Executive Platinum Ch. 02


A moment later, she took my hands and moved them with her own, just a bit; a small spasm from her body each time she did. "I can't believe I came."

She suddenly turned, kissing me ferociously, sucking my tongue into her mouth, pressing her breasts against me. Her mouth moved rapidly, kissing my chin, sucking my neck, moving downward. She hungrily sucked on one of my nipples, her hand rubbing the other while her other hand slid down and was rubbing my cock through my pants. Immediately her rules came to mind, "never let your date into your pants and stay out of his." Well, at least she wasn't getting inside. What was the difference between rubbing my hard cock with her hand and holding it against her through our clothes, I reasoned?

Oh, about 15 seconds.

That's all it took and she was fumbling at my pants. I reached down, took her hand. "Gloria."

She grabbed my nipple with her teeth, nippng, then sucking, while her second hand went down to help the first. "Gloria" I repeated, as her mouth left my nipple, her mouth heading lower on my body.

"I want to suck you. I want to feel your hard cock in my mouth. I want to make you cum." Her tongue pierced my belly button. "I want to taste you." I gently covered her hands with mine. She'd set the rules, there must have been a reason -- I didn't want to take a chance on her regretting things later. I figured there wouldn't be any regrets -- but as hot as the last hour had been, things seemed to be going well following the rules.

I gently pulled her back up my body; she responded sliding back into the crook of my arm, nestling against my shoulder. She finally relaxed with a sigh.

"I can't believe how you did that." She said, her hand stroking back and forth on my chest, her finger occasionally finding my small nipple. "I've always known my nipples were really sensitive, but I didn't realize I could cum that way." My hand was fondling her breast as we lay there, my fingers no longer covered with lube but still finding her erect nipple a pleasure to play with.

"I'm glad you stopped me."

"I'm not. I'm probably going to bed with the first set of blue balls I've had in 30 to 40 years."

Her hand stopped on my breast, her fingernail flicked my nipple. Although I'm fairly certain it wasn't as sensitive as hers, it still caused a twitch when she did. "And do you play with your nipples when you masturbate?"

"Who says I masturbate?" I answered.

"Are you a man? Of course you masturbate." She pulled herself upright, straddling me with surprising speed, kneeling on the chair and pushing her breasts into my face. "And I'm a woman that wants to make sure you need to masturbate tonight. I'm going to be alone in my bed making myself cum again and imagining it's you doing it and I want to know that you're doing the same." I didn't have to be instructed; her nipple fit my mouth perfectly. I suckled first one nipple then the other while she ran her fingers through my hair. Her deep throated moans of pleasure told me she was enjoying it; her hands slid down to my chest, each finding one of my own nipples. Without thinking my hands which had been roaming her back had slid down onto her shorts covered bottom, fondling the two delicious globes of her ass.

Her hands returned to run through my hair again "I'd forgotten just how good that feels." She giggled. "God you make me feel wanton! Do you know I used to masturbate after I nursed Melissa? She'd eat and I'd get hornier and hornier and if my husband wasn't around or was asleep I'd almost always masturbate." She suddenly pulled away, looking at me very seriously. "Jim, are you playing with my bottom?" She pushed away, and stood up.

"I'm sorry Gloria, I didn't realize...."

She looked angry for a moment, and then broke into a grin. "It's OK, I just said you couldn't get "into" my panties, I didn't say you couldn't feel my bottom. Come on."

"Come where?" I asked, wanting to go back to kissing tits and sucking tongues.

"Let's go swimming. I may not be willing to service you tonight, but it doesn't mean I can't enjoy looking at you. Come do your Chippendale pool routine for me again."

I stood up, following her around the corner of the house to the laundry room where I stepped in and grabbed two new towels. As I stepped back out in the dark, a sliver of a moon the only light, I saw Gloria just walking up to the steps of the pool, apparently wearing a white bikini. One quick double take was all it took for me to realize it was just her skin that had never seen the light of day. "Are you bringing me one?" she called out.

"Got you covered." I answered, and then thinking about it said "Well not quite at the moment." I dropped the towels and my shorts next to hers, and stepped down into the pool. Gloria was swimming away from me across the pool; I sat down on the deepest step. The water was surprisingly warm; it actually felt warmer than it had during the day.

"Why is the pool warmer than it was this afternoon?" Gloria said as she swam back to me, a breast stroke keeping her face and head above water.

"It only feels that way," I answered. "Contrast between the air and the water. The air has cooled off considerably; in fact it's probably cooler than the water right now. During the daytime it's the other way around so the water feels cooler."

I leaned back onto the higher step from where I was sitting. "I don't want to get my hair wet." Gloria said as she swam right up to me, her arms going around my neck, her mouth finding mine. Just like that we were kissing and sucking again, this time totally naked. The water partially supported her weight so it was only the weight of my own body forcing my back uncomfortably against the steps, but I didn't mind. My erect cock was smashed between us; Gloria was moving back and forth feeling it pressed against her belly. My hands were on her breasts, on her back, pulling her to me again when I suddenly realized I had two handfuls of naked ass, pulling her against me. I immediately released her bottom, and she giggled.

"I wondered when you were going to realize."

"God I'm sorry Gloria. I'm trying, I really am." She said nothing for a minute.

"Do you suppose it's because we could, but we've just agreed not to? I can't decide whether it's because I haven't had sex in forever or that I've decided not to tonight -- but my God I'm horny. She wiggled her pelvis against me, my cock against her pubic bone.

She giggled again. "You haven't seen my panties yet, have you?"

"Not particular. Why?"

"That's the other change Melissa did to me. All she had was thong panties so I had to wear hers, and when we got back she made me get rid of all of mine that she said were granny underwear and get new ones that are also thongs -- which means that technically my bottom is never 'in' my panties. I groaned, pulling her to me, swallowing her tongue and grabbing her ass to pull her against me once again. This time I was dry humping her, if that's possible underwater, masturbating myself against her pelvic area. She pulled away from our kiss, I tried to follow but her hand rose between us, her finger held against my lips.

"Shh. Down boy." I was almost gone, she'd put me to the brink of oblivion, and realized it. She pulled away, I gradually relinquished my hand grip on her pretty bottom. She pushed back and to one side, climbing the stairs beside me. I turned and followed her, she turned and handed me the second towel. I took it from her, but just dropped it. I reached down and grabbed my cock, and began jerking. "Not a cock tease? The hell you aren't."

This wasn't a "build myself up and eventually cum" jerk off, this was an "I've already done everything but cum" jerk off. All it took was, two, maybe three jerks and suddenly I was spewing cum all over. It sprayed on the sidewalk; it sprayed against Gloria's stomach and chest, it sprayed on the rock around the pool. I jerked myself again and again, finally small driblets of cum all that was left. Gloria said nothing, the entire time, just stood and watched, then walked back over to the pool dropping her towel at the edge and sat down on the steps washing my cum off her body.

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