tagBDSMExciting Night at a Quite Bistro

Exciting Night at a Quite Bistro


I met James at a business conference mixer. I was at a low point in my life having just dumped my worthless boyfriend and now I was learning my job was in jeopardy due to downsizing. All of that had a lot to do as to why I was sitting at the bar and drinking too much. James came up and sat beside me and when I ordered another drink, he told the bartender not to serve me. I swung around in my seat to tell him, well I don't remember what I was going to tell him but believe me it wasn't going to be nice. Before I could say a word, he put his finger to my lips,

"I know you're in a bad place right now but another drink won't help. You better come with me I can make you feel better."

I didn't know this man, and how he could know I was in a bad place, but when I looked into his strong eyes all I could do was take the arm he offered as he led me out into the night. After telling him where my room was he took me there and while I watched he undressed me and tucked in to my bed where I slept naked for the first time in my life.

I awoke in the morning with the classic hangover headache and yet as soon as I noticed my nakedness I remembered the stranger who brought me home. I took a long hot shower and wondered if my nameless man took advantage of me naked and asleep in my room. I went to look for something to wear today and that is when I noticed an outfit of mine on the spare bed with a note on it. The note simply said 'wear this today'; when I turned it over, I saw it was a business card; it had the name James Cavalery with a phone number. On the bottom there was a hand written 'call me'.

I picked up my phone and punched in his number, he didn't answer with the customary 'hello', no, the first thing he said was,

"How are you feeling this morning?"

When I told him I was hung-over, he asked if I was wearing the dress he chose for me. I told him no and that I was standing there naked. I couldn't believe what I was saying to a man I didn't know and yet it felt right.

"That's just how I left you last night naked and vulnerable."

"Mr. Cavalery, did you take advantage of me last night?"

He laughed and said he wouldn't answer me.

"Edith, you have beautiful breasts and you need to wear tops that showcase their beauty. I want you to dress in what I picked out for you but first I want you to shave your mons bare. I like my women naked and hairless. Now hurry I am going to pick you up in the lobby for lunch in two hours."

Then he hung up without as much as a goodbye. I should have been angry but as I stared at my naked reflection, I found my reaction as giddy as a schoolgirl over the fact that he liked my breasts.

I kept asking myself, why I was allowing a man I didn't know to give me direction and yet I already knew why. I have always fantasized about a strong man controlling me even as far as masturbating to the thoughts of being a sexual slave. However, I fear my fantasies, afraid of what I might accept in a strong willed man, so I have only dated weak men with soft spines. Here was my chance, James had chosen me and I made my decision, I was going to give myself to him in whatever way he desired.

On impulse, I called the spa and when they said they had an opening for waxing I told them I'd be right down and that I needed a Brazilian. The wax job took over an hour so it left me really rushing to get ready. I raced into the lobby, out of breath, as I knew I didn't dare be late. When I saw him, my heart fluttered and I could feel a tingle in my groin. He was seated, looking relaxed, and in complete control, I stood before him and felt as if he was inspecting me. Without saying a word he looked me up and down, then twirled his fingers and I turned for him. I could feel my face redden as I had that schoolgirl feeling of standing before the head master. He rose and his only words were,

"You do look nice in that dress."

With that, took my hand, and led me out to the street. Once in his car and on the road he asked what I was thinking,

"To be honest, I've never allowed a man to just lead me around like this and I'm finding it exhilarating."

"Edith all you need to do is put yourself in my hands and I will take you to heights you never thought possible. I am going to control you and make you do things you would never do on your own. Right now I want you to pull up your dress and show me your panties."

As I obeyed, my only thought was that I wanted to do anything he told me to do. He disregarded my exposure as he drove but at a stop light, he turned to me and then put his finger in the cleft of my labia.

"Ah I see you're wet already, Edith you do as I say tonight and you will have an evening you will never forget."

"Yes Sir, I am yours."

He put his fingers inside to feel my now bald mons,

"I see you did as instructed, very nice."

I tried to ride his fingers but he pulled his hand back and then returned his attention to driving.

I could feel the sexual tension building in my body and I needed some release.

"James, do you mind if I finger myself, I really need to come."

I couldn't believe myself asking this man if it was all right to masturbate in front of him. I had never played with myself in front of anyone let alone asked their permission. When he refused my request, it only heightened my excitement as I realized I had now given my orgasm to the control of this man.

We arrived at a little bistro and were seated at a table somewhat secluded at the back. After ordering drinks, James turned his attention to me.

"I want you to go to the ladies room and take off your panties, then bring them to me."

In the bathroom, I resisted the urge to rub myself and simply took off my thoroughly soaked underwear. With no pockets and no purse, I had to carry them in my hand and I was sure if I walked by anyone even if they couldn't see them in my hand, they would be able to smell my scent.

After sitting back down, he held hand out and I meekly handed my panties to him. After putting them to his nose, he sat them on the table between us. The waitress came up to serve our drinks and I know she looked right at them. I sat red faced and mortified while she ignored me as he made small talk with her, then he ordered for both of us. After the waitress left, he instructed me to pull my dress up around my waist. I could feel the fluids leaking from my slit as I sat my naked ass on the seat.

"I want you to take your pudenda in both hands and spread them apart."

I don't think I had ever heard this archaic word actually spoken and for a second I didn't understand him. When I realized what he meant I put my hands in between my legs and spread my labia apart. He put his fingers in my wetness then grasped my clitoris and stroked it. I closed my eyes as I almost convulsed with a staggering climax. Panting, I opened my eyes to see our waitress standing there in front of us. She looked at me for the first time and her smile told me she knew what had just happened. I sat there with my hands still spreading myself apart and James fingers still playing with me as he thanked her for our salads. This time after she left the table he put his fingers in my mouth for me to clean. I just had the biggest orgasm of my life and not only was it in a crowded restaurant it was virtually in front of a snotty waitress. When we left, he made me leave my panties on the table. James joked that it would be a nice tip for the busboy and he was right, because the last thing I saw as we were leaving was the busboy pick up my panties. He was looking right at me as he put them to his nose to smell.

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