Executive Platinum Ch. 05


"So she shaved you?"

She paused, long enough that I thought she'd fallen asleep. "I did most and she made the heart."

"How'd she do it?" There was no answer this time, she finally had fallen asleep. I ran my hand up her side, over her breasts. The last thing I remember was my hand holding her belly.

I awoke, the bedside clock saying it was after 8. I quietly slipped out of bed, put my shorts on and was tying my shoes when she sleepily asked where I was going. I went over to the bed, leaned over and kissed her, telling her I was going running.

"Oh, do you have to do it every morning?" She raised her arm from under the sheet, pushing it aside, exposing her breast. Taking my hand she drew it to her breast. "I'll make it worth your while."

I laughed. "You really are insatiable, aren't you? It's because I do run every morning that I can do you every night!"

I got back from my run to find the room empty. A quick rinse in the shower and I headed out to find Gloria and breakfast. They were about to put the breakfast fruit spread away; I took a plate with me and found Gloria on a lounge by the pool. The morning was still relatively cool, soon enough we'd be searching for shade but for now she was still in the morning sun. On the adjacent lounge was a stunningly gorgeous blonde, the two of them slightly separated from others around the pool. There were at least twenty other people, all naked except one woman that had on a swimsuit. Gloria greeted me with a smile and a hello and introduced me to the blond, Mary.

I appraised Mary from behind my sunglasses as I sat on the edge of the lounge between them. She was a few years younger than Gloria, maybe early 30's, and had a body that would turn heads anywhere. Her breasts were larger than Gloria's, lying on her back like she was they squashed out slightly letting me know they were all natural. She had a lean body, which narrowed at the waist then filled out again at her bottom, making me wonder what her backside looked like. Her legs were spread slightly, her large clean shaven labia visible, a narrow landing strip her only pubic hair. Unlike Gloria's white bottom and breasts, Mary had an unblemished all over tan. I acknowledged the introduction, extending a hand to greet her. She rolled slightly toward me, and sat up, her breasts hanging on her chest in magnificent perfection. My eyes followed her breasts, I nearly missed her offered hand, having to double clutch to shake it.

"Sorry about that," I said, apologizing for missing her hand as I sat down, hoping she'd think it was a lack of coordination on my part, "Glad to meet you Mary."

"My poor hand gets an inferiority complex, the girls always seem to get all the attention," Mary replied - not for an instant believing I'd missed for any reason than I wasn't looking at her hand, but was ogling her bare beauties. As long as she was comfortable bantering, so was I.

"And such well behaved girls they are. Do you take them everywhere?"

She laughed, Gloria said, "Oh stop it, Jim," and teasingly swatted at my bare bottom. I leaned over and gave her a kiss.

Gloria told me she'd been out for only about half an hour; she'd been putting suntan lotion on, but was obviously having trouble doing her back when Mary had asked if she needed some help. They'd introduced themselves and begun talking, and about that time I walked up. Mary's husband Steve had gone golfing early, she figured he'd be back about noon. I sat and talked with them while I had some breakfast, then went for a swim to cool off.

I returned to Gloria and Mary, put on sun lotion myself and began checking out the others around the pool. For the most part, they were extraordinarily ordinary. Mary was by far the most above average woman there. Most appeared to be middle aged, although there were two couples, probably mid to late 20's and obviously together, that were by far the youngest. For the most part, they were just people at a resort -- only they were mostly naked. The interactions appeared to be the same as anywhere else.

I shifted the lounge I was on, chasing the shade of one of the palm trees. Although I go naked at home, I'm not a sun worshiper. I get my sun running without a shirt on, cleaning the pool, swimming and working around the house -- which at least in the back yard I can do naked -- but I've never been much for just going to the beach or pool and lying out in the sun. Gloria and Mary were talking, solving the worlds problems, I was just half listening. I tuned my full attention when I realized Mary had asked if this was Gloria's first time.

"No, not exactly. Almost though, this is my second time."

"Oh really? Where else have you gone?"

"No resort or anything. I met Jim a while back and he's got a really private yard, and we spent most of the weekend naked."

"Oh, one of "those" weekends." She laughed. "This has got to be a little different then. How do you like it?"

"Well, it was sort of a surprise. Jim didn't tell me it was a naked resort, but when we got in last night and our neighbors came out naked it didn't take me long to figure it out." She glanced around, "probably the biggest surprise is that nobody seems to be being naughty, nobody really seems to be showing off. I mean, I would have thought that being naked would mean a lot of people were showing off."

"Oh no, Honey. It's just the opposite. Taking your clothes off makes everyone virtually equal. If anything it removes the naughty factor. No sexy clothes that are designed to show off. First timers are generally nervous for maybe 5 minutes, and then they realize everyone is the same. How about you, how long did it take before you weren't thinking about just being naked?

"I don't think it was even 5 minutes."

"See? But that's not to say people don't show off, but generally people show off by putting clothes on, not taking them off, don't they?"

Gloria didn't answer immediately, then said, "I'm not sure about that..."

"Sure you are. Think about it, when you want to be sexy, do you put on a plain old cotton bra and panties or some see through lacy nothing and a thong?"

"But that's under the clothes that others see. It's not the same."

"Sure it is, you're only dressing like that for certain people. When you get undressed wearing that thong and bra, do you want Jim there to see you or not?"

"Well, hopefully he's the one undressing me." She giggled - and I had to start thinking about running.

"Exactly. You're dressing sexy, and you want to be noticed, you want him to notice. Believe me, I know all about being noticed. My girls have gotten lots of attention for years, since I was in Junior High. I learned early on how to get attention or keep from getting attention, just by what I wear. And believe me, I like the attention sometimes. But when I go naked, and everyone else goes naked, it takes all that enticement, all that naughtiness away."

"I guess."

I saw a woman approaching, making her way around the pool, stopping and talking to everyone. When she got to us she asked how we were doing and introduced herself as Mary Clair, one half of the Terra Cotta ownership. She told us if we needed anything to just ask and be sure to check out the afternoon snacks they would have about 4. A friendly, professional greeting from a beautiful woman - who just happened to be as naked as we were.

We'd all jumped in the pool a few times, cooling off. We'd begun chasing the shade from the palm trees and umbrellas around, when Gloria suggested we'd had enough for a while, and she'd like to go back to the room. Mary said she was thinking the same thing, and said she and Steve would be back for afternoon snacks.

"Say, listen, have you two got any dinner plans? Steve and I were planning on going to dinner later, and maybe a little dancing or bar hopping. If you're interested, we'd love to have you go along." We agreed, told her we'd see her and Steve around the pool and headed back to our room and some shade. Being naked and alone -- we were soon being naughty. In no hurry this time, we had a long leisurely lovemaking session after which we dozed off.

Sometime later, I awoke from my nap with Gloria lying across the bed, her head on my belly, her hand holding my softened cock. As I became aware of our surroundings, she moved her head forward again, sucking my softness into her mouth.

"Again? Gees, woman, you wear me out."

"What, are you an old man or something?"

"Almost old enough to be your father."

"Really?" She raised up and turned to look at me, a quizzical look on her face. "Just how old are you?"

"Fifty last January."

"Old enough to be my father? Ha! That's a laugh. You were 12 when I was born."

"Let's see, 12 huh? At twelve I'd already....Nah, let's just not go there," I laughed. She lay back down again, facing my cock. I ran my hand over her back, along her naked bottom, snaked in under her arm and caressed her breast. Gloria let out a sigh of contentedness.

"Mary sure has nice boobs."

"I'm surprised you noticed. It seems that most women don't seem to notice other women."

"Oh we notice. Why do you say we don't?"

"Ahh, I've got a perfect example. Long time ago, my wife and I were water skiing with friends. Our friends had another friend of theirs with them who had a brand new pink swimsuit. It was just a swimsuit, at least until she went skiing. When she came back in with her swimsuit wet it was totally see through, and I'm pretty sure she knew it. Later on, after we went home, I commented to my wife that it sure hadn't left much to the imagination. She said she didn't know what I was talking about. She said women just don't notice those things on other women.

"Maybe, but I'd have to be blind not to see that Mary has great boobs."

"Yes she does," I admitted, squeezing Gloria's breast. "But no greater than yours."

"I don't believe that. Mine are itty bitty compared to hers."

"So? Size isn't everything." I ran my hand down her body, I could just reach her pubic heart. "And besides, you've got a heart."

She giggled, happily. "Do you like it?"

"I love it."

"Is it true, going down is nicer when I'm naked down there?"

"Umm-hmm." Her hand squeezed my cock, just holding it. A moment later she changed the subject.

"Have you ever done anything with a guy?"


"A guy. Have you ever, you know, had sex with a guy? Touched him, or given a blow job or got one or whatever?" I just looked at her for a moment, wondering where the hell this was coming from.

"I'm not into guys."

"You've never wanted to or wondered about what it was like?"

"No, can't say as I have. Even the smell of my own semen makes me gag, the thought of another guy, not my thing. How about you have you ever been with a woman?"


"Have you ever thought about it?" She didn't answer. I waited, said nothing, still she didn't answer.

"Who was it?" She didn't answer.

"My wife did it with another woman." She didn't say anything, so I continued. "A friend of hers, back when we were first married. Remember when you said you'd been married for quite a while before you had your first orgasm? What was it two years?" I paused, just long enough to give her the opportunity to answer.


"Oh yeah, four, you did say that. About the same thing; she met this gal, lived down the street from us. They started going to the gym, working out together, spending a lot of time together. My wife was apparently always talking about our love life and how great it was, finally this gal confessed she didn't believe it, she'd never had an orgasm, her love life was terrible. My wife Debs really cared about her, and... well, one thing led to another."

"Did your wife seduce her?"

"Actually it wasn't really like that. It's kind of hard to explain, but we took them into our beds and sort of gave them lessons. Debs and I sort of seduced her, at least we gave her the opportunity to explore with us, and then Debs left me with her while she went and taught her husband a thing or two."

"So Debs was bi?"

"I wouldn't say she was bi, more that she just wasn't averse to being with a woman. Well maybe. Can you be bi, just a little? I don't know, the other woman really was bi, and I guess Debs was too as she wasn't averse to making love with her or her husband, but as far as I knew she was the only one woman she was ever with."

"You were swingers?" Gloria's voice sounded puzzled.

"I guess you'd say that -- only not really, it was just them. No, I mean, I don't know. More like we had two really good friends that we shared more than most do." I didn't say anything more, let the silence steer the conversation.

"Was it Mary?" I posed the question to her after a few moments of silence.

Again she didn't answer immediately.


"Partially? How?"

I waited. I almost didn't think she was going to answer.

"This morning, when I needed help putting lotion on my back side, I really just meant my back itself. Mary didn't stop at just my back, she did my bottom and legs too." After she started talking this time, it just kept flowing.

"We were lying there talking, and I just kept wondering what it would be like to feel another woman's boobs and what it would be like to go down on another woman and she was sitting there with her bare pussy right in front of me and I kept looking at it and wondering if she'd taste like I do when I taste me on your cock when I suck you and I just kept thinking about it, and wondering..." she drifted off.

"Hmm. So you're curious about what a woman would be like?"

"That's not the worst of it."


"I kept sitting there and looking at her, and I had my sunglasses on and I knew she couldn't really see what I was looking at. And I kept thinking about whether she'd ever been with a woman or whether she was interested in a woman and...."

"And what?"

"I kept wondering if she was looking at me at the same time I was looking at her and how last night when we met Jerry and them and how when they were all looking at me it turned me on so much and I wanted them to look at my heart and ... and at my naked pussy."

"Hmm." I noncommittally answered. "That's not so bad."

"That's still not the worst of it."

"What, did you attack her?" She was quiet for a moment.

"It was almost three years ago. Melissa was a senior. She and her friend were getting ready for their senior prom the next night. They'd gone out and gotten their dresses that afternoon, they were going to try them on, make sure they fit and everything. They had hair appointments for Saturday morning, so they were just going to spend the night together. I'd gone out shopping, and when I came home realized I'd left my house key, but the door was locked. I knocked but they didn't answer. I went around to the back of the house, I could see the light on in Melissa's room..."

"Uh huh."

"And I could hear music from the stereo. It wasn't really that loud, but they couldn't hear my knocking on the door. I was just going to knock on the window to get their attention to let me in. The curtain was open a couple of inches, and when I got to the window I just glanced in to see what they were up to." She stopped for a moment, then taking a breath of air, continued.

"Melissa was on the edge of the bed. She was sitting on a towel, without any pants or panties on. Her friend Barb, was kneeling on the floor between her legs with the razor. Melissa had shaving gel all over and Barb was shaving her." I could feel my cock beginning to respond more. Although she'd been lying there absently stroking it ever since we'd begun talking, the visual image was turning me on where her hand had failed.

"She shaved her, leaving a landing strip, and she was feeling her pussy with her fingers, I assumed looking for bristly spots as she stopped a couple of times and shaved just a little more until she thought it was perfect, and then she took a towel and cleaned off the gel... and... and then she went down on her." My cock was once again rock hard.

"It...it turned me on too." She wasn't stroking my cock anymore, just holding it and squeezing it. "I didn't know, at least until that time. Melissa just laid back and enjoyed it, it seemed pretty obvious to me they must have done it before. I saw her cum, and then they switched places; Melissa shaved Barb -- and then she went down on Barb too."

Gloria took my now hard cock into her mouth, sucking me hungrily as she swiveled her hips up and over my face. Her pussy was already dripping again, a few minutes of tonguing and fingering and I could tell she was once again getting close. She sat up, spun around and impaled myself on my cock. Leaning forward she kissed me, licking her pussy juices from off my lips.

She was leaning forward, pivoting her hips up and down which I knew put good pressure on her g-spot. "That's still not the worst of it," She continued. "After they were both shaved, they got naked and got into a 69 and did each other again." Gloria's chest was beginning to flush, I recognized an oncoming orgasm. "But the worst part...." Her breathing was becoming a bit ragged, "The worst part...is that....it turned me on....and I masturbated while I watched them." Her orgasm overcame her in mid stroke, a shuddering, thigh clinching convulsion as her pussy tried to suck me in.

"Mmmm," I said, trying to piston myself into her, trying to keep the fuck going. "I like watching... apparently you do too?" Her clamp had eased, I was able to keep the motion going, Gloria's juices flooded over my cock.

"I'll bet you were imagining what it would be like to have her going down on you instead of your daughter? Is that it? What it would be like to taste her pussy? To have her clit throb in orgasm to the touch of your tongue? Hmmm?"

It's amazing how visual the male is. Some say that the only time a man's mind is clear is in the thirty seconds after orgasm. Granted, many is the time my mind has suddenly become crystal clear on something, and not only after an orgasm. In this case, it was just before orgasm. Like a flashbulb going off in a darkened room, suddenly everything was sharply defined; the questions, the confession, everything.

"Only it was your daughter you were imagining, wasn't it!"

Gloria exploded in orgasm, gushing her girl cum all over my cock, causing me to cum at the same time. I reached behind her, grabbed her ass to pull her against me, to bury my cock in her as it spasmed. She collapsed against me, sobs of crying intermixed with gasps of orgasm. "Yes," she breathed into my ear. "Yes."

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