tagLoving WivesExciting Adventurous Experiences Ch. 02

Exciting Adventurous Experiences Ch. 02


What a thrill and suspense it was! Remembering those events even today, I feel goose pimples on my arms. Even today, we are unable to comprehend the mind boggling experiences in a short span of time. It was the experience of adventure, suspense, life threatening situation, titillation, excitement, sensuality and most of all subtle and expressive love; all mixed together to make a thrilling package. Those interested in only hard porn, may please move elsewhere. The first part dealt with the preliminaries. The story is a piece of fiction and has no connection with any person living or dead and does not claim to represent factual situation of any private or Government organisation.


I am Sunil. My wife is Sunita. I was a political journalist covering sensitive national security matters. Colonel Jaswant Singh was an Army officer from "Anti Insurgency Force". He was an expert in anti guerrilla warfare. His wife Jyoti was a house wife. Over a period of time, our two families' relationship grew quite close in which the Colonel and I became quite with free with the other's wife and vice versa. However, there was no sexual intent or overture, except glancing at the other's wife's boobs or hugging the other's wife casually. Our relationship with Colonel Jaswant Singh and his, comely wife, Jyoti went up a few notches, when all four of us watched an uncensored English movie at a film festival.

The movie was screened under the aegis of the International Film Festival. I sat next to the Colonel's wife Jyoti and the Colonel sat by the side of my wife Sunita. Due to highly erotic scenes in the movie, we could not control our impulses and I touched and fondled the Colonel's wife, Jyoti, and she felt my cock. The Colonel similarly fondled my wife Sunita 's boobs and felt her pussy over her dress, whilst she felt his cock. Perhaps what happened was not fully accidental nor was it pre-planned. The movie was highly sensual and both the couples could not control their animal instincts.

We were vaguely aware of the other couple's activities; however, we preferred to focus on the movie and our own activities, overlooking the other. That was the first time that we realized our inherent desire for extra marital sex with the other's spouse. A week later, the Colonel invited me for an evening at his club. We drank much more than we normally do. Somehow, we started talking about our wives. The theatre incident came up naturally. The Colonel offered his apologies. He said that he had got carried away by the scenes in the movies. I cut him short and in a spur of the moment said, "I know that you are hot for my wife. You know that I am hot for yours. So why beat around the bush?"

Initially the Colonel looked surprised. However, he relaxed a little after he saw that I was relaxed. He asked me, "Tell me, what does Sunita Bhabhi feel about me? Is she angry with me for what happened there?"

I said, "She loves you and respects you. I think internally, she may have a crush on you. However, she does not admit it. However, whenever I talk about you, she gets excited." I knew that I was buzzed. I did not know what I was saying. The Colonel was agog with this surprising bit of information.

I was going overboard. I resumed, "Let me tell you in confidence. I suspect that she enjoyed your flirting in the theatre." I said awkwardly. One corner of my mind was alarmed. It asked, "What nonsense are you saying?"

The Colonel was also pretty much buzzed up. He spoke incoherently and said in slurred voice, "Never mind. I understand. At least she is not angry with me and she thinks that flirting is okay. That is a good beginning. Let me tell you one thing in confidence also. My wife is hot for you. I have hinted her to go ahead. She is not a prude and you are a lucky bastard." I smiled stupidly.

Desire to take this to the next logical step, landed us in a vortex of completely unexpected and tormenting situations, where even our lives were on the line. Read on.

In bedroom, my wife and I enjoyed the after effect of theatre incident for some time. However, our sex life began to taper off after that. My wife Sunita's tuitions from the Colonel were over. She appeared in her exams. Her results were expected after some time. She expected to get good result in math and she attributed her possible success to her tutor, the Colonel. The spark of excitement injected in our sex lives, by a little bit of flirting between my wife and the Colonel during her tuition classes was over; as soon as her tuitions from the Colonel came to an end.

There was also another issue that interrupted our further meetings. There was a small burglary in the Colonel's house. The Colonel told me that nothing much was stolen. Surprisingly, his old and almost disused laptop was stolen with some of his diaries. The diaries were old and hardly used. What puzzled all of us was that there was good amount of cash in the chest of drawers and in the cupboard. There was some jewelry also. They were not touched. The Colonel lodged a complaint and some police activity took place. This lasted for some time.

There was also another issue on the Colonel's mind. He told me that he suspected that he was being followed. He was not sure. He said that he had seen some people shadowing him. Who were they? Was it the police? Was it some gang? Why would someone follow him? What could they possibly get from him? All these questions came in his mind. He had done nothing that could cause someone to make such an effort. I brushed it off the incidents as a quirk of his imagination. I had no idea if he was satisfied with my explanation.

Due to his pre-occupation, frequency of our meetings decreased somewhat. However. I did have occasional evenings with the Colonel. From his occasional utterances and by my own instution, I had no doubt that he loved my wife's ass and he knew that I craved for his wife. Yet we pretended to feign ignorance. He hinted of his desire to have some joint outings, several times. I reciprocated his enthusiasm and agreed that if any opportunities came, we would be seriously interested.

After the Colonel's revelation that he was being followed, I also became a bit conscious. Surprisingly, I also felt that I was being followed. One day I saw a typical man following me. When I walked, he walked after me. When I slowed, he slowed. When I stopped, he stopped. I decided to confront him and ask him why he was following me. However, just when I thought I would confront him, he disappeared.

When I reached the main market, he disappeared. Perhaps he wanted to go to the main market and followed me thinking that I was also going there. When I thought about it more, I felt that perhaps it was my imagination. I did not tell anyone so as to avoid unnecessary discussion.

One evening the Colonel rang me up with great enthusiasm in his voice. He said that Society of Army Welfare was organising a camp in Himalayas. The objective was to educate normal citizens on the threat of terrorist's activities. There would also be Yoga classes and trekking, rock climbing, martial art classes etc. The Colonel said that it was an excellent opportunity to go for a holiday. The price for accommodation and food was also not high, he said.

Non-army persons recommended by army persons were welcome. The Colonel asked me if Sunita and I would like to join. I looked at it as a wonderful opportunity to fulfill my fantasy of seeing wife making out with the Colonel and simultaneously getting intimate with his wife. I asked Sunita if she would be interested. She said that she did not know much about such camps; however, if the Colonel and his wife were going, it would be fun to go together.

It was not a simple holiday tour. It involved trekking and some martial training etc. Therefore we had to leave our son with her parents. The Colonel's son was scheduled to go to his parents anyway for two weeks. His wife, Jyoti, loved the idea of a holiday away from home. All husbands know that wives are always eager to get out of their houses and away from all the mundane daily chores that they have to do every day.

On the scheduled day of departure, my wife, Sunita, looked ravishing in short capri and a deep neck top, which stopped at her midriff. I had packed her bag of swim suits, transparent bras, jeans, slacks, skirts, stretchable pants and different types of tops including some chemises; which I had bought for her over a period of time. She was conservative (so I always felt) and was reluctant to wear them. I wanted her to wear more revealing clothes, at least on such a trip. I told her that all other women would wear such dresses without a second thought. She agreed after a bit of persuasion.

As she was coming down to board the taxi, she asked me, "How do I look?"

I took her in my arms and said, "Good enough to eat. I am very hungry."

She pushed me away and said, "Plenty of time for that when we reach. For now, get out of my way. We have to leave now. Singhs are waiting for us."

I said, "Promise me that you will let me eat you, as soon as we have reached."

She said, "I promise you."

The Colonel's wife Jyoti came out dressed in sexy skirt and fluffy top. All of her 5-feet 5-inches looked lovely. Her long naked legs right up to her shapely thighs made one to get lost in imagining the rest. For her slim figure, her perky 34-C breasts invited stares.

The Colonel had asked ladies to pack extra essential items like snacks, a carpet, tinned food, which would be useful when we go for camping or trekking. The Colonel took some items such as torch, carpets, packed foods etc. He had a licensed revolver. He decided to carry it with him also. He said that he took these items when on travel, just as a precaution. I packed some song and dance CDs. The Colonel had told me that there would be some entertainment and dance programs.

The train started on time. In the enclosure allotted to us, there were six berths; three on each side. Four of us were bracketed with two more persons. One was a young army man of about 28 years of age. The second was a beautiful young woman. She must be about 22 years. Her marriage signs (a necklace called Mangal Sutra, a red dot on head and a red line at the parting of hair) betrayed her marital status. The young man and the young married woman did not know each other. They introduced themselves. The young woman was Neetu (Mrs. Kapoor) and the young man was Capt. Kumar.

The train must have barely left the station, when the train ticket examiner came. From his appearance, he looked more like a Hindi film villain than a ticket examiner. He was friendly, though. He sat with us and as he asked for our tickets, he asked us where exactly we planned to go. The Colonel did not respond and I was unsure of what to say, he repeated his question to Jyoti and Sunita. My wife Sunita enthusiastically described our plans and told him that after a long time, we were heading for a holiday in the hills. She did not know the exact address and asked Jyoti the address. Jyoti promptly spoke exactly where we were going and what we planned to do there. The ticket examiner wished us happy journey and left.

The young woman Neetu's husband was a retired Brigadier (Brig. Kapoor). He could not get reservation with his wife. He had therefore to be inanother coach. Capt. Kumar, the young man with us, travelled alone. We introduced ourselves. We were all going to the same camp. The Captain was smart and charming. Before long Capt. Kumar and the young woman and four of us became good friends. The young Capt. Kumar was particularly attentive to the young lady. He changed his seat and sat by the side of the pretty damsel. Both of them started talking animatedly soon.

Obviously, the Capt. was paying special attention to the young woman Neetu. She appeared to enjoy it. Her body language hinted that she was amenable to Capt. Kumar's manly charms. She giggled at frequent intervals and very soon began tilting her head on his shoulders in a display of bonhomie. Capt. Kumar cracked jokes and talked of his experiences, which the young lady lapped up with delight.

Soon enough, it was clear that she was giving him all the right signals and welcomed his advances. This was a bit awkward for us. She was married and her behaviour was a bit odd. However, we got the answer soon enough when an older man with grey hair came, said hello to us all and began talking with the young woman Neetu. He could have been her father, elder brother or a senior relative. However, we were speechless, when she introduced him as her husband.

He was a retired Brigadier. He must be above sixty. He had lost his wife and married Neetu about a year ago. The Brigadier was three coaches away. Some of his ex-colleagues were with him for company. He inquired if she was comfortable in our company. She told him that she was ok. I knew that she was more than comfortable in the company of the young Captain. After some perfunctory talk, the Brigadier left.

Almost ten minutes later we had another ticket examiner asking us for our tickets. The Colonel was surprised. He said that our tickets were already checked by another ticket examiner. Now it was the ticket examiner's turn to be surprised. "Another ticket examiner?" He asked surprised. "There is no other ticket checker than me for these four coaches. I am sure it must be some impostor. I hope he did not take any money from you?" The ticket checker asked.

"No, he did not take any money and he returned our tickets after checking. He seemed to be a very nice fellow." Replied my wife. Anyway, we had lost nothing. We forgot about it soon after the TTE left.

Capt. Kumar and Neetu were back to sitting together and their animated talks, which after some time turned into whispers. I looked at my wife and Jyoti subtly pointing at the young pair who was trying to make out with each other. Sunita shrugged her shoulders and hinted to me to let them be and focus on our group.

The Colonel went to upper berth for trying to snatch some sleep. Sunita dozed off frequently falling on my chest or shoulders. Jyoti sat opposite me looking blankly at nothing in particular, outside the windows. The young pair of Capt. Kumar and Neetu were busy in talking. I felt a bit sleepy and fell into Sunita's lap for a while to steal a few winks.

I was jolted out of my nap by a nudge from my wife. I opened my eyes. The young pair was missing. I could hear Neetu's giggles some distance away in the corridor. Sunita said, "Look at the shameless woman. She is making out with the young lad, when her husband is only some coaches away."

The Colonel's wife Jyoti heard our talk and said in low voice, "Let them be. After all, you can't blame the young woman for flirting with that guy. I am sure, her husband also wouldn't mind it; if he were half a man. She is trying to get, what her husband perhaps cannot give her."

Sunita fell silent. She was deep in thought. I told her, "Jyoti is right. She is needy, she is not greedy. I hope you understand what I am saying." She nodded her head. I said, "Why blame them? Even though we have a compatible sex partner, we feel attracted to other's spouse or a handsome man or beautiful woman of opposite sex. In this young woman's case, she is married to a man almost twice her age. Their thoughts, fashions, emotions and hormones do not match." My wife nodded her head.

Jyoti smiled and said, "They are 'love birds' let us call them with that name." We all laughed and agreed with Jyoti.

Both Jyoti and my wife fell asleep. I was eager to know what the young pair was doing. I could not control my curiosity. I casually sauntered out of my seat as if going for loosening up my muscles. When I walked into the corridor, the pair was missing even from there. However, I could hear some sounds from the toilet. I pressed my ears to the toilet door; making sure that nobody was watching. I could hear the woman laughing and the young Captain pleading.

I could hear them smooching and the woman moaning out loud. I could also hear her saying , "No.. No... please.. Leave me now dear, maybe later.. Captain..." However, her no appeared more like "may be."

I remembered an age old saying that if a woman says "No", it means may be and if she says "May be" it means yes. But if she says "Yes", she is not Indian. I knocked on the door.

The door opened and the young lady tumbled out of the toilet, almost falling on me. She was red faced and blushing profusely. I caught her and prevented her from falling. She had her one hand trying to cover up her breasts. She quickly buttoned up her top. She had raised her saree probably to pull up her panty. She rearranged her saree. The young Capt. Kumar saw me. He moved away to make room for me to go into the toilet, thinking that I wanted to use the toilet. Neetu looked embarrassed and apologetic. I tapped her shoulders in a gesture to convey that it was ok.

I walked past Capt. Kumar almost brushing him and whispered in his ears, "There will be plenty of time and opportunities for all this. Please do not create any scene in the train." He could not look straight in my eyes. To reduce their embarrassment, I went into the toilet, letting both of them organize themselves and return to their seats.

When I returned, Neetu and Capt. Kumar were sitting separately as if they did not know each other. Jyoti and Sunita were talking and the Colonel was getting down from upper berth. I sat by the side of the young woman Neetu. She greeted me with a nod of her head. I started talking with her and learned a lot about their married life.

The financial condition of Neetu's father was not good. The Brigadier helped her family very much and when the Brigadier's wife died after prolonged illness, Netu's father fixed Neetu's marriage with the Brigadier. Neetu also agreed because of financial prosperity of the Brigadier and his help in the past. To Brigadier's credit, he gave full independence to Neetu. He never restrained Neetu from spending money or mixing with younger men. Rather he encouraged her. Perhaps he felt guilty for marrying girl less than half his age.

Neetu appeared to be quite happy with the marriage except, the sexual part. When she said, "I am happy with my husband almost in all respects." The word "almost" gave her away.

The night in the train was uneventful. We all slept well.

The train chugged to a halt at our destination station in the morning at about seven a.m. and all passengers began vacating the coaches. The Brigadier came to receive his wife. Capt. Kumar left unobtrusively.

The railway station was about 40 kilometres away from the camp site. The camp site was located in deep Himalayan forest on the bank of river Ganga. We had to reach the designated spot on our own by lunch time.

As soon as we came out, we saw a smiling camera man approaching the Colonel. He put flower garlands around our necks. He shook his hands with us and said, "Welcome." He then asked us to pose for a picture. We were pleased that the camp management had deputed photographers and a welcoming team to take pictures and welcome us. As soon as our pictures were taken, I looked around to see if other visitors were also being welcomed in this way. However, to my surprise, the cameraman was nowhere to be seen. Other visitors were running helter skelter to find transport to reach the destination. I asked the Colonel about this. He expressed his surprise at only us being felicitated.

I inquired for the cost of taxi to the camp site. Taxi drivers were quoting exhorbitant fares for the camp site, because they had to return empty. In that regard we proved to be lucky. A taxi driver came running when he saw us. He asked us if we wanted to go to the camp. When the Colonel said yes, he offered to take us at a small price, much less than half the price quoted by others. He said that he had to go near the camp site any way. He said that the camp was right on his way. Rather than going empty to his village, he would carry us and earn something. Otherwise, he said he was proposing to go empty. That was a wonderful surprise for us also.

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