tagGroup SexExchanging Flesh Ch. 08 Pt. 02

Exchanging Flesh Ch. 08 Pt. 02

byeric shawn listo©

Robert was revealed to me, his long pole being sucked down Darlene's throat from her upside down position.

"That was fucking unbelievable," he said.

I had to agree. It felt perfectly normal and, although Robert's dick had served as Valerie's cock, I found I had no desire to suck him off. And no desire not to either.

"I think it's time for a drink," he said as he pulled his long but soft prick from Darlene's mouth. She smiled up at me. "Your cock exploded inside me, Dan. I'll bet you've never come like that in your life."

I, once again, had to agree.

Valerie, satisfied I was drained, lay back with her sister. They held each other and looked at me where I knelt before them.

"Gotcha." Valerie grinned.

"And how." I grinned back.

They both nudged my soft dick with their toes.

Darlene said, "Let's take a break. Have a drink. I know Robert's got a couple things to show you about fucking two chicks at the same time."

Valerie laughed in her sister's throat.

When Robert returned with a round of drinks and we all sat on the bed, naked. Robert held his glass in a toast.

"Here's to Danny and his first time in a group grope. May all your comings be merry," he said and we drank.

Robert was a big redhead, good-natured and older. He sat in a lotus position with his thin prick sleeping against the shaved testicles below it. His chest was actually very hairy and the shaved groin area looked somewhat out of place.

"So what's with the shaved groins?" I asked.

"Oh, baby, there's nothing like it," Robert said. "Oil 'em up and slip and slide your way to paradise. Ain't that right, baby?"

He touched Darlene's bare beaver and she replied, "Actually, I refused do it unless Robert did, too. I guess he wanted my bare pussy so much he had to."

She kissed his mouth, lightly.

Valerie brought her face close to mine. "Are you mad at me?"

I said, "Oh, no."

"Good. I knew you were ready. All that boring snatch you get at home has primed you for a real adventure."

"How often do you do this?" I asked.

"The three of us? All the time."

"But you're the first guy Val has invited in," Darlene interjected.

Val smiled and nodded.

"I'm honored," I said.

She reached between my legs and gave my cock a squeeze. "I'm honored," she said.

Whether the drink was working already or just the excitement of the moment, my penis grew in her hand.

"Oh, boy," Val said. "I think we got a live one here."

Robert jumped up. "Time for the sister sandwich," he yelled.

He gathered our drinks while the sisters took their places. Darlene on her back. Valerie on top of her, face to face. Robert motioned for me to come to where their two mammoth asses met.

I looked to find their two cunts kissing each other; one hole above the other.

Robert, stroking his hardening dick, said, "Ever fuck two women at the same time. I think you see the possibilities."

He entered Darlene, the lower cunt, and drove in, then he drew his sword out of her and shoved it in Valerie's waiting hole. He developed a rhythm, alternating holes while kneading Valerie's teardrop ass cheeks. Darlene and Valerie were kissing deeply, tonguing each other and caressing each other's bodies.

After a few minutes, Robert took a break and invited me to try. I took his place and put my dick to work. The switching of holes was easy enough but the slight up and down motion got to my calves.

"Mind if we dress up this old trick in different shoes?" I asked shoving my bone deep in Valerie's cunt.

"Not at all," Robert said. "What'd you have in mind?"

"What if the sisters lie on their sides, facing each other?"

Robert got the idea. "Why not? A little sideswiping action huh?"

Darlene and Valerie agreeably got into position facing each other. They laced their legs together until hairy pussy met bald pussy.

I entered Darlene, pulled out, shifted just a tad and was inside Valerie. The motion was smooth and simple. Darlene and Valerie squealed as I knew they would, because my cock going sideways, as it were, made a tighter fit which pushed their clit together.

"I believe the boy's a natural," said Robert. "Look."

He placed himself so his long dong was between the girls faces, prime for a double blow job.

The girls each took a testicle in their mouth and each a hand on his cock to start stroking.

I found my own tempo fucking them. First alternate every stroke. Then two strokes here, two strokes there. Then three. Then four. Then I started mixing them up--two, one, three, three, one four. It was great fun.

Darlene was deep throating Robert, taking all his long cock to the hilt while Valerie played with his asshole with her fingers and tongue.

I kept focused on my work and soon Valerie was coming. I stopped fucking Darlene's cunt and concentrated on Val. I reached for her good thick nipples and tweaked them. Then I lifted her long leg straight up and just held onto it as I plunged into her sideways cunt. Like holding a pole.

She came loudly screaming my name and God's name and cursing both of us.

I planted my dick in her and roamed my hand down over her large butt cheek and stuck my finger in her wet asshole.

She jumped, then calmed down and said, "Baby's learning new tricks."

"It must be the company I keep," I replied. I had more work to do.

Darlene waved her big ass at me and said, "Doggie me. I got to suck my man off."

I left her sister and returned to Darlene's wet pussy. I slid in easily and drove up to the hilt. She bucked appreciatively. Her head bobbed on Robert's cock. Once in a while, I would see the head of his cock wave above her head as she worked his balls.

Valerie lay beside us, watching and fingering herself.

I pummeled her sister's pussy, holding onto the big ass cheeks. Doggie style is not a position I ordinarily last very long in--the pressures too great--but I wanted to give it my best.

Before long, Darlene went down on Robert's long cock as far as she possibly could and Robert grabbed her head to hold it there. His body spasmed as he shot his wad down her throat.

It lasted for minutes. Then he pulled away and flopped down on the bed near Valerie.

Darlene turned to me with a come stained grin. "I guess it's just you and me."

She rolled over on her back and spread her peasant thighs wide, raising her knees up over her heavy teats. From between the valley of her legs, she said to me, her eyes agleam, "Come on and fuck me with that big cock. Let's see who comes first."

"Go get her, Danny," Val yelled.

"Fuck her, man." From Robert.

I moved between her legs and notched the head of my dick in her cunt. Then I leaned over and kissed her mouth, tasting Robert's come, which I knew she'd have waiting.

I roamed my hands over her tits. The taut skin dimpled under my fingers.

Then I sat back and in one swift motion, plunged into her box. Darlene rose to meet me with a growl in her voice and we were off. Just good hard fucking, she felt marvelous.

Our audience cheered us on.

I felt I was getting close, trying to hold on, when I felt her gasp as I moved up on the back swing. She liked it. I concentrated on that move and it was obvious I had her. She was losing herself in my motion, no longer in control, no longer fighting.

When she came, she wrapped her legs around my ass and pushed my hips away as though asking me to stay and go at the same time. Then I realized her ploy--she was taking me with her, milking the come out of me. As I spurted into her, she grunted, "Yes!" in triumph and released me to let me finish my orgasm.

I pumped the rest of my load in her and fell on her hefty frame. "I won," I told her.

"Not by much, baby," she said. I buried my face in her tits and tore at the nipples with my teeth. She brushed my hair with her fingertips. My cock was imbedded in her cunt.

"That was awesome" Valerie said.

"Incredible," Robert agreed.

"Pretty baby," Darlene said to me. "I love your cock."

For the next few hours, we screwed in many variations of twos, threes and fours. I learned that Valerie liked to watch and finger her clit as often as not. So, Robert, Darlene and I got quite a workout.

One event which Val did participate in was when Robert, an old hand at all of this, suggested the girls suck us off after sucking on ice cubes from the constant flow of drinks he supplied. Valerie did me, and I must say the warmth of her mouth on my cock has to be careful not to be overtaken by the feel of her ice cold lips and tongue sucking me off.

Robert also had a game they liked to play where the girls would lie side by side and he and I would switch partners at thirty second intervals. He even had a stop watch. It worked pretty well but we bumped into each other so much eventually Valerie and Darlene convulsed in laughter.

The next surprise they had in store for me came when I was eating Darlene's bare pussy as she straddled my face and Valerie was blowing me. Things were going real well when Val's face appeared at Darlene's pussy and started helping me out. It was not lost to me that there was still a mouth on my cock. I looked up to where Val eyed me and Darlene looked down. I shrugged an Oh, what the hell at them and they smiled. Robert's blow job was good, though I could have done without the beard. When I came I dug my fingers in his hair as I shot ropes of come down his throat.

I bellowed into Darlene's cunt and she came on my tongue. Valerie went back to help Robert lick my cock clean.

Valerie was watching when Darlene rode Robert's cock and I started to finger Darlene's asshole.

"Yes!" she said. "Now it's time for some fun."

She came over and spread Darlene's ass cheeks. "You want to fuck my sister's shit hole, Danny? Let me get her ready for you."

Darlene looked back at me with a mix of lust and fear.

Val tongued Darlene's butt hole, sliding her slick fingers in and out, pushing the walls of flesh, softening them. Then she slathered my cock with spit and placed the head against the tiny opening. She pushed the head in and it opened magically though Darlene stiffened a bit.

Val then got up and stood behind me. She put her groin against my ass and said, "C'mon, we'll fuck her together."

She reached around and grasped my cock, then pushed my ass forward with her hips. My cock sank into Darlene's ass two or three inches. Darlene said, "Jesus Christ."

I could feel Robert's cock through the thin membrane that separated us.

Valerie drew us back and taking her hand away, rammed my hips forward causing me to drive into the butt hole to the hilt, my balls slapping against Robert's and Darlene to scream, "Oh, my fucking god."

Her ass was so tight and Robert's presence was wild. I started fucking her ass while she rode Robert's cock. Once again the three of us and Val from behind found a good rhythm. Soon, Darlene's head was back in orgasm, and as she bellowed, "I'm coming", Valerie stuck her finger in my ass which made me go even deeper in Darlene's rectum as I came hard in her shit.

Robert came seconds later which brought Darlene off again.

We took a break and cleaned up but only after each of them, Robert included, took a lick at my come and shit splattered cock.

When we regrouped, Valerie lay down on the bed and announced it was time for another of her fantasies to come true. Given her penchant for blow jobs, it was to suck Robert and I off simultaneously while Darlene gave her head.

"Come on, Danny. I gave you two women giving you a blow job at the same time. Return the favor," she said.

I had no problem with it and took my place on my knees to the right of her head. Robert took a post on the left, long cock dangling down. Darlene dutifully took her place between her sister's thighs.

First, Valerie took Robert's soft prick completely in her mouth and, sucking, pulled it out with a substantial growth spurt. Then she did me the honors and I grew up in her oral cavern. Darlene worked at her sister's clit.

Val soon had us both hard as steel. She stroked the two cocks and admired them. Robert's tool was a bit longer but mine was at least twice as thick. She crossed them like swords and rubbed the skin of them together. Playing with her toys. She took my cockhead in her mouth to suckle. Then Robert's. Then she took both engorged glans in her mouth and sucked thoughtfully.

The feel of Robert's cock against mine was a bit disconcerting. Val stuffed as much of the meat in her mouth as she could. There was no way they were both going to fit down her throat. I was nearly too big alone. But she was intent on trying. Robert's and my hips banged together.

When Val had her fill she began pumping her mouth on our cocks, her tongue swirling under them. In and out. In and out. She had a hand on each of our butts and pushed our cocks into her mouth as she sucked.

"Oh, brother," Robert sighed.

"Oh, yeah," I replied. This wasn't going to take long.

Watching this woman take all that meat in her mouth was quite a turn-on.

Darlene gave up her part and came around to watch.

"Come on, baby girl. You can do it. Make them come, Val. God, you have so much cock in your mouth." she crooned.

Valerie sucked furiously, rising up and down on our cocks.

Robert whispered, "Oh, fuck."

And he came.

I then whispered, "Oh fuck."

And I came.

Valerie held our asses and drank every drop, bobbing her head easily. She didn't let us go until both our cocks were soft and small. I think she released them only because Darlene had returned to between her legs to chew on her clit as she sucked us dry. Her mouth opened as she orgasmed and our dicks fell out.

We were all spent after that so we took a dinner break and then played strip poker by the fire place. No sex but a lot of laughs even though we'd already seen everything everyone had to offer.

When we decided it was time for sleep, Robert suggested he and I cut the deck to see who retired with whom. I looked to Val and she nodded in assent. I ended up winning Darlene for the evening. We kissed our respective others and Darlene and I went to her room while Valerie lead Robert off by the cock to the guest room.

Once in her room, Darlene became somewhat demure and asked if she could put something on.

"It's different without the others. Just you and me,' she explained.

"Sure," I said. I lay down on the bed after remaking it with fresh sheets. The ones we used all day were deeply soiled.

Darlene returned in a robe.

"Thanks for changing the sheets," she said.

"No problem," I replied, waiting for her to make the first move.

She opened the robe and showed me her surprise. She wore a lace bra that exposed her chocolate nipples and accentuated her deep cleavage. She also wore a garter belt stockings, and no panties. Her bare pussy looked swollen from the day's activities.

She pulled the sheet down to reveal my elongated cock. The beefy thing was growing quickly.

"I'm so glad you got me, Danny. It's time for me to have you to myself for a while. I never did get to ride that brute till I came," she drooled.

"Climb aboard," I beamed.

She bent over and took my cock in her mouth, sucking it to full mast. Then she knelt over my hips and raised one leg in the air so I could watch my meat disappear into her cave. The rubbery head was literally sucked in and she slowly lowered her leg till I was completely swallowed up. She leaned over my chest.

"It's so fucking big. Mae doesn't know what she has. Or maybe she does and just knows enough to keep her mouth shut."

She ground her pussy around my cock.

"You like my tits, Danny?"


"Suck them," she said.

They hung down to my lips, heavy but firm. I licked their elastic skin and sucked the plug like nipples till they were hard.

"Your tits are amazing. So firm and sleek," I said. "The firmest I've ever felt."

"They ought to be," she said. "Robert paid enough for them."

I looked at her.

She smiled, "Hey, you've seen Val. Small chests run in our family. Robert wanted big boobs, so he paid for them."

I squeezed their incredible firmness, cupping the heavy things and running my fingers around the orbs. It was a good job--they were flawless.

Darlene sat back down on my cock. She bounced up and down. While she fucked me she undid the bra and took it off. Her breasts stood out proudly high and firm, the tough nipples erect and thick. She cupped them and squeezed them together first bringing one nipple, then the other to her mouth.

"You want to fuck them?" she asked.

"Oh, yes," I said.

"Fine," she said. "But first, I'm going to ride the horse."

She put her hands on my chest and began to ride my cock. Sliding it in and out of her cunt, grinding away at it. Her breasts bouncing in circles. Occasionally she would moan how good it was or how big my dick felt. But that was all.

Soon she began to take deep breaths as she sank on my cock. Then she sank down to the hilt and began frigging herself with the meat. Her lips opened and hard breaths were blown out. She shook as she came on my cock. I firmly pushed my hips up to give her the most meat I could.

When it was done, she growled deep in her throat and leaned over to kiss me. It was our first real kiss of the day. Ever for that matter. It was nice, long with our tongues playing sweetly.

"That was incredible, Danny. You have the most magnificent prick. It's perfect," she told me.

"Thank you."

She got off me, letting my much admired cock flop heavily on my belly, and reached into the drawer of a night stand beside the bed.

"And now for your tit fucking pleasure." She drew her hand out holding a tube of KY jelly. She said, "Robert says it's the best. And he ought to know, he's done it enough."

Darlene laid on her back and lubed the valley between her upstanding tits. Then she held them together and the flesh met leaving an inviting cave.

"C'mon baby, stick your big pole in my tits. Fuck these store bought tits."

Not since Bobbie had I had a good tit fuck and i was more than ready. I straddled her and stuck my fat cock in the crevice. I slid it in and out. The weight of her breasts squashed my hardness. They were firm and hard and smooth.

"This is amazing," I said.

She smiled and said, "Fuck them, baby. Tonight, they're yours."

I put my hands on hers and pumped inch after inch of hot cock between her hot tits. I fucked them until I exploded, sending gobs of hot come all over her face and in her hot mouth. It was fucking bliss.

She licked me clean. I licked her clean and we fell asleep.

During the night, I awoke with a hard-on being held by the crack of her ass. With out waking her, I inserted it in her vagina from the back. I slowly fucked her until we both came. Then we fell asleep again.

In the morning, I woke to the feel of a mouth on my cock. I opened my eyes to see Valerie with her mouth full. I felt Darlene's warm figure beside me and looked over to see her mouth full of Robert's long cock.

He beamed down at me and said, "We're off!"

I grinned up at him and said, "Geez, don't you guys even stop for coffee?"

We all four got together often. And Darlene and Valerie and I did the trio scene just as often. I still sought Valerie out when Mae and I were on the outs but, just as often, I'd pop in on and into Darlene. The two of us developed a rather warm, unkinky sexual bond between us that I really hadn't known since Vera.

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