tagIncest/TabooExecutive Platinum Ch. 16

Executive Platinum Ch. 16


I didn't think about Steve's offer again for several weeks. Truthfully I forgot about it until a text message asking if I'd considered their offer brought it back to mind. A search of the internet was all it took. Without even checking with Gloria, I accepted.

Gloria was... well, what exactly was Gloria? My girlfriend? My sometimes fuckbuddy? My lover? Definitely my sometimes lover; we got together every few weeks to months, and every time was like a honeymoon. We'd met on a flight to San Diego, seat mates for nearly three hours. I was going home, she was going on an adventure -- with an online possible lover that turned out to not be whom he professed to be. A divorcee from a philandering high-school boyfriend, who pretty obviously married her not from love but because he'd knocked her up, I offered nothing but a place to stay when I had the feeling her weekend adventure might turn out to be less than desired. As it turned out, I was right, and she called me up at 1 in the morning to rescue her.

"Got any plans for the last weekend in October?" I asked her after we'd gotten over the "how are you's?" from my unexpected phone call.

"I don't know," she answered after a brief pause. I could hear her mind wandering through the possibilities, apparently deciding she didn't have any plans, "Do I?"

"You might. It's time to wean you off your boy-toy fuck buddy and come play with me."

Gloria, on her way to San Diego, had been a gorgeous divorcee from a scoundrel, with low self-esteem from the constant belittling of her ex. She didn't think of herself as gorgeous, she just considered herself "not ugly." She didn't consider herself sexy, and consequently the thought of getting together with anyone, no matter how sleazy, had seemed like the only option. Now, the difference was amazing. A self-confident, ultra-sexy woman, she not only could have any number of men, I knew she had recently seduced and a young nerdy co-worker, whether she realized it or not - training him to be a woman pleaser.

"Boy-Toy?" She said with what I could tell was mock indignation.

"Well? What would you call him?"

"Oh I don't know -- how about instead of "boy toy" I just say he was a "student of love?"

"Great. Then graduate your student because we're going to Florida."

"Too late."

"Too late -- what?"

"Too late, he's already graduated."

"Uh-oh..." I stated, leaving an opening for her to continue. "Everything OK? When did this happen? Did you cut it off or did he?" I asked when she didn't continue

"Oh, it's fine. It was three weeks ago, and I'd say it was really by mutual agreement..."

I hesitated, "But...?" She giggled in return.

"Well, it's kind of a long story."

"So? I'm not going anywhere. What happened? You cut him off or what? "

"Yeah, I did. You know I told you he's really come out of his shell, really becoming quite adorable?" I couldn't help but think she could also be talking about herself.

"I thought you said he was pretty cute anyway?"

"Yeah, he was, but he was definitely a nerd before. But even the girls that used to turn their nose up at him admit that he's pretty damn cute now. I've heard several of them talking that all he had to do was ask them out, but he never did. About a month ago they hired this new girl, Sherry. She's right at his age, just out of college and cute as a button. She shadowed me for two days before they finally got her a computer. He brought it over to her right at lunch time, and I swear I could see the sparks fly between them. We were literally just getting up to go to lunch when he arrived, so I asked him if he'd like to go with us. The two of them didn't say a thing to each other during lunch, but I saw them both checking each other out. We got back from lunch, he went through everything she would need to know about her new computer, and then told her if she needed anything else to give him a call. She didn't say a thing about him immediately afterward, but perhaps an hour later she off-handedly asked what I knew about Ronnie -- whether he was single, dating, or had a girlfriend. I said "He is kinda cute, isn't he?" and she agreed.

"So you set him up with her?" I interjected.

"No, I did not set him up with her. Well, I guess you could say I nudged him along. At least, I mentioned to him that weekend that she'd asked about him."

"That weekend?" I questioned, "Before or after you fucked his brains out?"

"That's none of your business!" she laughed, and then after a pause said, "More like during. We were resting and I asked him if he was interested in anyone else. He said, "Why would I be interested in anyone else when I've got you?" and I knew it was time. I told him that his thoughts were flattering, but we couldn't go on forever. I told him I was old enough to be his mother, and although the sex had been fun, it wasn't going to go any further and it was time to call it quits before someone found out about us and we got ourselves in trouble. I told him that Sherry had asked about him, and he couldn't believe that she had. He said he thought there was no way she would have been interested in him, she was out of his league. I told him that she should be the judge of that, but if he never asked her out, he'd never know."

"So you cut him off?"

"Well, I did have to give him a final exam"

"I'll bet you did." I laughed. "Was it an oral exam?"

Gloria giggled in return, "Partially. It was more of a hands-on practicum."


I was surprised the following afternoon on my way home from work when I looked down at the caller ID to see Gloria's name. "Are we that excited about Fantasy Fest?" I said when I pushed the answer button.

"Oh my god, Jim, that looks like an orgy!"

"More a Bacchanalia than an outright orgy."

"Is there a difference?"

"I would say so. I think an orgy is more of a party where everyone is having sex indiscriminately with everyone else. A bacchanalia is more of a party where everyone is having sex, just not necessarily so indiscriminately."

"Is that the really the definition?"

"I've got no idea, but it's how I think of the difference."

"Oh." The phone was quiet for a moment. "So do you think there is any chance of getting another room?"

"Another room?" I responded, curious. "Why?"

"I told Melissa what we were talking of doing and she just about flipped out. She knew all about Fantasy Fest."

Melissa was Gloria's now twenty two year old daughter. I don't know whether Melissa looked more mature than her age, Gloria looked young for her age, or perhaps both, but the two of them looked more like sisters than mother and daughter. Gloria had once showed me two pictures, one of each of them at 18, and they were virtually indistinguishable. Even now I had to be careful when I called Gloria; if Melissa answered I had a hard time distinguishing her from her mother. It had led to at least one embarrassing moment when I offered to perform a sexual favor on Gloria, and found out afterward that I was talking to Melissa.

"And she wants to go?"

"Uh huh. She and her girlfriend Barb."

"Barb? " I questioned, not recognizing the name.

"The night I saw Melissa and her girlfriend shaving each other? That Barb."

"Oh yeah, I remember." The memory of Gloria telling me about inadvertently spying on her daughter and friend as they shaved each other's pussies and then went down on each other, suddenly coming clear in my mind.

"Apparently they made a pact several years ago that if one ever got the opportunity to go, they'd both go."

I'm known for being good at putting dissimilar clues together and coming up with the obvious answer, but doing it speedily has never been my forte. I'm more of a sit-up-in-bed at 2 in the morning with an "Ah-ha!" moment, but this time, for some unknown reason, it all came together. "So, they want to go with us?" I had a sinking feeling at the thought, the idea of open and free sex with Gloria whenever we wanted disappearing with the thought of her daughter and daughter's friend in the room.

"More that they were wondering if perhaps you could find out if there's another room? They were thinking that perhaps with your Diamond status...."

"Oh. Oh yeah... Maybe. It certainly couldn't hurt to try." I remembered what Steve had said about needing to book rooms a year ahead of time, but it certainly couldn't hurt to ask. But, if that didn't work out? Could we accept sharing a room with them? The discussion with Gloria was in slow motion compared to the thoughts careening through my mind. Gloria and me, granted; we were fuck buddies, friends that enjoyed each other, but our relationship really was based around sex. But Melissa and her girlfriend, Barb? If the two of them were in the room, how did I feel about fucking Gloria with her daughter in the room, probably watching? Presumably that would mean that Melissa and Barb would also be having sex? Gloria's unadvertised incestuous interest in her daughter, her daughter's openness to sexual activity...

Gloria's first trip to San Diego, where I had met her, had been shortly after Melissa had talked Gloria into taking a beach trip to Miami as a means of forcing her mother back onto the playing field. She'd "inadvertently" left Gloria's suitcase with her less than hip clothes at home, forcing her to buy some new clothes and sharing Melissa's trendier wardrobe. Her granny panties had been replaced with thongs; her conservative "mom" blouses had been replaced with some of Melissa's skimpier and sexier ones. Her heavy, nipple hiding, white bras had been replaced with some thinner lacy ones that advertised she was sexy quite nicely. Gloria had said that Melissa had gone topless on the beach, but she hadn't been able to do that herself -- at least not until after her first weekend with me.

Somehow I suspected Melissa, with practically forcing her mother back onto the market, wouldn't have any problem with Gloria and me having sex while she was there. And then there was Gloria's new found exhibitionist streak, and voyeur streak, too, for that matter. I wonder if she'd get off more from having her daughter watch me fuck her, or watching her daughter fuck her friend? popped into my mind and then vanished.

It didn't matter if I had Diamond Status, Hilton Hotels highest reward status. On an annual event like this, they'd been sold out for months ahead of time; most as re-bookings from the previous year. "Are you sure?" I queried, "Nothing at all?"

"Oh no, Sir. I'll take a look, but I'd almost guarantee there haven't been any changes."

"What about a suite? Is there perhaps a two bedroom suite, or even a one bedroom suite with a hideaway couch?"

"Let me look." The silence on the other end confirmed what I already knew, right up until her little "Oh!" perked up my ears. "Oh yeah, I can do this..."

"What's that?" I queried.

"Just a moment...."

"Ok, so I do have another room here, it's a suite. I can give you that one; it has just one bedroom ... will that do?"

"I'll take it!" Moments later with the added suite accounted for, I called Gloria and Melissa back.


I could tell it was going to be one of those travel days. My morning flight was delayed almost 45 minutes, and with a short layover in Dallas, I knew it was going to be close. It turned out it wasn't that bad, weather delays in Chicago had delayed the whole world; even though I was late, so was the next plane.

Melissa and Gloria were already at the airport when I arrived, and instead of needing to run to a gate, I collected them and we adjourned to the Admirals Club for another hour. I don't know whether Gloria had gotten her hair cut to match Melissa, or they'd both gotten their hair cut at the same time, but visually they were virtually identical. I ordered us drinks and appetizers which arrived just minutes later. When the waiter set the drinks in front of the Melissa and Gloria, I saw him first glance back and forth between them before saying, "Are you ladies twins?" They laughed and denied it, saying they were mother and daughter, which he didn't really want to believe either.

Barb was on another airline and was to be waiting for us in Miami, supposedly arriving about an hour before we were scheduled to arrive. As it was, with our delays, she should have been there before we ever left Dallas. Instead, as we were headed to the plane, Melissa got a call. Barb was cancelling; a sudden death in the family was keeping her at home.

The rest of the bad news arrived with us at the hotel. Apparently I'd misunderstood; I'd thought that the reservations clerk had said she had added another room so we had two. Now, instead of having added a second room (a suite that I'd planned on taking and letting Barb and Mellissa have the "plain" room) we only had one room total. At least it had a bedroom, right? Well, yes, but instead of a bedroom with a convertible sofa-bed in the living room, it was two beds in the bedroom.

I argued, irritated at myself more than anything, as everything indicated it was my mistake. But it did no good - the closest they could get us into a second room was to have us return to Miami. The suite did have two beds -- both in the bedroom. I would have thought a hide-a-bed would be the second bed in a suite, but the living room only had a small couch, two easy chairs, and a TV in a seating area only.

"Well, at least the bedroom has a door!" Melissa said with a giggle when we got to the room. "I won't have to go walk the beach when you guys kick me out."

"I wonder if they can just give us some extra blankets and we can make up a bed for you on the floor in front of the TV," I rejoined immediately. "I'd hate to wake you up first thing every morning and tell you to get out."

"Oh darn," she jabbed back immediately, "I figured I'd just pretend to be asleep and watch you two going at it. Something to help me take care of myself."

"Melissa!" Gloria said, although I could tell the "shock" was only feigned.

"What, Mother? I wasn't planning on being celibate, but without Barb I guess I'll just have to take care of myself. Either that or you'll have to go and walk the beach for a while if I meet someone and hook up."

"No way," I laughed. "It's my room; you'll just have to find someone that doesn't mind being watched!"

"Stop it, both of you!" Gloria laughed. "You're a big girl, so if you end up meeting someone, just let us know that you're OK and not coming back. And if you need to take care of yourself you can go into the bathroom. I don't want Jim paying attention to you when he should be paying attention to me."

"Spoilsport!" I pouted, and then broke into a grin.

"This isn't quite what I thought we had," I said to Gloria a few moments later, stepping up to her and having her turn into my arms as I did. Melissa had gone into the bathroom, and that we were momentarily alone for the first time wasn't lost on either of us. I bent to her, her kiss definitely saying 'fuck me' in return, her hand sliding down my side from my hip to my cock. My hand rose to her breast, squeezing it and causing her to melt against me, our tongues dueling for supremacy. The sound of the bathroom fan shutting off and the door opening instantly stopped our activities.

"We'll just have to send her out for some long walks on the beach," Gloria whispered in my ear, pulling back from me just as Melissa stepped back into the room.

"I was just going to check out the pool," Melissa said, and stopped, a pregnant pause saying that she knew she'd almost caught us. "But, if you need me to be gone longer I guess I can take a walk on the beach instead." Glancing over at Melissa, I was surprised to see she'd changed into some shorts and a bikini top. Wow -- she really looks like Gloria, I thought.

"Well, let's just say if you come back and the door is locked, don't bother knocking," Gloria said with a grin.

"What, you don't want to come with me and check the place out?" Mellissa grinned, and glancing at me, wiggled her eyebrows once, her look saying that she knew exactly what we would be doing. I just smiled -- I had the feeling I knew what we'd be doing too. I didn't figure there was any sense trying to act embarrassed or hiding it, I fully planned on fucking Gloria multiple times over the next few days whether Melissa was there or not. I wouldn't push anything on Gloria or Melissa; how bashful they wanted to be was up to them, but I wasn't embarrassed.

Melissa wasn't much more than out the door and Gloria was again in my arms and in practically no time we were naked on the bed.


I felt Gloria's hand grip my arm a bit tighter - the woman posing for pictures the obvious reason. It had been nearly 9pm before we wandered out for dinner and drinks and onto Duval Street. Now, wandering the equivalent of Bourbon Street in New Orleans at Mardi Gras, we found ourselves in a surprisingly crowded street of adults -- having adult fun. The costume and dress of the people had gotten increasingly risqué as the hour progressed and we'd wandered along the street, until now, when the woman with the yellow mesh cover-up who was smiling and posing and talking with her admirers had caught Gloria's attention. She'd caught my attention several seconds before Gloria saw her; I suspect that being several inches taller had allowed me to see over the backs of those ahead.

The woman was quite pretty. The cover up was essentially a large open weave net of yellow which hid nothing. That the woman, probably late twenties or early thirties in age, was well endowed and was totally nude (except for a very tiny matching yellow triangle of cloth between her legs that barely covered anything) had been what had caught Gloria's (and mine, of course) attention. Her nipples proudly protruded through the open weave of the mesh which I assumed meant that she was aroused by her exhibitionism. The slight sag and sway of her breasts as she turned to the request of a photographer confirmed that she was all natural, and only the thin straps of her thong prevented her from being totally nude from behind.

"Like that do ya?" I queried in a not necessarily quiet voice, but one intended for Gloria alone.

"Gorgeous, isn't she?" I'd forgotten that Melissa was on my other arm. "God, look at her nipples - tell me she's not getting off on exposing herself."

"She's not getting off on exposing herself," I dutifully replied. Gloria, who had been holding my arm, gently slapped me.

"Now make me believe it."

"Was that part of the requirement?" I queried, laughing. "What do you think, ready to turn your exhibitionist loose and join her?"

"Looks like fun to me," Melissa said. I turned and looked at her, her face looking up at me and smiling. "Hey -- when you've got it, why not?" Glancing down at her body she finished, "I'm not ashamed of what God gave me."

"Oh wow! Look at that!" Melissa said a few minutes later, pulling on my arm. Turning to where she was indicating, I saw a woman apparently dressed in a Pittsburg Steelers jersey, until I realized she wasn't dressed in it -- she was painted in it. She ended up being the first of multitudes that we saw over the next few hours dressed with paint rather than cloth. Some were topless, with bikini tops painted on. Others were outright murals; flowers, scenic pictures or painted on lingerie. Supergirl and a leopard, pirates and superheroes; boas and garlands, virtually anything that could be imagined -- we saw it all. Some were actually nude, at least they had no cloth on their bodies, but even the nudes had painting that covered their nipples and pussies. There were a few men virtually naked and painted also, but for the most part, the painted bodies were female.

It was obvious that voyeurism and exhibitionism was the name of the game. Bedroom lingerie was almost as prevalent as body painting. Nipple decorations; those that hid such as pasties, and those that advertised such as sequined and jeweled decorations; nipple rings, chains, and jewelry were everywhere. Total nudity was supposedly not allowed, and topless was at least frowned upon, but apparently a practically nothing-there, open weave, net cover counted as not naked as much as starburst decorations with the nipple protruding through the middle. Bikinis and monokinis, both of the cloth and painted variety, and multitudes of people ogling others; looking and being looked at and, of course, lots of drinking, was obviously what everyone was there for. We found out later that there was a designated 'fantasy zone', and although nudity was supposedly not allowed anywhere, that was the official area where body painting was at least a minimum. It was also the area where open containers were allowed; it seemed that a can or cup in hand was almost required.

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