tagNovels and NovellasExchanging Flesh Ch. 04

Exchanging Flesh Ch. 04

byeric shawn listo©

Chapter 4: Educating Danny

It didn't happen until the summer after my freshman year of college but I did get to fuck Vera again. Even though Mae and I had finally done the deed, I went home after semester very, very horny and with Vera in the back of my mind and the front of my pants. I didn't have to wait long. I was taking a shower at home. Vera and my mom around the house somewhere. Everyone else was off to the beach.

The door to the bathroom opened. We had one of those glass shower stalls and I could see Vera come in. Her hair was different. Changed from the Jackie 0 flip, long and dark, parted in the middle to now a rather short cut with frosted tips. She was wearing a yellow bikini that showed off her glorious tan.

She slid the door open. She was sucking at one of those damned long cigarettes and smiling a now familiar smile.

"I sent your mother to get some beer. Everyone else is at the beach. I think it's time for us to measure your progress, Danny."

I immediately felt my progress begin to rise.

"Turn off the water. I don't want to get my suit wet."

I did and she stepped into the shower stall after putting her cigarette into an ashtray my parents kept near the flush. She placed her hands on my chest and gave me a peck on the lips.

"You're so tall now. And your chest is getting hairy I love it." She buzzed her nose in the wet hair on my chest. Her hands worked their way down over my stomach and my dick bobbed up to meet them.

"Oh my," Vera groaned. "Someone's had a big growth spurt."

She kissed me, slipping her smoky tongue in my mouth, then knelt down. She examined my prick with hands and eyes. Weighing each testicle and running her tongue from the base on the left side all the way down the shaft to the head, pausing to open the slit a little, and then back down the shaft to the base on the right side.

"It's huge, Danny! You must be very proud. I know I am," she exclaimed.

I mumbled something stupid.

"I think you're as big as your father. And I have a recent memory of that big dick in the back of my throat, if you know what I mean."

I did. It meant she had blown my father recently. I wondered if her husband, Marty, was there at the time.

"Let's find out how far you've come."

She grasped the base of my cock and opened that pretty mouth. Then she fed inch after inch of my meat to herself. I felt the head go over her tongue and hit the back of her throat and then go down that honey canal. Then I heard the sweetest sound. She gagged.

I looked down and could see two inches of cock still out side her mouth. Vera looked up at me and smiled with her eyes. Her mouth was full. Then she drew off my cock and kissed the tip.

"You've done it, Danny. You're even bigger than your father. I know the head of your cock is, anyway. It's glorious."

She stroked my big prick.

"You've earned a more complete exam. On Friday, you're going to mow our lawn."

"I am?"

"Yes, you are. Don't worry, you'll be well paid. I'll arrange everything. Marty and Lisa will be gone all afternoon. And I am going to see what this monster can do."

She licked the pre-come from the slit of my cock head.

"Now, come on baby. Come on my tongue."

She put my cock head in her mouth and began pumping my dick with her fist. I was very excited, both by what she was doing and by the up coming events on Friday but somehow I held back. I stopped her head with my hands. I said, "Vera."

She plopped my cock out of her mouth.

"What is it, lover?"

I took a breath and said, "I want to come on your tits."

Vera smiled and said, "Friday, lover. Friday, we'll do it all--you'll come on my breasts, in my mouth, in my cunt, everywhere you want."

She took my cock back in her mouth and sucked.

It had been so long since I had seen her breasts with their long thin nipples, I stopped her again.

She dropped my cock out of he mouth.


She was getting a little peeved.

I said, "Can I just see them? Your breasts?"

She smiled, "Sweet boy, you haven't seen them since that day on the beach, have you? Almost a year ago."


"Vera's been a little tease, hasn't she? Well, I guess you've earned a peek."

She undid the top of her bikini and started to take it off. "But listen, I can't let you come on them. Everyone will smell your spunk and I don't have time to shower."

The top was off and her breasts were in my view. The nipples impossibly long and erect.

"You come in my mouth and I'll rub my tits against your balls. That should hold you until Friday. Will that be enough, lover?"

I told her it would and gently caressed one of the needle like nipples. It was hard as a rock.

Vera took the perfect sized breast in her hand and brushed the entire length of my shaft with it. Then she mashed it into my testicles. The weight of it, the needle of a nipple spearing my balls was glorious.

With her other hand, she arrested my cock and fixed the head in her mouth. She howled something around my meat that may have been-- "Yeah, baby!"--and pumped my dick hard. Her mouth was a vise on my glans.

Before long I was lost and shot my load in her precious mouth. But rather than leave it at that, Vera dropped everything--her tits, my balls--and capturing my ass yanking my entire cock in her mouth and down her throat. This time her nose buried itself in my pubic hair. Here she held every inch of me while she kneaded my balls until they were dry as a bone. When I was done she gradually drew my shrinking member from her throat.

She held it softly in her hand and murmured, "Pretty baby."

She stood up and kissed me with my semen on her breath. Her tongue probing mine, driving itself into my mouth. I put my hands on her breasts and she drove her fingers into her panties clutching frantically at herself. She came, shuddering against me, her other arm wrapped around my neck. She broke the long kiss.

"Just remember, Danny, always leave a surprise for the end. There isn't a cock in the world I can't deep throat. Some guys, like your dad, just like to think they're too big. So why not let them? But you keep growing. Maybe you'll gag me yet."

She put her bra back on and stepped out of the shower.

"On Friday, you and I are going places neither of us has ever been."

She poked her head back in. "Oh, and I'm glad you like my tits."

Then, as she closed the door. "Finish your shower, lover."

And she left.

I beard voices down the hall and knew my mother was home. Did she catch Vera coming out of the bathroom?

A few seconds later, my mother's voice came through the door. "Danny, quit doing what ever you're doing in there. Vera has to use the bathroom."

I heard Vera's throaty laugh. She loudly whispered to my mother, "Oh, you don't think he's jerking off do you?"

My mother replied, "Oh, Vera, the things you think of."

On Friday, I arrived at Vera's house and knocked on the door.

My mother had informed me I'd be mowing their lawn and when I complained a bit about it, she said, "You'll be well paid. Vera told me so." I shut up immediately.

The door open and Marty stood there.

"The mower's out back. Knock yourself out," he said. As the door closed in my face, I heard him bellow. "Lisa, let's get going. We'll be late."

A few minutes later, as I was gassing up the lawnmower, I heard the car start and pull out of the driveway. I looked around for some sign of Vera--all was quiet.

There really wasn't much of a lawn. Marty had built a huge swimming pool house with sauna and steam rooms that covered most of their property.

I decided Vera thought I should mow the lawn to cement our alibi and got to work.

After about twenty minutes, I began to wonder if this had been a joke and turned off the motor. I turned around and saw Vera. She was leaning against the pool house door, wearing her bikini and her wicked smile. A cigarette in one hand and a tall cool drink in the other.

"I wondered when you'd get smart," she said. "Come on, I need some lotion on my back."

She disappeared into the pool house and I quickly followed.

I found her lying face down on a tanning table with several heat lamps aimed at her back. She had undone her bra strap and her skin glowed. I walked over to her and stood in front of her bowed head. After a moment, she lifted her head and looked at me. "The baby oil is over there. But wait."

She lifted herself so I could see her right breast. She put her hand on my flat stomach which was beaded with sweat from the work. I had been working out during my first year at college and it showed. She brought her hand to her lips and tasted my perspiration.

"Hmm," she said. "But you're all dirty from the grass. Why don't you take a dip in the pool to rinse off."

"I didn't bring a suit."

She laughed heartily and rolled on her side. Her breasts sprang into view, nipples standing proud. I realized my stupid gaff.

'"Silly boy, we're all alone. Take a dip with out your clothes on. Go rinse off, then come back and join me."

She watched as I stripped out of my shoes and shorts. I turned away so she wouldn't see my hardening prick. She giggled at me and I walked to the pool's edge.

As I dove off I heard her shout, "Nice ass, Danny. I don't think I've ever seen your backside before."

I swam around for a few minutes, trying to pretend I wasn't too anxious. When I thought the time was right I climbed out of the pool and made my way over to where Vera lay with her face down.

"There's a towel on the chair," her voice came from hiding.

I picked up the towel and dried off.

After a minute, Vera looked up and at my penis. She smiled, 'Cold water does have an effect, doesn't it?"

I looked down to where my cock was a tiny, cold, little bud poking unimpressively through my pubic hair.

"Come here, little boy."

I walked over to her. My crotch was even with her face. She took my frozen dick in her warm mouth and held it there, suckling it. In a short time, it was its normal unerect size and when it started to grow bigger, she pulled away.

"Not yet. I want a massage first. If you're going to learn to please a woman, you're going to start correctly. The baby oil is over there. And turn off the sun lamps or we'll fry."

After wrapping the towel around my waist, I turned off the sun lamps. I picked up the baby oil and squirted some of it on my hands. I approached her back which was all brown from her tanning regimen. I gently touched the firm muscles and worked my hands into them. I moved up and down her slender back and sides where I sometimes brushed her mashed white breasts. Vera moan appreciatively when I did this.

I continued my work, which was much more pleasant than mowing the lawn, and kept moving farther toward her ass which was still encased in bikini pants. I slipped my fingers under the band a little farther each time and she moaned a little louder each time.

Finally, she said, "Don't you think you should take my bottoms off, Danny?"

I have to say I rather leapt at the chance and peeled them off, exposing her white ass cheeks, and down her legs so quickly that she laughed and wiggled her brown legs in the air.

"God, you're in such a rush. Slow down, pretty boy, we've got plenty of time. Almost all we need."

I never had all the time I needed before so I tried to relax. I kneaded her back the way I had been and this time when I reached her white ass, I grabbed the baby oil and squirted a few drops on her cheeks.

She moaned, "Now you're getting the idea."

I gripped her ass cheeks and squeezed, gently mashing them together and apart.

"Harder!" she ordered.

I mashed harder.

"Spread my ass apart."

I did. She lifted her butt in the air to help. I saw her asshole puckered there, oozing with baby oil.

"Kiss it," she said.

Wow, I thought, her ass. Now I get to fuck her ass. My dick was making a tent of the towel. I bent over and smelled her sweet shit hole. Then I placed my pursed lips at it's opening. It tasted exotic.

"Put your tongue in," she crooned.

I did. Separating the folds of her anus, I faintly tasted shit. I pushed my tongue in farther. And slam, she dropped her ass down and clamped the cheeks shut.

"That's enough. For now." She rolled over. "Maybe if you're a good boy, we can get back to that later on. Take that towel off."

I did and my proud erection lurched into view. She reached out and stroked the meat.

"Kiss me with my shit on your tongue."

Our tongues met and mingled. I could taste cigarettes and alcohol. And of course, shit.

Vera broke the kiss. "Nice. You've become a great kisser, Danny. That's good."

She fondled my cock.

"So, what'll it be, Danny? Another blow job? Or do you want to fuck my tits? Or should we just go for the big bang?"

I stared down at her body. I was trembling and had no idea where to begin.

She smiled, "That's all right, baby. Let Vera decide."

She took my cock in her mouth and sucked on its length, plopping the head out.

"You're about ready to shoot off. I'll take care of that, darling." She squeezed the head of my dick just behind the glans and I felt the pressure in my shaft abate some. "That's something to remember, sweetheart. It'll help you control your pace."

I nodded.

She said, "I think we'd better start with plain old fucking. I suspect you're willing and I know my cunt is hungry for this juicy, big meat. So why don't you check out how wet Auntie Vera's twat is."

She pushed my head down to her sweet, delicious pussy and our day began.

Her cunt was the wonder I had remembered. Red and juicy slit below a larger than life clitoris which was poking out from under its little hood. The only difference being the last time I saw her treasure it was clean shaven. Now, there was a neatly trimmed triangle of hair adorning it.

I buried my nose in the lair and licked at her clit. My fingers dipped into the folds of her pussy. After a few seconds, Vera said, "Take my clit in your mouth and suck it."

She drew air into her lungs sharply when I did this. Her body tensed as she twisted her hips first to one side, then the other. More of her liquid drenched my probing fingers. She took my head in her hands and brought my face up. She smiled, "Now, Danny. I want you to fuck me, now. Hard and fast. Don't worry about coming in me. I'm on the pill, now."

She slid her ass down the table until it was perched on the edge. Then, she spread her legs and bent her knees, giving me full access to her hole. It opened into a sort of sideways grin. Her eyes sparkled. "Go ahead, Danny, put your big cock in there and fuck me. Fuck me, Danny. I've waited so long."

Standing, I took my cock and put the head of it at the mouth of her cunt. The lips sucked at my engorged cock head. I eased the knob in. It felt so fabulous, I was sure I was going to come right then.

Vera recognized my fear and purred, "Just take it easy, baby. No worries. Take a breath and drive that dick into me."

I took a breath and drove in. She screamed or roared, some sound I couldn't identify as my shaft filled her. Then she begged for more, "More, baby, give me more. I need all that big dick."

I realized I had more to give so I eased back a little and reset my feet. I braced my hands on either side of her hips and shoved my prick in as hard as I could. It went in all the way to the hilt. Vera's eyes and mouth popped open and she clawed at my chest. "Oh my god. Oh my god. So big--so full. I'm so full of you. God, it's the biggest thing I've ever felt."

She began to squirm her pussy around my cock.

"Do it! Fuck me! Fuck me hard!"

I plunged in and out of her for all I was worth. Drawing back to the tip of my penis then driving in one hard thrust. Each time I did, Vera hollered and pleaded for more.

I gave it to her. I pounded her pussy with my shaft. Hard deep strokes that made her cry out, "Yes, yes, yes."

My own orgasm was building fast. This was what I had dreamed of for four years. To be back inside her cunt and pounding away. From the way Vera was acting, I knew she was close too. Then she told me she was.

"Oh, fuck. I'm going to come, baby. I'm gonna come," she repeated as she clawed at my arms. "Come with me. Come in my pussy, big boy."

Two strokes later my cock burst inside of her. My come was like a geyser going off in her waiting, welcoming hole. I bellowed and fell over her, my face buried in her breasts. She wrapped her arms around my head and screamed herself. As she came, she whispered urgently in my ear.

"Your come feels so good. God, I've waited so long for you. What a fuck you are, my darling."

When it was over, we lay there for a moment, gathering our emotions and our strength back. Then Vera wrapped her legs around my waist and I lifted her off the table with my cock still imbedded inside her. She kissed me as I held her in my arms. A lover's kiss, soulful and rich. Our tongues tenderly probing and hunting for whatever it was we needed.

She broke the kiss and smiled into my neck, burying her nose there inhaling deeply. "That was perfect, Danny. A perfect first fuck."

I groaned in agreement.

She gave my penis a squeeze with her cunt muscles. "Ooh, youth is such a wonderful thing. You're still hard as a rock. Let me see what that huge thing is up to."

Vera eased herself off my cock, which came out with a heavy plop, and unwrapped her legs to a standing position. Then she knelt before me and took my member in her hand. She guided it into her mouth and sucked softly at the juices that covered the purple head. Our juices.

She snuggled me as her mouth came off my glans. "I love that. The taste of us mixed together. And I love the taste of your cock."

Then she dipped her hand into her own groin and drew it back covered with a handful of our come. She spread it on my cock. She sucked me into her mouth to the back of her throat and ate the rich mixture with her tongue. Her other hand alternated between squeezing my balls and rubbing her hard, long nipples.

I watched her short haired head bobbing up and down I knew my cock wasn't going to get any smaller in the near future. Vera moaned delightfully and took a testicle in each hand. Using my balls as grips, she pumped my long dick in and out of her mouth until it was ready to pop off again. When she realized what I was about to do, she pulled her pink lips off my cock with a laugh.

"Hey, I thought you wanted to fuck my tits?"

I agreed that I did and she lay down on the floor and pushed her splendid long-nippled orbs together for me. I started to climb aboard so my tool was pointed toward her mouth, but she told me to turn around.

"You'll be happy you did," she promised. I turned around to find my cock buried between her tits and my balls in her mouth. I was definitely happy. Sometime during the fucking of her heavenly valley, she let off my balls and stuck her tongue in my asshole and I blew my second wad all over her stomach. It was like a light switch flipping on and off. Bing--Bang.

For the next two hours, we fucked in every imaginable position: doggie style--she actually barked and made me call her bitch; her on top--I got to gloriously suck the long nipples until we both came; she took my staff in hand and rubbed the big cock head against her clit until she masturbated herself off like it was a dildo for her pleasure. We did it in the pool. On the floor. On the table, again. Against the door. We just fucked and fucked.

Finally we ended up in the small sauna Marty had built. Our sweaty bodies glistening in the orange red light. Sitting side by side, Vera holding my semi hard dick in her hand. Her eyes were closed and a faint smile touched her lips. I looked at her beautiful face and glorious body. The face and body I had been screwing all afternoon.I had no idea what could be better than this. Then Vera said, "Marty and I saw Last Tango in Paris the other night."

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