tagIncest/TabooExchanging Butts Ch. 01

Exchanging Butts Ch. 01


Hypnosis is fascinating as there is no doubt it is for real. However, if everyone was able to perform hypnosis nothing would get done as everyone would be busy attempting to get other people to do their will whether it would be giving them a job to do or having them take their clothing off. Also, it is said that under hypnosis you will not do anything morally or ethically abhorrent to you

But there are hypnotists that swear they have complete control of the person they have put under. It is impossible to tell which is right as we will never know what the person being hypnotized limits really would be regardless of what they might say they are. With this in mind we will never know if the events described herein were the result of total mind control or if my daughter was just reluctant, in the beginning, to start a new adventure with her father exchanging a cigarette butt for my butt.

It was the summer between high school and college for my daughter, Judy when she came to me concerned about a packet of information the university had sent her. There were several things she wanted me to clarify for her in the endless documents. But, finally we got to her big concern. It turns out that there was no smoking allowed in the dormitories.

Judy did not want to go outside and walk twenty feet from the building entrance when she craved a cigarette at 3:00 in the morning. She asked me for my ideas. My typical parental first response was that she shouldn't have started smoking in the first place. For this unhelpful reply I received back the nastiest scowl imaginable from my beautiful teenager.

And except for the nasty habit Judy is really very beautiful; and that is not just a proud father talking. She just turned 18 in April and is 5' 4" tall. She is not one of those stick figures whose ribs show in a bathing suit weighing in at 135 pounds with my hazel eyes and her mother's light brown hair. As might be apparent from her weight she has a plump heart shaped bottom and C or D cup breasts.

She is highly intelligent graduating in the top 3% in her high school class. So, one can imagine how disappointed we were when a boyfriend introduced her to smoking two years earlier. Of course, we had some rather loud discussions including the typical parental declaration that she didn't have to smoke just because someone else did. All of this was to no avail as she kept on smoking without a care in the world until she got the housing packet that day.

My daughter was nearly in tears complaining how unfair it was. Judy didn't think she could stop smoking but couldn't see herself leaving the dorm every time she needed some nicotine. I vetoed living in an apartment as the non-refundable deposit was already paid on the dorm and I thought the social aspects of dorm life would be beneficial for her.

It was easy to tell that quitting cold turkey was not an option either. We spent the next hour going through the various ways to quit smoking. Judy's frustration was becoming obvious when I remembered the two week hypnosis class I had taken at the local community college for the fun of it. I never expected to hypnotize anyone, much less my daughter. I just was curious how it was done.

When our laughing finally stopped after I brought it up Judy looked me straight in the eyes and seriously told me to try it. She figured that the worst we could do would be to have a good laugh over my attempt and there was a slim chance it would work. Anyway she looked at it she would not lose as she still had all the other options available to her.

"Judy How about meeting me on the back porch in five minutes and we'll give it a try with something small," I said as I helped her up from the couch. She turned to me and gave me a reassuring hug as if to say thank you for trying even though we both knew it would not work. Whenever Judy hugged me I must admit that I had much more than fatherly feelings toward the beautiful girl in my arms; invariably my cock would begin to stiffen.

After stretching and grabbing a drink I met her and we sat next to each other on a bench overlooking the serene backyard. It took a few minutes for us to get serious. Finally I had had her just sit there quietly and relax; neither of us saying a word. Once both of us were totally calm I began my attempt. Lucky for me Judy really wanted this to work and obeyed the directions I gave her from focusing on the focal point to closing her eyes.

Total serenity seemed to envelope her entire body. I could not believe it but I thought I had succeeded in putting her under. Softly I asked her if she could hear me and a whisper she replied that she could. My hope was increasing. I had no idea how to help modify her smoking behavior and would do research that evening if this worked. I asked, what is your name?"

"Judy Felicia Scott," was my daughter's soft answer. I asked her several more questions to see if I really had control of her while she was under in hopes of seeing how easy it would be to get her to do what was required to stop smoking. She answered question after question about likes and dislikes and her friends. But, I realized that I had to ask her questions that she would never tell me the answer to if she WAS AWAKE starting with, "have you ever skipped school?"

"Yes daddy I did three times," her voice was flat and without any emotion. She had just told me a couple of nights earlier that she had never skipped school so I took this as a good sign. But I thought I needed to ask more personal questions to really test her trust and the depth of my potential control.

"What size underwear do you wear Judy?" I already knew from helping with the laundry the answer to this. I also knew she would never tell me this in normal daily chat.

"Size 8 undies and a 36 C or D bra," she answered coolly. I was only expecting panty size not thinking of a bra as underwear. I felt movement in my own underwear as I continued.

"How Many guys have you had sex with?" I asked nervously.

"Three," Judy replied without hesitation. Visions of her hot body being fucked ran through my mind and my cock was springing to full erection. One final question and I would either get slapped or know that she would likely comply with the hypnotic suggestions I gave her.

"Judy, have you ever wanted to have sex with me or masturbated thinking of me?" my voice cracked as I asked. I wasn't sure how I wanted her to answer the question but that wasn't nearly as important as whether or not she answered it all.

"Yes daddy I have thought of having sex with you a lot and masturbate thinking of you very often," again there was no emotion.

I was convinced that she was absolutely hypnotized but I had to give her a command to prove it.

"Judy, whenever you hear the word 'fart' between now and bedtime today you will slap your leg. Do you understand?" I asked.

"Yes daddy I understand," she replied. Looking at my notes from the class I told her to come out of the trance when I counted to three. I also instructed her that she would begin to fall back asleep and under the trance whenever I showed her the focal point and said 'Sidney" to her. I told her that she would not remember anything we discussed. I counted to three and snapped my fingers her eyes fluttered open.

"How do you feel Judy?" I asked her

"Fine daddy, are you going to try and hypnotize me or have you changed your mind?" she innocently asked. I could not help it and laughed. Then I took her hand and looked at her and smiled.

"I guess it worked as I spent the last twenty minutes talking with you young lady," I said almost boasting. A strange look came over her face then she looked at her watch. She suddenly looked very uneasy and was playing with her hands. Then a very serious look came to her and she blushed slightly.

"You aren't going to make me act like a farm animal or something are you? That would be so mean," she stammered. I caressed her hand and smiled at her. Then I said the trigger word 'fart' and she immediately let go of my hands and slapped her leg. I said it again and again she slapped her thigh. After slapping herself a second time she got the idea and laughed mostly in relief that the suggestion was such a simple thing.

We made arrangements to meet later that night for me to make my first attempt at helping her with her smoking cessation after I studied my materials some more. Then I spoke the trance word 'Sidney' while showing her the focal point and she immediately relaxed and closed her eyes. Gently I made sure she was all the way under and I quickly removed the leg slapping suggestion.

I thought about replacing it with another suggestion. But, as I liked looking at her sexy body all I could come up with was to tell Judy that whenever she put on anything but silky nightgowns at night they would feel very scratchy and uncomfortable; like sandpaper against her skin. I had remembered how overriding the power of suggestion could be and this would be a good test to see if it would work on the smoking front not to mention allowing me to see her in hotter night clothes.

I was not even thinking of doing anything with Judy but thought there was no harm in appreciating my daughter's beautiful body. With that suggestion planted I snapped my fingers and counted and she popped out of the trance almost instantly. I said 'fart' again and she did nothing confirming that whatever I did I could likely undo. After dinner I hit the books and tried to absorb whatever I could. One way or another Judy was going to quit smoking.

Judy and I decided to wait until 11:00 when everyone else in the house would be asleep and the house quiet. Taking a deep breath I knocked on her bedroom door. And Judy told me to enter. Immediately she apologized for how she was dressed as her regular pajamas, for some reason, felt itchy and she couldn't stand to have them next to her skin. She said she tried putting on her cotton robe but even it felt bad. I assured her that I didn't mind how she was dressed in her flimsy shortie nightie.

If she had been anyone but my daughter I probably would have tried to make a serious move on her right then and there. As it was there was no way to hide the erection in my pants. I gulped hard as thoughts of incest entered my head for the first time. Judy might have been able to relax as we sat next to each other on her bed but I could feel the tension throughout my body and sweat oozing out of my pores. I confirmed with her that she really wanted to try this and was committed to it succeeding.

My daughter was very enthusiastic especially after how well the initial experiment worked. She did not know that the attire she was wearing was the result of a second experiment which she would likely never be told of. I then told her she had to trust me completely and whole heartedly and comply with whatever I said whenever she was under and carry through with the instruction given to her to complete when going through her daily life.

She, to my surprise, gave me a tender hug and promised me that she would not disappoint me. My mouth felt dry as her chest pressed against mine and I couldn't speak for several seconds as I wanted to romantically kiss her so badly at that moment. Getting my composure I sat straight up and held up the focal point and calmly put her under.

Her body completely relaxed and her breathing slowed as I tried to get my thoughts together. Then something happened that changed everything totally. It was a very small and unintentional event. As Judy relaxed her legs parted and the nightie rode up on her thighs revealing the crotch of her white panties. This site alone was enough to drive me crazy.

But, the thing that pushed me over the edge was that there was a very large wet spot in the heart of her crotch. I didn't know why her honey was flowing or if I had anything to do with it. To be honest I didn't care as suddenly I had to taste her honey and I had to taste whether or not she would normally allow me to play with her.

IT only took three seconds for a plan to form in my mind. I ran out of her room and retrieved a picture from my dresser and sat back down with her. I had just enough self control to remember that my purpose was to help her with the smoking problem. The first thing I told her is that she would remember nothing from when she was under but would remember everything she did when awake that I had instructed her to do and would never have remorse over whatever actions she did.

To be honest I didn't know if that last part was really possible as the human mind is so complex and people know if they are violating their own moral code; but I thought it was worth a try. I had to know two things right away. First, I had to know that she was really in a trance and under my control. And second, my body was telling me that I had to know what her boobs looked like.

"Judy now pull your gown down off of your shoulders and let it drop into your lap? You are still in a deep sleep," I whispered my voice trembling slightly. My daughter said nothing but lifted both hands to her shoulders and slowly pulled the garment down revealing her entire chest to her father. As soon as the material gathered in her lap her hands returned behind her head resting against her headboard.

The vision was amazing. Her breasts stood out proudly from her chest pointing directly at me. The globes were so perfectly round, full and firm. The areolas were probably half dollar size and the nipples looked like a pair of large pink push buttons for a radio. Groaning at the hot sight I used every ounce of self restraint to stop myself from reaching for the beauty in front of me.

My fear was that if I touched her it would break the trance and I would be in more trouble than a crooked politician. I proceeded to instruct her that she could smoke all the cigarettes she wanted but they all would taste like very sour lemons. I didn't think it would be this simple but the teacher I had seemed to think many, especially younger, smokers only needed this one suggestion.

After giving her some further instruction in the finer points of the smoking suggestion I decided it was time to explore the sensual side of my daughter. I was now suddenly determined to have her body. For the next few minutes I carried out this conversation with Judy.

ME: "Judy, How much do you like making out with guys and having sex?"

Judy: "I like it a lot."

Me: "How Many guys have you fucked and how many times?"

Judy: Well, I've fucked three guys and maybe a total of 15 times between them all."

Me: "Besides fucking what is your favorite thing to do with a guy? Is it smooching, fondling, kissing, tittie play, oral sex, or something else?

Judy: "Oh gawd, I just love to sixty nine. I love the feeling of a guy cumming in my throat while I cover his face in my fluids."

Me: Have you ever done anything with another girl?"

Judy: "I experimented with Jennifer and we had fun. I might do it again if she wants to."

Me: "Judy tell me what you think of having a big thick and long stiff cock in your pussy, how does it feel to be fucked; to have a big powerful cock sliding in and out of your tight pussy?"

Judy: "It is fantastic feeling the soft head push into my cunt then feeling that big thing entering my pussy. I always move my pussy up to meet his cock as I want to take it as deep as I can. I push hard on my partner's ass trying to get all of it. Fuck it doesn't take very long for me to cum as it feels so great."

Me: Judy, what do you think of the cock in this picture?" I ask showing the picture of my own seven inch circumcised cock to my daughter.

Judy: "It is sexy and I'd love to suck and fuck it. " I took out a pen and wrote my name on the back of it and thought about where to leave it for her to find when she was roaming around the house.

Me: Judy it is time now to put back on your gown. Your other night clothes will no longer feel itchy but you will continue to wear what you think are sexy gowns every night being sure to show them off to your mother and father. You will not object if my hands caress your ass anytime and will give me a romantic kiss goodnight every night. Do you understand so far?"

Judy: "Yes I understand everything," she whispered softly as the gown went back over her shoulders covering up her beautiful chest.

ME: Judy when you wake up you will wait one minute and come to the living room and after you smoke your cigarette you will sit on my lap to watch TV for a few minutes before coming in to bed. In fact, you will watch TV on my lap for a few minutes every night before going to bed for the next week. Now Judy you will not ever remember a word of what we have just discussed. But, you will be fully aware of the action you do as a result of my suggestions while under hypnosis. Remember that cigarettes taste like very sour lemons and your father is sexy. Now I'm going to count to three and you will wake up feeling refreshed and without memories of the session."

Slowly I counted to three as I pushed down the erection in my pants. Her eyes fluttered and she smiled shyly at me as if somewhat uncomfortable. I told her that we would try again the next night and hid the picture from her as I got up. Confused she asked, "Dad is that it? Oh well, I really need a cigarette. Oh well, it was worth a try anyway; thanks for trying daddy."

"You are welcome sweetie," I replied confident that, at least, she didn't remember what we had discussed under the hypnosis. Since it was raining she was allowed to smoke in the kitchen so I ran ahead of her and placed the picture upside down somewhat near her ashtray and got out a beer. Sauntering back to the living room to watch some mindless trash on television I listened for her reaction when she took her first drag from the cigarette.

Before going to my easy chair I peaked around the corner and sure enough my daughter found the picture and looked at the name on it. Then slowly turned it over and her eyes visibly bulged. She put it down and kept staring at it as she took out the cigarette and smiled broadly. She caressed the photo with her index finger. It was obvious that she had more than just a passing interest in what she saw. She turned the photo back over as she brought the lighter and cigarette up to her mouth.

"Oh fuck, this thing tastes horrible. Daddy did you do something to my cigarettes?" she yelled Judy was red-faced when she came into the living room. I thought she might punch me as she came near me.

"Judy I haven't touched your cigarettes. They've been sitting in your purse just where they always are. . What is the matter with them," I feigned concern aware of the likely problem.

"They taste like crap, real sour like pure lemon juice; it is awful daddy," she sputtered. I told her to maybe try another one. She did and the result was the same as she couldn't stand the taste. Resigning herself to the fact that something was wrong with the entire pack she gave up and came over and sat on my lap. My hand was on her ass before she was even sitting down.

There was little doubt that my daughter could feel my erection poking her in the ass. Either she paid no attention, didn't care, or the hypnotic suggestion was strong enough that she couldn't move. Delicately she put her arm around my neck as I placed a hand on her knee. Admittedly I was getting very excited as the side of her full breast rubbed against my chest.

It took every ounce of self restraint to keep from making a move on her then as it would ruin everything. I kept telling myself the likelihood of being caught by my wife was too great. As it was my hand was creeping up a bit on her soft silky thigh. We just sat there cuddling like a father with his little girl until the half hour sitcom ended.

Judy then turned toward me and gave me a sweet kiss goodnight. Our tongues danced merrily for a couple of seconds that seemed like a wonderful eternity. My daughter blushed as she got up probably embarrassed or in disbelief about what she had just done but as she walked away she had enough composure to call out, "Goodnight daddy, I love you."

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