Executive Platinum Ch. 07


As soon as she'd turned, she also saw Mary sucking on Steve's cock. Her eyes never left them as I pulled her back further into my lap. Her body molded against me, her legs spread over mine, her pussy opened toward them for their eyes to caress if they ever took time to look. Steve did, witnessing my hands as they strummed her overheated body, getting her closer and closer to orgasm. My hands ran from her breasts to her dripping pussy, rubbing juices onto her clit, always mindful that she liked her pussy handled roughly compared to what I was used to.

Across from us Mary and Steve had moved around to where they were now on the end of the bed, directly across from us. Steve was on his back, his legs facing us and slightly spread, his balls hanging clear to the bed. Mary had mounted him cowgirl; his impaled cock, glistening with her juices, appearing each time her hips rose up. Her lower body was riding Steve in a rocking motion, her upper body virtually unmoving as she leaned on her arms. She presented us with nearly a straight back when she was bottomed out, to just her round ass with Steve's cock nearly totally visible at the top of the stroke. Every third or fourth time she would stop at the bottom grinding her cock filled pussy against Steve's crotch. Steve's hands would come around and grip her ass when she did this, then disappear from our view, presumably playing with her girls, feeding them to his mouth.

I still had my hand buried in Gloria's pussy, my other fondling first one breast and then the other, my mouth kissing her neck, sucking her ears, all the time watching the live porn show before us. I traded hands, moving her lubrication to her nipples, then traded again – keeping them wet and slippery. Her breathing was gradually getting heavier, her occasional writhing and squirming letting me know she was enjoying this. Her own hand began groping for me between her legs, finding my balls; and my cock – which was wedged in the crack of her luscious ass. I whispered "raise your butt", and when she did I released her pussy momentarily and moved my cock from her backside to between her legs. She immediately gripped and stroked me, sliding her fingers over her dripping pussy before she did, wetting her hand and transferring the wetness to my cockhead.

Across from us, Steve and Mary had increased their fucking speed; one or both of them approaching orgasm. I could hear them talking, but wasn't able to hear what was being said. It didn't matter anyway – I was whispering dirty little nothings in Gloria's ear.

"Oh baby, she knows how to ride a cock, doesn't she? Hmm? Oh yeah, that's so sexy – seeing his big cock filling her cunt. Do you like that? Huh? Can you see... she's about to cum? She's gonna cum with his big cock in her. Are you ready for that? Hmmm? You ready for a big hard cock of your own?" Gloria began pressing my cock toward her pussy, more of her juice getting on it, but either my cock was too long or she was already too far down – she couldn't get it into her pussy. She put her hands on the chair raising up, I reached down and aimed my cock for her sweet spot. She lowered herself down, sinking to the hilt on me just as Mary came.

"God! Fuck! ... Oh Shit." Mary's hips had been flying up and down as she fucked herself to orgasm, then suddenly she'd bottomed out and stayed there, her mouth erupting with the obscenities as she orgasmed.

Across from them, Gloria and I were moving much more slowly. I'd been keeping her nipples well lubricated and slippery with my fingers. Now with my cock filling her I was able to once again fondle both breasts at the same time. I occasionally reached down, a finger straggling across her clit as I re-wet my fingers. Each time a slight quiver and quick exhalation of breath told me I was keeping her on the exquisite edge of oblivion. With her ass to my belly, both of us facing out, at first she didn't have much leverage. But after a few minutes of limited movement, she rose up off me, brought her legs up onto the chair behind my legs, totally opening herself up to the now watching eyes of Steve and Mary, and squatted back down. I held my cock for her until she was in place, then once again she started moving. I had to rise with her, at the top of each stroke she nearly pulled off me.

"Oh yeah. That's it sweety. Ride my cock. Make yourself cum." I could tell from her motions that she was on the edge – just a gnat's ass from coming. I'm also pretty sure she had her eyes open, watching, as Mary and Steve separated. Mary slid off the bed, a look of pure lust on her face, and rolled towards us onto her knees; her hands landed on my knees. She looked up into our faces with a smile, and leaned forward into our combined crotches.

Gloria instantly stopped her fucking and spasmed in orgasm. I could feel Mary's face against my cock; her chin bumping my balls, an occasional touch of her tongue. Looking down at her over Gloria's shoulder I watched as Mary sucked and licked her naked kitty, she used her nose to trace around the edge of her pubic heart. Her tongue lashed out against her clit, she sucked her lips, she tried to slide her tongue into her pussy along with my cock. One of Mary's hands came up to grip and caress my balls, causing me to pick up the motion that Gloria had abandoned.

I didn't get much in and out with her in this position, but that didn't stop Mary from putting her mouth against my cock, her tongue rubbing it and licking Gloria's nectar from it. Gloria was shaking in back to back spasms of orgasm.

I felt a touch on my arm - I looked over to see Steve motioning for me to move my hand. I did, he leaned in from the side to take Gloria's breast in his mouth. I moved back to her ear and once again sucked Gloria's earlobe into my mouth. The convulsion was instantaneous, her legs coming together to pinch Mary's head between them, her upper body wanting to pull away from me, bending down into a fetal position, stopped by interference from Steve's body and my holding her in place. Mary was looking up at us, a smile on her face, her tongue gently lapping and tickling Gloria's clit causing her to quiver and shake almost continuously. Occasionally she'd lean closer, sucking her clitty into her mouth, each time causing a more intense spasm to rock Gloria.

I hadn't been paying much attention to Steve, his tonguing of Gloria's nipple just part of the play. I relinquished her earlobe to kiss the back of her neck and as I did, I saw her arm was extended, gripping Steve's cock. Because of the position, Steve bending over to suck her nipple, his cock nearly out of reach, she couldn't stroke him very well but her hand was squeezing it; her thumb running over the head.

"Do you want to suck him?" I whispered. "Go ahead, you know you want to."

Gloria's head turned sideways, I moved my mouth to the other ear as she looked directly at Steve's cock in her hand, another shiver coursing through her body. She pulled. Steve stepped towards her, her hand slid down between his legs, his cock moving forward until he stopped with it almost touching her lips. Her face was toward him, my face right beside hers. Her hand had his cock horizontal pointing at her mouth, mere inches in front of my face.

"Go ahead, he wants it." I whispered again. I moved my head out of the way so she could move hers toward him. I watched as her tongue extended toward his swollen cock head, a drop of pre-cum glistening from the slit, the shaft slightly glistening with Mary's juices. Her face turned just a bit more toward me, and suddenly it was as if the world was in slow motion. There was a look on Gloria's face that suddenly transported my mind twenty... thirty... way too many years into the past where once before I'd seen that look on a woman's face.


Is there another object in the known universe that has achieved so much praise and adulation from humans as the female breast? Is there anything as beautiful? It's the viva in "viva la difference"; it's the form that has caused poets to wax eloquent, Greeks and Romans to sing its praises, Hugh Hefner to make a fortune. Would the Venus de Milo be anything but a piece of rock if she had arms but no breasts, instead of breasts with no arms?

Is there any man alive that can not remember his first exposure, his first trembling caress?

Maureen had been a neighbor girl that lived just a few doors down the street from me. She was my age, maybe a year younger, maybe a year older – but we didn't run in the same circles. We'd both reached puberty, we'd both begun to notice the "other sex". Stick figures were turning into rounded bodies; t-shirts were beginning to have bras underneath whether needed or not. Maureen was one of the few that needed.

As for me, I was a walking hard on. Walking at school carrying a book in front, sitting at the back of the class praying the teacher wouldn't call on me and ask me to stand up. It was that awkward age when I masturbated before I went to school in the morning and immediately when I got home in the afternoon, and any other time I was alone or could get alone. Anything that could or did have a sexual connotation was a turn on and was used for masturbatory purposes. There was always the illicit Playboy that most of us had somewhere. Every boy knew where his father had some kind of "dirty pictures" stashed, and we all wanted to see them. Naughty magazines and naughty pictures, everyone had them, or knew where to get them, and we all shared.

I never did find out why she came to me. Did I have a reputation? Was it because I was the oldest of the gang of kids I ran around with, was always the biggest, always the first to do anything? Had I shown her some interest? I don't recall being particularly interested in her before that day, she was just another kid on the block. But on that one summer afternoon, the memory of Maureen was indelibly seared in my mind forever. The attraction, the infatuation, lasted only a few weeks - until just a few months later her father was transferred and she was gone forever.

She was a red head in a family of red heads. Her father, her twin brothers and her – all red heads. The only one that wasn't a red head was her blonde mother. And, although she didn't share her mother's hair color, it was obvious that she was going to be just as well endowed as her mother was. Physically she was as big as me, not unusual at that age, even though I was bigger than most boys my age. Her father was a big man, a deputy sheriff – so the rest of us in the neighborhood had the fear of god – or at least the fear of her father – in us when we were around their house. If anything, Maureen and her brothers were the least rowdy, the least likely to do anything wrong, of any kids on the block, which is what made what happened seem even more unbelievable.

She had more freckles on her face and shoulders than you could shake a stick at and although she wasn't beautiful, she was pleasant to look at. The biggest thing was that she had curves. Her waist dipped in, her bottom dipped out, but in particular she had a bra and needed it. The difference between her and other girls was already perceptible - she had boobs - where other girls had bumps.

I don't recall exactly what she asked me, but surprisingly it wasn't that much of a surprise. I'd noticed Maureen several times in the week or two before; at the screen door to her house as I walked down the street, looking out the car window at me as they drove off, even once in a swimsuit washing their car in their driveway. It was one of those budding attractions; I was becoming interested in her, or at least in her body, and apparently – she was becoming interested in me. But, having no experience with the other sex, having a lot of repressive training on my home front, if she'd waited for me to make a move – we'd probably still be waiting.

I was on the street, playing or walking by, when she said something. I stopped and answered; she came out to the sidewalk, and she just said something like "I've got something I'd like to ask you." I told her to go ahead and ask, and although I hadn't seen any nervousness until then, her tongue nervously slithered between her lips, wetting them. My cock, in one of its rare flaccid states, immediately began to grow in my pants, understanding subconsciously this wasn't to be a normal question, whether my mind had understood that or not. Just watching her lick her lips had turned me on. But then, instead of asking her question, she stepped over the split rail fence to my side, glanced back at her house to see who was watching, and began walking with me toward my house.

She was actually pretty blunt. She just blurted it out when I asked again what she wanted; "I've heard your thing gets big, and I wanted to know if you'd show me."

Will I show her? I'd died and gone to heaven. Will I show her? Hell yes I will! Of course I will; but, I couldn't just admit that, could I? Obviously she must have heard something; something that made her assume I would show her what was hidden in my pants. Some one of my masturbation buddies must have spilled the beans, said something to someone else. Or maybe she was observant, attracted to me and she was just that forward. I never found out.

But for me there was risk involved here. I'd already learned that being the biggest and the oldest, when anything happened that shouldn't have – I got the blame. I'd learned from my sisters that anything to do with sex, or being naked, (and sometimes, just being alive and a male) was wrong. They were sure to immediately tell on me, to attempt to get me in trouble, if they ever found out that I was involved with anything they could twist to their own use. Long before, I'd learned to cover my ass in anything that could be a compromising situation. A quid pro quo agreement had to be made.

We negotiated. I confirmed what she wanted was to see me naked, particularly she wanted to see my penis, and she wanted to see it erect. She wanted to know whether it pointed up or just out. She wanted to see how big it got. She'd seen her younger brothers naked and knew what a little boy's penis looked like, what she wanted was to see a man's cock and particularly to see it hard. I stipulated that I'd get naked and let her look at me, but only under the condition that if I got naked, she had to also. I knew I was safe – she'd never go along.


There was "the fort." The place between my house and the neighbor's house; a five foot fence on two sides, a windowless wall on the third, and a large oleander that we had to push through to get into "the fort." A virtual room, 10 feet on a side, where unless we were loud, no one could hear, and unless someone climbed the wall – no one could see. We'd played here for years as kids, now it gave a place for us to go. We looked both ways, no one in sight - and moments later we were in the fort.

The shirt and shorts from both of us was easy; however we were both a little more nervous when it got to the underwear. My cock, which had been hard since this little escapade had begun, could not have been well concealed by my tight white underwear, but technically we were still covered. I looked at her, and almost chickened out, but she had two pieces of clothing on to my one. I still knew she wasn't going to go through with this. I suspected that if I dropped my underwear, she'd grab her clothes and run off - and the next thing I'd know I'd be in deep trouble, deeper trouble than I'd ever been in.

"Bra too," I said. "We'll take our underwear off together."

Without a word, she reached back, unhooked her bra, and without trying to hide any further removed it and dropped it onto her other clothes. She hooked her underwear and waited while I hooked mine and together we dropped our drawers, standing naked in front of each other.

I hadn't taken my eyes off her young breasts, the fact that she was looking at my rigid cock hadn't registered, the fact that she'd dropped her panties and was now fully naked hadn't registered. The only thing I knew was that I was looking at the most beautiful breasts I'd ever seen. Of course, they were also the only real live breasts I'd ever seen, but that didn't even enter my mind.

It was several moments later before she asked me if it was really hard to the touch. I reached down, showed her it didn't bend, it didn't compress, it was in fact, quite hard, when it dawned on me that she didn't want me to tell her it was hard, she wanted to experience that it was hard.

"Would you like to touch it?"

"You wouldn't mind?"

"Can I, umm, touch your..." I couldn't say "breasts"; I just pointed at her chest.

"Yes," was all she said. I took a step forward, released the grip I had on my cock, moved my hands and arms out of the way, so there was nothing to keep her from touching me. That's when I saw the look, the one that now, so many years later, I saw on Gloria's face. I don't know if it was a look of lust or a look of adoration, whether it was a look of curiosity or a look of satisfaction – or maybe, all of the above. I couldn't fathom.

She tentatively reached out and touched my cock, pushing it down, watching it bob back up. At first she pushed just against the head with her fingers, then again against the shaft, but I told her to go ahead and put her hand around it which she did. I'd watched momentarily, but my desires were elsewhere, my eyes had come back to her breasts.

They were well formed, rounded against her chest, but narrowed in a cone shape to the ends where they were puffy around the areolas. Her nipples weren't protruding, at least they weren't until I touched them, which I did just moments later.

Just like with her, my first touch was more of a poke than a fondle. The flesh next to her chest was firm, the puffy ends were firm not the soft that I expected, and when her nipple unexpectedly began to expand to my touch, my cock, if at all possible began to get harder.

"Don't poke" she said. I didn't have to be told twice. I put my hands on her breasts, both nipples, now rock hard, burning holes in the palms of my hands. She was just holding my cock, but that was enough, I was about to blow a gasket anyway. When she asked if I "You know, jerk it or whatever?" I nodded and stepped back. About to explode, I HAD to come. I turned a little, stepped back, and never taking my eyes from her tits, grabbed my cock and jerked off. Almost instantly I came, cum spewing high onto the 5 foot wall which was several feet from me. Two, three, maybe four hard spasms before it just throbbed. In typical teen fashion – I remained hard.

And of course, one of the few times that a man can actually think clearly is the thirty seconds after he's come. It instantly dawned on me that Maureen would have liked to have jerked me off, but having seen me jerk and spew was apparently good enough. I noticed her face was a little flushed.

"Wow. Does it always, you know, spit so hard?"

I confirmed it did. She reached down, took the small dribble of cum from the end of my cock and sniffed it. She wiped her finger on the wall. I reached up once again to feel her breasts, which she allowed. She gave me a few moments, I complemented her on how nice her boobs were, which was acknowledged by a "thank you." Then she stepped back, said she needed to go, and reached down for her underwear. Just like that, the moment was over and we were once again kids who knew they were being naughty. We got dressed and as we left the fort, I asked if she'd like to do it again sometime. I think she answered a "maybe", but somehow it never happened.

Later, I realized that I didn't know if she was a "natural" redhead even though I knew she was. I mean, after all, every teenage boy knows you can tell a girl's true hair color from her pubes. But I can't say as I ever looked. And as for that sweet bottom - although I'd admired it in a bathing suit a few times – I'd never looked at it naked when I'd had the chance. A few short weeks later when they were getting into the car for the last time she waved, said something to her family, and then ran up the street to presumably say goodbye. Surprisingly she didn't want to say goodbye – she wanted to say thank you, and said she wished we'd been able to do it again - and maybe take a little longer that next time. Then she said goodbye, turned and ran back to their car. I never saw her again.

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