tagGroup SexExciting Adventurous Experiences Ch. 05

Exciting Adventurous Experiences Ch. 05


Sunita says:

The Colonel and my husband's way of love making were different. The Colonel seemed far more sensitive to my pleasure and needs. He knew how to turn me on. He knew where to touch, what to speak, where and how to caress and where and how to use pressure or brute force to make me crave for more.

You may well ask, "Why did I let a person other than my husband fuck me?"

Well for one, for the past few months my husband constantly expressed his fantasy that he wanted to see me being seduced by another virile male. I stubbornly resisted his idea to have that experience in practice.

Realizing that I would not agree to actually sleep with any other male; he requested me at least to consider that as a fantasy. He told me that when we made love, I should at least think that someone else is fucking me and not him. When he kept on repeating his request almost every time we made love, I relented to agree only to fantasize during our intercourse.

When the Colonel visited us for the first time, my husband thought him to be that someone. He asked me to take the Colonel's name in our game of role play. Admittedly, I was also taken in by the Colonel's charms and agreed to accept the Colonel as a candidate for fucking me in our fantasies. I got hot with this fantasy and my husband Sunil saw that I became horny and participated whole heartedly in fucking. His goal of making me horny and get what he wanted became a bit easier.

When we made love, my husband talked about how the Colonel would grab my boobs, how big his cock would be, how I would suck his cock, how he would lick my pussy, how I would ride on his big cock and how he would fuck me from the top and from behind. Such talks drove me up the wall. My husband Sunil perhaps had devilish plan in his dirty mind and was slowly succeeding in it by inserting the Colonel's name into role play.

My hubby told me that even the Colonel had his eyes on me and found me sexy. In one of their drunken talks, the Colonel told my husband how the Colonel surreptitiously watched the huge swell of my breasts under my blouse and how he went crazy watching the wiggle of my ass when he saw me walking from behind.

I was not sure if what my husband told me was true or he had just fabricated the story. When Sunil told me that, although I puh-puhed it, I was hot and horny. It clearly revealed that the Colonel was hot for me too.

After that my husband Sunil kept hinting to me if I would agree to move a bit forward. I shrugged him off saying that I did not know what he meant. However, incident after incident (As detailed in the previous parts) happened that brought the Colonel and me closer sensuously. The incident in cinema hall, during the Colonel's coaching me in maths, on the way to the trekking camp etc. made us aware of our craving for each other.

That night in Dr. Tiwari's clinic, I don't remember how many orgasms I had. The Colonel knew how to make me reach my high with the slightest of efforts. When I dozed off between two orgasms, he grabbed my two breasts from behind, whilst he poked his half erect cock into my ass. I didn't know how, but he knew that I didn't enjoy being fucked in the ass.

He never asked me for anal sex. He however, guessed smartly that I enjoyed his cock being poked into the entrance of my anal passage just a little. I didn't know how but somehow he knew that I go crazy when my breasts are sucked or squeezed hard and nipples pinched whilst being fucked. He never let go of my breasts whilst pumping his long rod deep inside me. He kept squeezing my breasts and pinching my nipples even whilst we were asleep.

When I was half asleep, he would murmur into my ears how tasteful and sumptuous my breasts were and how sweet it was to make love to me. He did not stop praising my hair, my navel, my flat stomach and my response to his sexual overtures. He told me that I was the most gorgeous woman he ever saw. He told me that he had fucked many women, but to make love to me was special and not comparable to any of his past experiences. Naturally I took that with a pinch of salt. I was not sure that he meant it. He never used the word fucking. He always used the word "Making love"


It was dawn, I was fast asleep. I was still savouring my scintillating adventure the night before, in my sleep. Both, the Colonel and I were naked and were tight in each other's arms. I could barely open my eyes when I heard a knock on the doors.

I woke up with a start. The Colonel jumped and quickly put on his trousers and shirt. He nudged me to dress up so he could open the door.

The Colonel asked loudly, "Who is it?"

I heard familiar voice of my husband, "It is I, Colonel, please open the door."

I was alarmed. I was naked in the room with the Colonel and it would leave no doubt in my husband's mind, what we were up to last night. However, I knew that I did what my husband wanted me to do for quite some time. I reasoned with myself that I had really no need to fear; I was scared and grossly guilty all the same. If my hubby was with me, when I surrendered to the Colonel, it would have been alright. However, I had sex with the Colonel in my husband's absence and that was making me feel sinful.

I told the Colonel, "Do not talk about what happened between us to my husband, please?" the Colonel nodded his head in assent but hurriedly pointed to the heap of clothing lying by bedside. I quickly put on my robe pushing all other clothing under the bed and hurriedly tried to tidy my hair, dress etc. I did not know how Sunil would react if he suspected what the Colonel and I were up to last night.

The Colonel opened the door and saw my husband standing at the door step. He moved aside to let him in. My husband's eyes had a kind of distant look as if he did not recognise us. He looked haggard and almost fell down when he entered into the room. The Colonel steadied him and asked him to sit on the chair. He was shaking with cold. He had torn his clothes. His trousers were also torn in several spots. I went to the pantry and made tea for all of us. The Colonel covered him with a blanket.

As he sat down on the chair and sipped hot tea, he seemed to regain a bit of strength and focus. He looked at me and smiled. Then he looked at the Colonel and said, "Thank you brother, you saved Sunita. You did what I could not do." He stood up staggeringly and went and hugged the Colonel.

Then he came to me, looked at me in my night gown. The gown was much smaller in size and barely covered my body. He looked at the beds. Out of the two beds, one was slept in and the other was neat with all the sheets properly folded and topped with a bedcover. I was feeling embarrassed. It was obvious to anyone that the Colonel and I had slept on the same bed. I avoided his direct gaze.

My husband Sunil came to me and hugged me lightly. He kissed my forehead and said, "Gosh, I am relieved that you both are fine."

Looking at me he said, "I am sorry to have failed you. I did not have the heart of the Colonel." His eyes were wet.

I kissed his lips softly and said, "You did not fail me. It was just that your friend was fast to react. He sacrificed his life for me." I did not elaborate, hoping he would understand.

I was feeling a sense of terrible guilt. All along our married life I was only Sunil's. The past night changed all that. Then I was no longer only my husband's; the Colonel also had a share in me. For an average Indian woman this was a very daunting situation. These days, some women perhaps do not give too much significance to this factor. However, they are not many. A vast majority of couples still consider monogamy as a very important factor.

Sunil was not in a position to talk. His eyes were closing as he muttered something in half sleep, collapsed on the bed and started snoring. Walking all that distance throughout the night was telling on him. I straightened him properly on the bed and removed his mud soaked shoes. He was then able to stretch his legs properly on the bed and slept comfortably.

After the arrival of my husband on the scene, a sort of sombreness descended in the atmosphere. I was unusually quiet. I had a sense of terrible guilt. The Colonel perhaps understood my predicament. Once he came and patted affectionately on my back with understanding look. The Colonel and I silently and quickly took turns to bath. We washed and dried up our clothing near the fire place.

As we were drying our clothing, I was not only sombre but felt like weeping. The Colonel saw me in that state, came near me and took me in his arms. All my restraint broke down. I cried my heart out. The Colonel kept petting my back without asking me why I was crying. Perhaps he had the sensitivity to understand my emotions.

Dr. Tiwari came down with tea and biscuits at about 10 am. After the usual greetings, Dr. Tiwari said that an army jeep had visited him earlier in the morning. They were looking for the Colonel and his companions. Dr. Tiwari told the army person of the Colonel's arrival and told him that the Colonel and others were asleep then.

The army person said he would come sometime in the afternoon to pick up the Colonel and others.

My husband Sunil woke up at about two pm. We ate something offered by Dr. Tiwari. The jeep was already there. All three of us left in the army jeep bidding farewell to Dr. Tiwari. We reached the camp at about 5 pm.

The camp was a picture of festivity. The news of our escaping from the terrorist den had spread like wild fire. Our adventures and how I was rescued by the Colonel went viral in the camp. The first person to congratulate us was Jyoti. She hugged me tight and after I had finished talking to the others, took me aside and asked me to tell her truthfully what had happened. I promised her to narrate the story in full detail once we had adequate time. There was a feeling of nervousness in my heart. I was not sure what kind of questions she might ask about the Colonel and me. I wanted to avoid the topic as much as possible

We had barely time to wash up and get ready for the dinner and dance in the main hall.

All the army men and women were eager to know what happened to us. Some of the army men asked the Colonel to address the audience via PA system from the dais. All were agog when the Colonel narrated in detail (excluding our intimate incidents, of course) about how we were captured, how the hefty man fell for our trap and how we gagged him and ran for our lives. The Colonel also described about the landslide and that he and I both fell in the river. He did not claim that he jumped after me to save me. However, my husband Sunil announced to the audience that the Colonel had jumped deliberately to save me and it was not just a landslide. My husband publicly thanked the Colonel for his supreme courage and for risking his life to save his wife (me).

All through the evening, Sunil did not ask me what happened between the Colonel and me. It was as well, because I would not have been able to answer him coherently. I was fatigued, mentally exhausted, physically sore and sleepy.

All of us hurriedly changed and fell in the bed. I had no energy to think of anything else at that time. I was sure the Colonel was tired too, because of no sleep the previous night and hectic lovemaking we had at the dispensary of Dr. Tiwari. Sunil was already asleep, when we hit the sack. Our connecting door was half open.

Before going to sleep, I could just make out Jyoti arguing with the Colonel. Jyoti wanted to sit and talk. However, I knew that the Colonel was also exhausted more than anyone else. He told her that he was tired and wanted to go to sleep. Perhaps they had some arguments after which there was silence. We must have hit the bed at about 10 pm in the night.

We had almost 11 hours of sleep that night. I woke up at about 9 am in the morning feeling quite fresh, after the whole night sleep. However, I had bit of pain in my shoulders and legs. When I got down from my bed my leg was a bit stiff.

There was some movement already in the Colonel's room. The Colonel was perhaps in washroom. Sunil was up and was in the balcony looking out to the deep and lush green forest. I walked out limping slightly and said 'hi' to him. He looked fresh and energetic. He kissed me lightly on my cheek and resumed his looking out of the window without speaking. I skipped a heartbeat. Did he feel I had let him down? I was sure he would have easily guessed that the Colonel and I had slept together the night before last.

When I opened the drapes, suddenly sun light flooded in. Jyoti was nowhere to be seen.

In an hour we were all on breakfast table. After walking a few steps, my leg felt a lot better. Jyoti had gone out for a walk and returned in time to join us for breakfast. She was wearing shorts and tight top, which made her look enticing. The lush contour of her breasts was prominently visible They protruded out of her body as if they two semi spherical rubber balls were fixed on her chest. Her hair was wet with some drops falling on her shoulders. I saw my hubby Sunil gawking at her. That relieved me a lot. When I tapped his foot under the table, he looked away. I was sure Jyoti noticed this. The Colonel was busy eating and reading a day old newspaper. .

We had decided to skip the trekking expedition that day, as we were asleep when the trekking teams started. The whole campus was deserted. There were only guards at the gate. We four were probably the only people apart from security at that time in the camp.

I was feeling pretty let down for my adventure with the Colonel without taking my husband into confidence. I did not have the courage to talk to him after having done what I did. If he had asked me, I would not have had the courage to lie. That tension made me feel so bad. However, to my husband's credit, he did not refer even once in passing to what he saw there at Dr. Tiwari's clinic.

I could not even look the Colonel eye to eye. He was also in similar predicament. He remained aloof and avoided talking except when absolutely necessary. I do not think my husband Sunil noticed our discomfiture. However, Jyoti noticed my mood. After we finished the breakfast, she poked my waist and said, "It is so nice outside. There is fresh cool breeze blowing. There is a very good park half a kilometre from here. There is a beautiful spring there too. It is lovely there. I went for a walk there in the morning. We could bath in the spring also. Why don't we walk up there, if you feel up to it? The Colonel looked out of the news paper and said, "Good idea".

Jyoti picked up two large mats, some towels and we walked out of the campus. There was a small park some distance away maintained by the army gardeners. The whole surrounding was deserted and serene. A spring flowed down, making sweet cascading flowing sound. Some butterflies flew around beautiful flowers. Jyoti spread the mat just on the edge of the spring. However, she walked for a few feet in water and sat on a rock hanging her beautiful legs touching flowing water. I sat on a rock opposite her.

Sunil and the Colonel sat distance away from us on a rock looking at us and talking something. The Colonel was pointing at the Himalayan range of mountains; perhaps telling him the name of each mountain and explaining something. In between I saw him looking at me and surveying me appreciatively. I could see a glint of smile on his face perhaps hinting at the night rendezvous we had the other night. Whilst the Colonel was explaining Sunil about the Himalayan Range, Sunil was hardly attentive. He was clearly looking at Jyoti and her voluptuous figure.

Jyoti playfully played with spring water with her feet, rolling her ankles around and making a little bit of sound in that quiet atmosphere. All of a sudden she swung her feet forcefully in water and splashed water at me. I swung my leg hard in the water and splashed a lot more water on her. She was not the one to let go. She jumped down in water and cupping water in her hands began throwing water on me so much that I was drenched. I jumped down too and reciprocated in full force. She was laughing away throwing sweet clean and fresh water of the stream at me. That became a sort of game for me and Jyoti.

Very soon, Jyoti and I were fully wet. We sat in water and tried to swim in the not so deep stream. Water there was less than waist deep. The Colonel and my husband Sunil, saw us giggling and playing in water. I had thin cotton shirt and bra underneath. I was aware that in that condition, the shirt failed to hide my body. I was wearing small semi transparent bra, which did not contain my full breasts fully. My skirt rose up in clean and transparent water exposing my panty.

I was not really aware of my condition until I saw both the Colonel and my husband staring at my breasts and my bums with bloated eyes. I became conscious of their stares and did not know how to react. I looked at Jyoti, who was not in much better shape either. She had tight blouse with no bra underneath. Her breasts and nipples were clearly visible. As she moved, her breasts swung making a tempting scene for both the men. She did not appear too much concerned that she looked almost topless in that condition.

She came closer to me and spoke in low voice, "Dear look, your hubby is gawking at me. Looks like he may eat me, if he had half a chance."

I replied back, "Honey, why do you blame him. Look at yourself. You are looking practically nude. Besides, your hubby is also not sacrosanct. Look how he is also staring at my wet body."

Jyoti replied back, "That is what beats me. He sure is crazy about you. After staying with you so close for two full nights and one full day, he does not seem to have had enough of you. That is what I call a real fanatic lover."

I was literally taken aback. Did she guess that the Colonel fucked me the other night? How could she have guessed it? I had no way of knowing and did not have the courage to ask her. I was not even sure, if that was what she meant.

I asked Jyoti, "I wonder what our husbands are talking about?"

Jyoti quipped, "I bet my butts that my hubby must be telling Sunil how beautiful you are looking all wet."

I retorted, "Aw, big deal! I am sure Sunil, looking at your pretty butts must be telling the Colonel; how he would wish he could squeeze and pinch them."

Jyoti replied mischievously, "Well, he could very well do that if he really wanted it bad enough, provided you are ok with it."

I jumped at her suggestion, "God, you are a devil, Jyoti."

Jyoti was not the one to let it go. She retorted, "Oh, look at you! As they say, after eating 100 rats the cat goes for pilgrimage! Don't behave like a puritan. Tell me honestly, are you not attracted to my husband? Has he not flirted with you? Didn't you like it? You swam with him in the pool the other day and for several hours in the river fully stuck to him. Did you not feel his cock and did he not feel your breasts. For God's sake, don't lie. I understand, if you are reluctant to admit it. But deny without hesitation if I am wrong."

I was flabbergasted at the frankness of this woman. She was much more than right. I simply kept quiet.

She relaxed and said, "That is much better. The fact is our husbands crave for the other's wife and I think it is no big deal. After a few years of married life, sex with the same partner gets boring. It applies to both, men and women. Poor women! They can't show it for the fear of social sigma. There is a natural tendency in all of us to experience the excitement of flirting and then having sex with someone else. But one can't do this with any Tom Dick and Harry. One needs to be discreet. There is no reason for us to be concerned if our husbands are cross craving for us. To tell you frankly, I think we also have the same feelings and I am ok with it and I know damn well that you are too. So be it."

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