tagIncest/TabooExecutive Incest Ch. 01

Executive Incest Ch. 01


"I, Howard Constantine Mathis, do solemnly swear, that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will, to the best of my ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States."

With those words, Howard C. Mathis, a former accountant, went from being a recently divorced Vice President to assuming the highest office in the land. Just ten years before, he had run for Governor of New Jersey, and was considered an underdog in that contest. He won, however, and that set him on the path that made his now disgraced predecessor, former President Norton Cornell, choose him as his running mate.

Mathis's personal life had briefly dominated the front pages, with his divorce from his wife Patricia acting in lieu of a real story on slow news days. Patty, as some called her, hated political life, and wanted a boring, but relatively easy and quiet life as an accountant's wife.

She had "signed up" for that, so to speak, and not for being in the limelight. She had tolerated his amusing experiment in running for Governor, but just barely. When it turned into 2 terms in the statehouse, and then a run for Vice President, she simply left him.

Mathis filed for divorce on grounds of desertion, and the case dragged out for 18 months, before he finally won. Since they had no kids, due to Patty's tubal ligation, their divorce settlement simply split up the assets evenly, and sold off the house. She was living on Long Island by then, and he was in the Vice President's residence.

When proof of President Cornell's sale of pardons for campaign funds went public, that news diminished any remaining interest the people had in Mathis's personal life. This was a true scandal, with a definite villain- the Chief Executive himself. Cornell was forced to resign to avoid conviction, but he waited until he had already been impeached to do it.

Now, suddenly, at 50 years of age, President Mathis was the head of state, and he was already faced with 2 vacancies: the Vice Presidency he had just left, and the position of First Lady. Since he was divorced, he would have to either re-marry, which would take some time, even if he chose to do that, or he could find an alternate hostess for the White House.

President Mathis remembered that Thomas Jefferson had employed his daughter Martha in the role of official hostess, while James Buchanan had used his niece. So, there was precedent for a hostess that was not the First Lady- that is, not the President's wife.

At this point, he thought of his sister, a widow named Thalia, and decided to offer her the job.

"Hello, is this Mrs. Thalia Sanders?"

"Yes. Who is this?"

"This is your President, Mrs. Sanders. I need you to help me with something."

"Howard! It's you! Wow, my brother just became President, and he almost immediately calls me, his sister- that's incredible! I would have thought that you'd be trying to forget me. After all, I was the one who set you up with Patty 24 years ago."

"Hey, sis, that was an honest mistake on your part. You thought she was a decent human being, and she's not."

"Well, her loss!"

"You mean, because she's divorced from the President?"

"No, because she's divorced from this President."

"Well, thank you, sis. I know that we haven't talked in months, but I really do need your help on a matter of urgency."

"What's that, brother- you know that I'll help you if it's possible."

"Since I'm divorced, there's no First Lady, so I have decided to offer you the chance to serve your country as official hostess of the White House. How does that sound, sis?"

"Howard- that never occurred to me, but, wow! You want me to host the White House, presumably even to live there- that's wonderful!"

"I'm glad that the idea pleases you, because I would need you to move in ASAP. I want to be ahead of foreign dignitaries, for one thing, for state dinners."

"So, Russell, Jr., and Rosa can live in the White House, too?"

"Yes, of course, your children can stay here. I mean, when was the last time there were kids in the White House? It could use a few. Oh, and you guys will also get Secret Service protection, I have to warn you."

"That's ok. Just make Rusty's a woman. He would love that!"

"Well, I'll see what I can do. Thanks, sis- this is quite helpful."

"No, thank you, Mr. President. God, that sounds weird- calling my brother 'Mr. President'!"

With that, 41 year old widow Thalia Sanders was hired to be the official hostess of the White House. She moved in the next week, and immediately got to work on refurbishing. She was very pleased when her brother issued a directive that she was to get the East Wing, with as much staff as required. After all, if she was to function like the First Lady, she could use the First Lady's perks.

She already loved and practically worshipped her older brother, but now she really admired him. He could have just ignored the matter, or scurried to find a wife, if he was so inclined, but he chose to give his sister the job. She began to be around Howard alot, and she saw what kind of a serious, dedicated leader this man was, and that he was going to do his best to make the country better for the next generation, which included her kids.

The more she saw of her brother during the next weeks, as he proved his mettle in politics, the more she adored him, to the point that his strength as a national leader made him appear in her dreams, and then one day she panicked, because she had fucked him in one of those dreams.

She awakened with a very wet cunt, to think of her successful, powerful brother, the President of the United States. He was a great guy, she always knew, but now the country knew it too, and she was proud of him. The trouble was, she was also falling for him.

The old saying that power is the greatest aphrodisiac was certainly true for Thalia, who had fallen in love with her late husband, Russell, Sr., because he was a strong, dominant guy, who asserted himself with everyone, including her.

He proved it when he told her clearly, without bluffing, that he loved her, and wanted to marry her, but would not tolerate jealousy or possessiveness on her part. She would have to share him, and his insistence on it had so impressed her, that she begged him to marry her- on his terms!

She had been an extremely submissive wife to Russell, and now, she found Howard to be just as tough, which led her to hope that he would prove dominant too. She couldn't stop herself from loving her brother, in a way he might well not approve, and would be a really scandalous story if anyone told it.

What could she do? Seduce him? If so, how do you seduce your brother, when he has Secret Service details all of the time, and so do you? Would such a thing become public, and if so, wouldn't it destroy his Presidency? Could she do that- risk everything, because she was in love with her great brother? How do you deal with that dilemma?

Thalia finally decided to just tell him about her feelings, and let him decide if she should act on them. Too bold a move, and she might scare him off, due to the taboos regarding incest. She loved him, however, and hoped at some point to persuade him to give her his love.

She was now finding herself masturbating frequently to thoughts of her wonderful brother, and she hoped that the Secret Service agents either did not know, or did not mind. In any case, she was now playing with her dildo, which her late husband had gotten her on his last Christmas (he wanted her to play with it while she watched him fucking other girls).

"Oh, Howard- I mean, Mr. President, you are fucking me so well- I am very wet!", she yelled for a moment while she played with her pussy.

The Secret Service agents knew what was up, and shook their heads, but one of them, a female agent, had the same fantasies about the President. She understood, and started getting soaked herself, as she listened to the First Sister, fucking herself with a dildo.

That evening, she knocked on President Mathis's bedroom door, and he let her in, thinking that it was family-related.

"Yes, Thalia?"

"Howard, I have a sort of confession."

"What kind?"

"Well, it's kinda wild and taboo. I'm in love with you."


"I said that I'm in love with you."

"I heard that, but you mean it? That's incest you're talking about."

"I know, but I still want you. It could be our secret. I know, you could say it's still wrong, and we might still get caught, but you admitted last week that the country might not elect you next time, anyway, because of President Cornell."

"You're really determined to have me, then."

"Yes, and I will even share you, if you wish."

"Well, I've never been a swinger."

"You could try it. Open your mind to what I'm offering you. Why not try it, and see what you think?"

"Try what- just incest, or swinging too?"

"Both. Also, I want to introduce you to SM, if you haven't done that."

"Tried it once, but she was the dom, and I didn't like it. She did, of course, and we had a big fight about it."

"You can be the dom. I want to submit to you, Howard."

"Is this what your marriage was like?"

"Yes, and I loved it that way."

"Wow! Is that why your marriage worked so well? I always knew you were a very happy couple."

"Yes. I loved the freedom of swinging, and the vulnerability of bondage."

"So, what would you do? Let me tie you up, and fuck girls in front of you?"

"That's what I did with Russell. I could do that with you, plus, you could have all 3 of my holes."

"Wow! This is not what I expected. You're pretty wild, and you want to get it on with me?"

"Yes, now please understand- I'm not just lusting for you. I'm in love with you."

President Mathis was quite stunned, to say the least. His sister had propositioned him in his bedroom, and she was suggesting all kinds of wild, fetish-related sex. Should he be seriously thinking about this- incest, for God's sake? That would be a scandal even bigger than selling pardons. He was brought up in a strict, Greek family- could he do this?

Then again, every traditional relationship he had attempted had failed on him, and he was starting to wonder if this was why. He may need to consider incest, at least. After all, he was Greek, and his people had always prided themselves on logic and reason. What reason, aside from occasional genetic deformities, could he find for not committing incest? What would Socrates do- no, scratch that, he was gay. What would Zeno the Stoic do?

Here, meanwhile, his darling sister awaited his decision, not making it easier for him, with her sweet, loving smile, and those cute, brown eyes of hers, begging for his touch, his kiss, and his cock. She wanted him, more than any woman ever had, and she was not even jealous! She wanted to service him, pleasure him, and show him things he had not tried. Most of all, she was his sister, and she would not do him wrong, like Patty had.

That was it- she was his sister, and she loved him. How could he deny her his love, when she was so willing to give him hers, and made no demands for "fidelity"? She was perfect for him, and he knew it, now. The voters wouldn't understand, but they were not in that position- what would they do, if confronted with it?

Well, he couldn't speak for them, but he had to make love to his sister, because she was just so adorable and lovely, that he could no longer turn her down.

"Very well, sis. You win. I'll sleep with you. You're just too cute for your own good, you know."

"Thanks, Mr. President."

"Since when do you call your brother 'Mr. President'?"

"Since he agreed to fuck me, and he happens to be the President. I have had 2 fantasies unfulfilled- incest and sex with a powerful man. Sleeping with you would take care of both."

"You get off on the idea of doing the President?"

"Yes, I feel very patriotic, helping my President."

"Well, it's time to do your civic duty, then, sis."

He took the handcuffs that she was offering him, and slapped them onto her wrists, making her flinch from the sheer pain. She gasped, as he pulled up her dress, to reveal that she had a butt-plug buried in her ass. She wore no panties, and he could tell that she was very wet.

"Oh, my God! You really came here prepared to seduce me, didn't you?"

"Yes, please fuck me, now! Please eat my pussy, Mr. President."

Somehow, the way that his sister was begging him to fuck her, and calling him "Mr. President" really turned him on, and he found himself devouring her twat. His mouth moved everywhere, sliding his tongue all around her labia, then centering on her clit. He would rotate between the clitoris and the labia, getting each very excited, and then backing off to do the other, until Thalia was screaming for him to get her off by tonguing the inside of her cunt.

His tongue brought her vagina to life in a way that even she thought impossible. That was the one satisfactory part of his marriage. He ate pussy in a way that made even his ex- wife occasionally try to get him into the sack. He had learned it from an escort, though he would never admit in public that he had hired one to teach him cunnilingus.

When Thalia began to get drenched by her girlie juices, he knew that it was time to enter her, even as the plug remained in her ass. Mathis could tell that she wanted that for an extra source of pleasure and arousal. He took her doggie-style, giving it to her as she was on all fours. Every thing that she did now indicated that she was too turned on to hold back from another climax for long.

"Oh, fuck me, I love this! Fuck me some more!"

He continued to ram her pussy, slamming it as hard as possible, as she moan, groaned, signed, and generally behaved like a banshee. She was getting fucked by her own brother, the President, and her only thought was how awesome it was to feel his powerful cock inside her body. Her emerging orgasm overwhelmed her now, and she screamed like she was being forced, even though she wanted it more than him.

That brought him beyond the point of no return, and he came gushing into his sister, without stopping to withdraw, or think about how she was possibly fertile, and she might get pregnant by him. It was too late, and whatever happened, would just have to happen.

She looked him in the eye with an naughty grin, and he could tell that she wanted an encore.

"Alright, but I need to rest a sec, and you'll have to stay cuffed."

She giggled at that, and then said, "I have no choice but to wait- you have the keys in your front pocket."

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