tagNovels and NovellasExchanging Flesh Ch. 02

Exchanging Flesh Ch. 02

byeric shawn listo©


When I was growing up, I had a huge crush on Vera. I thought she was the most beautiful woman in the world. Like a movie star.

First of all, she was the only friend of my parents that did, or even could, wear a bikini. And since our families spent a lot of time at the beach, I got to see her in a bikini a lot.

Vera was about five-foot-five and around one-ten, I would guess. And every thing was in the right place. Fine tight ass and small handfuls of breast. Her hair was dark and wavy, cut in a sort of Jackie 0 flip. She wore pink lipstick on her soft lips.

She spent day after day during the summers lying on her back sunning herself. Wearing dark glasses, she never said much but I always imagined her eyes watching me growing in my swim trunks as I watched her draw her long cigarettes between her lips to suck deeply on them.

Take it for granted that I wanted to replace those butts with my virgin cock.

I was at that age where the whole world of sexuality was opening to me and having this glorious woman around was at times torture for me.

Also, her husband was a bit of a jerk so I felt a little protective of her. Kind of a miniature knight in shining armor.

The beach where we spent these lazy summer days had no rest room facilities but there was a place where one could go to relieve oneself. It was a bunch of bushes that formed a kind of igloo that could accommodate three or four people. We used it to change our suits or take a piss. The deal being if you wanted privacy you hung a towel at the entrance Pink towel for females, blue for the guys.

I, however, and always looking to play a prank, found that around the back side of the bushes was a perfect biding place to watch whatever was going on in the igloo. It hid the voyeur from being seen by anybody outside and, most importantly, from anybody inside.

I must confess the first time I discovered the secret place was because I once followed Vera to the igloo. She hung her towel at the entrance and went in. I snuck around back with the idea percolating in my head.

Sure enough I found a small tunnel through which I could fit and crawled on my belly into the thicket of bushes that formed the back arch of the igloo. I did this as quietly as I could that first day and found a small hole which afforded me a view of the interior of the place. I found this hole just as Vera finished her business and with her backside to me, stood up, giving me a shot at her tight ass. It was pale white next to her tanned legs and back. She drew her bikini bottoms up over the marbled cheeks and snapped the elastic into place. Then she left.

I was about four feet from her and my dick was hard against the dirt below me. What a treasure I had found! I was tickled by the things I was going to see. So tickled I rolled on my back and ripped my latest best friend out of my suit and massaged it until it sent it's white mischief out onto my belly. I thought of the white round cheeks of Vera's ass as I did it.

I spent a lot of time in my hiding place and though I also saw my sister’s best friend, Lisa, who was Vera's daughter, with her young breasts and growing hips, my adoration was always for Vera.

I learned everything about her body. Her white full breasts with their impossibly--they seemed two inches long--and slender nipples. Light pink in color and sticking out of plum colored areola. Her legs and impossibly thin waist, tanned golden brown by the sun and showing off her white breasts and ass like the Playboy centerfolds of the sixties. And that other treasure--her pussy. Which to my amazement and puzzlement, she kept shaved. So it was all pale whiteness around reddish pussy lips which I could see clearly when she squatted to pee and the golden liquid squirted and dripped over them making them glisten in the light. And making my exciting my mind with possibilities.

I spent my summers watching her and jerking off, feeling guilty and ashamed but unable to stop.

I was still a virgin the summer before I left for college and though I had experienced some mutual masturbation with a girl named Mona who lived down the street, I thirsted for the real thing. One day, I found myself with the family at the beach and sneaking surreptitious glances at the only thing worth looking at--Vera. And though I hadn’t peeped for a while, when she got up to go to the igloo, I followed.

She left her towel outside as usual. I hurried to my hideaway so not to miss anything.

As I crawled through and found my viewing hole, I saw her remove her bikini bra. Her wondrous breasts fell to view. Then she did something she had never done before. She lifted her breasts to her lips and sucked one of the long nipples into her mouth. She sucked on it hard and mashed the other tit with her hand. Then she squeezed them together and roughly pulled outward as if she were pulling them off.

Then she slipped her fingers into her panties and slid them slowly down her tanned legs and off. Her beautiful snatch revealed, she caressed the lips of her cunt with two fingers, driving them into her tunnel.

She moaned a primal grunt as she felt herself. She continued jerking at her pussy and put one of her tits back in her mouth; sucking it noisily.

I had my dick in my hand and began pumping it, feeling it grow hard.

Vera dropped the nipple and stuck her fingers in her mouth. She gathered as much saliva as she could and drove the fingers back into her snatch.

I thought this was a great idea and spit into my own hand and spread the saliva up and down my prick. It felt incredible and I wondered why it had never occurred to me before.

Vera was now on her knees and had spread her legs so as to give her access to her shaved pussy. She worked at it with both hands and her breasts bobbed up and down as she did.

I couldn't believe I was seeing this. Or doing it. Here we were--me and my secret crush--four feet apart, jerking ourselves off. It was almost too much to bear.

Then she started drawing sharp breaths in and out of her nostrils. They flared as she did it and her mouth turned into a kind of grimace. Her beautiful brown eyes were closed in concentration.

I increased my pace as I watched her prepare to come. I had never seen a woman orgasm and didn't know what would happen. Whether any ejaculate would appear as with me or what it would look like.

She drove her fingers into their work. They climbed all over her pussy lips and the little bud above them opened, coming out from under it's hood.

I would not realize for years but her clitoris was one of a kind. It stood out, proud and erect like a small penis about an inch long. And she moved over it with the palm of her hand with a burning friction.

I matched my pace with hers on my virgin tool.

Soon, she threw her head back and opened her mouth wide.From deep in her chest a bass rumble erupted as she came. Her body shook and she lifted herself on her knees like she was riding a bucking horse.

I wished it was my horse because my sperm shot out of my dick and landed in the dirt.

I could see clear, pearly liquid around her clit and dripping onto her cunt lips, running below to her anus. She came too. It would be some time before I found out that not all women did.

Vera brought her fingers to her lips and licked the pearly stuff off them. Then she massaged it into her tits, tweaking the long, pale, slender nipples. The areola were swollen and red.

She drew her knees together and curled her arms around her breasts resting her hands on opposite shoulders. She rocked back and forth grinding her pussy into the backs of her heels. She hummed to herself as she did.

I watched her in awe.

“I wondered what you would be up to.”

The voice came out of nowhere. I jumped when I heard it. Behind her at the entrance I saw her husband, Marty.

Vera turned her head to him and ran her hands over her breasts.

“I couldn't wait. I'm so fucking horny.”

I'd never heard her swear before. She was always so quiet and shy.

Marty walked up to her and stood over her where she knelt. Like a slave owner over some nubile slave girl on the covers of the Falconhurst series.

Vera continued: “Is he coming?”


Marty: “Yeah. He’s shoving her and the kids in the car to go get ice cream.”

“Thank god! I want you both to fill me up. Come on give me your cock. I want it in my mouth now.”

Marty had jet black hair and was sunburned all over so to my eyes he glowed like an Indian. He pulled his swim suit down and revealed the white skin of his ass and an amazing sight for me: his penis.

It was huge. Dangling between his legs and as big around as a spool of thread. Dark brown in color and uncircumcised. My brothers and I were all cut at birth and I had never seen an undone dick before. I could see the opening at the tip where the crown of his cockhead was pushing through the skin.

He kicked his trunks aside and spread his legs so his cock dangled inches from Vera's lips.

He said to her, “You want it, you little cocksucker. Take it.”

She pulled the foreskin back, fully exposing the purplish head and gave it a little kiss.

“Hello, baby,” she said.

Then she took hold of the base and sucked inch after inch of the soft meat into her mouth and down her throat. I couldn't believe she could accommodate so much cock.

When her mouth was at it's base and her nose was buried in his black pubic hair, he seized the sides of her head and thrust his hips a couple of times.

Vera’s body tensed and her ass lifted high off her heels.

Then she drew her mouth off his dick and it came slowly out from down her throat. It was about twice as big as before and hard as a rock.

She waved his dick in front of her face and lapped at it. Even though it was only a little thicker than before, it must have been twelve inches long and curved up like a banana. The head was thicker, about two inches in diameter, and shaped like a bullet.

She took that bullet in her mouth and hefted his balls in her hands. They were huge. The size of lemons.

This was what pleased the woman I adored. This monster cock that made up for how badly he treated her. I wondered how she could ever be satisfied with the thing in my hand. Which was hard as a rock, however.

Vera was sucking him feverishly now. Both her fists gripping the long pole and her head pumping back and forth.

Marty simply placed his hands on his hips and stood there. He urged her on “Yeah, suck it, you bitch. Suck it hard.”

She groaned and kept on at her business.

How dare he speak to her like that? Performing for him what I would give the world for her to do to me.

Then shock of shocks. Another voice rang out.

“What's the matter? Am I too late?”

They both turned. Vera took her mouth from the penis but kept stroking it.

And my father stepped into view. He had his sort of nerdy glasses on and was untanned with pale skin and sunburned shoulders.

Marty said, “Just in time, buddy.”

Vera said, “Just the dick I've been waiting for.”

She moved to him on her knees, whispering urgently. “Come on, lover. I need your big dick. I need both these big dicks.”

She reached to the band of my father's trunks and pulled them down. His huge prick sprang forth. It was shorter than Marty's, about eight inches, but it must have been twice as thick. Seven inches around at least. And hard as steel. The monster stood straight up in the air its magnificent head as big as a peach and angry red. Veins popped out all over crisscrossing the shaft. Unlike my father, Marty's dick was completely smooth.

Vera cooed and said, “Oh, look what I've got now.”

She had two completely different penises within inches of her pink lips. Each with its own virtues, its own advantages.

I was sure she would never get my father's dick down her throat like she had her husband’s. The head alone would have been like swallowing a pool ball. But with one hand still stroking Marty's dick, she tried. Her mouth engulfed the head of my father's cock. She pulled about half the monstrous thing inside and then gagged and drew her mouth off.

“I still can't suck you down my throat, Milton. God, you are so thick. It's amazing.”

She pumped his meat and took one of his testicles into her mouth.

Marty said, “Well, Vera, maybe you'd like that monster to fill your cunt. Is that the place for Milton's ton of love?”

She plopped Dad's ball out of her mouth. “Oh, yeah, honey. I want this big dick to split me open and while you watch him fuck my shaved little pussy I'll suck you off. But first, I want you both to suck my titties. I can't get to them like you can and they ache so.”

With that, Marty and my father descended on her long, slender nipples and sucked for all they were worth. She still held a dick in each hand and while Marty held the breast he was working on my father drove his fingers into her juicy pussy.

Vera rolled her head back and growled, “Yes, yes, you fuckers. Do it!”

She flopped onto her back and spread her legs wide apart. My father moved into position between her thighs and Marty knelt above her head with his large balls brushing her lips. Vera grabbed his cock with both hands as if she were bracing herself.

“Stick me, Milt. Shove that big harpoon up inside my cunt. Drive it all the way, baby.”

My father placed the great head of his prick against her pussy lips and they seemed to suck at it, slathering it with their juice.

My penis was hard and standing straight up.

My father braced himself with his arms and Vera begged, “Give it to me lover. Fuck me, now. Right here in front of my husband. Right here, in front of your best friend.”

And your son, I thought.

My father gave a huge shove and drove his weapon into Vera's cunt. Her head moved backward and her mouth flew open. A long scream erupted from someplace where my father's prick pierced her bowels and chest to hit the back of her gullet.

“That's it, fucker. Now, it's mine. Your big prick is mine. Now, fuck me, you prick. Fuck me with your billy club,” she sneered.

Marty said, “You'd better fuck her, Milt. She'll never stop talking if you don't.”

My father grinned and started pumping his meat into her with long, hard strokes.

Vera replied to Marty, “I'll shut up. As soon as I get your dick stuffed down my throat. Come on, lover, you're the king of suckable dicks and I'm your queen cocksucker.”

She buried her face in his huge testicles and batted them around with her tongue. Then, she pulled his cock down to her waiting mouth, taking about three quarters of it between her lips. Marty adjusted his position and began moving his hips up and down, fucking her mouth. My father kept up his thrusts and every once in a while Vera would halt Marty's cock in her mouth to feel my father's thrusts.

“Jesus Christ,” she would say, her mouth stuffed with dick. “It's so fucking big, it’s tearing me apart.”

They continued like this for many minutes, my father's mouth sometimes finding Vera's cigarette like nipples. Sometimes Marty squeezed her tits together for my father's eager mouth.

Finally, Vera drew her husband's cock out of her mouth. “I got to have more of this cock down my throat. Turn me over. Fuck me doggie style, Milt. Marty get under me and suck my clit while I blow you. I know you want to lick Milton's balls anyway.”

They quickly got into position. My father entered her from the rear, driving his magnificent rod deep between her white ass cheeks. Vera took all of Marty’s long curved twelver down her esophagus and stuffed her nose into his balls. And Marty drove his face into Vera's pussy as it received my father's beating. He actually did take one of Dad's hairy balls in his mouth to suckle it.

They continued to pump and fuck and suck for some time, then Vera’s face came up off her husband’s cock. Her eyes were closed as she garnered my father's delivery. She kept pumping Marty’s penis as she got ready to come.

Her nostrils flared and she sucked in a mouth full of air. Her body rose up, abandoning Marty’s cock, until she was back to front with my father. Her bead dropped back on his shoulder and Dad cupped her breasts in his big hands.

The noise she made was like a long drawn out musical note. Shrill and high. When she was done her face relaxed and she opened her eyes. And looked directly at me.

Her body gave a little start. Then she sort of cocked her head for a moment--and gave me a wink! She pursed he lips and blew me a tiny kiss.

I was ready to run, my hard cock in my hand, but her gaze held me spellbound.

Staring at me she disentangled herself and captured the two men’s penises.

“Now, it's your turn, boys. Little boys must have their fun.”

She was looking at me.

“Milton, I want you to fuck me till you pop and then shoot your jizz all over my tits. Marty, darling, you I'm going to suck down my throat till you're dry.”

They grinned and moved into position. Vera looked at me, smiling. Then another idea crossed her eyes. “No, wait. Let's do something really special. Something special for a special boy. Milton lie on your back.”

My father lay on his back and Vera climbed on top of him so that she was face to face with me. Her breasts drooped down. She got my father’s meat and impaled herself upon it. A low groan came forth from both of them as she sank down. Her eyes met mine. A smile touched her lips.

Then she leaned over my father so that her tits smothered his face and her face was two feet from mine. She said, “Marty, see anything you like?” And wiggled her white ass cheeks in the air.

Marty said, “Oh, baby. You are naughty. Milt, you know what I got here.”

“What, Marty?”

Marty grasped the globes of her ass. “I got me a sweet bunghole I'm gonna fuck.”

Vera looked at me and said, “That's right lover. I want that big pole deep in my asshole. I'm sorry, Milt, you’re too fucking thick. But my baby’s long, long slender rod is just perfect for butt fucking. So get to it, baby.”

Marty spit into his hand and lubed his long pole. Then, he bent his mouth to her asshole and licked it generously. All the while, Vera stared at me, making swooning sounds and pursing her pink lips.

She began to say to my father but for my benefit, “Oh, you be feeling this. He’s tonguing my asshole, baby. Licking my shit. It feels so good I wish you were feeling it.”

My father kept pumping away at her cunt as she stared and stared at me. Smiling.

I spit into my hand some more and pumped my dick. Now, it was between us. Vera and me. The two men would come in her and on her but she was fucking me--the voyeur.

Marty finished oiling Vera’s asshole and brought himself up on his knees. He took his tool in hand and grabbed an ass cheek.

He said, “Okay, bitch. You want to be fucked up the ass. Here goes.”

He put the head of his uncircumcised dick, the skin slack against his twelve inches at the mouth of her rectum. Then he said, “Ready, bitch?”

“Yeah,” she replied, looking at me uncertainly.

“Do it, Marty!” my father yelled.

“Here goes!” And he plunged his long hard member deep into my Vera's bottom.

Her eyes widened and her mouth opened and, for a moment I though she had died. Then she breathed hard through her lips. She found her voice, “Oh, baby, you're in, I love it, honey. Go ahead, fuck my ass--fuck it, sweetheart. Milt, don’t you dare fucking my cunt. Can you feel each other? I can feel the two of you a second apart, can't you?”

My father and Marty screamed that they could feel each other and although I was looking at Vera's face, I could picture Marty's huge balls slapping my father’s and their two pricks moving just a membrane way from each other.

They achieved a wonderful rhythm and Vera again looked into my eyes in earnest. She was being fucked at both ends but looking at me.

She began to talk, “Oh, you guys are terrific. I have a cock in my cunt and a cock up my ass. But I still have another hole.” She licked her lips. “God, I wish I had a cock in my mouth. A nice young cock buried right to the back of my throat. I wish I had a virgin dick that had never been sucked in my mouth. Now.”

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