tagGroup SexExchange Students Ch. 2

Exchange Students Ch. 2


Chapter 2: Getting Better Acquainted

Nicola, Paolo, Roberto and Andrea were lying naked and exhausted on the living room floor when Giuseppe and Enrico walked in. They stood in the doorway and stared at the naked bodies.

'Well boys,' Giuseppe said, 'I take it you've made our new roommates feel welcome.'

Andrea smiled and ran a hand over her pussy.

'They sure have.'

She got up and walked over to Giuseppe and Enrico and placed a hand on each of their visible erections.

'Could I interest you two in some pussy?'

Nicola stared at her friend. Andrea had always been a shy and quiet girl, but now she was acting like a real slut, stroking the boys' bulging jeans. She saw how Giuseppe and Enrico were still hesitating so she walked up to her friend. She ran her hands around Andrea's body until they were cupping those big luscious breasts.

'Come on Reah,' she said softly. 'These boys don't want to fuck us, we'll just have to help each other.'

Without replying, Andrea turned around and started kissing Nicola. They're tongues were entwined as their hands explored each other's bodies. Andrea's hand was rubbing back and forth over Nicola's shaved pussy and Nicola couldn't stop kneading her friend's big tits.

Roberto and Paolo had been watching while lying on the floor and they were both stroking their huge erections now. They exchanged glances and agreed to switch girls. Roberto was going to get to fuck Nicola next and Paolo was going to fuck Andrea. But first they were going to enjoy the show for a bit longer.

With their lovers stroking their cocks and the other two guys eagerly watching, Andrea pulled Nicola to the floor and straddled across her mouth. Her breasts fell like ripe fruits on her friend's stomach as she leaned across and started licking the naked pussy. Nicola moaned out loud and grabbed hold of Andrea's soft ass and started licking the wet slit. She lapped up the cum that was still dripping out of it and flicked her tongue expertly across the swollen clit.

Andrea moaned into Nicola's cum filled pussy and pushed her tongue straight in. They'd played with each other in their dorm room back home, but nothing like this, and never after being fucked like that. She loved the taste of Nicola's juices mixed with Paolo's cum.

The girls were moaning and slurping up each other's juices and the guys' cocks were getting harder and harder. Paolo finally gave into temptation and moved up to Andrea. He pulled her hips higher and started pushing his 9 inches into the wet pussy that was still being licked by Nicola. Nicola's tongue was all over his shaft as he penetrated Andrea, licking her own juices off Paolo's cock and lapping up Andrea's juices.

Roberto couldn't let his friend have all the fun so he pulled Nicola out from underneath Andrea, pulled her legs up high and shoved his hard shaft into the tight warmth of her juicy cunt.

While Paolo was fucking Andrea from behind and Roberto was shafting Nicola hard the girls manoeuvred their bodies in a way so that they could kiss and play with each other's tits. Nicola couldn't keep her hands off those big D cups as her tongue played with Andrea's tongue. Andrea on the other hand was tweaking and pulling Nicola's hard nipples.

Giuseppe and Enrico couldn't believe the fuck scene in front of them. They each had massive erections that were restrained in their jeans. Finally Giuseppe admitted defeat. He quickly stripped out of his clothes and showed off a hairy chest and a 7-inch cock that was thicker than any cock the girls had ever seen. He walked up to Andrea and shoved his cock in her mouth.

'Fuck her hard,' he urged Paolo. 'I want her to feel my cock deep in her throat.'

Paolo didn't need more encouragement than that so he started shoving his 9 inches deep and hard into Andrea's tight cunt. With every thrust he pushed her mouth further onto Giuseppe's fat cock. Andrea's lips were wrapped around the juicy cock and with one hand she stroked the huge balls. She moaned out loud every time Paolo rammed his balls onto her clit and when Giuseppe started kneading her tits while fucking her mouth she didn't know how much more of this she could take.

Nicola looked over at Enrico and saw that he'd pulled his hard shaft out of his pants and stood there stroking it. She smiled at him.

'Come on Enrico,' she said, 'wouldn't it be nice to have that big shaft of Yours sucked? I'd love to taste it.'

Enrico hesitated for a second but then he shed his clothes revealing a cock that was much bigger than Nicola had first thought. Roberto turned Nicola around so that he was fucking her from behind so that she could get better access to Enrico's massive shaft. When Enrico walked up to Nicola and she saw the full length of his shaft she realised that it must be close to 12 inches. She drooled at the sight of it. She'd never had a cock that size in her life, the only thing that had come close was her favourite vibrator.

Nicola slowly sucked Enrico's erection deep into her throat, but not even her expertise could do that huge shaft much justice. She used her hands on his balls and the base of his cock but there was so much of it. Enrico moaned with pleasure but Nicola wanted more. She let go of Enrico's cock and raised her upper body and whispered into Roberto's ear. Roberto's face lit up and he pulled his cock out of her cunt.

Roberto then got down on his back, with his shiny cock standing straight up like a flagpole. Nicola slowly started to sit down on him, letting him manoeuvre his cock into her ass. They both moaned out loud as he slowly let himself into that incredibly tight hole and slowly stretched it to make room for his cock. When he was almost all the way in Enrico manoeuvred Nicola into a position where her cunt was wide open and he pushed his huge cock inside.

Nicola cried out loud as the two cocks filled her holes. Enrico pushed hard and managed to fit his entire 12 inches in her pussy. Meanwhile Paolo and Giuseppe had picked up the pace with Andrea. They each pushed hard into her pussy and mouth, fucking her harder and faster, encouraged by her moans of pleasure.

Andrea was the first to give in. She felt her pussy contracting harder and harder around Paolo's cock and with a cry that was slightly muffled by Giuseppe's cock her pussy spasmed hard and tight around Paolo's cock and her juices squirted out on his balls and down her legs. This was the final straw for Paolo who with a roar started shooting his load way up the cumming pussy. Giuseppe too let go and shot his load deep into Andrea's throat.

Paolo and Giuseppe withdrew from Andrea and looked over at the other three. Giuseppe fondled Andrea's tits and she could feel his fat cock getting hard against her ass. But Andrea had never been fucked in her ass before, and she wasn't prepared to learn with the fattest cock she'd ever laid eyes on.

Instead Andrea motioned for Giuseppe to get down on his back and she straddled his fat cock and started riding. She moaned out loud in pleasure as his cock stretched her cunt wide. Giuseppe reached for Andrea's bouncing tits and squeezed them hard. Paolo watched them and couldn't believe that his cock was hard again. This was unbelievable, he couldn't get enough of fucking tonight.

Paolo kneeled and straddled Nicola's face and pushed his cock onto her lips. She hungrily sucked it in and tasted her friend's juices on it. She'd never done this before. She'd never had one cock in each hole and she loved it. This was real fucking!

Paolo breathed heavily as Nicola sucked his cock deep into her throat. Enrico laughed and pushed hard into her. He could feel Roberto's cock pumping her ass. This whore was such a good little fucker. He looked over at Andrea's bouncing tits and luscious lips and smiled. He'd love to feel those lips lick his shaft off when he was done with this one.

Nicola moaned around Paolo's cock as Enrico picked up the pace. He was fucking her cunt so good. Roberto's cock was stretching her ass and she could feel how she was about to let go. The minute her pussy started squeezing around Enrico's shaft she let out a muffled scream around the hard shaft that was pumping her mouth. Enrico felt the squeeze around his cock and immediately let go with her, shooting his load straight up her cumming cunt.

Enrico was barely done cumming when he pulled out of Nicola's shaved pussy and stood in front of Andrea's lips with his dripping cock. Andrea smiled up at him, and without slowing down the pace with which she was riding Giuseppe's piece of meat she sucked him in and tasted his lovely cum mixed with Nicola's sweet juices. Enrico could feel his cock hardening again and took a hold of Andrea's head as he pumped her mouth hard.

Roberto knew that he was on the brink of cumming in Nicola's ass as he felt her juices mixed with Enrico's cum run down over his tightened balls. He grabbed hold of her hips and shoved himself as deep as he could. He heard Nicola's muffled cries as he screamed out in ecstasy while shooting his load straight up that delicious tight ass.

Paolo couldn't stand it any longer and so he came into the moaning mouth. He then eased Nicola off Roberto's cock and the three of them lay down on the floor, Roberto caressing Nicola's pussy and Paolo kissing her tits.

Giuseppe had watched Nicola being fucked in every hole as Andrea's tight cunt had been riding his massive cock and now he felt his balls tightening up unbearably. He grabbed a hold of her hips and forced them down real hard so that her cunt was grinding him. This action made Andrea lose control and her pussy started shaking and squeezing around the huge shaft that was stretching her cunt beyond belief. Feeling this, Giuseppe was finally ready to let go and with a roar he emptied his balls straight into the convulsing pussy.

Enrico pushed a couple of more times, and then he pulled his cock out of Andrea's mouth at the last moment and sprayed her face with his cum. Andrea collapsed on the floor and Enrico finished off his last squirt of spunk onto Nicola. Nicola pulled away from Paolo and Roberto and started licking Andrea's face.

'Oh no girls,' Giuseppe exclaimed, 'you can't start again!'

'No more stamina Giuseppe?' Nicola laughed and ran her tongue across Andrea's lips.

'Not tonight,' Giuseppe replied, 'I've had enough fucking for one evening, I'll leave the rest for tomorrow.'

The other guys agreed and so it was decided that they should all go to bed. Roberto pulled Andrea to her feet and took her hand and led her into his bed. There they lay down in a spoon position and soon fell asleep with Roberto's cock between Andrea's thighs and his hand covering one of her big breasts.

Nicola went to bed on her own and heard Giuseppe and Enrico set off for their beds. Then her door opened and Paolo snuck in. He sat down on her bed and started caressing her body through the sheet. Sleepily Nicola pulled him down and kissed him deeply. The two fell asleep with their arms and legs entangled with each other.

To Be Continued...

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