tagExhibitionist & VoyeurExecutive Platinum Ch. 06

Executive Platinum Ch. 06


Once again, many thanks to my editor-in-chief, Gary, for his corrections and suggestions.


Gloria lay on top of me, breathing hard, another sob held back. I just held her, stroking her hair, stroking her back. Gradually her breathing returned to normal; she sat up and rolled off, saying she needed to clean up. She left a lake of cum and semen on my pelvis; I got up and followed her into the bathroom. She turned on the faucet in the bath and squatted, I used the sink to clean myself, returning to the bed to wait.

She looked at me with a touch of hesitation, obviously not knowing what I was thinking. Lying down beside me, she snuggled into my arm which I wrapped around her, hopefully in a welcoming move. She didn't say anything, nor did I. I could feel her start to speak then stop, then again; finally she spoke.

"You must think I'm a pervert or something."

I stroked her back, cuddling her for a moment. "No, you're not a pervert."

"I can't stop it. I've told myself it's wrong, she's my daughter for God's sake. Just so you know, I've never done anything sexual with her or with any other woman for that matter. I like you, I like sex. You've shown me there's so much more than I ever knew. It's just I feel so -- perverted, doing all these things that have always been, you know, forbidden?"

"You know when I told you my fantasy? About being sucked on everywhere?" I nodded. "I've had that fantasy for years. But what I didn't tell you before, ever since I saw them through the window... somehow, no matter how I try to think about something else it always comes back to...." She lay quietly for a while, leaving the sentence unfinished. I understood; it always came back to Melissa going down on her.

"Are you disgusted with me or something?"

"Why would you say that?" I answered. "It turned me on too."

"But, Melissa? My daughter? You don't think that's perverted?"

"Tell me," I answered, "why do you think that's perverted? Is it that you're fantasizing about your daughter or that you're fantasizing about a woman?"

"You don't think incest is wrong?" she asked, puzzled. I lay there silently for a minute, thinking about how to answer.

"Look, I'm not one to say it is right or it is wrong. That's a moral judgment, which means someone else is telling you how to think. Someone else is putting their right, or their wrong, on you. Physically, human beings are sexual in nature -- every other animal is capable of having sex with a relative, and commonly do. Man has decided that sex with close relatives is wrong, and we teach it and preach it. But the reality is, it's always been there. Hell -- the European monarchies were famous for having incestuous marriages -- its how they kept their claim to being God's chosen ones. And the price they paid was with birth defects, continuous inbreeding does that. Doesn't matter whether it's dogs or parakeets or humans, if we don't mix up the gene pool we reinforce the bad things.

But family members being attracted to each other? How many times have you heard about brothers or sisters experimenting together? What do we mean when we say that word, 'Experimenting'? How about brothers peeping on sisters? Sisters peeping on their brothers? Sons peeping on their mothers or daughters peeping on their fathers? Masturbating in front of brothers or sisters, or masturbating together? My first "experimenting" was with my cousin; she taught me where the female body parts are and gave me my first hand job. Is that so much different than if it was a sister?

Look, you can't get Melissa pregnant, she's an adult female, she's doesn't seem averse to at least touching you intimately - and shaving your pubic hair is damn near as intimate as you can get. Seems to me you're indicating you're more than just a little curious about what it would be like to be with a woman and what woman would you be more familiar with than yourself or a close facsimile of yourself? Her voice certainly sounds like yours." I stopped but she didn't say anything.

"Do you think she knows?"

"I don't know, I... I think she might."


"When she shaved my heart for me... I kept trying to think of other things... but she was touching me, and I kept thinking "what am I going to do if she goes down on me like Barb?" And she touched me, making sure I was smooth... and I was thinking "I want her to go down on me," and then she said she thought it looked good; and after she left, I looked in the mirror, my nipples were hard, and my pussy was wet, she'd been touching me and I knew she had to have seen. I barely touched myself and I came. If she'd touched me I'd have cum... She didn't say anything, but I think she knew."

"Umm," I acknowledged. She suddenly rolled off the bed, retrieved her purse and pulled out her wallet. She opened it up, thumbed through it and pulled out some pictures. She handed me one.

"This was me, my Senior Prom." I looked and handed it back.

"Very cute."

"This was the Christmas Dance my senior year." She handed me the second photo.

"Very nice. Your hair was a little different. You were quite pretty, even then." I handed it back to her; she put the two side by side and handed them back to me.

"The one in the blue dress is really Melissa; the other really is me at my senior prom." I took the two pictures again, really studied them, and could barely tell them apart. The two girls in the picture, if not the same girl, could almost be twins. The biggest difference, I realized after a bit, was that one picture was physically much older than the other.

"You really are a lot alike. I knew you sounded alike, but I had no clue." She put the pics and purse back, returning to the bed and climbing back on top of me.

"You really don't think I'm perverted, that there's something wrong with me?"

"I think..." I paused, really thinking about what I was going to say, "I think you are a beautiful woman... that has been ... shall we say "sexually repressed?" You're only now experimenting with things that your college age daughter has probably already done, has been doing, for quite some time. No, I don't think you're perverted."

She rolled her head a bit, looking at me, thinking. Suddenly leaning forward she kissed me, her hand reaching for my flaccid cock. "God you make me so horny. What is it about you? I just want you to do me and then when we're done I want you to do me again."

"Is it me?" I questioned, "Or is it that you've found there's more to sex than having your partner roll off and start snoring?" I sat up, reached for her hand. "Come on, let's go swimming."

We spent the next several hours back and forth; swimming, a little sun, back to the room, swimming again. We didn't see Mary again until about the time afternoon snacks were set out when she walked up, this time accompanied by a ruggedly good looking man. Physically fit, he obviously worked out often. His muscles rippled, his stomach showed no signs of a beer belly, but the most obvious feature of Steve was that he was bald from head to toe. I realized he hadn't shaved his arm pits, but his head as well as his pubic region and chest were completely hairless. His cock was distended, not engorged, but looked surprisingly thick compared to myself. Mary looked awesome, her breasts standing proudly on her chest. We all took another dip to cool off, Mary telling us the dinner plans were for a dinner theatre where there was supposedly a good old fashioned western melodrama.

Gloria surprised me when we started getting dressed for dinner when she helped pick out my clothes. I laughed, telling her that Debs had always done the same. Having worked out in the field most of my life, dressed up to me has always been a clean pair of Levi's. Gloria was in agreement with Debs on that respect -- that wasn't dressy enough for her. Luckily I did have a few nicer things along, which I put on while Gloria retreated to the bathroom.

When she came back out, I realized why she'd insisted on some dressier clothes.

Gloria looked hot! She had on a little black dress with bare shoulders and spaghetti straps. It was a form fitting silky number cut low across her breasts, leaving most of them exposed. A circular cut out was between her breasts, with a bit of elastic to keep it from gaping open too much. Two little buds were visible that were her nipples, the low cut top barely covering her areolas. The length was well above the knee, so much so that any bending or sitting would have to be done very carefully or she'd be exposing herself.

My "Wow" elicited a grin from her.

"Well? Do you like?"

"Absolutely." I responded, I'm sure with my tongue hanging out. "Turn around?" She did.

The back side was just as nice as the front, the form fitting silky material clinging to the sweet curve of her delectable ass, not a single panty line visible.

"Wow." I said again, shaking my head in awe. I pulled her to me, she melted into my arms, and we kissed. My hands roamed her body, finding a bare behind beneath the satin - although I also felt the straps from her thong which just hadn't been visible. The dress rose up easily to my pull, her smooth naked bottom filling my hands as I held her against me, my cock expanding between us. I pulled my hand out from under the dress; running it up her side and cupping her breast, feeling her nipple harden even more to my touch. She forced herself away from the kiss.

"Stop it or I'm going to have to change panties."

I held her out at arms length, my eyes running up and down her body. "My god, where did you get a dress like that?"

"Melissa of course." She released my hands, reaching up to tug the top a bit higher on her breasts. It barely moved, but smoothed the material over her extremely prominent nipples. Reaching again for my hand, she said "Come on, before we decide to stay."

As we headed out to the lobby where we were to meet Steve and Mary, I asked her if we were appropriately dressed. She told me Mary had clued her in at the pool earlier to make sure she had something sexy as she and Steve had the evening all planned out.

Mary came into the lobby and again my mouth dropped open. She was dressed to the nines in a shimmery blue dress that seemed to be barely there. Whereas Gloria's little number had a cut out between the breasts, Mary's was totally open with a dip extending well below her breasts. Slightly longer than Gloria's black number, it clung to her bottom, accentuating that secondary asset. Her nipples were barely covered and erect, protruding tightly against the fabric. I'd admired her naked breasts earlier in the day, but her nipples had not been erect; I presumed now she must be equally as aroused as Gloria was. A small gold chain crossed the chasm between them, apparently attached to the inside of her dress and obviously designed to attract attention if the bare skin of the insides of her breasts themselves wasn't enough.

Steve pulled up out front with the car, I escorted the girls out and we joined him. I helped Gloria in, she tried to demurely slide in, but wasn't able to keep the dress low enough to prevent me or anyone else that would be in position from getting a flash of her black lacy thong or a touch of a bare bottom. She wiggled her dress down as far as she could and then glanced back guiltily at me. I smiled and raised my eyebrows in response. Her blush told me she knew what I'd seen.

From the time we entered the front door, we were part of the evening show. Everyone working the theatre was involved. The "Sheriff" greeted everyone, checking out with his banter how the audience would play along.

"Howdy Pardners. Welcome to Hooterville! Step right up and see the little lady at the counter. She's one of Miss Nellie's girls from upstairs at the saloon, so if you like what you see, next time yer in town alone...."

His innuendos were totally in character, but like any full blooded male he did a little leering at Mary and Gloria, Mary in particular as it looked to me like she was practically falling out of her top. "Ya'll got any weapons to check? Pistols? Knives? Anything sharp that might poke an eye out?" With that he obviously looked at Mary, and not at her face. "Y'all know you're required to inform the sheriff when ya come into town with any weapons, and if we suspect you might be carrying we'd have to do a whole body search." With that he slid right in between Steve and Mary, putting his arm around her waist. "Yer not carrying nothing dangerous now are you?"

Mary laughed in response. "What makes me think you'd like to do a search whether I'm carrying anything or not?" He grinned and we were taken to our seats by another girl who also took our drink orders. She, like the girl at the front desk, was well endowed and dressed in an old fashioned, form flattering, barmaid outfit. The drinks came, along with appetizers, which kept us occupied until the theatre was full and the show began.

"Ladies and Gentlemen," the Sheriff / MC began, "Welcome to Hooterville and our annual fundraiser to protect and display those magnificent specimens that our fair town has been named after. Those all natural attractions that have received worldwide attention and acclaim by all MAN-kind and are of such natural size and beauty that all over the world people have been replacing natural ones with artificially large ones to imitate those natural beauties found right here in Hooterville. So much so that naturally large Hooters like we have in these parts are becoming an endangered species, requiring us to put every effort into preserving them for all the world to see."

While he was running on with the double entendre shtick, one of the barmaids was wandering towards the stage from the far side of the room with a man from the audience. The room was essentially divided by the stage and an entrance hallway. About the time they reached the stage, another barmaid approached us, stooped and whispered something to Mary, who stood and began following her to the stage.

"And of course, everyone knows that our Hooters are being endangered primarily because of the destruction of their natural habitat by the encroachment of the big city way of life, which has been demolishing the barns where our Hooterville Hoot Owls naturally live, and replacing them with city slicker houses where natural Hooters just don't stand a chance of surviving." Despite the second rate humor, we all found ourselves laughing at his spiel.

"Now in keeping with the spirit of fun that we've got in our show for you here tonight, we've got a little contest going for y'all. We're going to split the town into two halves right down the middle here, and all you over on this side (he indicated the side away from us, turning toward the man that had been led up to the stage by the barmaid) will be represented by this cowpoke."

The sheriff turned to the young man who was now standing on the stage beside him, while he was standing on the floor, about a foot below. "Now Y'all" he waved his hand toward that side of the room, "are going to be the cows, and whenever you hear this signal throughout the evening, y'all are going to respond with a loud "MOOO"." He had them give it a try, giving the signal, saying it wasn't good enough, then trying it again.

In the meantime Mary had followed the barmaid, and was standing in approximately the same location as the young man, only on the near side of the stage. When the Sheriff decided the far side of the room had their "Moo" down, he began to turn toward our side of the room. "Now y'all over here..." was all he got before he came face to face with Mary's bosom. With her standing on the stage, him on the floor, her boobs were at exactly his eye level and only 6 inches away. His spiel immediately came to an end, his next words being "Oh, My."

The entire place erupted in laughter, he turned around to compose himself, looking sheepishly at the audience, shaking his head then turning back to her. "And this young lady..." He looked up at her face, but as he put his hand out to indicate Mary, his eyes dropped once again to her nicely displayed chest and he once again came to a loss for words.

Looking back at her face he said, "I'm really trying. Really I am, but for some reason it's awful hard." He looked toward our side of the room, got a big silly grin on his face, looked back at Mary and pulled her to him, his face buried directly between her tits. He pulled his face away from her breasts, looked back at our side of the room and said "Oh. My. God!" then put his face back between them one more time. The laughter was uproarious; Mary had a big grin on her face.

He pulled away, turned away from Mary and waited for the laughter to die down again. When it had he turned back to her and said "You were supposed to check those at the counter, you really could put an eye out with those things."

The laughter died down eventually, we found that our side was the "pigs" to which we had to let out an "Oink" whenever the signal was given. We tried it a couple of times, then he announced a contest to see which side was more into the spirit of the evening. On signal, we all "oinked" and "mooed" after which he decided that our side of the room had won the contest. As a reward, he presented Mary with a bottle of wine for our table -- after which he asked for a hug in appreciation. She gave him a hug, and he took it just that one step further and buried his face once again between Mary's tits. The audience howled in another round of laughter as the other man headed off stage back to his seat.

Pulling back slightly from Mary he looked up and said "You know you remind me of a car's windshield wipers?" and with that he swung his face from one breast to the other making smacking sounds, actually kissing them at least once although it was mostly pantomime. The laughter and applause again rolled through the room, but as it died down, a lone voice hollered out from the other side of the room "Hey! It was a rigged contest. We were playing against a "stacked" deck."

The laughter this time was the loudest of all, causing the Sheriff and the rest of the cast to break out in laughter with all the audience. When the laughter had calmed down once again, the Sheriff, who had climbed up onto the stage, shielded his eyes from the spotlights and peered into the other side of the room. "Who said that? That's not fair when your lines are better than ours, we're supposed to have the funny lines!"

Of course the good guys won, the bad guys got booed, and the all natural Hooters of Hooterville were saved for all "man-kind" to enjoy. The dinner theatre turned out to be just good entertainment. The food was outstanding - the entire dinner actually quite excellent. The barmaids that served it were well endowed, scantily clad, and unafraid to play the role of the bawdy ladies they portrayed. Although the acting certainly was not academy award material, we all had a great time. The bottle of wine we "won" ended up being just one of several that came our way before the evening ended.

Back in the car, Mary said "Well, where to now? You guys up for more?"

"Absolutely!" Gloria responded instantly, and then laughing said "You know any other place where the Sheriff can stick his face in your boobs?" I caught a glance from Mary to Steve, wondered what they had in mind as she answered that they knew just the place.

I wasn't paying too much attention to where we were going, but when we pulled into the parking lot and I spotted the sign that said "Showgirls -- Exotic Dancing," I suddenly understood the knowing look between them. As Steve pulled into a parking place, Mary turned to Gloria and me. "You guys ok with a little sexy fun?"

I raised my eyebrows at her with a grin in response, then looked over at Gloria. She hadn't been paying attention to where we were, seemed a little confused about what she meant, so I leaned over and whispered to her that it was "a topless bar - a titty bar." Her eyes got wide in response, a slight flush appearing to her face, before she hesitantly answered affirmatively, that is -- she would if everyone else wanted to. We got out of the car, Gloria immediately grabbed my arm, holding me back as Steve and Mary walked just a bit ahead.

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