tagAnalExciting Evening In The TV-Sofa

Exciting Evening In The TV-Sofa


We had just finished some sandwiches and tea in our TV-sofa as my girlfriend puts the plates and cups on the tray to take them to the kitchen. As she stands up I take my eyes of the TV and watch her gorgeous ass, the shape emphasized by a pair of tight fitting jeans. She clears our low wooden sofa table and hands me the remote and leave the room. I flip through the channels and hear her putting the dishes away in the next room. When she comes back I see the look I love in her eyes, the look of my horny, sex hungry lover. "This is when it happens" she says and I feel a shudder all through my body. I've told her earlier of my fantasy and now she's decided to make it real!

She takes a pillow from the sofa corner and lays it on the floor between my feet. She gives me a soft kiss and a mischievous smile and then sits down with her knees on the pillow, facing me. She starts to rub my thighs and reminds me to just relax and watch TV (as if I could focus on that now!) She unzips my pants and start kissing my rising erection through my boxers, her fingers slides inside and she starts to remove them. I help her along by lifting myself slightly and my pants and boxers land on the floor. She strokes my cook with her hand a few times and then I feel the wonderful sensation of her soft lips around the tip. She starts sucking and her right hand caresses my balls. She's doing this so well and she knows just how I like it done. My now rock hard cock is throbbing with excitement and she stops just in time and sits up, smiling. She then leaves the floor and positions herself at the edge of the table, ready for the next step in my fantasy.

She starts to rub her tits through her white cotton shirt, she never wears a bra over her fabulous tits and she is really sexy as she looks at me through half closed eyes and moans a little. Slowly she begin to unbutton her blouse and soon she take it of and I can now see her erect nipples as she continues to squeeze her tits. She stands up and unbutton her pants and let them slide to the floor, she wears nothing underneath. As she steps out of her pants I can smell the sweet and rich flavour of her pussy. The lips are swollen and I can just perceive a small drip of her fluids in the crack. She once again sits down at the edge of the table and spread her legs wide and slowly her right hand moves in between her legs and she starts to finger herself. She brings her finger to her lips and tastes herself and moans again. Then she repositions her finger deep in her cunt and then removes it once again glistening with her juices. This time she brings her finger to her left nipple and make sure to cover every inch of it with her flavours, she then does the same thing with the other. The sent is strong in the air and I find it real hard to sit still and just watch, but I know that soon it will be my turn!

As if she's read my mind she stands up and turns to face the TV, she slowly bends over and once again I'm lost in fascination over her perfectly shaped ass. With one hand at the table for support she reaches back between her thighs and with her index and middle finger spreads her cunt lips for me. I lean forward and bring my mouth to her now wide open cunt and stick my tongue deep in her. She moans as I probe with my tongue and I revel at the taste I love so much. She starts to rock her body back and forth and I can tell that she's really enjoying my tonguefucking!

She stands up again and my access to her dripping cunt is removed. She turns around and lightly push me back in the sofa and then she climbs on. She's in my lap and starts to rub her cunt at my hard cock. She knows I love to be teased like this and I feel her cunt dripping on my shaft. She gives me a real intense, deep kiss and suddenly I feel the soft, warm feeling of pussy around my cock head. She slowly slides down all the way and my dick is fully inside of her! She starts riding me slowly as we keep kissing. I place my hands around her full buttocks and we pick up speed. She raises her head toward the sealing and I finally get to kiss her breasts. I start to suck her left nipple and just as planned I can once again relish in the wonderful taste of her cunt juice as she was careful to remember to flavour her breast earlier. She begins to moan higher and as we know our bodies well I can tell she's close to an orgasm. I take my right index finger and wets it on her cunt and the let it slide in between her buttocks and find her rear entrance. I massage little before I stick it in her ass and she gives out a small cry of pleasure. I move my finger in and out of her ass as I start to thrust harder with my cock and she's in heaven! She starts to vibrate all through her body as she climax and she give me a real wet kiss as her pussy massage my cock.

We slow down and for a minute or two we sit still and just kiss and I lightly let my fingers slide across her back. She then gets of my lap and my cock, all wet from her juices, gets cold as in the air. She turns around and once again lowers herself at my shaft, this time with her back toward me. The coldness is replaced with a tight warmness and she leans back against my chest and I reach around to cup her breast. We start to move again and this time the sensations is even better, I love taking her from this angle and feel myself growing even harder. I feel it is time to move ahead to the next stage of my fantasy and push her forward down on the floor. I bend her over the coffee table and we are both grateful for the pillow still on the floor. I start fucking her hard from behind and is satisfied with the heavy table for bringing the right amount of resistance as I plunge myself all the way deep in her cunt!

She feels and knows I'm close and turn her face to look at me, she part her perky lips and once again I meet her eyes and see her horny mischievous look. With her sweet and sexy voice she says "Why don't you take me in the ass, honey?" She knows I love to fuck her in her tight little hole and she enjoys it as well, so I remove my cock from her cunt and position it at her anus. Slowly I squeeze my shaft in and start to slowly fuck her in the ass. She moans again and reaches back under herself with her right hand. She fingers herself and at the same time manages to caress my balls every now and then. Her moans come closer and closer and once again she meets my eyes. "I'm really close honey, please fuck me harder in my ass, fill me with you hot sperm!" Her dirty words bring med over the edge and I feel my climax building. As I feel the first squirt of cum leave my cock I let out a grunt and she start to climax ass well. The world is spinning and I fuck her hard as I cum deep in her ass. Distantly I hear her cries of relief as I start to loose control of reality.

Slowly the world comes back to me, I've lost grasp of time, it feels as if I've been gone for hours when I know in reality it's a question of minutes. On the table before me I see my beautiful girlfriend breathing heavily. My cock is still deep in her ass and I think about how much I love her and how lucky I am who have met such a wonderful person and amazing lover. I lean forward and kiss her neck, she turns her head and meets my lips and kiss me back. Before we leave for the shower she looks me deep in my eyes and says "I love you".

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