tagInterracial LoveExchanging Flesh Ch. 09

Exchanging Flesh Ch. 09

byeric shawn listo©

Exchanging Flesh:Chapter Nine-Foriegn Exchange

***this can be read without reading the other chapters--my goal in writing this novel--enjoy!***

It was 1979.

Her real name was Ulrike and she was from Germany. But everyone called her Rikki. She was an exchange student and the sometime girl friend of a friend of mine, Harry. She was also half black, the result of a black military man being stationed in Germany in the late fifties.

Rikki’s skin was the most glorious color, cafe au Lait mixed with honey. Her hair was soft kinks of curls, dark ebony with blond highlights. Her eyes were the same honey brown as her skin and rich full lips parted to reveal white, white teeth. She laugh often and so they were readily seen.

Though her large breasts were probably not more than a C-cup they looked huge on her slight frame, long, slender arms and legs and thin waist flaring slightly to boyish hips. My friend, Harry would go on and on about how great it was when she was on top, because her large breasts on that slender frame would hang down for him to fondle and nibble.

Rikki and I always flirted, even though Mae and I were now married--big surprise-- and when we shared a class things fell into place for us to get together.

We always sat together in the class and often, I would give her a ride home. One day, that ride home lead to a ride of another kind.

I pulled into the driveway and Rikki invited me in.

I said, “I’d love to but may back is killing me. I’d better go home and take a bath.”

Rikki’s eyes lit up. “Come on in, Danny. I’ll give you a massage.”

I looked at her gorgeous skin but said, “Oh no,--”

She said, “Come on, haven’t you ever heard of German massage, ja?”

Rikki had a very slight German accent but always used her native “Ja” for our “Yes”.

She smiled at me and I knew I was going in. “Ja,” I said.

Once inside, she threw me a towel and told me to strip. She kicked her shoes off and went ot get some oil. I obeyed taking off my clothes and wrapped the towel around my waist; pushing a slightly swollen cock down as I did.

When Rikki came back, she had changed to a pair of shorts and a tee shirt. I could tell she had no bra on from the engorged nipples straining at the shirt fabric. The honey color of her long arms and legs seemed to glow.

She spread a thick blanket on the floor and told me lay down on my stomach. With some adjustment of my semi hard prick, I did this.

Rikki told me to relax and spread some oil on my back, working the muscles gloriously with her fingers and the palms of her strong hands. This went on for a while, loosening up my back nicely. She gently slipped her fingers under the towel and loosened it as she kneaded my ass cheeks. Finally she opened the towel and worked my legs down to my feet.

Then she straddled my bare ass. I could feel her heat soaked crotch through the shorts. She really started to work on my back. Rolling her hands up and down.

She stopped once and said, “Whew, it’s getting pretty hot in here.”

I heard a whisp of fabric as she took her tee-shirt off. I heard a plop as it landed on the floor.

I wanted to turn around and see her amazing breasts but she started kneading my back again. Once in awhile, I felt a hard nipple graze my back as she reached for my shoulders. Then she stopped and did nothing for a full moment.

Presently, I felt the weight of her breasts softly touching my back. It was delicious. The hard nubs of her nipples tracing circles in my muscles. She whispered in my ear, “Ich bin hornig. How about you?”

Hornig? Sounds like horny to me. It was so sexy when she spoke in her native language. I moaned my reply.

Rikki laughed lightly then she grazed every inch of my back with her tits then mashed them into my ass.

She spread my ass cheeks and after a few licks, started to fuck my asshole with her hard nipple. I was hard as a rock.

“Oh, fuck,” I moaned.

“Ja. Just what I had in mind,” Rikki giggled.

She climbed off me and I rolled over, my dick bobbing in the air.

She held her honey breasts, huge on her skinny frame. They were round and perfect, the hard, jutting nipples were deep purple and swollen. I think I had been expecting the black nipples I had seen on black women in men’s magazines, but I wasn’t disappointed. They were spectacular. Rikki stuffed the nipple that had been fucking my ass in her mouth and sucked it.

“You are beautiful,” I said.

She smiled and dropped her tits, letting them swing gently. Then she grasped my hard, red hot dick in her hand.

“So are you,” she said, tugging gently at my cock. “Ein grosser Hahn. Everything I’ve heard is true. You’re prick is magnificent.”


“Cock. Big Cock.”

She stroked my meat firmly until a drop of pre-come appeared at the slit.

“May I?” She said.

“Please do,” I replied.

Rikki leaned over and licked the drop from my glans, slightly opening the slit with her tongue. Then she took the crown in her mouth and sucked thoughtfully, blowing me gently as she did. She fed my dick into her pretty mouth until her nose was buried in my pubic hair. She held my cock in her mouth for as long as she could then pulled off with a whoosh.

Wiping her luscious brown lips with the back of her hand, she said, “Ja, ein grosser Hahn.”

I smiled.

Rikki straddled my legs and wrapped her tits around my cock.

“Vant to fokk mien tits, Danny?” she purred, stretching her german accent.

“Oh, yeah,” I moaned.

She poured some of the oil on her cleavage and slid her swollen knobbed tubes up and down my shaft. Fan-fucking-tastic! When my dick came through the flesh, she licked the head of my glans. Before long, I was ready to pop.

“I’m gonna come, Rikki,” I warned her.

“Ooh, ja, baby, ja,” she said, opening her mouth to receive my load.

I pumped my dick through the tits twice more and sprayed my load into her waiting mouth. Some landed one her chin, some on her tits, I shot off like a geyser.

Rikki pumped my dick with her tits and then her dark hands till I was dry. She lovingly cleaned my tool with her mouth until I softened.

Then she stripped off her shorts and straddling my groin with her moist cunt. She placed her breasts before me.

“Maybe you could clean up my breasts for me, lover,” she suggested.

I gladly began to lick the sweet, golden melons. Tasting my come and her sweet sweat and the faint taste of my shit on one of her nipples. Rikki began grinding her pussy against my limp cock and very quickly got a reaction.

“Ja,” she said.

I, however, having finished tidying up her mammaries, and said, “Come here.”

She swiftly straddled my face and gave me a taste of her sweet cunt. I opened her dusky pussy lips with my fingers and stuck my tongue in that delicious hole as far as I could. Rikki let out a long moan. I grasped her tits above me and held her as I fucked her with my tongue. She writhed on my face as I did this. The taste of her was incredible--musky and honeylike.

“Lechen Sie mien clit,” she moaned. I knew exactly what she wanted.

Rikki placed her hand on mine and I gave her her tits as I spread her legs to work on her clit. It was a gorgeous erect little bud, dark, dark purple like her nipples and I sucked it like it was a little dick. She bucked wildly and sucked her big tits into her mouth. Within seconds of my work, she stiffened completely and wailed out her orgasm. I held her on my face, licking ceaselessly at her twat. Finally she touched my head to stop me and I pulled way looking up at this glorious woman--wet and slender with large swollen breasts as she ground down on me.

I licked my way up her flat stomach as she lowered her breasts to my face. After a moment or two reveling in their weight, she moved down and kissed me. Our first kiss. After all this.

Tongues and lips parting, I said, “Wow, I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time.”

She kissed my nose. “Ja, me too.”

Rikki cuddled close in my arms, mashing her great tits into my side. Then she brought her thigh up and brushed my hard dick.

She looked down to where it bobbed in the air and reaching out to grasp it, moaned gleefully. “Ooh, it looks like we’re not done yet.”

I said, “I’m going to make this last as long as I can. I’ve waited to long.”

Rikki straddled my groin and took my throbbing eight inches in hand. She massaged her clit with the head of my dick for a minute while I tongued her large purple nipples into erect little erasers. Actually they were large erasers.

Rikki leaned over and kissed my forehead.

“So grosser,” she said.

Then she notched the head of my cock into her love canal and began to feed her soaking cunt with my love muscle, one excruciatingly slow inch at a time. I never left her breasts, giving them the work out of their young lives. Finally, Rikki settled back and engulfed the last inch of my meat. She sighed sexily and began rocking slowly on my prick.

Harry was right. Having this skinny black girl rocking on your cock while sucking at her huge tits was lovely.

“Sie fullen mich stark,” she said.


She ground her pussy on my dick. “You fill me up.”

I took one big dark nipple in my mouth and grabbed her small well formed buttocks as she began rising and falling on my cock.

She came off until just the head remained then slid slowly down on my shaft. I could tell she was giving her G-spot a good work out with my meat, Her breath became heavy as her magnificent tits rose and fell. Finally, she said, “Oh, Scheiss.”

She lifted herself off and grabbed my dick. Using the head against her clit like a dildo, she brought herself to orgasm so intense I could feel the goose bumps along her flank. When she was done she settled back down on my prick and mashed her good tits into my chest.

Her face in my neck, she moaned, “That was incredible. What a fuck!”

I held her in my arms, marveling at the tightness of her body. She wasn’t short--about five-six. But she was thin to the point of fragility and yet the mammoth soft breasts lapped my body.

My dick twitched in her cunt and her head came up.

“Oh, we can’t forget you, now, can we?” she said, grinding that groin. “How do you want it, Danny? Like this?”

She moved up and down on my cock.

“That’s nice,” I said.

She grinned. “How about something a bit more athletic?”

She lifted herself off me and stood up. She stepped over to an arm chair and draped herself over it, one knee up and the other standing on the floor. Her drenched cunt was glaring at me.

Looking over her shoulder, she said, “Ja, lover. Do me doggie style.”

I stood up and found her ass which was the perfect height for me and my dick. I plunged my fingers into her warm twat and pumped a few times.

“Give me the dick, Danny,” she said. “I love it so. Doggy me with that big dick.”

I notched the head in her cunt and slid in full force to the hilt. Rikki let out a little bleat as the head of my cock hit her nethermost reaches. I started to pump her hard, fucking her for all I was worth. Eventually her knee slipped off the chair and she knelt before me spread-eagled, open so wide. A triangle with her cunt at the apex.

I dug my fingers into her coarse hair and pulled her head back.

“Oh, ja, bumsen Sie mich!” she screamed as I reamed her cunt, my balls slapping at her clit.


“Fokk Mmeee!” I guess her accent slipped in the throes of passion. It was sexy as shit.

I held on like I was riding a horse, with one hand and started slapping her tight ass with the other. Riding full gallop.

“Ja,” she said. “Ride me, my lover. Don’t stop. Faster, faster. Ride me, you Bumser.”

And I did. When I felt my climax coming, I grabbed her little ass with both hands and held it while I pumped so hard.

“Can I come in you?”

“Ja, ja, baby. Give me your hot come. Fill me with it, baby,” she said.

I pulled her ass back on my dick and ejaculated forever in her tiny body, actually moving her ass up and down on my cock.

Rikki rocked on the balls of her feet never losing balance as I spent my dick in her cunt.

Finally I eased my cock out and plopped the softening meat on her ass cheeks. Rikki reached behind her to softly caress the final drops out.

“Great hard fuck, Danny,” she said. “Made me come again.”

“You are fucking incredible, Rikki,” I said.

She turned around and rubbed my soft big big dick between her tits then cleaned the head with her tongue, smoothing back the wet pubic hairs gently with her fingers.

“I love your cock,” she said. “It’s so thick and juicy.”

With that she put her thick lips on my thick cock head and sucked gently.

“Oh, baby,” I moaned.

She smiled around my cock head and took the semi hard thing down her throat. I fondled one big black nippled boob and ran my hand down her sleek dark body to squeeze her ass cheek. Rikki moaned and tongued my cock.

I drove my fingers into her sopping gash and worked them gently. Then I took my wet fingers to her anus and began to massage that bud sweetly.

Rikki brought her mouth off my cock and said, “Mien Arshlock. Ooh, I heard you liked that.”

Heard? Who from? Melissa? Darlene?

Rikki pushed back and my index finger entered her rectum.

“Ja, let’s do it baby. Fuck my back door.”

My cock leapt in her hand and she giggled delightedly. She put her mouth on my glans and deep throated me. When she came off of it my cock was waving high in the air. Rikki wrapped her sweet tits around it and rubbed them together as I inserted my finger further into her butt.

She fucked my cock with her tits and sucked hard at my cock head, grinding herself on my finger, I took my finger out long enough to lift her crotch over my face in sixty-nine. While she made love to my cock, I drove my tongue into her asshole. Juicing it up for my dick.

“Ja, ja. Arschlecker. Ja,” Rikki moaned. That one was pretty easy to translate.

Rikki began deep-throating me, staying down forever, her lips glued to the base of my cock.

I opened her asshole with two fingers and sucked at her clit until she humped my face--her mouth full of my cock--as she came sweet come on my tongue. Her mouth came off my cock and she sat up with a scream grinding her nether parts into my mouth and fingers. She held onto my cock like a stick shift as she shuddered her climax.

Then she said, “I’ve got to feel it.” and moved off my face to sit on my cock, driving it into her pussy with her back to me. She road me to another orgasm as I continued to ply her asshole.

“Ja, ja. Too good, too fucking good,” she moaned, as she rose and fell on my cock. Finally squeezing down on it, letting it fill her sweet cunt.

She turned on my cock and set sideways on it, her ass perpendicular to my groin, her big tits jiggling in the afternoon light. Smiling, she fucked me gently.

“That was fucking great,” she said. “You sure you want me to climb off?”

I said, “Give me your ass, Rikki. I want your sweet black ass.”

Rikki laughed and slipped off my prick. She grabbed the oil and squirted some on my gooey prick, sliding the stuff up and down. Then she handed it to me.

“Will you do the honors?” she asked.

She got on her hands and knees and showed me her asshole.

I squeezed some above the hole so it flowed down into the folds. Then I pushed with my fingers and her anus opened like a flower. This was no virgin ass.

I assumed the position and guided my hard cock to the entrance of her anus. I eased the head in and it went easily enough.

“Wait a minute,” Rikki said. She pulled her asshole off my cock and turned over, laying on her back. She drew her legs up so her knees framed her head and her breasts were squeezed between her thighs so the nipples were like two eyes looking at me. Her anus and pussy were totally exposed.

“I like it like this,” she said. “Put that pillow under my hips.”

I did as she asked. And again brought my big cock to her asshole. I pushed the head in and it slid in four inches.

Rikki grinned. “Go for it, baby.”

I sank my prick the rest of the way into her poop chute until my balls stopped me.

She said, “Ja, lover.”

It was so smooth and tight. Glorious. I started fucking her slowly. But she said, “Faster. Fuck my asshole, Danny. Fuck it hard. You bumser.”

So I did. I pounded her little bunghole with my big prick. The smell of her shit rising to my nose.

“Jaaa, fuck me, baby,” she roared.

I tweaked the purple nipples hard as I screwed her butt. Then I slapped them back and forth between her legs.

Rikki screamed her approval. “Bumsen Sie mich stark! Bumsen Sie mich stark!”

“What, babe?” I asked.

“Fuck me harder, Danny. Fuck me harder.”

I pumped her harder.

She said, “Are you going to come, baby? Are you going to come?”

“Ja,” I hissed.

She laughed and said, “Come on my tits, leibshin. Come on my tits.”

I fucked her ass until I could hold back no longer then pulled out. The first splash hit her asshole, the second her pussy. Then I deposited the rest of my load on her sweet honey colored melons. The semen dripping off the erect purple buds.

I fell onto her wet, sticky body, then rolled so she was on top of me. Grinding all we had done between us. We kissed, our tongues probing, searching each other’s mouths for the taste of sex. Rikki squeezed my cock between her thighs as if she’d never let go.

And I didn’t want her to.

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