a knack of putting her finger right on the dot. By way of an answer I mashed her bhos by side to side movement of my pelvis. She in turn squeezed the lund in rapid succession by contracting her internal muscles. I could not take it any more. Ecstatic orgasm swept over me. The lund convulsed strongly ejecting seemingly endless jets of thick semen in her chut. She also climaxed with me.

After my breathing settled I said, "They are coming for diner to night. If you want to go ahead with cross fucking we shall make plans so that we may do it without anybody getting wiser on us."

Naturally Vani was willing and ready. After dinner we discussed the various options and came to a simple plan.

We four would go to Vapi by bus as if on a shopping spree. From Vapi we would board a private luxury bus to Bakanaal, a holiday resort on sea shore, reaching there by about mid night. We would stay in a hotel for two days and enjoy. I offered the bus fare for all of us while Munir insisted on picking up the hotel bill.

When that was settled Munir said, "Vishok, my Nisi is still very bashful. We are married for a year but she still wants darkness while we fu....Pardon me, Saali Ji."

Vani was not perturbed. She encouraged Munir saying, " Carry on, carry on. My ears are not that delicate. What were you saying? You guys still fuck in darkness? Nisi, what do you say?"

Nisi had hidden her face. She spoke through her hands, "What can I do? I do not like it but I cannot overcome my shyness."

A thought flashed through my mind. I said, " Do you want to break the barrier of bashfulness? Are you ready to be absolutely shameless?"

Both of them eagerly said yes.

I said, "We shall see what we can do when we go to Bakanaal. Hopefully Munir, Nisi will be so shameless that you will have hard time handling her."

"I do not mind. How much will be your fee Doctor?"

"Let the patient recover first. We shall talk about fee after that."

Looking at me with a smile on his face Munir said, "Yaar, if you go to a sweetmeat shop they give you a sample to taste before you buy anything. Can we not expect something of the sort from the ladies?"

Both the girls cringed due to shyness. In effect Munir was telling them to make the first move in the game of spouse exchange. Nisi slapped him on the thigh saying, "Not now, it's too ...too... " She trailed off because by that time my brave Vani had gone to Munir and was kissing him on the mouth.

Her bravery however evaporated to thin air once the kiss was over. Red in face and breathless she ran to me and hid her face on my shoulder. My hand moving up and down her back felt the goose bumps bursting out of her smooth skin.

Munir had a smile of satisfaction on his lips. He said, "Bravo, Saali Ji, bravo." I clutched Vani to my chest and looked at Nisi over her shoulder. She was blushing heavily knowing that now it was her turn and she would have to kiss me.

I did not have to say anything. It was Munir who told her, "Did you see how bold Vani is? Now go and do your duty."

Reluctantly Nisi got up and started towards me with bowed head. I said, "Don't worry, Nisi, If you are not comfortable, I will let go my claim. We don't want to force anything on you. After all we all of us are trying to enjoy. Are we not?"

Nisi did not falter. Reaching by my side she sank to her knees, closed the eyes, pouted her lips and offered her mouth for kissing. As my mouth moved to hers Vani shifted and turned her face. She held Nisi's face in her hand while I kissed her. When the kiss was over, Vani turned Nisi's face towards her and stuck her mouth to mouth.

Their kiss lasted longer than mine or Munir's. When they separated they hugged before going their ways.

Munir suddenly was in a hurry to go home. I could see the pulsating bulge in his crotch with a patch of wetness overlying. I was equally excited and waiting for them to go so that I could fuck Vani.

I offered, "Seth, you can use our bed if you want to."

He looked at Nisi who did not speak. It was Vani who led her by the wrist to our bedroom. Munir followed. Vani closed the door on them and rushed to me.

I was sitting in a chair. I had predicted her moves and hence had kept my lund ready, pulled out from my pajamas. Vani lifted her sari and petticoat and straddled my thighs. A little maneuvering here and there and my entire lund was engulfed by her sweet chut. When I was fully in I moved my pelvis back and forth to rub her clitoris on the shaft of my cock. I could have been spared the trouble, for her chut was already pulsating when she took the lund in. She however rocked her pelvis rather violently and had a strong orgasm within few minutes. Right at the time we heard a muffled scream of Nisi.

When Munir and Nisi came out and bid us farewell thanking us profusely my pecker was yet in Vani's chut, undefeated, hard, thick and long. I said, "Pardon me, Seth, Saali Ji, I am indisposed."

Nisi immediately turned around covering her face. Munir said to me, "Do not worry, take your time. I will see you tomorrow."

We all would have loved them to stay for the night. But such things are not possible in small places like Kanaara where everybody knows everybody else. Besides, there are self appointed guardians of social morality who would raise hue and cry at the drop of a feather. We had to be very careful in what we were doing or what we appeared to be doing.

They left reluctantly. Nisi pinched Vani on her cheek on her way out..

I took Vani to the bed without dislodging the cock. Frantically we removed our clothes. Putting her on her back with her legs wrapped around my waist I settled between her thighs. While I lifted myself on my out stretched arms she put a couple of pillows under her head and shoulders so that both of us could see the inter play of lund and chut below. Even after so many months of regular fucking the sight of the lund entering the vulva had not lost its novelty and eroticism. Seeing the bulbous head of the lund opening up the lips of her wet vulva while nudging the equally erect clitoris had always been a strong kick to my lund. Similarly seeing her own vulva being invaded by my lund was enough to catapult Vani into an orgasm.

So with both of us looking down below I gradually pulled my lund out of her chut. The lips of her cunt closed themselves like shutters of a window. My lund thick, wet and ferociously erect hung swaying below my tummy, The cap was pulled up exposing purplish red mushroom of the head. A thick strand of slimy love juice ran from the cock head to her vulva.

Vani eagerly grasped the lund and gave it a couple of mighty strokes as if punishing it for some crime. Using its own love juice as lubricant she slid the foreskin on and off the angry looking head, drawing it at the same time towards her vulva. I held myself unmoving supported on my elbows and knees. We had played the game many times before.

I lowered the pelvis enough for the lund to touch the vulva. Holding it by the shaft Vani sort of 'painted' her bhos with the love juice from the cock head. Just touching the labium she ran the head front to back on one side and back to front on the other. After about five or six such strokes she took the head to the slit. The soft lips of her cunt gave way under the nudging by the blunt head which became wetter by the love juice flowing out of her bhos. She ran the head back and forth in the crack stopping at times to stroke the shaft of the lund.

Vani was getting excited fast and I was not far behind. Running the cock head in her dripping crack till her pelvis started bucking Vani drew the lund to her clitoris. By that time my pelvis also had started gentle rocking which helped in nudging the clitoris. The clitoris was however so sensitive that it could not tolerate sustained contact with the cock head; Vani had to break the contact on and off.

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