tagRomanceExchanging Presents

Exchanging Presents

byRumple Foreskin©

note: This short Romance is a last-minute entry in the Holiday Writing Contest. Votes and views could be scarce. Yours would be appreciated. rf


The cab left the congested airport loading zone and moved into the cold, rainy January evening. Cindy looked over at Ray. Last night, she couldn't sleep thinking about his return. Today, way too anxious to wait in her dorm room, she got to the airport hours ahead of time. Then bad weather delayed his arrival.

Ever since school started back after New Year's, there's been nothing but rotten winter weather, boring schoolwork, and thoughts about Ray, and his being away, and how much long it would be until he was supposed to come back. Then last evening he called.

"I was wondering if you'd like to have dinner tomorrow night-with me, that is?"

For a moment, her depressed brain couldn't figure out how they could have dinner if he was down there. Then it dawned on her what he was saying. "Are you serious?"

Assured he was on the level, Cindy almost babbled. "Oh, yes. Most definitely. Just tell me what time your plane will arrive. I'll make sure you get a warm welcome."

Now they were alone, heading for a hotel where they'd spend the rest of the night making love. But Cindy found herself wondering if Ray had been thinking about her or whether he liked how she looked. He didn't seem interested in her new hairstyle. And while he had greeted her warmly, she couldn't help wondering if his enthusiasm was anything more than sexual.

To her it seemed like an eternity since he left for home. For all she knew, he might have found someone special while he was gone.

She hesitated, then asked, "Did you miss me?"

Ray nodded. "You were all I could think about on the flight up. It seemed like that sucker would never end. Then the damn landing was delayed. Were you waiting long?"

As she listened, Cindy's tension began to ease a bit. She had worried that he might not care if she met his plane. Now he was telling her he'd been looking forward to their being together again.

She knew a bit of coyness was called for. But she never could do that around Ray. "I missed you so much. I couldn't sleep last night. And I got to the airport hours before the plane was scheduled to arrive."

"And then it was over an hour late. But you shouldn't have done that. You should have been resting up instead." Cindy smiled as she felt her cheeks flush.

"I brought something for you. I know we swapped gifts before I left. Just consider this your official after-Christmas present." Ray reached into his overcoat pocket and handed her a small rectangular shaped box. Inside was a gold chain with a small gold lock and two keys.

"The lock actually works," explained Ray. "You can wear it now and keep the keys or wear it and give me the keys or just think about it. You do realize what it would mean if you put it on and gave me the keys?"

Cindy knew and nodded. Ray had once told her about an Army buddy of his who had the keys to a lock his wife wore as the clasp on a gold chain necklace. "It was kind of like a civilized chastity belt, I suppose. Wearing the lock was her way of saying she would always be his lover, his sex slave, even though he was gone."

For Cindy, the good news was Ray talking about a more permanent relationship. The bad news was it not being the type she wanted. Giving Ray the keys and wearing the lock and chain would be agreeing to a one-side deal.

While she wanted to make him happy and keep their relationship growing, she didn't like the idea of losing control. Even if was to Ray, and as his sex slave.

Ray seemed to sense her ambivalence. "Think about it for awhile. Whatever you decide, don't say yes unless you really feel comfortable doing so. I'll make no bones about it, I think it would be a hell of a lot of fun, for both of us. You've always had this great, positive attitude about trying new stuff. It's one of the things that makes you so special. But the idea's not worth getting you uptight and killing that wild-ass streak of yours."

The cab traveled on through rain toward mid-town. The driver, a young black guy, probably a college student, had the radio on a jazz station. Cindy stared out past the busy windshield wipers, then glanced at the back of his head before turning back to Ray. Without making a commitment, she closed the box and put it in her purse. "Speaking of after-Christmas presents, I've got one I've been waiting all day to give you."

They had been sitting together. With a smile, Cindy slid away from Ray until she was on the other side of the cab behind the driver. "I just hope you like your present."

Cindy was wearing a long, silk-lined monk's cape. It had a zipper down the front. With trembling fingers, she began unzipping it. When she pulled the folds apart, Ray could see his present in the glow from the passing streetlights. Cindy was wearing nothing but garter belt, stockings, jewelry and shoes.

Ray sat motionless, looking at his gift with open admiration. Then the cab swerved while the driver cursed at another car and the spell was broken. Cindy began to get nervous. "So, do you like your present? It was specially gift wrapped just for you."

Ray continued to stare as the lights and shadows played games across her pale, nude body. When he spoke, there was a new, husky note in his voice. "You're even more beautiful than I remembered. And please believe me, I've remembered you a lot. So to answer your question, yes, I most definitely like your present. I mean, what can I say? But, there is one problem. Due to your present, I'm about to come in my pants."

At that moment, Cindy doubted if Ray would ever be able to make her any happier. "Well, we wouldn't want to mess up your suit, now would we Mr. Forester?" She leaned over, kissed Ray, and reached for his fly. The zipper yielded without a struggle and she slipped her hand inside. After some difficulty, she managed to pull out a long, and very stiff, cock.

Thoughts about the driver crossed her mind as she began to lower her head. But she had become so excited, she didn't care who else was in the cab. As her fingers closed around the thick shaft, she noticed a strong, throbbing pulse. The skin felt hot and tight to her lips.

Just as she started to slide the head into her mouth, the cab came to an abrupt halt at a traffic light. The jolt caused the head to scrape past her teeth and slam into the back of her mouth. Ray gasped at the sudden pain. Cindy released the abused head, kissed it, and returned to massaging the length of the shaft with her lips and tongue.

The next time she began swallowing Ray's dick, there was no interruption. In one long motion, her lips slid down the length of the shaft until most of his cock had vanished inside her mouth. She began bobbing her head up and down in rhythm to the cab's motion, while swirling her tongue around the sensitive cock-head.

The cab stopped, then started with a jerk, swerved and soon came to another sudden stop. She barely noticed. Her attention stayed focused on Ray, who had begun to hunch.

A slightly salty taste entered her mouth as pre-come fluid started oozing from the tip of the head. A lot more would be coming soon. Cindy shifted her position, trying to prepare herself for the flood of cum.

Ray's body tenses and a large gob of cum shot into her mouth. Just as she finished swallowing it, a tidal wave of cum filled her mouth. Despite her feverish efforts to drink it all, Ray was just coming too fast. Cum began spilling out of her mouth. It smeared on her lips and cheeks and ran down over her fingers and hands even as she kept swallowing what seemed like gallons of cum.

Based on the fact Ray had always stopped in the past, Cindy felt certain that, sooner or later, he was bound to stop this time. But as he continued pumping cum into her mouth, she started wondering if it was going to be later instead of sooner. The ejaculation slowed enough to let her handle everything Ray had to give, but she still wondered when he was going to stop. At this rate, she figured they might be about to set some kind of world's record for longest climax.

The first hint Ray was almost finished, came when he quit squeezing her shoulders. The stream of cum dwindled to a trickle, then Ray collapsed back in his seat and let out a contended sigh.

"I needed that," he whispered, as he stroked her hair. Cindy grunted in agreement as she milked the last of the cum out of the now softening cock.

"I'll say you did!" It was the driver talking.

Cindy wondered how Ray would react. Her ex-fiancé would have gone ballistic. Ray just laughed. "Did you get a free show?"

"Not exactly," said the driver. "It's just that we were almost at your hotel. I kind of figured you two would like to finish what you had started. I did keep the meter running though, so it wasn't really like a free show, at least not for you two."

While listening to the two men talk, Cindy continued to lick the semen off Ray's balls and out of his pubic hair. If he didn't mind paying the extra cab fare, she didn't mind finishing her work at this slow, careful pace.

A few minutes later, she put the now pliant cock back into Ray's pants, zipped up the fly, and spoke to the cabby. "How much extra time did we put on the meter?"

"Let's see," said the driver. "Damn near fifteen minutes."

"How much is that?", asked Ray.

"Oh, about ten dollars with what I'm sure is going to be a nice generous tip."

"So tell me Mr. Forester," asked a smiling Cindy, "did you get your money's worth?"

Ray gently lifted her up beside him and kissed her. "Not only yes, but hell yes!"

Ray smiled at her. "Our driver here has been most considerate, even if he kept the meter running. Don't you think he deserves a special tip?"

Cindy stalled for time. "Maybe. It probably depends on what kind of tip you had in mind."

Ray turned her to face the cabby and opened the front of the cape. "Hey, man, would a close look at my Christmas present rate as a nice generous tip?"

When the young cabby turned around, the astonished look on his face was one of the greatest compliments Cindy felt she would ever receive. "Wait a second," he mumbled, as he reached back flipped on the dome-light.

Cindy glanced out the side window. There were no cars or walkers on this dark, rain-slick side street. She relaxed and leaned back against Ray.

The look in the cabby's eyes sent a shiver through her. She wanted to show him more, to bask in his admiration and lust. If Ray wanted her to give this guy a show, so did she, and she'd give him a good one. She looked around at Ray and whispered, "Wider?" He nodded.

After a deep breath, she pulled the front of cape wide open, completely exposing her body. She paused as the cabby stared, open mouthed, then she spread her legs.

Although the glare of the dome-light hurt her eyes, it was fun to watch the cabby's face as he proceeded to conduct a very complete visual examination of her body. This was such an incredible ego trip. She was leaning against the man she loved with the taste of his cum serving as a pleasant reminder of what they'd just done. Meanwhile, another man was looking at her exposed body with unfeigned awe and open longing.

Then Ray broke the spell. "That's about all the look I can afford to give you. We're ready to go to the hotel."

"Can I, you know, touch her, I mean just for a second?" pleaded the cabby.

"No. If you're interested, she might give you a thank you kiss for being so nice." The cabby nodded.

Cindy leaned forward and took his head in her hand. This aggressive act seemed somehow natural and appropriate. The cabby didn't object. She noticed he was kind of cute, then pulled his head toward her and gave him a long, deep kiss. When he slipped his tongue past her teeth, Cindy realizing with a thrill, that he was tasting Ray's cum.

Kissing the driver was fun. But he wasn't the man Cindy wanted to kiss. She pulled away and looked at him. "Now turn off that light and take us to the hotel."

After giving him another peck on the lips, she let go of his head and leaned back against Ray with a pleased smile. After this cab ride, that lock and key business didn't seem so outlandish. Whatever she decided, something told her this was going to be great reunion. But if she had her way, they'd spend next Christmas together.

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