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Executive Decisions


The alarm clock woke me with a start, it had been a restless night. I struggled to the bathroom and turned on the shower and began to brush my teeth, as I looked at myself in the mirror. I was a good looking woman, at 34 years old, at I had kept myself in reasonably good shape. Long brown hair to my shoulders, nice pert tits with warm colored aureoles, flat stomach, nicely trimmed bush and shapely legs. I finished brushing my teeth and climbed into the warm shower, letting it run over my head and cascade off my pert tits and run between my legs, it felt good.

I shampooed my hair and then put the creme rinse on and lathered my body with soap. My mind floated as my hands soaped my tits, and my nipples got rock hard, and then I soaped my crotch. I shuddered as my fingers brushed against my clit and I felt hot all over. My fingers lingered, rubbing my clit and inside my outer lips of my pussy. I slowly leaned back against the shower wall as my fingers worked at the swollen lips of my pussy and my engorged clit, moving faster, bringing me to a hearty orgasm as I shrieked in the shower.

I came back to earth and finished my shower and dried off. I walked into the bedroom and went to the dresser and picked out a mauve colored panty and bra set, and my garter belt and nude stockings. I put on the garter and rolled the stockings up my thighs and hooked them, I always loved the feel of stockings, especially when your thighs rub together. I stepped into the panties and pulled them snug against my still hot pussy, then I put my arms through the bra straps and pulled it in around front and nestled my pert tits into the cups and snapped it between them.

I went to my vanity table and put on my makeup and brushed my hair. I went to the closet and picked out a cream colored blouse and a tan skirt set, and slipped on the blouse and buttoned it. I stepped into the skirt and pulled it up over my hips, the hem fell around mid thigh and I zipped it up. I put the jacket on next, and grabbed my purse and headed out.

Traffic was a bitch as I hit downtown and I began to sing along with the radio as I got caught up in it. I turned into the parking garage and headed for my reserved spot, got out and headed for the elevator. I rode up in the elevator with two other guys I didn't know, and they kept stealing glances at me as the elevator made it's journey. It made me feel good to catch them glancing at me, and I got off the elevator with a big smile on my face. I walked to my office, greeting my coworkers as I did. "Good morning Ms. Lansing," Nina, my secretary, smiled up at me.

"Good morning Nina, any thing new?" I asked her as I paused and drank in Nina's terrific body. She would be my choice for a partner, if I were not a heterosexual, but I heard she had a boyfriend.

"Presentation at 1pm Ms. Lansing," she beamed back at me, "Thanks Nina," I said as I strode into my office. I made a few calls and did some paperwork and looked up to see Nina at my door, "I'm leaving Ms. Lansing. Remember we talked about me taking a half day off?" she said, "Oh yes Nina, is it lunchtime already?"

And she nodded and left and I headed out to Belini's Restaurant across the street and had a salad, watching the time so I wouldn't be late for the presentation. I walked in the conference room just before 1 and took the chair closest to the door as the head of the projects division came in and began his talk. It looked to be very boring and I stretched and scooted my ass close to the edge of the chair to relax when he cut off the lights and turned on the overhead projector.

A few minutes into the presentation, I felt hands pushing my knees apart, and I fought to close them, but the hands were insistent. Not wanting to cause a commotion and intrigued , I gave in and they spread my knees far apart and I felt them sliding over my hose and to my crotch.

The fingers worked over my panty covered slit and I felt myself getting moist, as they pulled the crotch of my panties over and stroked my bare pussy. They were quite skilled as they manipulated my pussy and sent hot flashes through me. I strained to peek under the table, but it was too dark and I couldn't see who it was. I looked around the table to see if I could tell who was missing, but too dark. Now I felt a head pushing between my thighs and pushing my skirt up to my hips and I could feel hot breath on my bared cunt as I felt a tongue make contact. It sent shivers through me as it manipulated my hot pussy and clit and I grabbed a pen and put it in my mouth to bite on as the feelings escalated.

The tongue worked on my clit as two fingers worked on my burning hole, going in and out and I could faintly hear the sounds as my wet pussy slopped around them. My mind went blank as wave after wave of pleasure came over me and I felt my mystery lover lapping up my juices. I felt the head move away as I returned from my orgasm, and I sat there trying to pull myself together, praying that the lights wouldn't come on. I recovered my crotch with my panties and pulled my skirt back down just as the presentation ended. I was so afraid that someone would notice the flushed look on my face, but no one seemed to as I struggled to walk back to my office on weak knees.

I sat there, behind my desk, transfixed on my experience as I replayed it in my mind all afternoon. About 4, I decided to go to the washroom and freshen up. I went in and before the door closed, the lights went off and as it closed, I heard it lock, I froze. Two hands encircled my waist and came up to cup my tits and a face came down to kiss my neck as I stood there dazed, 'this was a dream come true' I thought. The hands manipulated my tits and my nipples got rock hard and strained for release, and the hands didn't disappoint them as they pulled my jacket off and began to unbutton my blouse. After my blouse was unbuttoned to my waist, the hands concentrated on the clasp on the front of my bra and pulled the cups off my tits and covered them, kneading the flesh and caressing the nipples. The mouth sucked at the flesh of my neck and I closed my eyes and enjoyed it.

The hands pushed me forward and I felt the opening of the stall and they stopped me and slowly pulled my skirt up and bunched it around my waist as they caressed my ass globes and then tugged at my panties and they fell to my ankles. A hand pressed between my shoulder blades and pushed me forward, bent at the waist, until my hands rested on the commode and I heard a zipper and felt a long, thick cock at my sopping pussy entrance. He inched forward and I backed up, wanting more of it in me as it proceeded to fill my dripping cunt.

He grabbed my garter belt and hung on as he pounded me from behind with that wonderful cock and I shrieked as I came and coated his rod with my juices. He kept fucking me harder and harder and I began to contract around his thick tool, trying to get him to cum and fill me with his jism. His grip tightened on my garter belt as he filled me with his load, and I came again feeling it squirt inside of me. He slowly released his grip on my garter belt and eased his cock out and turned me around and kissed me passionately. He pushed me down onto the commode and I heard his zipper and he closed the stall door and I saw a glint of light as he left. I sat there, reeling in my exhilarations as his cum oozed out of me and my nipples still ached for his touch.

After about 10 minutes, I pulled my panties up and rebuttoned my bra and blouse and fumbled for the light switch. I stared at myself in the mirror, a wicked grin on my face as I enjoyed the warm afterglow. I went back to my office and got my purse and headed for the parking garage, everyone must have wondered about the smile on my face and my trance like appearance. I slept great that night, never woke at all until the alarm went off.

I quickly showered and dressed, purple ensemble today, and a light purple skirt and blouse as I dressed and checked my appearance in the mirror before leaving. I felt on top of the world as I strolled to my office, "Morning Ms. Lansing, you look refreshed," Nina said as I approached.

"Lovely day Nina, just lovely," I said as I walked into my office. I looked up to see Nina at my desk, "Presentation in 10 minutes Ms. Lansing," she said and I nodded my head and she left. I took my same chair, afraid that I might not get a custom service if I sat in another one and inched my ass to the edge and spread my legs in anticipation. I didn't have to wait long after the lights went out as I felt hands pushing against my knees and felt a head between my legs. The fingers pulled my panties aside and the tongue assaulted my clit. I barely got the pen in my mouth before I came, almost crushing the head with my spasming thighs as it licked and sucked me.

The assault continued even after my orgasm as the tongue thrived to get a taste of as much of me as it could and my mind went blank as the second orgasm overtook me and I bit into the pen again. The head now licked my warm juices over my inner thighs as it played with my emotions, teasing me, wanting me to explode and when it finally hit my clit, I did for a third time and I almost bit the pen in half.

The head removed itself now, and I felt such a great emptiness as it did and I felt my juices oozing from me and moved quickly to cover my pussy with my panties and replace my skirt. After the presentation, I struggled to get back to my office, feeling so weak. I sat there staring at the walls until suddenly, "I'm going to lunch now Ms. Lansing," and looked up to see Nina at the doorway.

My God, it was lunchtime already! "Ok Nina, enjoy," I shot back as she left. I struggled to pull myself together and headed for the washroom before leaving the building.

As I moved towards the stall, the lights went out and I heard the door lock and a warm feeling came over me as warm hands encircled me and grabbed my hard tits. They fumbled at the buttons of my blouse and unclasped my bra and shot over my taut nipples, rubbing and caressing them.

The hands urged me forward now and I reached out into the darkness to find the opening to the stall and moved halfway in, when they stopped me and I instinctively bent forward like before to grab the commode. This time, my hands met legs and hands pulled my head down and forward to a waiting cock as I took it in my mouth and sucked on it. It never bothered me that today there was two people, I just wanted all that they could give me. I sucked on the cock, taking it deeply in my mouth as the hands pulled my skirt up and bunched it on my waist and drew my panties down and let them drop to my ankles.

The hands pushed my legs apart, as far apart as my panties would let them go, and I felt a tongue licking me, teasing me, as I sucked this cock and a hot flash pulsed through me and I screamed out my orgasm around a cock filled mouth. The tongue was relentless and was soon joined by two fingers and then a peculiar thought hit me, they had long nails! It was a woman!!! My mind didn't care as long as they pleasured me, and that they were doing, as I stuffed my mouth full of hard cock. The working on both ends of me at once sent another vibration through me as I rocked and sucked and got finger fucked. I felt the cock in my mouth swell and guzzled his cum down as it spurt into my mouth.

The hands left my delicate undersides now and pulled me up and off of my meal, they turned me around and locked lips against mine, snaking a tongue inside to enjoy my recent meal. I kissed back, not caring that it was a woman, only that she had pleased me and I wanted to please her. She broke our kiss and lowered me down and onto his waiting cock as it filled my hot, wet pussy with it's hardness. I fumbled at her blouse desperately trying to get it open and then her bra and bent forward and tasted my first tit as I sucked on her and felt her hands pull my head against her chest.

He grabbed my ass cheeks and he began to fuck himself by lifting me and setting me back down on his instrument of pleasure. I grabbed hold of her tit just before it was pulled from my mouth by his movements and sucked hard on her nipple, and heard a moan escape her lips. My hand went to the hem of her skirt and moved over her thigh to her wet panty crotch and I stroked her pussy through her panties as I sucked her nipple and she let out a small scream as she came.

I pulled the panties aside and dipped a finger in and felt her fuck my finger, wanting it all in her as he pumped his cock in me. He soon came, filling my pussy and making me extremely hot as I fingered my new friend and sucked her tit. She shook again and then pulled me to my feet and led me to the vanity, feeling her way in the dark, and pushed me up onto it and pulled my panties off my ankles and spread my legs and ate me as I shoved her head hard against my pussy. My back kept hitting the wall as I fucked her face with my hot pussy and screamed out in orgasm. She finished her tonguing and raised her head and I leaned down and we kissed deeply, enjoying the tastes of each other's mouths. Our kiss broke and she helped me down off of the vanity and led me back to the stall and sat me down. I could hear her straightening her clothes and the stall door closed and I saw light enter twice as they left.

I sat there for almost half an hour, my mind reeling from it's intense pleasures and finally got to my feet and searched for the light switch. As the light came on, I saw my reflection in the mirror, blouse open and tits hanging out, skirt around my waist and pussy glistening from it's recent attentions and I saw my panties on the floor behind me.

I picked up my panties and struggled to step into them and after two tries, gave up. I pulled my skirt down and fumbled to snap my bra and button my blouse and with my panties in my hand, headed for my office. I shoved my panties in my purse and left Nina a note and went home, struggling to focus on the drive. I opened the front door and had to balance myself on the foyer wall, my body was like jello, and I forced myself up to my bedroom and drew a hot bath and stripped off my clothes and climbed in. I settled back in the tub, relishing how the hot water enhanced the feelings between my legs and noticing how my still hard nipples just broke the surface of the tub water. I closed my eyes and a big smile came over me and I was amazed at how good my body felt. The doorbell woke me up, in my relaxed state I had fallen asleep in the tub and I jumped up and pulled a robe around my nakedness and headed for the door.

I opened the door to find Nina standing there, "Are you alright Ms. Lansing? Your note caused me to worry, so I decided to come by and satisfy my mind." I invited her in and led her to the living room and a seat, my bath had refreshed me and I felt so good."

Would you like something to drink Nina?" I asked as I stood before her.

"No thank you Ms. Lansing," she said and I noticed her staring and looked down to see that my robe had opened and my pussy was in full view, I pulled it closed and apologized. "No need Ms. Lansing, you're quite lovely," she said with a smile. My mind toyed with the statement as I recalled all the times I had surveyed Nina's lush body, undressing her in my mind.

I knew Nina was involved with Bob in accounting, but her remark stuck in my mind and I decided to push it, "Would you like to see more?" and slowly opened my robe fully, as my pert tits jutted out and the cool air hit my still moist bush. She couldn't take her eyes off me as she slowly reached out and stroked my pubic hair and a rush came over me. She separated and then stroked the length of my slit with one of her long fingernails as my moistness grew and she reached my clit.

Twice in my life a woman had touched me there, and twice in the same day as I slowly spread my legs inviting more intrusion by her finger. Her touch was heavenly as she stroked me and then inserted one of her long fingers into my wet pussy, moving it in and out as I cooed my approval. She bent forward and placed a light kiss on my inflamed snatch and I almost came right there. I extended my hand and she took it and I led her upstairs to my bedroom.

Once in my bedroom, I dropped the robe and pulled her to me and kissed her as her hands roamed my nakedness. I fumbled for her buttons and pulled her blouse from her skirt and off her shoulders, then I attacked her bra and tossed it to join her blouse. My hands went to her firm tits, oh what lovely mounds of flesh they were, as I prompted her nipples to arise and push against my fingers.

I reached behind her and unzipped her skirt, letting it fall to the floor and grasping her waistband of her panties and pushing them down. Our hands groped each other's pubic mounds as we sought to finger fuck each other, while still exchanging tongues. She stopped and led me to the bed and lay down on her back, beckoning me to mount her face and as I did, her tongue flicked into my pussy, causing what felt like sparks to fly. I stroked and massaged her beautiful tits as she ate me and nibbled on my clit and I arched my back and came as my pussy shuddered against her mouth and I felt my juices flow to her waiting mouth.

Slowly I lowered my head and kissed her belly and then moved further until her beautiful pussy was staring at me. I had never eaten a woman before and it scared me, but after the pleasures I had received at the hands and mouth of a woman today, I decided to try it. I licked the length of her slit and slowly inserted my tongue between her outer lips, savoring her salty, sweet taste as her tongue continued to please me. I reached around her thighs and pulled them apart so that I could get more of my face in her velvety snatch and she moaned as I did. We assaulted each other in this 69 position for what seemed like an eternity and had a great many orgasms each and then lay next to each other and stroked the other's body.

"I have wanted this for a long time Nina," I said as we looked into each other's eyes, "So have I Ms. Lansing, but I was afraid. You being my boss and all. I watched you every day, in your sexy outfits." She smiled at me and we kissed and then she said, "I have a confession Ms. Lansing," and I looked at her questioningly, "You can tell me anything Nina." She stroked my nipple, "It was Bob and I in the washroom today. And Bob was under the conference table yesterday and me today, and it was Bob in the washroom yesterday."

My eyes flew open wide and a huge smile came across my face and I kissed her again, "You have no idea how much I needed that!!" I exclaimed. "After this afternoon, and you going home early, we were afraid that we had caused you pain," she sadly looked at me.

"It was all my idea at first. Bob had remarked about how hot you looked and I said he should fuck you. Then, he told me how great you were, and I had to find out for myself, so I joined him today after I ate you at the presentation."

She smiled at me so sweetly, "And you are great Ms. Lansing. I am bisexual, and Bob has no problem with it, he just likes to be included." I looked deep into her eyes and ran a finger across her pussy, "Call him and get him over here!!" And she smiled and picked up the phone.

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