tagGroup SexExchange of Wives Ch. 04

Exchange of Wives Ch. 04


(Author's note:

This is entirely a work of fiction. All the characters in the story are 18 and beyond.

Story so far : Vishok, a Development officer in an insurance company is posted at Kanara, a small town. He and his wife Vani come across another couple, Munir and Nusarat Jehan. They become friends and when cross attraction develops they take a trip to a holiday resort. Exchange of partners occurred on the way and they spent the night with new partners. Vishok fucks Nisi, wife of Munir and contrives to cure her of her fear of light. At the same time Munir fucks Vani, wife of Vishok and initiates her to fellatio. In this final chapter they all four get together on the same bed and try out different things.)



By the time Munir finished his story all of us had changed our positions. Now Vani was sitting straddling Munir's thighs. Her arms were around his neck and legs around his waist. She was rocking her pelvis back and forth and Munir was supporting her with his hands under her ample butts. Clearly his lund was engulfed by her chut. Both of them were highly excited and with Vani claiming his mouth for kisses on and off Munir had hard time keeping a track of his narration during the final part.

Nisi was sitting in my lap facing me and her legs on two sides of my hips. With her arms around my neck she was partly hanging and partly sitting. My cock however had not yet entered her chut, it was standing upright pressed between my lower tummy and her wet and swollen vulva. With gentle rocking movements Nisi was enjoying the play of her clitoris on the hard slippery surface of the lund. My arms going around were crossed on the back of her chest. Her delectable breasts with nipples erect like small pebbles were flattened on my chest.

It is highly erotic to see your own lund going in and out of your wife's chut. But still more erotic is watching someone else's cock drilling her pussy. Munir had been very graphic in describing his tryst with Vani. That in itself was enough to fill up my heart with jealousy and a vicarious desire to actually see his lund goring Vani's chut.

When Nisi had enough clitoral stimulation she lifted herself , poised her chut on my cock and slid down. Few ups and down on the vertical lund and her chut started fluttering. Seeing her husband fucking Vani nearby she asked, "Didi, how do you like Munir's cock so far?"

"Delicious. How is Vishok's?"

"Oh, very sweet. Want to see it in action? Jiju, you would not mind showing, would you, now?"

Vani said, "Then Munir will show his mustang goring my hole. Would you not, Munir Miyan?"

The girls were talking as if we boys were not there. I said, "Munir, what do you say?"

Munir said, "I have never seen Nisi's chut till to day, so I don't know. But I would like to try."

Vani, "Vishok?"

I said, "Whatever pleases you ladies, my dear."

Nisi, "Munir, turn a little on this side. No, no, you don't have to pull out, keep on fucking, just turn a wee bit."

On our part Nisi made 180 degree turn about keeping my lund in her chut. She now had her back to me. She reclined on my chest and tilted her pelvis to bring forward her bhos. The whole of her vulva was visible to Munir and Vani. I could only see the mound , the upper swells of her bigger labia and the erect clitoris in between them. Half of my lund came out and half remained in stretching open the mouth of her chut. She did short ups and downs with her pelvis showing the coming and going of the lund without dislodging it.

Munir and Vani were watching us. Munir said, "By God, Nisi, it is surprising that your cunt small as it appears can take in such a thick lund as Vishok's. Vishok's cock is really thick and you can take him easily. Wonderful, wonderful. Vishok, when can I get her back?"

Vani gave him a light slap on his buttock and said, "Not before you are done with me. Right, Nisi?"

Nisi, "Yes, Didi. Miyan, you will have to wait."

Munir, "In that case, Saali Ji, I will fuck you till you beg me to stop."

Apparently the sight of Nisi's chut being rammed by my lund gave a kick to his arousal because he started fucking Vani like a man possessed.

Vani caressed his back and said lovingly, "Slow down, slow down Miyan. Mein aur Nisi bhag jane wali nahin hein, aram se chodo aur luft uthao. ( Neither me nor Nisi is going to run away. Fuck at leisure and enjoy.)

Munir slowed his pace but his thrusts remained as forceful as before and rattling Vani's body.

I said, "Munir Seth, it is your turn now. Show us how your mustang fucks."

Hurriedly he took Vani to the bed and put her on her back with her legs towards us. Vani lifted and spread wide her thighs giving us an excellent view of her cunt. As expected it was swollen and wet. Her inch long erect clitoris could be seen easily.

Vani's cunt was no stranger to me having seen it on and off fucking. But seeing it waiting for Munir's lund gave me special thrill. "Is this the bhos I have been fucking almost daily for last one year?" I asked myself.

Munir could not wait, he hurriedly mounted her but kept his thighs spread wide. His lund was hanging down pointing towards Vani's chut. It appeared formidable, very long, very thick and dripping love juice. His balls were tightly drawn up on two sides of the root, as a result the whole length of the shaft was visible. The bulbous head and terminal inch of the shaft were suffused red.

Then there appeared the delicate hand of Vani. It grabbed the lund and directed it to the mouth of her chut. One consistent thrust by Munir sent the whole lund into the depths of Vani's chut.

Munir said, "Vishok, Pardon me; I cannot hold on." And he started fucking with rattling deep strokes.

Vani's cunt was ready to take the onslaught; it was swollen and wet. The mouth of her chut was stretched open to an "O" by the thickness of the shaft. Her bigger labia cushiony thick and wet were hugging the lund on the sides. Periodically a thick ridge appeared along the under surface of the lund making it thicker and further dilating the chut. The fit was tight. Each penetration pushed her cunt inwards while withdrawal pulled it out.

The sight was erotic in extreme for both me and Nisi. Both of us were highly aroused. Her chut was fluttering almost continuously while my lund was throbbing powerfully. All along I had been fucking Nisi unconsciously. I came to earth when Nisi started showing signs of exhaustion.

I gently pushed her away from me and on to the bed flat on her face. I moved along with her keeping the lund all the while in her chut. We ended up on the bed, she below and I on top of her. She spread her thighs and tilted the pelvis to ease my entry in her chut. I passed my hand to the front of her chest and captured her breasts.

As I nuzzled on the side of her neck she pulled me down and said in my ear, "Jiju, meri gaand maroge? Bahut din ho gaye Munir ka lund gaand men liye. (Brother in law, will you fuck me in ass? Many days have passed since I received Munir's lund in my ass.)"

I was surprised at her request though I welcomed the opportunity of trying something new. I left her to get condom and cream. Munir and Vani were lost to the world.

Nisi knew what was expected of her. She lied down on her back and pulled up her thighs and held them wide. She tilted her pelvis to bring up her ass hole.

Nisi had a cute little ass hole about an inch behind the mouth of her chut. Puckered and hairless, brown colored hole was sitting deep between her cheeks. For a moment I doubted if she would be able to accommodate my lund. As soon as my finger touched it the muscle contracted to close the opening. Applying cream over it I massaged the area before trying to insert my finger. The muscle relaxed with the massage and my finger went in. I applied more cream and dilated the hole by circular motion of the finger. By and by the anal canal of Nisi dilated to a degree sufficient to admit without distress four fingers of my hand.

I asked her, "Are you ready, dear?"

She said, "Yes, yes. Please make haste, I cannot wait," and immediately went for my lund which by then had wilted to semi erect state. She insisted that she put the condom on me. Holding the lund in her fist she stroked it to full erection and was about to roll the condom on. Having had no experience with uncircumcised lund she had not pulled the foreskin up. I said, "Nisi dear, pull up the cap and expose the head before rolling the condom on."

Once the lund was ready with condom and cream Nisi took doggy position. With her shoulder and head on the bed she raised her butt to the level of my lund. She spread her butt cheeks with her own hands. I applied liberal amount of cream on her hole.

Putting the tip of the lund on the hole I applied gentle pressure. Her ring muscle relaxed to welcome my lund though it was a tight fit. Once the head slid in I stopped and waited for some time for her muscles to get used to the intruder. Then I pulled out for half an inch before pushing it in. When I was two inches in I stopped again and repeated the maneuver. Thus I went in step by step, inch by inch.

Once the whole lund was in Nisi relaxed and flattened down on the bed taking me on her back. She said, " I have found this position very comfortable for ass fucking leaving all the work to do to the guy on my back. So Jiju, I am all set, I am not going to move. Ab chahe jaise mujhe chodiye. (Now you can fuck me as you like.)"

I said, "Jaisi teri marjee. (As you wish.)" and started at slow and deep leisurely pace. The fit was tight and I applied fresh quota of cream to ease the movement. I soon realized that she had not included her internal muscles in "not moving." They were actively milking the lund. I asked her, "Do not squeeze so much, I may climax sooner than you want."

"Jiju, mein kuchh nahin karati, apane aap ho jata hai jab aap ka lund ghista hai andar. (Jiju, I do not do anything, it happens of its own when your cock rubs inside.)"

I had partially taken my weight on my elbows and knees so as not to crush the delicate body of Nisi. When she realized that she insisted I fully lie upon her back, She said, "Jiju, aap ka bojh achchha lagata hai. (Jiju, your weight feels good.)"

What could I do? I passed my left hand to the front of her chest to hold her left breast while my right hand passed around to her cunt zeroing on to her slippery clitoris. Only then I lowered my weight on her body. My face came to her face and I showered kisses on every part of her face and neck I could reach, my pelvis all the while rocking leisurely making my lund go in and out of her tight ass hole.

Soon our excitement reached the level of no return. She started moving her pelvis while my speed increased. Nothing could be done for the depth of penetration , the anal opening sitting deep between her ass cheeks.

To remedy the situation we changed the position. She turned on to her back and lifted her legs as far as she could. She spread open her butts with her hands and I re entered her hole. Almost the whole on my lund could go in. Hooking my arms under her knees I pushed them up so far that her pelvis was off the bed by six inches bringing up her hole for easy penetration.

Applying a fresh quota of cream on my lund I fucked Nisi with deep and vigorous thrusts. With the rising arousal my speed increased. What with my fingers tormenting her nipples and clitoris she was swept into a glorious orgasm within few powerful strokes.. My lund was no match for her internal muscles which squeezed it rhythmically and dragged me into an equally intense orgasm. I jetted out my load inside of her butt and slumped down on her prostrate body without making any effort to withdraw the lund. She held it in till it wilted. Then she expelled it out and went to the bathroom.

I was asleep even as she reached the door.

Next day morning everybody was refreshed and in jovial mood.

After tea and breakfast we went on a site seeing tour. We returned in the evening had something to eat and were ready for another session of fucking.

I had seen Munir's lund fucking Vani's chut, twice. I could not forget the scenes. For the whole day long the image of Vani's pussy being pounded by Munir's lund alternating with that of my lund disappearing into Nisi's chut played like a cinema show on the screen of my mind. My lund as a result remained semi erect all along. By evening I was fit to climb a wall, I could not wait to fuck my dear wife.

Accordingly when we reached the rooms I dragged Vani by her waist and threw her on the bed. By the time she uttered one word my lund was kissing the cervix of her uterus. Surprisingly her vulva was wet enough to ease the entry of the lund.

Munir and Nisi looked on without doing anything till they saw my lund drilling Vani's chut. Nisi then made the bold move of grabbing Munir's lund. It appeared that Munir was just waiting to see Nisi's reaction to our fucking. He did not require second invitation. Soon they were also engaged into serious fucking.

I must admit that fucking that day turned out to be extremely pleasant to both me and Vani, second only to our first fuck of our wedding night. After our mutual orgasm I slumped down on the soft body of Vani without withdrawing the lund from her pussy. After some time when it started wilting Vani worked miracle on it by her fluttering chut and within seconds I was as good as new. The second fuck lasted longer and second orgasm proved to be more intense. This time I had to withdraw because my lund and her pussy were highly sensitized, when I went to bathroom my lund could not tolerate the touch of my fingers.

Munir and Nisi had similar session, as they told us over the dinner. Nisi said, "Jiju, are you forgetting something?"

I asked, "Like what?"

"It has something to do with your cock."

I suddenly remembered and said, "Oh. You want to see my uncircumcised lund. Right?"

Nisi assisted by Vani forced me flat on the bed. Both the girls played with my limp cock pushing the foreskin up and down over the head. Nisi kissed the tip and said, "Kitana pyara hai?/ (How lovable it is?)"

Delicate ministration by those fingers had predictable effect on the lund: it became fully erect in no time. Nisi exclaimed," Wow, how big it is? Now it looks simply majestic. Haay haay Didi,mein munh men le lun? (Oh oh Sister, shall I take in my mouth?)"

Vani before replying turned around looking for Munir. He was there, right behind her holding in readiness his thick erect cock.

Vani said, "Go ahead Nisi, he is all yours. I have here an equally magnificent cock to suck on."

There followed a period of most delicious half an hour during which the girls gave us excellent blow jobs. Nisi did it in traditional way of keeping me on the bed and bobbing her head up and down on the lund held high while Vani knelt on the floor in front of Munnir right near my head.

Munir was holdingVani's head in his hands and was fucking her mouth with slow strokes. Her mouth was wide open and she had put out her tongue so that sensitive under surface of the head was gliding over it. Every few strokes Munir pushed the lund deep down in her throat till she gagged. However gagging did not deter Vani from taking the lund deep, she seemed to relish it. Both the girls later on told us that feeling of the thick lund in the mouth and deep down in the throat was as exciting as deep vaginal penetration.

On my part Nisi was licking slobbering sucking and milking my lund. She deep throated herself after every few moments of sucking.

Suddenly Munir stopped as if frozen in mid air. Almost whole of his lund was pulled out, only the head was gripped by her lips like a cork in a bottle. Munir threw his head backward and climaxed uttering a prolonged Aaaaahhh. I could see his lund twitching and shooting semen in her mouth. She shuddered in her climax and received the load without spilling a drop from her mouth.

As soon as he withdrew she let out a big load of Munir's semen from her mouth. Munir held his turgid and wet lund in his hand, squeezed out the last drops of his semen and rubbed the head on Vani's mouth. She opened her lips and ran them on the glistening surface of the head, Thick strands of semen mixed with her saliva hung between the lund and her mouth and dripped down on her breasts. She looked upwards into Munir's eyes and smiled. Munir lifted her up and kissed her swollen lips wet with his own semen. Reluctantly he released her to go to the bathroom.

Nisi and I were intently watching the love play between Munir and Vani even as I was fucking Nisi in her mouth. When Vani went to the bathroom Nisi pulled my lund out of her mouth much in advance of my ejaculation. She continued caressing it by licking stroking and squeezing and led me to a wonderful climax. finished the job using her fist directing my jet on to her chest. She held my lund and used it to spread the semen on to her nipples and areolas and bring herself to a climax.

Sweet sleep claimed all four of us. I had Nisi with me, Munir had Vani; all naked. We fucked and slept, woke up, fucked some more and slept again.

After two days of frolicking and fucking in every other way we returned to Kanaara looking forwards to many sessions of cross fucking. But the fate had surprise waiting for us.

There was a letter from our Regional Office. It praised in no uncertain words my professional success in the field. Then it offered me a five per cent raise in my salary with immediate effect provided I accept immediate transfer to Kantavadia.

Where in the heck is this Kantavadia, I wondered.

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