tagNovels and NovellasExchanging Flesh Ch. 07

Exchanging Flesh Ch. 07

byeric shawn listo©


Ah, Liz…

Liz was a hanger-on to our core group. A little younger, a little crazier. She dresses with a hippy tie-dye blouses and long skirts that hid what promised to be an exceptional body that has long and lean with curves to spare.

I had had several hot slow dances with her over the years… the kind that let you stand side by side, not looking at each other while the semi-erect parts softened. Her long, hard nipples pushing at the tie-dyed fabric of her blouse, braless and free. My dick crowding the zipper of my tight bellbottoms. However, we always dropped the moment of lust. We are friends after all.

The unfortunate thing about Liz, frankly, was that she had a face that would scare small children. Her mouth was crowded with so many teeth that she could barely close it. A blob of a nose upturned to almost skeletal effect. Her forehead had a rather pronounced brow, and though her eyes were a lovely brown, the lack of eyebrow hair made them rather look lost and forlorn. Her lack of a chin didn’t help either.

But, to top it all, she was fun. She was good-natured and had long light brown curly hair down to her ass.

Okay, to dancing and friendship- a crosscut to the night before my wedding to Mae. We had had the rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner. Moreover, my best man and the two ushers were throwing a little bachelor party for me in our motel room. There was Peter, my best man and Alan and Peter, the two ushers. There was also Bobbie, Mae’s maid of honor, and Liz.

Bobbie and I found ourselves in my room after a while. I hadn’t seen her for about a year since she’d graduated and gone home to Washington. She hadn’t changed much, still a big glorious gal with that magnificent chest. She had cut her hair in some kind of pageboy thing but I prefer her long golden tresses.

I lay down on the bed, fully clothed. Bobbie sat beside me, also clothed. I didn’t expect anything to happen. I was getting married the next day. We were just talking.

“I can’t believe she suckered you into marrying her,” she told me. “Is the sex any better?”

I looked at her. “None of your business,” I said.

She laughed. “Guess not, then. You’ve been fooling around?”

I thought of Melissa but said nothing.

“Hmmm…hmmm,” Bobbie said. She stared at my crotch that had begun to rise with the talk. She reached out and caressed my hard dick through my jeans.

“Wish I could help you out tonight but it would be bad form for the Maid of Honor to get the Groom off the night before the wedding, wouldn’t it?” she said.

I tried to be cool. “Bad form but who has to know?”

She laughed.

“Unh-uh,” she said. “Not me. But you’re sure getting hard there.”

She squeezed my dick head through the fabric.

“Maybe you should jerk off,” she said.

“Maybe you should jerk me off,” I replied.

“No, no. I will not touch my best friend’s husband,” she said. However, after a moment, she added, “But I will show you my tits while I watch you jerk off. How about that? I remember how much you liked them.”

I desperately wanted to fuck her tits again and I figured if I got her top off that would be a start. I nodded.

Inches from me, Bobbie began to unbutton her blouse. She did it slowly. She opened her shirt to show me her bra encased treasures, deep cleavage bursting at the top. My hand found my dick, hard beneath the zipper of my jeans. Bobbie opened her bra in the front. She undid the snap and her mammoth breasts fell out of their cups. They hung before me, ripe melons, the white nipples crossed with light blue veins.

“Bobbie,” I moaned as I reached to caress one.

She stopped my hand.

“No touching,” she ordered. “I touch my toys. You touch yours.”

“C’mon, Bobbie…” I begged.

“No,” she replied. Then she lifted her boobs and gave each one a lick. The nipples hardened under her tongue. She held them inches from my face, teasing me. I stuck my tongue out but she pulled them away.

“Take your cock out so I can see it,” she demanded.

I unzipped my pants and slipped my dick through the fly. It was huge.

“Ooh, baby, you’re even bigger than I remember,” she crooned.

She rubbed her tits together and squashed them between her arms.

I stroked my cock.

“Spit in your hand and smear it all over that big thing,” she said.

I did as she asked. She squealed with delight. She began to chew on those big nipples. I was getting close. Bobbie noticed.

“Oh, fuck Mae,” she said. “You want to fuck my big tits, Danny?”

“You know I do,” I said. I reached out and got a handful of one of her meaty breasts. The other one brushed the tip of my penis.

Suddenly, the phone rang.

“Forget it,” I said. “Give me those big tits.”

She brought one close to my mouth.

The phone rang again.

The nipple was huge and almost on my tongue.

“Danny, it’s Mae.” Said a voice from the other room.

Bobbie pulled away. She was smiling.

“She’s late,” she said, stuffing her tits back into their cups. “Mae told me she was going to call exactly at eleven pm. It’s eleven-oh-one. You weren’t even supposed to get your hand on my boobs.”

I looked at the clock: 11:01 p.m.

“Bitch,” I said and picked up the phone.

As Mae droned on, I watched Bobbie sneeringly button up her top. When she was done, she leaned over and mouthed the words, “Want me to blow you while you talk to her?”

My eyes widened. I nodded vigorously.

Bobbie brought her mouth close to my cock. Her warm breath moistened the skin. She gazed at me as she let her mouth run achingly a bare inch away from my prick for its entire length. Then when she was at the head, she quickly kissed the tip and threw a blanket over me.

She stood up. “Better cover up.”

I looked down to where my hard dick made a tent of the blanket as she sashayed out the door.

After the phone call from Mae was finished, I went into the living room where Peter-one, Peter-two, Alan and Liz were. Bobbie had gone back to her room.

“You guys want to party or what?” I said.

We opened beers and lit joints and I received a lot of banter about last rites and so forth. Music played on a radio and everything was back to normal- a guy and his friends bemoaning the impending nuptials.

Alan, the same Alan Bobbie sent home that fateful night, soon said, “Shit, Danny. We forgot to get you a stripper.”

Peter-two said, “What’s a bachelor party without a stripper?”

Peter-one agreed.

I acted sulky and said, “Geez, thanks a lot guys.”

Then Alan said, “Maybe if a song that she likes comes on, Liz will give us a dance.”

Liz punched his arm and went into the bathroom.

“Nice try, Alan,” said Peter-one.

“Keep that up and you won’t be getting any tonight,” I remarked.

“I don’t think he will anyway.” Peter-two said.

We all laughed and took another hit while Melissa Manchester’s Midnight at the Oasis came on the radio. I suddenly remembered that it was one song that Liz and I had a particular hot dance to.

It had barely started when the bathroom door opened and out came Liz. She had tied her long hair around the lower half of her face like a kind of veil. Only her flashing brown eyes could be seen. Swaying her hips like a belly dancer, she moved toward us. She kicked off her sandals and stepped up on the square coffee table, grinding her hips sensuously to the beat of the song.

“Yeah,” the guys all whooped, as each of us took a side of the table.

Liz caught my eye and I sensed her smile under the veil of hair. As she sensuously moved to the music, she undid the tie of her wrap-around skirt. Her belly was incredibly muscular. She then bent over and put one end of her wrap-around skirt in my hand. When I had a firm grasp, she spun slowly and seductively away, unwrapping her moving hips as she did. It took three revolutions to expose her perfect teardrop butt and long slender legs to me. She wore no panties, her light brown furry pussy exposed. She let go of the string and the skirt floated languidly into my lap.

“Oh, baby.”

“Mama Mia.”

“Grind it, honey!” The boys hooted and hollered, as I became mesmerized buy the lithe body that was unfolding itself to me.

Liz took a couple more spins and bent over to wave her ass in my face. She exposed her nether regions to me and looked back at me from between her legs. Limber! Then perhaps sensing my thoughts, she lifted herself to spin away just as my hands rose to touch her.

She took a stand before me and grating those perfect hips, undid the halter-top she was wearing over her breasts. Her nipples pushed against the fabric. And as she undid the last button, she bared one perfect breast, the size of an orange with a plum colored nipple and areola. And then, she bared its identical twin. They were the most perfect pair of tits I’d ever seen on a woman. Firm and upturned.

She slipped off the halter, tossed it to me and began to sway that flawless body in time with the music. Her perfect tawny backside and ass shown to me as she spun round and round. Hips swaying, tits bobbing up and down. I could see the hair between her legs glistening with her wetness.

The guys had calmed down as we enjoyed watching her dance. Even though everyone was surreptitiously rubbing at his crotch.

The song wilted down to its final chords and Liz slowly, yieldingly slowed her movements until she completely stopped and became still. Her arms wrapped around her breasts, her head bowed. There was a moment of uncomfortable silence. We were all friends, but this type of event was new territory for us. At that moment, there was a palpable breath where all four of us could have jumped her.

Finally, I stood up to give her the clothes. She looked up at me, her eyes wistful above the veil.

“If you want a personal wedding gift, follow me,” she said. Then she grabbed her clothes and walked into the master bedroom where I had been with Bobbie. I watched her perfect ass cheeks gently rolling.

I looked at my best man and ushers. They stared back at me expectantly.

“I… ummm ...”

“I’d go,” said Peter-one, cutting me off.

“Me too,” said Peter-two.

“Shit, I wish it was me,” said Alan, who I noticed, had his huge, hard, uncircumcised cock in his hand.

As I turned and followed perfect Liz into the bedroom, I heard them bellow behind me.

“Jesus, that was hot!”

“I think I'm gonna try and catch Bobbie.”

“I’m gonna do what comes naturally.”

Meanwhile, inside the bedroom, I found Liz sitting on the bed with her skirt wrapped around her. She looked up at me. She had undone her veil of hair and replaced it with a blue bandana.

“That was amazing, Liz,” I said.

“That song came on and I just had to do it,” she said. “Do you remember that time we danced to it?”


“I came dancing with you that night.”


“Yeah. It was so hot. You’re a great dancer, Danny.”

“Thanks, I’ve... I guess you know, I’ve enjoyed dancing with you over the years. I just... we just...”

“I know. It just never happened,” she finished my thought. “Until now.”

I moved to the bed and sat down. I touched her curly hair, then the bandana. She turned her head away.

“No, leave it on. It adds to the mystery, don’t you think? For now, I am your Geisha… your belly dancer. All perfect for you. All mystery… unspoiled by identity.”

She stood up and dropped her skirt. She twirled her faultless body and let me watch.

“Now, the wedding gift…”

She began to unbutton my shirt.

“I want one last dance, Danny.”

My shirt was off. She undid my pants.

“With no clothes on,” she said.

Pants around my ankles, she put her finger in the band of my shorts and shucked them down. Her eyes rested on my hard prick, bouncing in the air. Residually hard from Bobbie’s tricks, now firmly ensconced by Liz’s honesty.

“So, I see all the rumors are true,” she said, moving her hand away from my prick before stopping completely.

“Not yet Danny,” she said. “First we’ll dance with no clothes and no touching. Just a little experiment, Danny. I think we can make each other come without a single touch.”

The way my cock felt, I didn’t doubt her much. I kicked off my shoes and removed my pants and underwear. We stood before each other, naked.

“But there’s no music,” I said.

“Yes, there is,” she replied, lifting her hair high behind her head, causing her breasts to bob delightfully. “It’s in our heads. And our souls.”

With that, she began to whirl seductively around. She never touched me except for a tress of hair caressing a buttock or a nipple grazing a nipple. In no time, I found her rhythm, the song of the Oasis drumming in my head, and I swayed with her… brushing an ass cheek with my butt in a kind of bump dance we used to do back then. There was no touching of genitals except for an occasional slip-up that made the hope for fulfillment even more enticing.

Soon, I smelled her sex as her wetness filled the air. It was incredibly erotic, watching her perfect body whirl around me, feeling her ass cheeks hug my cock for a second then move away. I felt my groin tightening. I felt the urge to touch myself but fought it.

Her voice came to me, “Don’t touch it. Let it come all by itself. I can feel it coming in me. Look at my nipples, they’re hard as little pebbles.”

I bent to look at them. They were hard little stones and I grazed one with my tongue. Liz curled herself downward and shook, her legs flailing about. “God, I’m coming.”

And although she pounded her thighs, she never drove her fingers into her twat. Watching this incredible sight tightened my testicles completely and I came, sending spurts of hot cum all over her naked body. I didn’t touch myself then, though I wanted to. I just bucked my hips like I was fucking the air.

“Oh, my god, I feel your cum all over my ass,” she groaned, reaching behind and rubbing the steaming stuff into her wonderful rump. “I think I’m coming again...”

And…she did.

When it was over, we fell onto the bed, fleetingly spent and sated.

“Liz, that was wild. I never thought I could come with no touch.”

“It’s in your mind, Danny. That and the number of times we’ve almost done it on the dance floor.”

“I guess you’re right. It was quite a present. Thank you.”

She lifted herself on one elbow. She looked at me over the veil. “That was my present to myself. The rest of the night is my present for you.”

I looked down at my limp penis folded over my belly and shrugged.

Liz said, “No problem. Now I get to have that big cock in my mouth.”

She leaned over and stuffed my cock under the bandana and into her waiting mouth. How she managed to fit my big dick in there with all those teeth, I’ll never know, but she did. Soon she had my throbbing hard penis ramming home down her throat. As she worked on my meat, I shoved my fingers in her drenched cunt and fingered the clit above. Liz plopped my cock out of her mouth and ran her talented tongue down the underside. She gently grazed her teeth along the turgid flesh. Then she reached for my balls. She took one into her mouth and suckled it lovingly. Afterwards, she stroked my cock as she gave the other one the same treatment.

She gazed at me as she lifted her tongue and bopped the testicle on the roof of her mouth. It was great.

She let my ball fall out of her mouth. “I’ve wanted to suck your cock for the longest time,” she said. I could almost see her licking her lips beneath the bandana. “It tastes so good, sweet and salty at the same time.”

She took the head in her mouth and sucked it hard. I caressed her head with my spare hand and worked her clit with the other. She mashed her groin against my hand.

She stopped sucking and said, “I’d love to taste your cum, but I really need to fuck you right now. I guess I’ll just have to see what’s left over after you cum in my pussy. Would that be all right?”

“You bet,” I said and started to turn her on her back.

She stopped me. “It’s my gift, Danny. Let me do the work.”

Liz climbed on top of me, straddling my waist. Her cunt dripped with her feminine juices, the hair heavy with moisture. Taking my hard cock in her hand, she notched my big cockhead between her cunt lips.

“Oh, so big,” she moaned.

Then she sat back, sliding inch after inch of hard dick into her burning cunt. It was the most exquisite pussy--tight and slick. When she reached the base of my cock with her pussy lips, she ground her ass around and squeezed her cunt muscles. Then she pulled off my cock without easing on the pressure and stopped with just the head in her twat. She then sat back down fast and engulfed the beast.

I shuddered at the striking feeling.

Liz leaned over me and offered her beautiful tits to my mouth while she lovingly fucked me. I gobbled the small treasures, sucking hard at the plum nipples, turning them a dark purple. They stood out proudly like little penises. I brought her breasts together and took both nipples in my mouth at the same time, rolling them on my tongue. Liz moaned appreciatively and quickened her pace on my dick. She mashed her clit on each downward thrust. Her breath was fast and I could feel she was going for her orgasm.

I continued my work on her tits and watched her eyes go out of focus and close. Soon she was moving at lightening speed and placing her hands on my chest began murmuring, “Yes, yes, yes.”

I pulled at her nipples with my fingers and then reached around, cupped an ass cheek in each hand, and helped her move. She was wild now, so close to coming. And when I touched her butt hole, she went over the edge.

She came splendidly, loudly and for many minutes. Finally, she rested her head against my neck.

“Oh, what a fucking great fuck,” she said.

“You were incredible.”

“Me? What about this cock of yours?”

She brought herself up and down on my penis once more. She said, “It’s so hard and so big. I’m so glad I have a chance to play with it.”

“Believe me, he’s glad that you have a chance to play with him, too,” I told her.

“Well, let’s see if I can make you happy again,” she teased.

She climbed off me and then climbed back on, facing the other way. This was a position I’d never tried. Her perfect ass was gorgeous as she sank herself back down on my dick. It was exquisite. It was the same idea as doggie style but the pressure was more intense. I shifted up onto my elbows so I could watch the action.

With the sight of her bubble butt rising and falling on my cock and her hair cascading down her tawny back made me feel that I had died and gone to heaven.

She leaned forward so her hands were on my knees and pumped her ass up and down my glistening cock, playing hide and seek in all its glory. It was so good I knew I wasn’t going to last for long. She lifted herself up and put her arms behind her, gathering all her brown curls up on top of her head. She squeezed my cock as she posed for me. Showing me her divine backside, twisting from side to side so I could glimpse her perfect breasts. I knew she was showing me what I could have had before… if I’d only looked beyond her face.

Liz had the most perfect body I have ever fucked.

As she began rising and falling on my prick, I reached for her hips and met her with my own movement.

When I came, I shoved my cock as deep as I could into her cunt. My whole body rigid under her as I bellowed into the night.

When I regain some kind of consciousness, Liz let her hair fall down her back and eased herself off my softening member. I expected her to turn around and join me but she gave me an unexpected treat.

Slowly she moved us into a sixty-nine position, placing her cunt over my mouth and her mouth over my cock. I tasted my cum as it dripped from her pussy lips mixed with her juices, the same time that she was softly cleansing my tool. Her taste was intoxicating… her mouth was divine.

Only after our respective organs were cleansed that she turned around to curl in my arms.

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