tagMatureExecutive for Hire Ch. 02

Executive for Hire Ch. 02


John Hawkins used his master keycard to let himself in and Bridgette turned around, then stood up, and walked to him to embrace with a long overdue kiss, which she yearned for. He, in her mind, was what she needed, desired, and savored.

"Ohhh Johnnnnn, it is soooo, soooo nice to be with you again. I can't describe to you how much I've missed you sweetheart. This is so nice; it's so, so nice!"

"It is great isn't it", he replied softly, glancing into the joy emitted though her eyes.

She went on and said, "Ohhh it is honey. It's so startling after all these years. You haven't any idea what I've felt, how I wanted, what I've wanted these last several hours. Seeing you on stage I... I... ohh, I just wanted... ohhh John honey. You wouldn't understand what I actually felt!"

Before saying anything while he looked and listened to her words, he warmly evaluated his situation between the two of them. She wanted him and he equally yearned to be together with Bridgette. She sought a response, but he only looked into her soul, through her eyes. He saw that desire. He loved the glow of her warm brown eyes and her mid-length hair, which curved its way down to the top of her shoulders. It was satisfying to him.

He lifted up his hands and ran his fingers through her silky hair. He smiled as he felt the smooth thick head of hair. It felt nice when he touched it.

"Bridgette? Try me! Okay! Tell me what it was you felt when you came in tonight. Try me... tell me everything you felt. He thought he might know the answer. He led her by the hand to the floor in front of the couch. He grabbed his glass of wine she poured, kicked off his shoes, and stripped off his suit coat and tie.

She did the same. She wore very attractive stockings, which gave an appearance that she wasn't just there for business, but a social or personal gathering, additionally! Personally, she didn't intentionally put them on for that reason.

She was there to accomplish a goal, which was to bring the company back to solid ground. In the back of her mind, subconsciously, the vision of John Hawkins was always there, hence the attention to her stockings and other intimate details of what she wore.

Sitting side by side, he removed her jacket telling her to feel at ease. She wasn't nervous; she was eager, as was Hawkins that the two of them would have a night, which would progress to something long term possibly.

They talked about the old days, which was out of the ordinary. This wasn't some run of the mill couple. They did everything, almost, together. Romantically, they were the most noticeable couple on campus for two years until he graduated. After that, it was only sparingly that the two were together. He moved out of town to begin his career.

It wasn't always the weekends that the two spent together with each other. He had four full changes of clothes she kept for him. He always tried to provide dinner, if not breakfast for them when they didn't feel like the kitchen complex's food services.

Back then, he was a very good cook. He did more then hotdogs and hamburgers. He cooked casserole after casserole. He would cook Italian, Mexican dishes, and a plethora of breakfast dishes.

He slowly fattened her up. He didn't mind that she had gradually gained over 40 plus pounds. She was extraordinary and the best lover, almost, he would ever have; except for Liz Pappenfuss, which is another part of his unique life.

The two of them teased and talked at first as well as being romantic. Foreplay slowly inched its way onto the scene as she felt him tiptoeing into the land of love she treasured the most. His desire and her famished cravings for the other would burst out of a fragile bubble.

The romance eventually expanded due to her weakness for him; it might simmer and finally blossom perfectly, depending on how he approached their situation. He was trying to make sure she 'sprouted' perfectly and not prematurely.

Attempting to recreate that period years and years ago, John stood up, walked over to the lights, and turned them down. She liked the idea. She wanted it that way. Low, dim lights normally heightened a loving mood. Bridgette and Hawkins slightly visible now with the city's lights taking on a new role, they created the ambiance matched by nothing else.

She smiled as he walked back and sat down behind her this time. He grabbed up his glass of wine, which she filled up again and took a longer sip of it.

"Bridgette, what have, and then he paused, what have you have been doing these last several years. Why haven't you contacted me if you knew I ran the company? I mean, if you felt all these years the way you have felt about the two of us, what stopped you? I didn't know you were an investor. I didn't know where you went as time went on honey."

"It's really okay, as she turned around and smiled. I think that life if it were meant to be, we somehow would catch up sooner... if it was destined that way John."

"Do you really believe that Bridgette?"

"John, I honestly believe that, from the bottom of my heart. If you and I, as committed and connected as we were back in college, were truly meant to be, it all would have surfaced by now. We definitely would have been together, which we are tonight, right. If we weren't meant to be then you wouldn't be sitting behind me. I'm happy you are sweetheart."

"I don't know why I didn't come back to you, Bridge... I'm sorry, really sorry..."

"John... honey, you don't need to be sorry. I always, especially since I became an investor, several years ago, could have called you. I knew how to do that."

He put his glass down and coveted her body with his arms. She collapsed her shoulders when she felt comforting warm hug. Her eyes closed as he prolonged the hug. His arms extended downwards, ending at her stomach.

After he left college and she had gained the initial weight of 40 lbs, she continued to gain extra mass. Last year, she began a goal to lose over 100lbs. She accomplished that goal just over a month and a half prior to the meeting.

"I know why I never called you John. I do know why and it was a stupid reason. You don't know that I just lost over a hundred pounds, did you? In fact, you did know I began putting on weight back in college. By the time I was 26 or 27, I had ballooned to about 250lbs. Can you believe that?"

"I hadn't... well I never realized that. But it wouldn't have mattered Bridge, I have always... always loved you." Just then, Hawkins massaged the presently remaining rolls of her tummy. Not trying to publicize the presence of them too much, but enough to let Bridgette know he did adore them and affectionately show his appreciation of her body he caressed the rolls of her tummy affectionately.

"Mmmm, thank you John, you don't realize how much it means to me that a man, especially you, desires to touch and feel me there." She put her hands over his and pushed them into her tummy, expressing her emotions.

"Your hands, they are still one of a kind honey; they are so gentle and soft", said Hawkins.

""Hawk, I only put my hands there because I love how yours feel. It's more then adorable or loving John. It's more then that. When I saw you tonight initially, I felt something. I felt something intense. I felt something inside, which can sometimes be beyond words."

"What's that, he asked. What did you feel? Tell me Bridge, was it the feelings from the old days. Like when we were young?"

"Yep... it sure was just about that. I had those feelings again when I walked in and saw you in person." She turned around with a look of excited desperation, wanting to move on to another level of intimacy.

He smiled again when she turned and gazed at him. He removed the blazer she wore. She leaned forward allowing him to take it off and do anything he pleased that night.

He would be on foreplay duty. He was not going to progress too rapidly with Bridgette. He wanted to make sure both of them remembered this evening for many years.

He hugged her, from behind, once more. Again, her shoulders recoiled in appreciation, as he hugged her. While hugging her, his head leaned forward to kiss her cheek. She turned into his kiss, additionally recognizing that she would take it, plus others, freely. They didn't speak at this point, but his actions said a lot that words could express.

At that point, after the kiss, he reached down along the top of her skirt and began pulling her blouse out of the skirt. She helped him with the 'task'. He didn't go and begin unbuttoning the top and seek her glorious succulent lobes as one might expect. Instead, he began undoing each button at the bottom of the blouse, going upwards until it met at the base of her bra.

He decided to adore her mid-section. He felt an attraction to the slight soft rolls of her stomach. She separated each side of her shirt exposing them more for his pleasure. For reasons only known to him, that found its way into his heart. It found a way to make him crave her more and more.

Hawkins loved more about her then he expected. His fingertips touched upon her minute rolls. He found it erotic in an unusual way. He slid his fingers, underneath the base of her little tummy. He danced over the skin in that area and felt urges with in himself, almost to pounce her sexually, but maintained a concentration and his goal.

He didn't need to learn to appreciate her pudgy plot. Somehow, that was intrinsic. Somehow, it already felt completely natural to 'love' her tummy and let her know he loved it. He knew he loved her. He loved everything about her.

Skimming upwards to the topside of the roll, he went back and forth, back and forth, continuously. He felt as if he was in seventh heaven! He felt overjoyed that she felt comfortable with her body and letting him discover her actual beauty. "I love your stomach, if you haven't noticed by now, honey... I just love it. It's beautiful to me. It really is", he said quietly.

She didn't say a word. She let him continue, as he wanted.

He gently pinched it without hurting her. He skimmed it back and forth, rising closer to her breasts, but dropping his hand back down to the center and underside of her tummy. Gliding his fingers left to right and right to left, he pleased her immensely.

She said softly, in a whisper, "That feels wonderful and relaxing honey. I am so happy we are... ". She cut off without finishing her sentence. He understood what she intended to say.

"I am too. I'm happy you came. I'm happy we're together. I hope some..." but he didn't finish his thought. She wanted to know what he was getting at, but didn't press him on it.

He thought to himself, "Ohhh, I could kiss her belly." He squeezed it carefully, not inflicting any discomfort. He wanted to express his physical attraction towards her tummy and Bridgette! He wanted to express how it added an elixir of sexiness to her body.

"Your body is so... very sexy Bridgette. It has its own personality which adds to you and your gorgeous wholesomeness. You are wonderful. You are so complete! I haven't even begun to show you or express how incredible I think you are. Do you realize that", he said to her delicately.

"Ohhh John, you are the most! How you make me feel is indescribable. It is... it really is! She turned around and without warning kissed him passionately but briefly. He wasn't finished. He was going to pursue what he started out to do. He only wanted foreplay at that time.

Subtly, after they kissed, he turned her back around and he hugged her. She desired much more but understood what his actions were.

Thinking quickly, she realized he was up to his old acceptable standards. He always loved the foreplay. He always prioritized it when making love to a woman. It was, in his opinion, imperative that it be a part of making love or having sex. It always was precedence.

She lay against him again with the bottom half of her blouse unbuttoned; she undid the remaining upper half, revealing her delicious, delectable, and adorable wholesome fruit. Without question, he took notice. He craved those juicy and bulky produce of hers. Sweet and ripe, she had prepared them for him.

He wasn't equipped for the un-wrapping of her voluptuousness. Something said, "Do it, go ahead and feel free to proceed!" He wasn't ready quite yet. Yes, her wrapping was unbelievably eye-catching with intricate detailed and white woven laced designs in the two-dimensional bra she preferred to wear.

It distracted him enough that he wanted to lift it off immediately and please her quickly. Fortunately, he held back and didn't pursue her lovely melon-like fruit.

Fortunately, for her, he built up that anticipation. Instead, he went back to caressing her body. He ran his fingers back over her tummy, but she had grown bored with that activity and reached for his hands to move forward.

He caught on and pursued her sides, sliding his hands up and down them. She loved how gentle his touch heightened her inner most desires that became increasingly more intimate with John.

Bridgette wanted to undress him and have an opportunity to touch him and his body as he'd done to her. As much as she's loved his touch, she leaned forward again, undid her bra, catching it and laying it in his hands to feel.

"John, rub this against your cheeks. See how soft it feels on your skin. See how sexy it feels against your skin. Feel how it is to the touch. Look at its design and notice how easily a man or a woman sees the sexy features of it. Isn't it a wonderfully designed bra? Isn't it especially sexy John? It is, isn't it?"

He did as she asked. He even went as far as smelling the cotton material. She smiled when he did that.

"You do appreciate the odor of cotton; it is a beautiful natural scent, especially with this make of a bra. It's nice a man appreciates something of this nature."

"Bridge, I never really put a great deal of thought into bras. I am not sure it's something I'm going to appreciate other then the erotic nature of one. Hence, it isn't going to be something I'm going to do. I wouldn't go out and look at racks of these or specialty stores even. That makes you appear as a pervert, doesn't it?"

"Ohhh noooo, not necessarily", she said. His eyes were now focused on her boobs. "I see what's important now, hehehe... Be my guest, please?"

Cautiously, Hawkins approached her breasts with the deft attention he'd revealed often before. Normally, he doesn't go in and grab a hold of women's breasts. He would open up his hands. He gently places his hands, if offered, over the breasts. Personally, he always preferred to feel the bra first. He wants to elicit the idea he appreciates features like hers, but seeing as though, she eliminated that option, he had no choice but to approach her fruitful grove head on and submit an approving analysis.

Hawkins backed off her breasts and rethought his position. He began, again with his fingertips running slowly around her tits. Carefully, he went around and around them. He didn't climb up and mount her succulent mounds with either hand at that point.

"Ohhhh Johnnnnn... ohhhh I want you to do more then just feel them, she cried out in a defining tone! Bridgette wanted Hawkins to become more intimate. She wanted him to do more then his standard pre-sex foreplay.

John, take me over you, let me dangle them over you while you suck my breasts. Lick them John and kiss them too! Just make me more excited them I am... please honey!"

John understood that and kissed her passionately. He kissed her heavily and he pulled her over his chest. Her hands went in between the two of them while she struggled to undo the buttons on his shirt.

Finally, she got the top one undone. He went in and undid the remainder. Discovering quickly what he did, her hands began feeling his chest, focusing on his upper body. She rubbed and rubbed his upper body, but began toying a little with his nipples.

She slid him sideways, pulled his shirt off completely, and lay over him with her breasts dangling in his line of sight.

He gazed and her ripened creations. He craved to sample her breasts the way she wanted to be consumed as each one's desire grew immensely.

Reaching down and underneath her skirt, he held her full rounded ass carefully, but enough that she knew he loved it. He loved everything about her tubular area. From her mid buttocks region just down below the juncture of her ass and thighs, he tugged at her tubular beauty!

As he pulled at it, she came forward enough that her breasts were directly over his face. She dropped herself just enough that her lobes gravitated in his mouth.

John sucked the fullness of her lobes, feeling the cushion like tits being inhaled quietly. He kissed, sucked, licked, or smashed his face into her beautiful wholesome lobes. He'd lick her nipples off and on as he attempted to bring them to a hardened and excited state. Then he'd do the other side.

Meanwhile, John's hands were down below getting more action then he expected. His hands, slipped in and out, at that point, of her fine voluptuous ass crack. He'd be more turned on while he slid one hand or another into her crack, going a little further each time.

She'd make all sorts of sounds while his mouth and tongue pursued her tits as she desired or his hands were busy downstairs going at uncharted territory and 'tested' that back door opportunity!

"I love your ass. It's so soft, but sexy in its own way. I want to get to know your ass a lot more... personally! Face to face too", he said to her gently.

And as softly she said it right back to him, "Can we reciprocate that honey?" They both giggled as he nodded yes to her to acknowledge that request of hers. He proceeded with getting it on with her tits more expeditiously as he had been doing.

She continued to love it and continued to push her lobes down into his face so he could get more and more of them. He loved her tits! He missed her tits! He realized he missed his old girlfriend much, much more then ever.

She came off him and lay by his side. She lay there smiling and he did the same. He continued to toy with her sensuous breasts. She ran her own fingers over her lobes too! That turned him on more as his cock showed signs underneath of life.

"You know something John; I've always loved my breasts. I'm not ashamed of their fullness. I love the size of my nipples. I'm happy men do too. I've had an interesting life. It's been good to me. But it isn't complete. Overall, I've not been totally satisfied."

"Why do you tell me these things now, Bridgette?"

He was still rubbing her ass or trying to, but it was too far away to do much of anything. He played with the outline surrounding her lobes. She rubbed his chest and ran circles over his nipples.

"That's an awesome sensation! How your fingernails feel when you do that on my chest, and especially my bullets, Bridge."

"Your bullets, asked Bridgette, I've never heard them referred to as bullets before on a guy, much less a woman. Maybe you mean pellets, don't you, hehehe."

Laughing with her, "Yeah, I suppose so, in comparison to your beautiful land mines, mine are not even as popular in size."

"Oh sure they are Hawk, I love to toy with them; don't you recall those times in the shower together?"

"Ohhh yeahh, that's right! I remember now. God you'd go on for stretches just caressing and caressing my chest and 'pellets', hahaha, then inch your way downstairs and put your tools and my jewels to good use, wouldn't you?"

"Mmmm, oh my lord, honey... as she swirled her mid length manicured nails over his chest... that was so enjoyable and you would reach around and try to pleasure me with your fingers. You never could do that when I was behind you, could you?"

"Nope, responded Hawkins, but maybe you feel as if now is the time to explore each other. I've been curious for a little while, whether or not you've wanted me to undo that skirt."

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