Executive Platinum Ch. 05


I was about to sit on a lounge when I heard a voice directed at us. "We've got more wine if you'd like to join us." I looked over at the table, where one of the men was holding a glass of wine into the air. I glanced at Gloria with a questioning look.

"I'd love a glass" she answered aloud.

"Be right there," I chimed in, picking up my towel again, along with Gloria's from the lounge. Gloria had dropped her towel back onto the lounge after drying a bit, obviously more comfortable now with being naked, and walked directly over to the table. There was one open chair at the table, I grabbed another sliding it over in place. I placed Gloria's towel on hers before indicating for her to sit. She looked questioningly at me momentarily before starting to sit, just enough for the older woman to notice.

"First time?" She asked. "Nude etiquette says you sit on a towel on public seats. Besides" she laughed, "it saves from burning your bottom when the sun's out."

"Oh my god, your heart is SO cute!" the younger woman interrupted, grabbing Gloria's wrist and turning her towards her. "Jerry, look at her heart!" Jerry, apparently her husband, was seated beside her. The older woman, who was on the other side of me, leaned forward to see what the younger woman was talking about. I saw Gloria almost flinch, her hands starting to move to cover herself, then stopped.

"That is darling," said the older woman, "I should do that myself next time. Dave, shall I leave a heart next time? Show Dave," she said, with her hand indicating the man next to her.

Gloria turned toward Dave and me with a slight hesitation that I sensed; the not knowing about this -- strangers observing and commenting on her pussy for the first time ever. Her hand reached out and took my arm for reassurance as I looked down and for the first time saw what I immediately presumed was my present.

Gloria had shaved, her pussy now completely bald. Above her pussy itself her remaining pubic hair, which hadn't been real heavy to begin with, was now trimmed short and formed into a perfect heart. She hadn't tried to hide herself I admitted to myself, although I detected a slight blush on her face when I looked up and smiled at her. I winked, letting her know I'd discovered my present.

"Sweetheart," said the woman next to Gloria, putting her hand on Gloria's knee as she sat, "I'm sorry, we didn't mean to embarrass you. When you're nude, there are no body secrets, and everyone sees and enjoys jewelry and body decorations like they're meant to be. Well, at least most - there are some tattoos out there these days that would have been better never put on to begin with."

"Isn't that the truth." Dave chimed in.

We went through the introductions, found out that despite the appearance; these four hadn't known each other before the previous day. The younger two, I estimated were close to Gloria's age, while the older two were maybe a few years older than me. They had several plastic glasses, and two plastic decanters of wine, one already nearly gone, when we joined them. "No glass around the pool" Jerry explained as they poured us glasses and refilled their own, depleting the supply.

We visited with them, found out that the older couple had been coming to the Terra Cotta as repeat visitors for years. For the younger couple, it was their first time. I explained that I'd been once before, several years back, when my wife was still alive, but this was Gloria's first. Before long, the wine gone, we stood to head to our rooms. Gloria and I walked back over to the pool first, taking another quick dip before heading back to the room. Gloria joined me walking naked and just carried her towel going back.

"How'd they know I was a first timer?"

"Don't know for sure, but three ways I spotted. You covered up with a towel when we walked out, you have lots of un-tanned skin, and you didn't know to sit on a towel. All little things, but they're telling to someone that's watching. Now tell me," I said as the door to our room swung shut, "you wore that skirt earlier just to hide your little surprise from me, didn't you?"

Gloria giggled, "Do you like it?" I turned her and pushed her backward onto the bed and spread her legs, stepping between them before blatantly examining her bare pussy and pubic hair heart.

"Such a pretty present, do I get to take it home?"

"I wish you would."

"Hmmm. Tempting. Very tempting. Is it tasty?" I grinned and looked up at her.

"I think so. I wish you'd try it and tell me." I tried but before I got there, I realized the chlorine from the pool was overpowering. A shower together took care of that, and by the time I pushed her onto her back in virtually the same location a second time we were both ready for more. I kissed her belly, nuzzled the heart with my nose, but refrained from tonguing her. I kissed the insides of her thighs, even kissed her pussy lips but kept my tongue in my mouth, teasing, waiting for her to beg. At one point she tried to grab my head with her hands but I slapped them away. The more I didn't do what she wanted, the more she writhed, trying to raise her pussy to my face. I could smell her arousal, moisture glistening on her pussy lips.

"You are driving me crazy!"

"Oh? Are you looking for anything in particular? Hmm?"

"Yes. Oh god, just do it."

"Do it? Just what shall I do?"

"You know what I want."

"Well, I'm sure SOMEONE can tell me. Maybe I should call your daughter? I did offer to do something to her the other day, let's see, what was that?..."

She laughed, suddenly grabbing my ears, and with a suddenly very strong Texas accent said "Oh please sir! Could you possibly help a lady in distress and tickle her clit with your tongue?"

"Well in that case, since you asked so nicely."

I spread her lips with my fingers, until her clit was exposed, stuck my tongue out and just touched it with the tip. Her sharp intake of breath and "oh" of pleasure along with her hands relaxing on my ears let me know that she was finally getting what she wanted. I ran my tongue over the pink nub, up and down twice, then began a fast flicking back and forth.

I didn't concentrate on her clit for long, moving down to her lips, sucking and nibbling. I moved further down, working my tongue against her 'taint, then worked up slowly, forcing my tongue into her pussy before continuing up and across her clit.

"Oh god that's good, just like that," she said, her hands now stroking through my hair. I took my cues from whether her hands were trying to move me or not. I moved back down, again tongue fucking her, sucking her lips and then back up to tease her clit. She let out a moan of pleasure, her bottom raising to force herself harder against my tongue. With my tongue on her clit, I inserted first one, then two fingers inside her with one hand and began rubbing both inside and out. Pulling my tongue away from her bud which was now extended through her labia, I worked the rest of her pussy, pressing hard like I had before. Her hands reached for my head again, I slapped them away, in turn sucking her pussy lips into my mouth, biting gently as I pushed hard with my fingers inside her. Her writhing was intensifying, letting me know I was doing OK with my pleasuring. She tried wrapping her legs around me, but I kept spreading my shoulders and arms to keep myself in control of my torturous attack on her sex. Finally she gripped the bed as I had earlier, trying to keep herself in place. When I sensed that she was on the edge I moved my mouth in place once again, sucking hard on her clit. She began to tremble in orgasm, when I bared my teeth and gently bit her clit.

The response was instantaneous and practically explosive. Her legs instantly wrapped around me, her pussy gushed fluid, her hands grabbing my head all at the same time. Her hands did battle with herself, her legs pulling me in, while her hands pushed me away. When her spasms began to ease, I again spread her legs, allowing her to pull my head as I slid up between her legs, my cock slipping into place in her drenched box without any help from my hands or hers.

Slipping in easily on the first stroke, I pulled right back out, my cock sliding up between her lips and against her clit. Letting go of my head, I watched her hands reach down and spread her pussy lips, exposing her clit to my slithering cock. Her hands holding her lips open also helped me stay in place, my cock against her clit keeping her from coming down from her high. I continued my fucking motion, up and down, with only my cock touching her, sliding between her fingers, riding almost exclusively on her clit. With all of our combined juices, there wasn't enough friction or contact to get me off, but it was doing wonders for her. She tried to release her lips, but they folded back over her clit; her hands immediately returning to their job confirming the pleasure she was receiving.

She began to roll her head from side to side in frustration. I could feel her once again trying to force her hips up to put more pressure on her clit and my cock; the sweet torture of almost, but not quite, getting the pressure in the needed spot. Her breathing became more ragged, occasionally holding it, then panting rapidly to catch up, until once again her pelvis jerked, her hands releasing her lips to grab my ass once again and try to force herself against my rigidity. Her bucking was accompanied by her body going rigid, her pelvis held against me and a loud "Oh Fuck."

Without missing a stroke, I slid down again, slipping my cock back upward into the amazingly warm and wet tunnel of her pussy. Resting my hands on the bed on either side of her, I leaned up to put as much pressure in the right spot as I could. I was taking long slow strokes, but with her wetness there wasn't much friction to be had.

Gloria was writhing underneath me, her hands gripping my waist. Instead of coming down after her second orgasm, I was keeping her on the edge by using yet another technique. Somehow she realized that she wasn't doing much, her hands began running over my body, trying to reach my cock pounding into her body, gripping my wrists, reaching for my nipples.

"Play with your nipples," I ordered, then said it again when she didn't immediately do so, her hands continuing to search for something to do to pleasure me. Her hands left my body, her fingers tweaking her nipples, squeezing, rolling and pulling. At last I was beginning to feel the end coming for me, Gloria's moans of passion and shuddering telling me she was again on the edge. I held on, willing myself not to come, trying to get her to go first, but as she arched her back one more time I lost it and began spurting, suddenly losing control and forcing my cock deep into her womb with every convulsion. Apparently that's all it took as Gloria collapsed in on herself, her hands relinquishing their attack on her own nipples, her arms and legs trying to draw me into her, keeping my cock pulsing its load out deep inside her. There was a feeling of liquid gushing from our conjoined bodies, I realized for the second time I'd been able to get Gloria to squirt. I held myself up for just seconds more, then collapsed on top of her, panting from the exertion, dripping with sweat.

I awoke sometime later, no longer on top of Gloria, but not remembering rolling off either. We were both wet and messy, I roused Gloria who was sound asleep and made her go to the shower with me where we cleaned up again. We threw the bedspread off, the bed beneath still useable, and climbed into bed covered by a sheet. I almost immediately fell asleep, one arm over Gloria, the soft flesh of her breast filling my hand.

I've always enjoyed awaking to a blow job. A woman's soft hands stroking my member; the warm softness of a mouth coaxing yet another erection from my body. Maybe it's the dream - turning into reality - feeling. I don't know what time it was, still dark, only the hotel lights seeping from around the curtains. I lay there with my eyes closed, Gloria was crosswise on the bed, just enjoying the loving she was doing to my body.

"Insatiable aren't you?" I whispered, letting her know I was fully awake. She didn't take my cock out of her mouth, just reached a hand over to mine and squeezed it, letting me know she'd heard me. Her tongue was slowly slithering around my cock head, she was sucking my only semi-hard penis into her mouth, and letting it back out, in and out, coaxing a reluctant erection from me.

"I don't know whether I can do it again just yet," I said. "I'm not exactly 18 any more.'

"Mmmm" was all she answered with. She continued nursing on my cock, pulling off and moving down to suck my balls while her hand continued to caress my shaft.

"What is it about you and making love in the early morning hours?"

"I have to get as much of you as I can when we're together."

My eyes now open, I watched her making love to my cock, which although responding wasn't quite useable. "Umm. That feels nice." I reached down and stroked her hair. "You like sucking cock?"

She looked up at me, nodding.

"You're good at it." She continued to try and get me hard, but to no avail. Reaching down to the base of my cock, I squeezed with my hand, cutting off the blood flow, then flexing my muscle, forced a bit of blood that way, releasing and reclamping with my hand, making my peter fractionally bigger and harder. Repeating again and again, gradually I got myself hard, although if I'd released he would have wilted again.

"I can feel him get bigger each time," Gloria said, pulling off momentarily, then again taking me in her mouth. I got myself hard, and Gloria continued working me, getting me closer to being able to let go with my hand.

With my other hand I reached for Gloria's leg, pulling her toward me. "Let me eat you." She twisted, straddling my head, lowering her pussy to my waiting mouth. I licked her naked pussy, sucking her hairless lips, slithering my tongue between them. She was already wet, obviously aroused for longer than I had been. "Naked is definitely nice," I said.

"You like it?"

"Oh god yes." I answered between licks and nibbles. I realized that somewhere in the last couple of minutes I'd let go of my cock which had remained rigid and I was playing with her nipples which she was allowing by keeping herself raised above me rather than laying on me. Taking my hands I separated her pussy lips, exposing her clit where I could gently lap and suck at it for a bit. I understood that although she'd started by sucking me, and we were now in a 69, that wasn't really what she wanted more of. As soon as I was sure I could maintain an erection, I pushed her gently, telling her it was time to turn around, and she understood instantly. I had her roll onto her side, back to me, and lifting her leg, slid my cock between them. Her hand guided me inside her waiting warmth, and we began a slow leisurely fuck.

I had one of her legs between mine, giving leverage so I could force myself deeply into her vagina, feeling my cock head touching her cervix as I bottomed out. A sharp little "oh" came from her each time.

"Does that feel good?"

"Ummm, it's different.....You're...oh....so deep." I continued the slow motion, pulling out as far as I could and then sliding back in. Despite now being hard again, I knew there was just no way for me to cum again, I wasn't trying, I was just giving her whatever pleasure I could. I listened to her breathing, felt her motions as she got closer and closer to the desired peak. Sliding my lower hand under her ribs while reaching over with my other I found her breasts and tweaked her nipples. Her moans and grunts of pleasure let me know I was doing what she wanted; I continued until she began thrusting her bottom back into me. I slipped my upper hand down her body, she raised her leg, opening herself more to accommodate my hand. I found her clit, feeling my cock sliding just below, and slipped my finger down so I was feeling my cock itself as it was coming in and out of her. Wondering if I could, I pressed a little, and soon had my middle finger and my cock in her pussy at the same time. I pulled my finger back out, now covered with her juices and gently twiddled her clit, all that it took to push her over the top. I stopped my motion, just lying still for a few moments as her breathing slowed and she came back to normal.

"Did you cum?" she asked.

"No, but it's ok. I knew I wouldn't, I won't be able to for a while. Do you need me to pull out?"

"Oh god no. You feel so good. I wish you could stay inside me forever."

"I don't know about forever, but it's nice just lying here inside you."

"Umm. It is nice." She sounded groggy.

We lay there just holding each other for a while, my cock still hard. Occasionally I'd feel myself subsiding, a few strokes back and forth was enough to keep me hard, although after a while I noticed her lubrication seemed to be diminishing. My hand was still cupping her pussy, and I let my fingers feel her naked lips, tracing the heart shaped hair above.

"Tell me, when did you shave? How did you do a heart?"

She giggled sleepily, then asked, "Do you like it?"

"God yes."

There was no immediate answer, I wondered if she'd fallen asleep, when she mumbled "Melissa talked me into it."

"Your daughter?"

Again I thought she'd fallen asleep, but finally she began speaking slowly. "I told her all about us. How you saved me in San Diego, how you and I hit it off and how hot our weekend was. When you called and invited me, she said she'd help pick out clothes, even loaned me some she says you'll really like. I was getting ready for bed last night, I'd taken a shower and had just gotten out when she came into the bedroom. I was still naked -- that's your fault, you know. "

"What's my fault?"

"That I was still naked. Before our weekend, I always wore clothes around the house. After our weekend, it's like I don't even want to put on clothes if I don't have to. I've been sleeping naked, and when no one's around sometimes I don't put anything on around the house either."

"And that's my fault?"

"You corrupted me."

"Whatever. It sounds like your daughter has corrupted you more than I have, but I think you wanted to be corrupted."

"Maybe" she giggled, "I haven't minded, that's for sure."

I love it when she giggles.

"Anyway, I was brushing my hair standing naked in front of the mirror and when she came in she asked me something, and then said "Mom, aren't you going to shave?" I told her I'd done my legs and never had anything else and she said I should that you'd really like it, and that guys like oral sex a lot better when us girls shave our pussies, which means that we'll really like it. Do you? Like it better I mean?"

I thought for a moment; "I like it anyway, certainly didn't dislike it before, but it's nice to not fight the hair. Slippery skin is nice." My hand had been resting between her legs, I let my fingers idle over her pussy again. "Do you like it?"

"Oh god yes. Tonight, when the four at the table -- who were they, David and Jerry and... and...I can't remember the women's names."

"I don't think we ever got them."

"Umm. Yeah, maybe not. Oh my god, when that older woman commented, I thought I wanted to die, I was so embarrassed, and then the second said how cute it was and the guys were looking and... and...the truth is, I liked it. I'd kept it hidden, kept it a surprise for you, and then once they saw it, it was like I wanted everyone to see. I wanted you to, and them to and...it was exciting -- and I felt so, naked! More naked than when we were at your place even."

"So how'd you come up with the heart?"

"Melissa said that everyone is shaving these days, and that some girls leave some hair as a decoration. When I asked her what she meant, she said that she'd heard of one girl that had hers shaved in the shape of a Christmas Tree and another that had a heart shaved for her boyfriend at Valentines day, but that most girls have a triangle or a small strip. She said that shapes can be hard, it's easier for someone else to do it, but strips were easier. I told her that a heart sounded like fun and she said she'd help if I wanted."

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